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hey lmao. so anyways. formatting? don't know her, so i'll keep this blatantly short and to the point.

yeah, it's a search thread, and yeah it's [i another search thread] but it's honestly a great way to get people to hit you up if nothing on the ad board's to your fancy.

[i so], a couple of guidelines, first, and the most important point: i'm a [i slow writer]. activity, for me, comes in bursts of high energy followed by an extended period of white noise. i won't put out a post i wrote half on my ass. i'm either in, or i'm gone. second: my threads usually come with [i romantic subplots]. i love it, and i'm not going to beat around the bush about it. it's generally not the focus of the roleplay, but it's usually always present. at least low-key. third: a solid understanding of english. it's personally my fourth language, so i [i will] make dumb mistakes here and there, and i'll hardly hound your ass about a few slip ups, but all i ask for is coherence and flow. keep me on my toes. keep me interested. that's quality to me.

[i talking plots.] i'm a pretty open-minded person, as far as ideas and preferences go, but if i had to pick a few, it'd be threads with that good Top Drama hookup, then the fantasy threads, the far fetched, the dark, the gruesome, basically, threads with conflict. with substance. anything that's not a too cliche cookie cutter white picket fence girl meets boy, i'm all up for it. then again, even cliche threads can be made interesting with the right amount of spice, so like i said, i'm really not picky. same with characters. whatever you're comfortable with, that's up to you, but i'm personally pretty versatile as far as character creation goes.

to wrap this up, if you'd be open to plotting smth out n interacting, or even if you've got a thread of your own you feel i'd be interested in, feel free to hmu in the pms. thanks for reading, lads ♥️


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