A Tall-Tale of Two Cities

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A world divided in two: the UpperCity and the UnderCity.

The UpperCity, a place of sunshine, radiance, and radical dogmatic followers of a monotheistic religion. They have used their mass in numbers to chastise and oppress the lower city. The two cities are completely intertwined, each unable to break from the other's grasp without major repercussions. The UpperCity is ruled by a God King, each noble house biding to gain support for the position. Their economy is carefree and wasteful, never knowing strife or hardship.

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The UnderCity are the bowels to this giant beast of a city. It is filled with ghettos of psyches . Genetic diseases that sterilize are common within the UnderCity, probably due to the inhuman's changes. A fake sky is projected onto the bottom of the UpperCity, an obvious insult to those who live below it. Large vents and tubes house Hover-Tribes, children who grew up with nothing more than a hoverboard. The columns that support the UpperCity are the only transport to that destined land, hover-vehicles being banned within the UnderCity.

They did not want one flying into the belly of the UpperCity after all.

The UpperCity controls the denizens of the UnderCity through agencies such as The Administration Bureau, Security Division, and The Intelligence Agency. Unmanned patrols are made through the ghettos, if only to remind the denizens of who was in charge.

However, can a city exist if its base is unstable?

Some of the "types" of this realistic style of magic are:
Ambient: power over electricity and sound, more specifically vibrations. They can build electricity around their bodies or make the lights flicker.
Shamans: They deal with mud, stone, and other forms of nature. They can build mud golems and breath life into them, making them servants for a short while. They can speak to nature and other animals .
Necromancers: They deal with the dead, summoning and speaking to the recent dead. Calling forth dead people from too far in the past causes either the necromancer to go mad or summon a feral spirit.
Sorcerers: They control temperature. They can form air currents by heating and cooling the air. They can also track and release gathered energy.
Sylph: They can move through water. They also heal rapidly in water. They are incapable of fighting, it actually kills them to do so. They have remarkable healing, emotional reading, and compassionate skills.
"Weres": These are people who can mimic animals or people. They do not "turn into" these creatures. But they can gain the sense of smell or speech pattern.

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