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"You should get back to Arizona before she yells at you." Jokeb said straightening himself as he turned back to the front of the ship. "I should be going as well. Suddenly a siren blasted over the overcoms. "ALL MEN MAN YOUR BATTLESTAION." It was the call to General Quarters. He could also here it as he watches a destroy to the front of the battle group explode send the ship a few feet into the air. Whatever had hit the ship had cut it into and it was sinking fast.
"WALKER GET TO ARIZONA NOW." he shouted as he ran to the bridge of the O'bannon. "Caption what going on?" he asked entering the bridge. "We under attack a small group of Abbyie can from behind one of the island. We count two TA-class battleships, One Wo-class Carrier and two dozen of escort ships. Enemy fighter all ready on the way." The Hanson said look out at the enemy fleet.
"What has Admiral Jones order." From from what he counted. They outnumber the Abyssals almost two to one. They could win easily if they played there cards right. "He orders a full attack on the enemy ship Sir," Hanson said. "What about the transports?" He asked "Jones said leave them that if we sink them quickly they will be fine. Most of the ship had already turned to deal with the threat.
"Is he mad our job is to protect though transport. They carry vinyl supplies for our army as well as Japans. We can't just leave them unprotected."
"I understand sir I don't like ether but I have my order." said Caption said.
'I don't like this' he thought to himself as he watched the first few fighters take off from Hornet.
  Jakob / Mended / 55d 2h 38m 54s
Ryan sat aboard the USS Enterprise nervous about all this. HEd only been in the air corps for a short time and was already being sent to a special unit. "Man I'm gonna die I know it." He said sighing to himself as he began walking around the ship. HE looked around and made his way out onto the top deck and smiled a bit at the bright sun and calm weather. He was very scared about what could happen as the ship steamed onwards to its destination.
  Ryan Stryker / SergeantHats / 56d 8h 45m 31s
Jakob stood at the stern of the Fletcher class destroyer "O'bannon". His gaze fixed over the USS Hornet that sailed just forward of them. "Penny for your thoughts." Said a voice from just below him. Looking down in the water he saw a girl sailing next to their ship. She stood a little under five feet and was wearing a white sailor suit with a skirt instead of pants. "I'm just thinking how's this all going to go." He replied. "I mean I've never been in charge of ship girls or strike witches before. And if that not enough I'm in charge of such a wide group of people from different countries."

"I think it going to be fun." The girl said looking up at him. "I mean I get to meet so many new people. Not just other of my kind but thought of other countries. Plus, soldiers, Pilot, Strike witches, and Human tanks. I think things will work out fine. I mean Arizona came to you so you can't be that bad."

"Thanks Walker you're a real vote of confidence." He said rolling his eyes. "How's she holding up with the speed?" Arizona top speed was 26 Knotes and the convoy had to slow down just so she could keep up. He looked back and could see her in the rear of the formation. She looked out of breath.

"It a good think we are only a day out because I don't think she can keep it up much longer." Said Walker looking back as well. "Other than that, she adjusting fine. She still gets use to her body thought. He tells me again who else will be with us when we get to Japan."
Turning his attention back to Walker the said. "We will have a small group of tanks and solider with us. The solider are from the states but our heavy tanks our from English and Germany. Our air wing has four fighters. Two American and one German and one English a fifth will join us when we get to Japan. For ship girls as the moment all I have is you and Arizona. I was told I may get more when we get to Japan but I don't know yet."

"So where are they then?" She asked "And why are you on this destroy and not on the Hornet?"

"To answer the second question first because me and the other Admiral don't really get along. So, I choose to ride with this group inserted of ramming my head into a wall the whole trip. As for your first question most are on the supply ships but the Strike witch are on the Hornet just in case we get attacked.
  Jakob / Mended / 58d 5h 23m 56s

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