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[center [pic https://missdreamymarie.files.wordpress.com/2016/01/add4601c-b43f-4c18-912b-235f76b90490.gif]]

[font "Courier New" This is sort of like a search thread, but I have a few prompts that my potential partner can choose from and we can either wing it or plan out ideas for the rp.]

[size9 Thank you, pinterest textposts.]

[font "Courier New" Prompts:]

[center [font "Courier New" [b #1] Character A sold their soul to the Devil sometime ago. He comes to return it, "I need a favor."]]

[center [font "Courier New" #2 A lonely Character A sells their soul to Satan. What do they want? To be his friend. Satan is interested, oddly enough, and accepts the offer. As they spend time together, Satan begins to genuinely like this person. As the day comes that he must collect their soul, he decided to promote them to a protected level of hell. Demons that have been hardened by millennia of torture now answer to a depressed, lonely, shy, and quiet human.]]

[center [font "Courier New" #3 Character A hooked up with Character B during a night of hopping. Little did Character A know, Character B was their child's new teacher. They meet again in a very awkward parent teacher conference.]]

[center [font "Courier New" #4 "She's my best friend. That hasn't changed." "But it's clear your feelings for her have."]]

[center [font "Courier New" #5 Character A declare's they would never fall in love. Let's just say the gods had other plans for them.]]

[center [font "Courier New" [b #6] Character A thought they were the only one at the 24/7 gym at their hotel, so they decided to belt out the song '[i Eye of the tiger]' at the top of their lungs. Character B found it so entertaining they just had to meet them.]]

[center [font "Courier New" [b #7] Character A and B agreed on three meeting spots in case of a disaster. Character A about to walk into the last one.]]

[center [font "Courier New" [b #8] The hero protecting the villain?]]

[font "Courier New" Rules:]

[font "Courier New" 1. I don't care if the pairing is MxM, FxF, or MxF. I play both Male and Female. I will say, I would prefer to play the female role in a MxF pairing. Not to say I wont compromise.]

[font "Courier New" 2. These aren't necessarily 'mature', but I would prefer a partner that can handle mature content if it were to arise. Because life is full of mature content.]

[font "Courier New" 3. I would like to see a post about once a week. I do get busy myself, so I understand if it goes past a week. I won't complain! I can post anywhere between 1500-3000 characters, really depends on how my partner would like it to be. No less than 1000, if possible.]

[font "Courier New" 4. Pictures can be either real or illustrated. I prefer illustrated, but I can work with you if you'd like to use real.]

[font "Courier New" 5. When you pm, let me know what prompt you'd like and the character you'd be interested in playing! From there we can discuss whether we'd want to wing it or talk about a more finished plot!)

[center [font "Courier New" Thank's for reading~]]


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