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[center [Abel [size10 Credit where it's due: this was loosely based off of a roleplay on DA that was edited heavily so as not to be a blatant copy. However the base credit goes to them. This is also very loosely based off of the show RWBY in places.]]]

[center [Abel [size15 [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=4136 ιnвoх] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/r.php?r=148422 ooc тнread] [#BF4F51 」] [#0A7E8C 「] [http://rp.eliteskills.com/vc.php?c=394921 rυleѕ/cнaracтer card] [#0A7E8C 」] [#BF4F51 「] [u rp тнread] [#BF4F51 」]

Before there was magic, there was a vast darkness. From that darkness spawned two halves of the same whole- Creation and Destruction. They came together to create the world, but still yet, they were alone. Both The Creation and The Destruction grew bored as the world was not full of intelligent beings like themselves.

So once again, they came together, and from them, they created four beings. One that ruled the seas, one that ruled the land, one that controlled the day, and one that controlled the night. The Creation and the Destruction also came together to fashion mortal man out of clay with the four of their children to look over them.

It was here they grew content with their creations, and The Destruction decided to retire from helping its counterpart. The Creation, however, enjoyed spending time amongst its creatures. Walking among them and seeing how they involved gave it much joy. The four guardians of mortals had bestowed some of their own power upon the mortals- allowing them too to have magic to those that were chosen by these powers.

When the Destruction returned to see this, it grew jealous, and created an evil within the world to wipe out the magic that had been so generously given. The guardians decided to give up their very essence to create a stronger magic to give to the mortals to combat the Shadows that threatened their entire being. Both gods decided to call a truce, and retired from the mortal realm.

Those that had magic fought the Shadows, and drove them back. They called themselves Guardians after those that had given up their lives to help them fight back, and created an alliance to guide those with magic and teach them how to use these newfound powers. The first magic tomes were penned by the hands of the Alliance.

Overtime, the shadows disappeared, and so did the Alliance. There was no longer a need for Guardians, and they disbanded. Stories of them and the monsters, the Creation and the Destruction, turned into stories to tell one's children before bedtime. Across the four kingdoms, there wasn't a child that didn't grow up with that as their bedtime story. The four kingdoms- Gwenwyn, Eirwen, Asis, and Qiu- were aptly named after the first children of the gods. With Atris in the center acting as a neutral land that brought the four together.

Five years after the new Emperor of Atris was crowned, villagers from all over the Allied Kingdoms began noticing strange occurrences. Shadows in the shapes of carnivorous animals, livestock going missing, and occasionally, the death of a loved one. This was largely ignored as the Emperor was dealing with the birth of his first child, and had no time to deal with every peasant who complained about missing livestock.

As the daughter of the Emperor grow to be a teen, these disappearances were less rare, and no one could deny now that the Shadows had returned. People grew afraid to leave their homes at night. The very thought of darkness made many quake with fear.

Upon the Princess' eighteenth birthday, she received a gift from a suitor. It was a tome that detailed the use of magic and how to channel it. It detailed a substance called [i Refrain] that was an essential part in creating a new potential Guardian. The potion was no easy feat to make, but she was committed, and requested the best alchemist to work on it- for the sake of driving back the Shadows from their countries once more. Refrain is the first step any potential Guardian must take. Often times, the corrosive liquid leaves one disoriented for days after being injected. This often passes quickly within the first two days. The potion is to activate the magical blood within a potential. Because of this, it is often advised that no one under the age of eighteen complete this ritual.

The tome also detailed how to channel the new magical abilities by creating something that it called a Clockwork Heart. The Heart works as a magic wand of sorts, and helps the Guardian channel their magic. It must be created by the user, and this is the second step. Each Heart is made two-fold: a timer of which its user can see how long they have left to live, and the magic channel. The material can be made of any substance and in any fashion the creator so chooses as long as it has these two components- within reason of course. A Guardian's life span is twice that of a normal human once their magic is fully activated.

The Princess decided to test the tome's information out on her own body, and she became the first Guardian. She begged her father to allow her to reform the Guardians so that they could combat the Shadows and keep people safe. He agreed, and she and her friends became The Clockwork Guardians traveling the world to find new mages and kill Shadows.

Letters penned in the Princess' hand were sent to those that they found to have the potential to handle the process from all over the four kingdoms, and a large, almost palace like, school was built to accommodate the new potential Guardians.

Do you have what it takes to become a Clockwork Guardian?]]


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