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[h3 A City's Secrets:]

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[i 2041. The Big Apple. The star city of the U.S. East Coast. A melting pot of almost 10 million citizens. What they don't tell you is that nearly a third of those citizens are paranormally inclined. That's right. Gods and demons walk among you. Vampires and werewolves wage a silent war. Wizards and witches ply their sorcerous trades.]

[i A trio of criminal organizations run the shadowed underground of the city. Their reach is far and grip iron clad. None so much as the magically inclined Sindikat Magii.]

[h3 Sindikat Magii:]

[i The illustrious crime family of the Sindikat Magii has ruled the streets of New York since its foundation. Comprised of many long running immigrant bloodlines from around the world. Run by the mysterious Baba Yaga of legend and her council. It is not without its internal strife. Currently vying for power are the oldest of families. The Halliwell's and The Csintalan's. They have feuded for almost 200 years. Unbeknownst to them their sole heirs fell in love.]

[i This of course, could not stand. And the situation had to be remedied. The two broke off their romance at the behest of their families. Thinking the worst of one another.]

[i Much to everyone's dismay, it was shortly discovered the two were cursed by an unknown third party. Though the families blame one another. Until the mystery is solved, the two are forced into house arrest together. Even though they now cannot abide by one another.]

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[h3 Rules:]

[h3 Current Cast:]

[b Freya Haliwell]

[b Laszlo Csintalan]
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[h3 Important Faces:]

[h3 Important Places:]

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