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[center [pic]][center [font "times new roman" A slew of heroes and villains from different anime find themselves transported to Ultima, a neutral world where a universe-threatening evil stirs, preparing to launch an all-out assault on each and every world these collected characters come from and many others.]]
[center [font "times new roman" Griffith has attained a godlike status. He has conquered both the forces of Hell and the human realm of Midland, merging them into a world of his own, "Ultima". He sets his sights on the greater universe, threatening the lives of everyone on each anime world in existence.]]
[center [font "times new roman" One mysterious force, however, stands against him, using the last of their power to summon a plethora of characters, both good and evil, from various worlds in a last-ditch effort to stop Griffith from creating a unified hellish utopia of his own choosing, sacrificing millions in the process. These chosen ones have a decision to make: will they stand against the seemingly unstoppable Griffith or join him in exchange for power unlike any they have ever known?]]
[center [pic]]
[center [#001fcc [size17 [u Instructions:]]]][center [font "times new roman" Select both a hero from any anime of your choosing and a villain from another to control for the journey ahead. Submit a skeleton over PM to me for each character, and a picture to go along with . Feel free to message me with any questions before doing so!]]

[#001fcc [size17 [u Skeleton Requirements:]]]
Puppet Master:
Moral Alignment:
Fighting Style :
Picture Link:
[#001fcc [size17 [u The Desire:]]]
[center I am hoping for this to be a long term RP. I am looking for about 8 people maximum, and desire commitment out of each participant. I will give about 3 days max for you to post when your turn to post comes up in rotation, and am willing to negotiate if life gets busy or you can't post for any reason. I am reasonable!]

[#001fcc [size17 [u GENERAL RULES:]]]
Standard ES fare applies.
Romance is allowed, even encouraged. No insta-romance, however.
Expect mature themes. Cursing, potentially explicit violence, etc.
While everyone is starting out with two characters, you can add more as we go. I plan on adding a few heroes and villains to suit the needs of the RP. Don't go overboard; we will discuss it as it comes up, but keep some people in mind to bring in later.
That being said, I am hoping for some major character death here. The stakes are HIGH. Obviously no one's character will be killed without the Puppet Master's consent, but if you are willing for your character to die somewhere down the line, let me know.
I do not mind 2 or 3 characters from the same franchise! For example, we could theoretically roll with Naruto, Sasuke, and Madara from Naruto at once and I would be cool.
Let your imagination run wild - if you want to see Luffy from One Piece engage in an epic multi-stage battle with Kid Buu from DBZ, it can happen. I am willing to keep track of subthreads and the like as long as my fellow role-players have the desire. Have fun! Be creative!

[#001fcc [size17 [u ACCEPTED CHARACTERS:]]]

[center [b Puppet Master:] NakedWinter]
[center [b Name:] Naruto Uzumaki]
[center [b Franchise:] Naruto]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 16]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Lawful Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Excellent hand-to-hand combatant. Uses chakra to create multiple clones of himself and various wind-based attacks, such as his signature Rasengan, an orb of wind energy that sends the victim flying. If enraged past a typical human threshold, he will begin using the chakra of the Kyuubi, the nine-tailed demon fox spirit sealed within his belly. This seemingly limitless power gives him an often terrifying edge in combat.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] NakedWinter]
[center [b Name:] Griffith]
[center [b Franchise:] Berserk]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 24]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Neutral Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Bisexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Master swordsman in his human form. Rivaled only by Guts, his long-lost ally-turned-adversary. Sacrificed everyone he had ever known for demonic godlike powers and abilities, accessible in his true form, Femto. As Femto he resembles something of a demonic bird, and he can bend and break the universal rules dictated by time and space to his own will.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] Lusami]
[center [b Name:] Harlequin the Fairy King]
[center [b Franchise:] Seven Deadly Sins]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 1300]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Lawful Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Pansexual

[center [b Fighting Style:] King is a mixed drink of two parts magic and one part guardianship, fit for his past role of Protector of the Fairy Forest. His power, Disaster, is one that elevates or lessens the natural state of things. A scratch can become a gaping wound, or a lethal illness can be cured. This power, when used in conjunction with his Sacred Treasure, the Spirit Spear named Chastiefol, brings out its maximum combative potential. King tends to fight at a distance, commanding Chastiefol's ten forms telekinetically from afar as an exceptionally skilled fairy sorcerer. Chastiefol is an all-in-one item, providing powerful offensive and defensive capabilities both, and able to regenerate after being broken or shattered. King fights analytically and is incredibly perceptive. His strengths lie in his head, his magic, perseverance, and his graceful composure in combat. ]

[center [b Puppet Master:] Lusami]
[center [b Name:] Lust the Lascivious]
[center [b Franchise:] Fullmetal Alchemist]
[center [b Sex:] Female]
[center [b Age:] 250]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Chaotic Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Pansexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Though typically poised and fully composed, her fighting style reveals something from deep within that is almost primal in its actions, wild and nimble and driving for a killing blow. Her malleable fingers are her weapon of choice, making kebabs of her opponents from afar and making for excellent 'blades' when faced with close-range opponents. Lust's regenerative abilities are scarier still, and she is unafraid of injury. Her other abilities are of the psychological persuasion, prompting the deepest vanities in humans to come forth and wreaking havoc by encouraging turmoil and chaos to run rampant. Her loveliness, kind voice, and penchant for theatrics and recon have helped her to charm countless others into lashing out, as she has a knack for getting others to do her bidding without lifting a finger, though she isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. She is conniving, and she loves bloodshed. Unwaveringly loyal to one cause; Creating a sea of strife.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] Tesla]
[center [b Name:] Yoichi Hiruma]
[center [b Franchise:] Eyeshield 21]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 17]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] True Neutral leaning Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Pansexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Excellent marksman with a vast arsenal of firearms. Master of psychological warfare, strategy, and tactics.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] Tesla]
[center [b Name:] Johan Liebert]
[center [b Franchise:] Monster]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 20s]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Neutral Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Demisexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Master of psychological warfare, strategy, and tactics. Athletically gifted expert marksman.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] AkumaMatata]
[center [b Name:] Ichigo Kurosaki]
[center [b Franchise:] Bleach]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 17]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Neutral Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Master level swordsmanship, high spiritual energy, proficient hand-to-hand combat, extremely high speed movement, enhanced strength, enhanced durability, Zangetsu in the form of a large blade and a khyber knife capable of releasing extremely condensed beams or blasts of spiritual energy, Bankai Tensa Zangetsu in the form of the smaller blade placed in the larger blade that further enhances his abilities and turns his energy black, Hollow mask he can don to enhance his power even further.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] AkumaMatata]
[center [b Name:] Sesshomaru]
[center [b Franchise:] Inuyasha]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 200 ]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Neutral Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Master level swordsmanship, master level hand-to-hand, enhanced physical capabilities, high speed movement, immunity to poisons and diseases, regeneration, resistance to holy power, flight, superhuman olfactory senses, Dokkasō , light whip (acidic), Bakusaiga (katana) with great decomposition abilities that are continuous when inflicted.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Serenity-]
[center [b Name:] Casshern]
[center [b Franchise:] Casshern Sins]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] Unknown, appears to be between 18 and 25]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Unknown]
[center [b Sexuality:] Unknown]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Master of hand to hand combat. Indicated by his eyes glowing an aqua blue color, Casshern often enters a berserk state. While in this state, the full extent of his abilities are used and he doesn't stop till all enemies are destroyed. With his immense strength and warp-like speed, tearing apart massive robots is easy and can be done in a few blows. He can take damage that would normally be lethal to others and still continue to fight and later heal. However, healing has a bit of a delay and is extremely painful and energy draining once it kicks in. Due to this, the more severe his injuries are, the longer his downtime is and the greater the pain he goes through. His ability to take so much damage is due to an event that happened in his past, causing him to gain immortality. However, he finds the idea of it distasteful, often seeming depressed about it. He is often seen with a robotic dog named Friender, a faithful companion that often assists him in battles and other situations.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Serenity-]
[center [b Name:] Kotetsu T. Kaburagi AKA Wild Tiger]
[center [b Franchise:] Tiger & Bunny]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] Early to mid 30's]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Lawful Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual, leaning Bi]
[center [b Fighting Style:]Kotetsu, also known as the hero Wild Tiger, primarily uses hand to hand combat. Using his NEXT ability, Hundred Power, and sporting his hero suit, he fights recklessly and without much fore thought. Due to this, he's always breaking something every time he fights and often gets into some sort of trouble. He doesn't really see why there's a problem as saving lives and protecting people are more important than what gets destroyed. However, he often gets yelled at for it which in turns makes him mad because the others don't seem to understand what it means to truly be a hero. It's not a weapon but he has a grappling hook device in his hero suit called Wild Shoot, one on each arm. The watch he wears on his left wrist also has a similar grappling hook as well. ]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Mirror-]
[center [b Name:] D]
[center [b Franchise:] Vampire Hunter D]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] Over 10,000]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] True Neutral]
[center [b Sexuality:] Heterosexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] D uses a variety of fighting styles with a variety of different weapons. His primary weapon of choice is a long sword which he carries on his back. Other weapons may include wooden throwing needles, various other blades and, on rare occasions, guns. He will also use his various powers and abilities as well. In the palm of his left hand is a parasite type being that often assists D with his own set of abilities or just talks his ears off. The abilities the parasite has are rather odd yet useful. He can put weak minded individuals into a hypnotic like state. By creating a vacuum, he can suck in anything from objects to other beings and basically 'eats' it. With this ability comes the ability to use the four basic elements, giving him various abilities once enough of an element is consumed. Once he consumes Earth, he can revive D even if he was pierced in the heart or kill an average enemy with a single strike. Once consuming Water, he is able to freeze objects solid by touching them or breathing on them. After consuming Fire, he can then breath immensely hot flames that can only be matched by the range in which it can reach. After consuming Air, he can then propel objects at extremely high speeds. He also had a telepathic link to D, allowing them to easily communicate in various situations. ]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Mirror-]
[center [b Name:] Genos]
[center [b Franchise:] One Punch Man]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 19]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Lawful Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Unknown]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Genos primarily uses hand to hand combat and various flame, light and electric based attacks, often backed with pure brute force. Because his body is completely cybernetic, his physical abilities are enhanced to immense levels. His body is also equipped with various other useful things such as sensors and an adhesive gel.]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Tiny]
[center [b Name:] Nagisa Shingetsu]
[center [b Franchise:] Danganronpa: Ultra Despair Girls]
[center [b Sex:] Male]
[center [b Age:] 12]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Lawful Evil]
[center [b Sexuality:] Pansexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Mostly has small Monokuma robots to fight for him. But he also has a large mech, armed with a sniper rifle, named "Sage Robot Hannibal X".]

[center [b Puppet Master:] -Tiny]
[center [b Name:] Tohru]
[center [b Franchise:] Kobayashi-San Chii no Maid Dragon
[center [b Sex:] Female]
[center [b Age:] Unknown]
[center [b Moral Alignment:] Chaotic Good]
[center [b Sexuality:] Homosexual]
[center [b Fighting Style:] Has many different draconic powers, such as pyromancy and portal creation. She can also turn herself invisible and transform into dragon/human forms at will.]


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Roleplay Responses

[size12 It was another normal day. Sunny skies, gentle breeze, nothing to do. See? Normal.]

[size12 It has been a number of months since the last contract request had gone out. The last one was pretty rough. Many people had died during that hunt mainly because no one knew who or what was killing them. In the end, after quite a bit of investigating and searching, the vampire that caused all that ruckus is now very dead.]

[size12 The current biome was a plains type with patches of trees and stone strewn about haphazardly. It was kind of pretty if anyone was into that. The sound of hoofbeats gently thumping along could be heard. Well. Not really. There was only one person currently there and he was the one making the hoofbeats sound. He was on a horse after all.]

[size12 As the horse clopped along, the man just guided the mechanical animal along. The sun was starting to set which meant monsters would soon start appearing. But he wasn’t worried. Well, he never was. He is the legendary Dhampir after all.]

[size12 As day turned to night, all was quiet. It was unusual but the man didn’t think much of it. However, his left hand had something to say. A male voice like the sound of an old man could be heard from the hand, his words touched with worry.] [+red “I don’t like this, D. There’s a strange vibe to this place.”]

[size12 Not listening to his hand, D just kept on moving forward. He wanted to get to the next town, mainly just so he could have a few drinks. It had been a while since he had sat down and relaxed to the sounds of a bar and the taste of a good glass of Salsa Booze. However, his plans to stop for a drink and a bit of amusement changed. He wasn’t exactly looking at his surroundings so he didn’t realize they had changed.] [+red “D! Watch out!”] [size12 Yelled his left hand just as a monster launched itself at him.]

[size12 D, being quick to think and react, steered the horse to rear up and turn around just in time as a strange creature flew past him. He got off the horse and looked in the direction of the beast. The world was different now. He wasn’t anywhere he knew. The plains had turned into something darker with more trees than there was just moments ago. And this beast was nothing like anything he’s seen down before. The beast turned and launched back at D. He had a hold of the hilt of his sword and drew it from the sheath. With one practiced swing of it, the beast was sliced cleanly in two, each half flying past either side of him to land on the ground with a heavy, wet sound.] [+red ‘What is that thing? Where are we?”]

[size12 D examined the area. This was all foreign to him. Interestingly enough, D didn’t seem bothered by it at all. His left hand, not so much. However, D shut him up ahead of time by squeezing his hand into a fist and digging his nails into his palm a little, making the creature that inhabited his hand go silent with a muffled ‘hmph’.]

[size12 Despite knowing he’s not anywhere he knew, he was unbothered by it. Or that’s what showed on his face, which was always pleasantly blank. D hopped back up on his horse and casually kept moving along. An explanation to all this had to pop up somewhere but he wasn’t in any major hurry for it.]
  D / -Mirror- / 96d 22h 29m 13s
[h3 [center Hiruma]][left [pic]]Hiruma took in a deep breath as he stabilized himself against a rock. The last thing he remembered was walking to school, and given his surroundings he was certain it was nowhere near Deimon High School. All he could tell for certain was that whatever forest he was in reeked of shit and death. There were also a few too many bones for his liking.

Taking in the area around him he quickly took notice of a creature that was not in any of his biology textbooks. The monster that stood in front of him was a horrible sight. About five feet tall with a fleshy snout of a face on top of a filthy furry body. Honestly it looked like a blobfish riding a particularly ugly gorilla body. It was also carrying a large wooden club with a stone blade embedded in it.

Hiruma managed to get to his feet before the thing could get in range, but failed to pull out his rifle before the thing swung its wannabe axe. Even with the makeshift tool the creature was strong enough to demolish the tree it made contact with and even send a few splinters Hiruma's way. Before it could get another swing off though Hiruma caught it under the jaw with a kick that sent it backwards. While his kicks were never accurate enough to rely upon in a game he had enough leg strength to compete in the NCAA, but even with all that strength he barely got enough room to bring his rifle out.

It took less than two seconds for Hiruma to place the first shot which blew a baseball sized hole through the things chest. However he took an extra second to put the second round through the back of its skull by way of the things right eye socket. Whatever it was it wasn't tough enough to survive two well placed 7.62 caliber rounds. There was no time to relax however as the sound of the gunshots drew the attention of the things buddies.

The fight was over in just a few minutes as Hiruma blew through over a dozen of the monstrous little creatures. Between the spent gunpowder and the corpses the smell of the area had somehow managed to get worse, but Hiruma barely paid it any mind as he went over what all had just happened. He took the momentary peace to put a single stick of sugarless gum into his mouth and began to ponder the possibilities.

[h3 [center Johan]][left [pic]]This tavern was the first building Johan had walked into, as it seemed the busiest despite the hour. The way the patrons of the tavern responded was not wholly unusual to Johan, but it was with quite a bit more reverence than he had expected. He was certain that he had never been to this town despite having traveled all over Europe, but still the people began to whisper like fanboys almost as soon as he walked in the door. However his wonder about their response dropped as he heard a few people repeat the name Griffith, as he realized that it was just a case of mistaken identity.

Johan did not let it stop him as he approached the bartender though. He made sure to put on one of his friendliest faces for the interaction before raising his hand to get their attention.

“Pardon me,” Johan managed to say before a glass flew in front of his face into the wall.

“Who you think you are!” A drunken man slurred out as he stumbled forward.

Before he could give a response he found himself forced to dodge the mans sluggish left jab. It would be all too easy to grab at two points and apply enough to pressure to break the arm, but Johan kept his composure as he could tell the drunk's first move had drawn everyone's attention. Being unsure of where he was he knew he had to be careful to avoid getting found out, and so he relied on a different tactic.

Johan's first whisper to the man caused a glimmer of recognition in their eyes, but little more than that due to intoxication. However after avoiding their second drunken swing Johan took the opportunity to get close and whisper more carefully into their ear. This was where he was at his best, as it took minimal observation of the drunk for Johan to realize what he had to say to get him to do what he wanted. After just a few short moments the drunk wrapped him in as tight a bear hug as they could manage.

“Why didn't you just say so!” The drunk yelled happily. “Bartender another round for me and my boys, and one for my new pal here!”

Once the drunken man let him go most of the patrons returned to their drinks as the fight had been avoided, although a few continued to cast glances at the beautiful strangely dressed man who talked his way out of a brawl. It was not the ideal conclusion, but it would suffice given the unusual situation. Especially as it had also given him freedom to speak to the bartender.

“While I'm getting your drink, what was it you wanted?” The bartender asked as they started preparing the next round.

“I was hoping that you could tell me what town we're in,” Johan explained as he maintained his friendliest smile.
  Spare / Tesla / 108d 19h 50m 12s
The red double doors swung open, and the throne room was flooded with light. The king's advisors each kneeled before the man who entered, a walking silver dream whose flowing white cape was the only thing more luminous in the room than his own long white hair that hung down to his mid-back. Some said the way his brilliantly intricate armor made no sounds as he walked was otherworldly, but those people were quickly distracted by the man's sheer beauty and presence. Many said he was a god; these people weren't too far from the truth.

Griffith stepped back with his left foot, performing a deep and low bow, his right arm extended to his side as a sign of genuine respect for the men who served him the most closely. His advisors stood, clapping profusely. Griffith noticed tears streaming from one of their eyes and smiled. His people loved him.

And why shouldn't they? He was a fantastic king, the best this realm had ever seen, would ever see. He had efficiently ended a deadly war with a neighboring country with minimum casualties within his own ranks, and then invaded that very country and took it over with a military strength this world had never seen. The habitants of the Kushan Empire would tell stories of the legendary Band of the Hawk as they rode in, a wave of unrelenting white silver, and destroyed their own armies. Griffith was a merciful leader; the Kushan generals who once took up arms against him but surrendered after quick one-sided battles were brought into Midland's armies. Those who refused to surrender, though... Well, history would not remember their names.

Griffith sat, feeling the familiar yet uncomfortable stiffness of the ancient chair deemed by some king a millennium ago to be the throne of Midland. He could have complained if he wanted to, had such mortal and trivial bothers been of weight to him. His scope was much wider than that, though. His ambition wasn't quenched by ruling Midland, or merging it with the demon lands below to create one great realm. It wasn't quelled by his subsequent invasion of each neighboring country to Midland, or the annexation that followed, creating one massive land that he was able to rule on his own.

No, there was something beyond the confines of this world. His time in in the God Hand taught him that there were other worlds other than his own, and with each one of those came alternate realities and its own branching set of infinite time lines. Griffith felt the corners of his feminine lips twist into a dark smile, and bowed his head so his advisors would not raise any questions. Griffith's sights were set on these alternate worlds and each of the beings that came with them. He wanted to be the ruler of time and the universe itself. He had a dream of it all - his Ultima.

Why? He didn't know the answer himself. Being an impoverished youth ingrained a certain degree of ambition within him, but that was only to become the king of Midland. Perhaps being granted godlike power gave him a thirst for something greater than one kingdom. He wanted to rule them all, experience all that was out there within space and time. He shivered, subtle enough to not alert any of his board as they spoke to him of some rebel or another they had caught and were bringing before him for questioning. He nodded, already growing tired of the simpletons Midland offered. He knew there were more powerful beings out there, and wanted to taste that raw strength for himself.

The double doors burst open, but it was the sounds of a struggle that drew Griffith's attention from his own thoughts and up to the young red-haired boy who was thrown to his knees before him. There was a vague familiarity about the kid, but Griffith had caught glimpses of creatures from planets in the far reaches of space and powerful warriors inhabiting the far future. It would take hours of digging into the recesses of his own inhuman memory to recall the identity of this runt.

[b "The honorable King Griffith, ruler of Midland and its surrounding areas!"] A voice called, and Griffith gave a good hearted chuckle, a wave of his hand. The humble king was the one loved by the people, not the one who relished his title and rank.

[+blue "Now, now. I am only a man, like everyone else here."] A lie, but a well-rehearsed one. He stood, stepping down three of the stairs that led to his oversized chair. He found people respected him more when he left the ghastly furniture and dealt with them from only a few feet away. He gave angry citizens the illusion that if they had managed to sneak in some lethal means, he was in striking distance. That they had the power to kill this man, their king. Another lie. [+blue "May I have your name?"]

The boy growled, glaring for Griffith, a true look of hatred that rivaled only the tortured gaze of a man long in the past, one who had been one of Griffith's only true friends. Someone who had once meant the world, but whose name now was only a fleeting memory.

[b "I know who you are."] The boy said, his words dripping with something stronger than malice. [b "Or should I say, [i what] you are."]

[+blue "And what might that be...?"] Griffith's gaze never wavered, a small smile accompanying his look of pure curiosity.

[b "A demon."] The boy spat. Griffith chuckled, casting a look to the row of men who stood behind him, blissfully unaware of how close to the truth this kid was.

[+blue "May I offer you a most sincere apology, my child, for any slight I may have unintentionally cast upon you or your family."] He closed his eyes tight, giving a bright grin. [+blue "I must admit, it stings to be called something so horrible. I am only a man, one who makes many mistakes as each day passes."]

[b "No, you are a monster."] The boy's glare was unwavering. [b "I [i know] you are. He told me-"] He bit his tongue hard, his gaze breaking and his eyes cast to the ground.

Griffith's raised his snowy eyebrows, a ferocious interest now churning deep in his guts. He stood, moving in one fast stride to take the boy's face in one hand, forcing him to look up and deep into the king's eyes, something otherworldly now beginning to burn deep within his light irises. [+blue "...who would you be referring to?"]

The boy's expression changed from one of pure fear to one of grim determination within half of a moment. [b "...Guts. The Black Swordsman."]

Griffith's eyes widened and he dropped the boy with a bit too much force than he intended, causing him to crash down against the ground. [i Guts.] A ghost. That friend who escaped his the wrath of his betrayal all of those years ago, the one he knew existed somewhere far from Midland, who still fought despite knowing he would never be powerful enough to do battle with Griffith, let alone his new and improved Band of the Hawk. The king's lower lip trembled, and his hand subconsciously flew to his mouth, touching the quivering muscles of his face, attempting to quell them but it was far too late. He was smiling, and then laughing loudly, rudely. Not kingly.

[+blue "Guts? Mm."] Oh, how he missed this. Genuine surprise. He stood. [+blue "Oh, hell. What a name!"] Griffith turned away, taking steps towards his throne. He raised his hand to his eyes, concealing them while they rolled back into his head. For a moment, his consciousness left his human form and became something like ether, the entire universe at his disposal. What felt like seconds in the human realm was something like hours, perhaps even days for Griffith's all-seeing eye as it roamed the lands, scouring for his old friend. He didn't quite find him, only a monstrous black hound leaping among a small group of Griffith's soldiers far south from where his body stood, dead to the world completely unbeknownst to the men who stood around him. Within Griffith's vision, time moved so slowly that it seemed frozen. This creature was undoubtedly his old friend, though. The ridiculous length of steel it swung through the skull of a Midlandian soldier could only be wielded by his old cohort. Off to his side stood a short girl, waves of green hair cascading down her forehead and to either side of her head, a pointed hat sitting askew upon her head. Within the time it would take a normal human to blink, Griffith knew everything about her. Schierke. A witch. Her gaze and her right hand were cast to the sky and-

Something ripped Griffith from his godly vision and he spun around. Something was different within his great realm. Something was wrong. With each birth within his realm, both human and demonic, Grifftih felt something like a small pinch in his right arm. The tradeoff for godlike abilities were becoming aware of each new being brought into your world, he supposed. But now his entire body was on fire. No, there were beings within this realm now that were not of this world. That girl. That witch. She had done something.

A psychotic grin was splayed across his pretty features, and the red-haired boy cowered away from him as Griffith stalked towards him.

[+blue "Yes. I know you. Isidro. One of Guts's."] The boy shook his head in a state of shock and disbelief. How did this man know? This monster? Griffith spun around to his board members and to the broad guards who stood in place behind them. [+blue "Throw him into the caverns beneath the castle. I have urgent business I must take care of."] He hurried for the double doors and was stopped just short of them by an anxious voice.

[b "B-but sir... should we warn your chosen knights? They can ride out with you."] The shaking advisor quivered in something like fear at the unusual demeanor the king cast as his head spun around, his eyes glowing in utter excitement.

[+blue "No. This is someone I must find and eliminate on my own."]

The red doors slammed shut behind him.
  Griffith / NakedWinter / 113d 13h 38m 37s

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