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[center [Abel [size15 The Allied Kingdoms

「 A T R I S 」

Atris is the capitol of the continent, and is situated in a neutral area where all four kingdoms can come to meet. It is the home to the Emperor and his family, and is home to the Clockwork Guardians. The climate of Atris is very temperate during the summer and spring. It has a cooler Autumn, and a cold and snowy winter.

「 G W E N W Y N 」

This is the kingdom to the west of Atris. It is ruled by Baron Derosier and his family. The people here are characterized by light colored hair, eyes, and fair skin.

The climate of Gwenwyn is temperate year round. There is very little temperature change, and as such, they classify their seasons by the dry and rainy seasons.

Their economy is mainly agriculture and textile based.

「 E I R W E N 」

A harsh, snow filled kingdom to the north of Atris. It is covered in snow and permafrost all year long. Ruled by Tsar Aleksi- a ruthless man who rules with an iron fist. Characterized often by dark hair and pale skin, the people who live here are well accustomed to the cold temperatures.

They often trade furs, fish, and lumber to keep their economy alive. There is a caste system in place that is not intermarriable. It is as follows: Royalty > Nobles > Military > Artisans > Slaves > Undesirables. One's caste is often determined at birth, but also depends on their occupation. Undesirables are those who have been outcast for some reason or another- usually speaking out against the Tsar or his family or attempting to marry outside of one's caste.

「 A S I S 」

A humid kingdom to the south. It is a hot, humid, and sometimes hostile desert. Ruled by Queen Farha el-Alam- a gentle natured and religious woman who is respected and loved by all in her kingdom. She's often referred to as the Virgin Queen as she has no husband and no children of her own. The people of this desert kingdom are characterized by darker skin and hair- though sometimes lighter hair is not out of the question.

Pottery and tapestries are of the few things that are most notable of this region. Many live close to the sea and eat a diet of mostly seafood and vegetables. Some animals here are regarded as religious, and are forbidden to be eaten except in extreme emergencies. Asis also has a caste system, but it is largely ignored by the people and is intermarriable.

「 Q I U 」

Qiu is the kingdom to the east of Asis. The land is cool in temperature, but not cold. As their climate is fairly consistent year round, they too classify their seasons as The “dry season” and the “storm season”. It is ruled by Empress Dowager Su Ai who claims that her family's right to rule was gifted by the heavens. Though some have questioned her right to rule as Empress without a husband, she is respected by all. The people here have light colored skin and dark hair. Most wear it long- even the men- in topknots or elaborate hairstyles.

Porcelain and gunpowder are a few of the contributions that this kingdom has provided. Military service is mandatory for all citizens for two years, and even women are trained to protect their families.

[size30 「 G U A R D I A N S 」]

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