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[center [size12 Red laid there, waiting for the Wolf to join her on the futon. Her body laid out, exposed, and even worse, half dressed, but did she care? No, not really. She had a certain level of comfort with the Wolf that she didn't have to be uptight and shy around him. They had [b REAL] history with one another, no matter the [i type] of history that it was. She exhaled quietly as he finally joined her. She rolled over just slightly to be closer. Her body hugged just so against his side. Her face nestled slightly into the side of chest. She breathed in the scent of the Wolf slowly. He smelt like home. Trees, dirt, and the food he just ate. It was a familiar smell, without the food of course.]]
[center [size12 Carefully, Red's fingers traced over his side and poked into his upper rib cage in curiosity. She stared in silence for a long time before exhaling. She propped her head up on her free hand and smiled at him. [i [#FF0000 "You know, we have a really weird dynamic here, right?"]] She chuckled softly. She finally sat up. She pushed her hair back, tucking stray strands behind her ears before sighing as she began thinking of what to say next.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Little Red Riding Hood sleeping next to the Wolf that hunted her down,"]] she made it sound a bit dramatic, but it was all in good fun, of course. She couldn't help, but to laugh at the mere thought of the Wolf actually hurting her. It was almost unreal, the thought was. He wouldn't ever [i purposely] hurt her, right? You could never be too sure. A Wolf is unpredictable and strong. Red could only protect herself so much against him if he was to go rogue and try to hurt her. She had to keep these things in mind when she laid so close to him. It wasn't that she was scared, she was prepared.]]
[center [size12 Red then crawled on top of the Wolf in a brave motion to glance down at him. She was straddling his stomach, her thighs gripping his sides just so that made her secure enough that she wouldn't fall backwards if he was to try anything quickly. [i [#FF0000 "I've always wondered how a Wolf could eat a little girl like me,"]] she raised an eyebrow and grinned at him as if she was challenging him in a suggestive manner.]]
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[left [pic]]He could barely snort. 'Sick'! HAH!
She was precious, cute beyond words.
He couldn't get this shit in his stomach fast enough, really, he was desperate, eating as fast as possible. His sharp senses allowed him to savor the flavors just fine, he didn't need to take his time to enjoy each ingredient. He shoveled it in with his hands and -a little piece of home- some chopsticks. He was so HUNGRY. Each bite was making him hungrier, and it was all he could do not to semi-shift so he could enlarge his mouth-
Nnnno, bad, no Wolfing with Red in here, he was trying to comfort her, not freak her out. He growled, but held it in, finishing eeeeevery scrap of food that Red hadn't eaten. Odaiji was two things; A wolf, and a warrior. He'd eat [i anything], the legends weren't wrong about that. People, animals, cooked or raw, and he'd eat it off the ground, he'd snack on the forest floor, he'd rip off an arm and make you watch him eat it, should doing so strike his fancy. O had a history, a bloody one, full of gutwrenching turmoil and rivers of crimson terror and all kinds of other wild shit people sit and talk about around campfires.

But... Red had chosen to be in here anyway, even knowing he had a reputation.

He didn't want it to seem like her coming in here... Was a plan of his. He'd only JUST found her again! He didn't want her to think he was trying to get her in bed to play, he didn't want her to think [i less] of him if... If something, y'know, DID happen between them, after he'd just brought her back from Georgie's pigpen. Odaiji had been subject to so many misunderstandings, and so much heartache, that to touch women now was...
He didn't want these feelings, and he was a dog, he was so PRONE to strong feelings.
It wasn't safe.
Even still, he could feel her head resting along his back as he polished off the last of the sushi and sucked down the rest of the Sprite bottle, glancing at her as she urged him to join her on the futon a moment later.
Odaiji couldn't help but follow, not sure what to expect but emotionally exhausted enough to sell his soul if that's what it came to. She was warm, and she smelled like heaven and home.
He could still smell her, and even after having eaten...
It was calling his name. O did join her, sprawling out with his arms wide on one side of the large futon and shutting his eyes. [b "I hate this fuckin' body, Reds. 'Never full."] came the deep rumble, somewhat jokingly but, of course, being the truth. Food made him so damned hungry.
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[center [size12 Red looked up at the man that brought their food and gave him a small smile. She stretched once he was gone and followed the Wolf into the kitchen. She watched his ravenous behavior with a careful eye before chuckling. She grabbed a napkin from the bag and leaned up to him to wipe some food away from the corner of his mouth. [i [#FF0000 "You might want to calm down there. You'll make yourself sick,"]] she explained, balling up the napkin and tossing it away in a nearby trash can.]]
[center [size12 She began searching through a few cabinets, finding a few cups and plates, paper and plastic of course. He never seemed the type of have actual dishware and cups. She began placing a few different types of sushi on her paper plate and filled her cup up with the Pepsi. She wasn't too keen on taking the sprite, never the type to drink after someone anyway.]]
[center [size12 Making herself at home, on top of part of the counter near the Wolf. She sipped silently on her drink and took small bites from her sushi. She hadn't really had good food in a really long time, so she relished the taste for a brief while in silence.]]
[center [size12 Finishing up her food, Red slipped off the counter gracefully and dump the empty cup and plate into the trash bin. She looked over at the Wolf and chuckled. She definitely could admire his appetite. She always wanted the ability to eat a lot of food. She loved food, but couldn't eat that much at once. She approached him from behind and rested her head on his back with a soft sigh. [i [#FF0000 "I'm tired, hurry up,"]] she spoke softly as she walked back to the futon and crawled on top of it.]]
[center [size12 Lying across the old mattress, Red yawned softly. She buried her face into the some of the blanket, which the rest was barely covering her up. She smiled, [i [#FF0000 "come on."]] She whined. She was a rather impatient little shit, sometimes, especially when she wanted attention or something else.]]
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[left [pic]]With age came experience.
Odaiji had been with all manner of women, he'd been in the game since before electricity had even been [i an idea]. He was no stranger to the fairer sex, and was even more familiar with their body language. Red was practically sitting on a plate for him right now, and it was all he could do not to pick up a fork and give in to the throbbing in his teeth. No, he watched her with a guarded eye, agreeing with what she said next but all the same, carefully setting up small barriers. He wanted to touch her, yes, her skin and her hair mixed with the scent of beer and [i the twinkle in those fucking eyes] was starting to suck him in, and he really didn't want to bite off more than he could chew by letting her booze it up and being lured into bed.
[b "I might change my mind and have a snack soon, then."]
She was a little bombshell, this one.

He was almost relieved to hear the door, mere inches from her face as she held his in her hands.
Why were women so good at this? He was too old for this bullshit.

He savored the feeling of her pulling herself off his lap and rolled off the futon himself, stalking toward the door. He unlocked it and was immediately grinning, a shaggy-haired asian with thin glasses and a sharp sneer meeting him at the door, barely taller than Red. [b "Chang, you little fuck. You're early."] he snorted, taking all the food from the smaller man's arms and setting on the counter. He stood at the door, sneaking a glance into the Wolf's apartment and whistling thereafter. [i "Jesus, O. Don't let me fuck up the night, my man, I'm gone. Pay me tomorrow."] he said with a flippant wave of both his arms, backing away from the door. Odaiji rolled his eyes.
[b "Beat it, then."]
Still smiling, of course, as he shut and locked the door again. Whatever. Chang was almost family, he didn't feel bad about paying him later. He set about rooting through the bag, popping open EVERY container and heading straight for the Philly rolls. Cream cheese with fish, hot FUCK. He crammed four into his mouth immediately, stopping abruptly as he remembered his company.
Well shit.
He chewed, looking at her and gesturing to the food and the sodas on the counter in front of him. The cream cheese was preventing him from communicating. Not that he minded, he was in HEAVEN. He pulled some shrimp out of the amazing, fresh lo mein in the container in his hand, and continued to eat, almost like a starved dog. Shit happened to a guy when he was as alone as O had been, and his table manners when he was in his apartment were hardly up to par. There was a reason he so very rarely shifted into his true form; Its hunger was impossible to sate. This body, limited and tiny in comparison, was easier to fuel.

He finally came up for air and cracked open the 2 liter of Sprite, sucking down about a fourth of it in one chug. [b "He and his family make such good fucking food, I'd marry that little troll if I didn't think his father would cry."] he joked, getting work on another Philly roll. Fish, meat. Rice. Repeat.
His body was almost addicted and he was ravenous right now, canine rumblings erupting from somewhere deep down and bubbling out from his throat as he ate. If his tail were out, it'd be pumping a mile a minute.
Her being buzzed and absolutely fucking stunning over there, in his shirt, in his bed, fought to and fro between the back and forefront of his mind; O was trying very hard not to think about that shit right now.
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[center [size12 Feeling her whole body being moved from one location to another made Red realize how vulnerable she really was against the big, bad wolf. Red looked up at him, her legs the sides of his thighs tightly as she felt a chunk of her hair being grabbed softly and pushed up to his nose. She watched it happened and her cheeks were a slightly shade of pinkish red. It was a strange sight, but at the same time, it was kind of arousing. She bit her lower lip before resting her head against his shoulder. The size difference really showed how easily the Wolf could devour Red without an issue and still be able to eat his takeout after. But she knew he wouldn't do that.]]
[center [size12 Turning her head, glancing at the wall as she listened to the Wolf speak. She had an idea of how many stories that were told of the centuries of this man's mayhem and chaos, but she never gave them a second thought. Her own fable had small lies sprinkled throughout it, so couldn't the others one be different? She didn't know that since she wasn't in them.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "You couldn't hurt me. If you really wanted to, you would have done it by now. Judging on how close we are, you could easily devour me without thinking twice about it,"]] she smirked to herself, leaning back up and looked him straight in the eye. She reached over, grabbing the man's beer with zero regrets and finished the last of his. A mild tipsy filling, Red considered herself in a hell of a lot better shape than she was when her and the Wolf first reunited back at the Puddin' N' Pie.]]
[center [size12 Red was about to do something that neither her nor him would even see coming, but the knocking at the door caught her attention. She had his face in her hands and she staring at him rather intently, but soon removed herself from his lap and stood up. She finished her own beer, as well. She grabbed bother cans and tossed them away in the waste bin once more. [i [#FF0000 "Wanna get that? I'm starving,"]] she grinned up at him, smoothing out the large t-shirt to make it less revealing, but that was kind of hard to do since she was just wearing the shirt.]]
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[left [pic]][b "Is that an offer or a request?"]
Odaiji wasn't sure he was kidding, fully prepared to take a bite out of her, one way or another. Not that he wanted to hurt her... But she sure was asking for SOMETHING.

2,000 years, and he was still swallowing a thick glob of [i heat]. She was working on pressing his every button, this tiny red sorceress. He peeled his eyes off of her [i soft, delicious] legs, instead trying to focus on her face, however worsening things for himself as his eyes met hers.
If he weren't so fucking old and weren't so well acquainted with eyes like hers over the years then he'd have knocked her over and tasted her basket of goodies by now.
He was currently leashing himself, eyes sweeping over her hair. Her neck. Her [i skin]. He carefully set his beer on the desk off to the side of the couch's arm, and listened to what she had to say, bright blue eyes trained on something in his lap as he tuned in.

O could hear it in her voice, her apology. It wasn't as though he'd been fishing for one, but it was appreciated. She was right; Fabletown feared him. They wanted to see his corpse rot in an alley somewhere so they could finally feel safe, wishing away the creature with the most chilling past. Even the other killers in the Fable community took a step back when he walked into the room, there were so [i few] Fables willing to look him in the eye these days. But then...
That was the reason, wasn't it?
His shirt. His beer. His food. His [i bed]. He cared about these motherfuckers, God help him. And more than most others, he cared about Red. Was he desperate to preserve the only Fable in which he was potentially not the bad guy? Was he hoping... For a companion, at the very least? What was it he was hoping for? Red seemed to want to know the same thing, asking that very question. Why invite her to his shit, why spread his arms so wide, so quickly?

Yes... He did like the way she smelled. That had been the case from day one, a massive, horrifying creature of gargantuan proportion creeping through the forest, trying to catch another whiff of the girl with the basket. He had not meant to startle her, and he'd certainly never wanted to hurt her... But his reputation had preceded him once more, an axe cutting him off before he could explain himself.

Apparently he was not the only one subject to the Woodsman's cutting.
He felt the hand on his thigh.
She was making him [i hungrier]. Or was it something else?
Whatever the case, he reached out and pulled her closer, seating her on his lap and facing her toward him as he pressed some of her ponytail to his nose for a moment. His voice had dropped, almost a purr now as he rubbed her red locks with his thumb and kept his eyes fixed on hers.
[b "...I'm pretty old, Reds. I've met with the misfortune of being the same starved mongrel in more than [i two dozen] different Fables around the world, people talk about me in hushed whispers in every language, my name is what scares the Mundies' kiddos into listening, I'm that 'bump in the night' shit. Everyone is terrified of me, I've had too many chances, and I blew 'em. They don't come anywhere near me, they don't drink my beer, wear my shirts, or eat my food. You're special, though. More than twenty Fables worth of [i witness accounts] to read through, and you still aren't afraid of me. That,"] he concluded, flashing a sharp smirk, [b "merits a drink and some shrimp in my book."]
He could eat her, he could eat any of them, at any time.
But he didn't want to be [i that] Wolf anymore, he wanted something else from life. Could anyone ever care for him? Would anyone forgive him?
What if he just wanted someone to say hello to him every now and again? Even the nastiest dogs needed a rub every now and again.
[b "'Ain't a smell, really, I don't think. You've always smelled this way. No, this is a flavor; Your skin, I would say."]
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[center [size12 Red had drowned out most of the phone conversation with internal thinking about how odd it was for both him and her to be standing there and being so... Civil with one another? No, that wasn't it. Well, what ever it was, it wasn't coinciding with their tale of the Wolf eating the little girl and her grandmother, most definitely not. Well, Red's fable was not entirely what people thought it was. Her story didn't end where the Wolf had his belly filled with stones. It continued on and most people had forgotten truly what had happened. They stopped her story where the bad guy/animal got [i killed] and [i THE END].]]
[center [size12 Red was pulled from her thoughts when she felt a hand on her head. She glanced up at him, blinking a few times to make sure everything that was happening around her was true and real. She chuckled at him, [i [#FF0000 "I was just thinking the same thing. Great minds think alike, y'know?"]] She murmured softly before watching him walk over to his dresser and pulling out a shirt for her. She took it, slipping it over her head. It was a dress on her. It hung down almost to her knees. She tilted her head before removing her pants. Long enough to cover her intimates, shouldn't be too much of an issue here.]]
[center [size12 Putting all her things into a small pile, Red poked her head up and narrowed her eyes at the Wolf. [i [#FF0000 "Real funny, Wolf. I dare you to eat me,"]] was that suggesting something, she raised an eyebrow with a small smirk on her lips. She was challenging him at that point before walking back over to the couch that was now a bed.]]
[center [size12 Carefully watching the male pull off his shirt, Red licked her lips and smiled at him. [i Not bad for a Wolf,] she thought to herself before crawling onto the now bed and sat up, legs crossed underneath her. She sat there before glancing at him once more when he asked that question. [i Why trust him?] She didn't really know why she trusted him actually. It was a lucky shoot more than anything.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "We have a really weird history together. You could have literally eaten me whole whenever you so pleased to, but you didn't. Instead, the Woodsman cut you open and filled your gut full of a stones because you were you, you were an animal that was framed for hurting a girl that you didn't actually hurt,"]] Red explained, shaking her head. She could have easily spoke out against everyone and told them that it was the Woodsman, not the Wolf. But Red was much younger back then and was scared beyond words. She was mentally fucked up from it to this day.]]
[center [size12 Red finished her beer and got back up, tossing it in a near by waste bin before retrieving another one. [i [#FF0000 "Let me know if you get beer again soon. It'll be my treat,"]] Red winked at him before pulling out a second beer, flicking the tab open and began drinking. She moved back to the bed, sighing softly. [i [#FF0000 "So, technically I am the reason your life is shit right now. I am the reason why no one likes you and wants to see your neck hanging from a tree. I could have told everyone what had happened, but I'm too much of a little bitch to say anything right now,"]] she chuckled, leaning back into the bed with a heavy sigh. She could cause some sorrow and pain in some people's lives without even realizing it.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "So with that being said... It should be more of why are YOU letting me stay here? Why are you letting me lay around, drinking your beer, wearing your clothes, and making myself comfortable?"]] Red asked, curiously of course. She was, in no more than 30 minutes, had been cleaned up, giving clothes, and was able to lay down with almost a beer and a half in her belly. She really didn't deserve this. [i [#FF0000 "Is it cause you like the way I smell?"]] she grinned mischievously as she placed the beer on the floor beside the bed and rolled over to face him. Her hand crept over his thigh for a moment as she eyed him with a pair of dark coloured eyes. She wore this smirk that would make any man melt under her.]]
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[left [pic]] He could understand her exhaustion and wasn't going to press further into things if she wasn't ready, but [i it sure was a fucking pain], this NOT KNOWING thing. Odaiji let it go, though, dialing the number and letting her request process.
Sit with him?
Sweet [i fuck].
He eyed her again for a minute, her shirt having been taken off and her half naked self having wandered to the fridge to steal his booze. Eh. He'd had worse company, and if today hadn't earned her a beer or two, he wasn't sure what else could. It always felt a little... Strange, seeing someone so small doing adult things. Not that he considered her a child, but watching a woman the size of a 5th grader drink beer could be unsettling at times. Then again, even the kid Fables were 150+ years old, those little shits drank just as much. Red wasn't going to hear complaints from him, not after having been subject to watching Little Bo Peep out drink an entire college house on a dare. Everyone left a little traumatized that day, even the 2,000 year old wolf god. Crazy little spazz.
After that day, he was convinced she hadn't lost any sheep to begin with, sure as shit that she must have eaten them.

The Chinese place finally picked up, and brought the wolf back out of his horrifying memories, and he began placing his order. [b "Yo. It's O. Yeah. Ya, the usual but I'm addin' shit. Right. So four Kona rolls, 2 Philadelphia rolls, and a volcano roll. Yeah. Add uh... A large general Tsao's, and some shrimp tempura. HAH! Guess you'll have to find out, I ain't tellin'. Cherry Dr. Pepper and a Sprite. Dude. Get a life, Chang, and a girlfriend while you're at it. Fuck you, man, I'll see you when you get here."]
It was safe to say he had become a regular, they loved him dearly and gave him every imaginable level of Hell everytime he called. He clicked out of the call, his attention shifting to the woman leaning against his back, not fully dressed, beer in hand. Restraint...

He threw her a look over his shoulder, amused. [b "I don't think this is exactly how the Fable goes, Reds. This, is funny shit."] Odaiji commented, turning to face her and patting her head. Hm.
Which wolf was he today... 'Give her a shirt' Wolf, or 'Snort the topless girl's hair for the night' Wolf? An animalistic growl erupted from his throat. He was too old to forget his chivalry, right? Fiiiiine. O reached into the dresser and pulled out a plain T-shirt, offering it to her, defeated. He could just as easily sniff her without her being topless and freezing to death in his apartment, it was always cold. Odaiji was naturally a very warm creature, a common attribute of any mountain dwelling beast from the unforgiving wilds of Japan. As such, his place was damn near Arctic at night, and he liked it that way.

[b "And so the Wolf fed Little Red some takeout and booze before eating her whole. The end."]
He snorted. Kidding, kidding. [b "Hey, I'm gonna fold the couch out, 'good for watching TV."]

He pulled the lever on the side of the couch with his shoe heel, unfurling the couch from inside itself and pulling the quilt out from the folds in the cushions to lay it out on the mattress. Only issue might be there were no pillows, O hated those fuckin' things. She'd live.

Was the scary Wolf of legend really treating his plot FOIL to dinner and inviting her to his bed and TV?
Christ, Fables were complicated.
He pulled off his own shirt, revealing a white wifebeater underneath it and pulling his belt off. He left his jeans on. He could sleep in jeans, no problem. Snow had ridden him about the fucking belts though, no 'proper' sheriff had baggy pants, apparently.
[b "Why do you trust me?"] he finally asked, curious as he cracked a beer for himself and planted himself on the futon. Why him? Weren't there chick Fables or Princes around will better morals than his? Did he seem like a pushover...?
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[center [size12 Red sat there, looking up at the Wolf with soft, dark eyes. She pulled off her shirt. There was no reason keeping on the slightly blood stained thing, plus she knew she could get a shirt from him if she asked nice enough. Red hadn't felt a kind touch in a really long time and her lips had a small smile, dancing on it as the Wolf turned her head to face him. She let him work on her face, knowing he would take care of her without an issue. She did not really want to talk about the Woodsman anymore. She wanted to sit there, with the Wolf and eat food and go to sleep, but she knew he wanted to know if for the curiosity if not anything else.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "It's a really long story, Wolf... I really don't want to get into it right now,"]] she murmured, shaking her head once she had control over her face once more with a cold pack against her cheek. [i [#FF0000 "I just want to sit here with you, if that's okay?"]] She looked up at him as he walked away. She sat there, leaning back into the couch with a soft sigh. She plopped the ice pack down to the couch before examining her soft, pale, scarred stomach. She ran her fingers slowly over the scarring before rolling her eyes. She was growing angry over something that she could not control any longer.]]
[center [size12 When the Wolf came back into the room, Red pipped up and looked at him. [i [#FF0000 "Order anything, I'll be fine with whatever,"]] he's buying her food, so she wasn't going to be too picky. Slowly she stood up, wandering around and finally into the kitchen. She placed her hand on the fridge, popping it opened. Nothing much, but beer and some food? Was it food? She didn't know, but she did know there was beer. She reached in and grabbed one of them, popping it open.]]
[center [size12 Taking a sip of it, Red made her way over to the Wolf. She rested her head on his back as he made the phone call to order their food. She couldn't believe that she was standing in this canine's apartment, beer in hand and half naked. It was kind of funny when you really thought about it.]]
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[left [pic]] From nearly two feet above her, similar thoughts tumbled through his mind. How in the shit had she slipped past him all this time? His nose was unmatched, he wasn't a goddamned joke. How...?
His brow twitched, his irritation growing as the elevator dinged to alert him that they'd stopped.
Perhaps that was the reason? He did tend to disregard his surroundings when things got hairy and his claws came out... He grimaced. Odaiji did not like the idea that anyone, especially someone whose scent was so distinct that he would know it ANYWHERE, could hide in plain sight. A failing, shitty predator, indeed. Maybe it was time to lay the fuck down and find a hole to die in? Was he that old?

He grumbled to himself as he unlocked the apartment door and stepped aside to let her in, eyeing both ends of the hall one last time as a precaution. The door was then locked and the key hit the counter with a heavy [i clink], his hulking frame disappearing from sight for a moment as he went about getting his med-box from the bathroom. There was an ice pack in the freezer, right? He held the kit in one hand as he headed into the kitchen to rummage through the freezer with the other, coming up with an ice pack he'd nicked from Doctor Swineheart a few weeks ago. Worth it. He'd have called Swiney over and all [i this] time but... If she was laying low, it was most likely best to wait until she was in real danger of keeling over to call the Doc. Instead, her nurse was a much bigger, more reputable creature, with hands for paws and skin for fur, for the time being.

O turned around to respond to her previous questions, but his voice was cut off as his eyes caught her scars, watching her self-inspection with a hard blue gaze. Odaiji was almost 2,000 years old, he wasn't getting any perverse shivers or sick kicks out of watching her lift her shirt, he wasn't a brace-faced preteen virgin and he wasn't going to act like one, not as angry as he was. What the fuck was Woody thinking? Worse yet was the idea that people could deviate from their own Fable, their own legend, to such a degree that they could go from protagonist to antagonist with but a few swings of an axe. O had eaten folks, but he'd always been a piece of shit, in ALL those Mundy stories and tales. He was trying to undo more than 1,000 years of darkness and bloodshed and fangs and mixed receptions, and it was slow going. Why was Woody having such an easy time of things? He washed his hands and went out to join her, lidding his anger for the time being.

[b "...Those are pretty rough, Reds. I'll order it after I have a look at your face."] the sheriff promised seating himself on the couch at her side and popping the kit open. [b "Any idea why Woody might lose his shit on you?"]
He asked this as he turned her face about in his hands, inspecting cuts, noting potential bruises. They were Fables, they were sturdy. She'd be fine, of course, but O wasn't going to let her go to sleep uncomfortable and swollen and covered in dried blood. [b "So. This couch folds out, it's a futon. I can hit the floor for a few days if you'd prefer, but it's about the only furniture I've ever had or needed, so there might not be any other spots to sleep if you don't care for it yourself. Fair warning."]
He dabbed peroxide on some of her cuts, already finding signs of healing. Fables were badasses, not that he was new to that knowledge. He pressed the ice pack to her cheek and set her hand on it before closing the kit and wandering back into the kitchen for his phone. [b "What do you want? I'm getting a few rolls of sushi and some lo mein, maybe a 2 liter. What are you hungry for?"]
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[center [size12 Deciding rather or not she wanted to work in Georgie's club was still a possibility, but for now, she tucked those thoughts away and focused more on the Wolf. Staying with him could buy her a few days or even a week before she would have to figure out something else. Her current lie was that she had a glamour and that was where she left it. Most people believed that she was some back ground Fable from some random story. No one suspected that she was Little Red, but the Wolf. It took him a bit to catch on, but he did. She had been in Fabletown for a few months now. She was eventually going to come to him, but he found her first. It made it a lot easier for her, actually.]]
[center [size12 Red would catch small glimpses of the much large male to the right of her, thinking to herself. Why now, though? Why did it take him this long to figure out exactly who she was. Well, she did live like a recluse for a while, but still, her crappy apartment was in the same building. It baffled her, maybe he was losing his touch, but that wasn't believable. He a pretty keen nose on him. She just smiled to herself as they entered the Woodsland Apartment complex with a soft sigh.]]
[center [size12 Once they entered the apartment, Red did exhale a long sigh of contentment as since no one even bothered them especially someone like Snow White. She pulled the piece of cloth that held her red hair up, letting her hair fall around her face. [i [#FF0000 "Depends what kind of hunger you have, Wolf. Sushi will be just fine for me,"]] she smirked, pulling her hair back up in a simple ponytail. She was only messing with the Wolf. She picked up on his subtle gestures of him smelling her. She could tell he was hungry, but what kind of hunger was he experiencing?]]
[center [size12 Carefully, when the door opened, Red exited it before the Wolf. She raised her hands in the air, stretching. Her stomach did growl softly, she was starving as well. She followed behind him, eventually being let into his apartment. Glancing around, she could tell he didn't live like most of the Fables. Small, but quaint. She made a beeline to the couch with a heavy sigh. She pulled off her shoes and the jacket that she had been given. [i [#FF0000 "Are we getting takeout?"]] She asked as she was pulling her shirt to examine just how extensive the damage was to her body from her and Georgie's exchange. Her large scar from the Woodsman was now on display for the Wolf to see as well.]]
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[left [pic]]He considered her words, believing her, but still not absolutely [i in love] with the idea of Little Red shaking her ass for cash and a hideout, glamour or no. Hmmm... How could he discourage it further? Ah!
[b "'That so? Well if you do set about working there, I'll start stopping in to see you myself. Sheriff's gotta play, too, right?"] Joking, of course, he hated whorebunkers, but! His tone at the moment would not give him away.
It was a relief to hear she wasn't pressed for green, but then... It was unsettling to find out the Woodsman had been the reason for her disappearance. O didn't typically exchange words or even glances with Woody despite seeing the fucker around, though now, if not for her request, he'd have gone out on a little hunt.

He'd FUCKED Odaiji's reputation right in the ass, no lube. Everyone cowered, nobody would let him forget his past crimes for even a second as he did his best to redeem himself by mediating for all of their petty bullshit.

And to think, somewhere in the wild foothills of Western Japan, at the top of a beautiful mountain, nestled in the sunlight, a shrine stood, his name etched into the very foundation. These people took him for granted, too, but he would accept this. He was used to it by now, accustomed to being used and disregarded and ultimately [i feared] by his Fabled brethren.

O could appreciate the embrace, these thoughts storming through his mind and setting his heart on fire. He settled a bit, though, breathing in her scent again like an addict, suppressing the urge to [i pick her up and press his nose into her hair-].
No, no. No tasting...
He took some comfort in her words, though he wished she would reveal herself sooner rather than later. He wanted to be forgiven, even if just a bit, even if for only a moment. He would never have hurt Red, she smelled nice, yes, but she had never given him a reason to put her on the menu. Disagreements, maybe, but no heated quarrels. Odaiji did his best this past several hundred years to remain civil, asking questions first, trying to resolve things without blood despite blood being his favorite seasoning.

[b "I'll be honest, I do see a LOT of nasty fucks hitting up a chance to put their hands on Snow White, but I'd prefer it if you let me take care of... Y'know, your hiding spots. I can't save those girls unless they ask me to, but I can help [i you] right now. My place it is."]
He hated seeing her face beat to hell like it was... He had ice and a first aid kit at his place, though, his extensive lifespan having brought with it some self-taught medical expertise through trial and error. Good times. Still, Georgie needed a nice jail cell, and he couldn't get a handle on how that awful place managed to stay open for so long.

Still, he didn't know whether to be flattered or suspicious; Time 'alone' with him? Was she high or horny or what? Eh. Whatever, the day had proven to be all kinds of unpredictable and O was in no mood to speculate. If she wanted to swing by his place, she was welcome to. If she was lying low, though...
He pulled off his hoodie and dropped it over her head, crossing thick arms over a broad chest. [b "Think of a name, concoct some pretty lies, whatever you like. Anybody old enough is gonna get to thinkin' if they see you, so let's get a fake ball rolling and stick with it."]

With this, he led her to the Woodlands, opening the gate and heading inside. He really didn't want to see Snow, but luckily she hadn't flown out to yip and holler at him on arrival. O stepped into the elevator and pressed the button that led to his floor, and thus, his one-bedroom apartment.
He was practical, he didn't need much space to himself. He was proud, yes, but unlike Beauty and Beast and their extravagant tastes, he was sensible. Wasn't sure how long she meant to stick around, but-?
[b "I feel like sushi and lo mein, you want in? Or 'you want something else?"] he asked, unable to hide the sounds of grating teeth as his canines clicked against one another. He was so fucking hungry. This was typical of him, though, as human body or not, there was a Wolf in there, a Wolf that liked shrimp and raw tuna a GREAT deal.
  Lusami / 11d 16h 58m 17s
[center [size12 Georgie Porgie's business was only going to be a cover for her, in all honesty. Most of the girls used glamours there to hide their original appearance and make them more appealing. Some of the girls were asked to look like some of the Princesses, like Snow White and Beauty, just so the man could get his rocks off. It was a smart idea, if the nasty deeds weren't involved either. She was just desperate enough to keep herself hidden from the Woodsman. It looked like she was just hungry for money, or down on her luck, but she knew exactly what she was doing and it was her safest opinion without people finding out exactly who she was. It didn't go exactly as planned and now, the Wolf knew she was around. People talked and Red wasn't too keen on the idea of people finding out.]]
[center [size12 Red just sighed at the Wolf before shaking her head once more. [i [#FF0000 "I have plenty of money, I'm fine. It was the only way to keep myself hidden. Most people wanted to see a naked Snow White and a glamour would have kept me hidden a lot better than being held up in my crappy apartment,"]] she explained, but stopped herself. She knew the Wolf didn't understand. He was more concerned about his pride and being redeemed than why she was doing something that seemed not like her.]]
[center [size12 Red paused, letting go of the Wolf's sleeve. She turned to face him, looking straight up at him with a soft expression on her doll like face. [i [#FF0000 "I know if I came out and told the truth, you wouldn't be in the situation that you're in, but you got to give me time, okay?"]] She knew that was what he wanted more than anything. She had caught glimpses and knew exactly how people treated him for what they thought he did to her. In all honestly, the Wolf actually protected her instead of the Woodsman. He was the one who died in their pathetic story. He didn't know it, but in the end, it protected her from her death.]]
[center [size12 Red stepped forward, wrapping her arms around his body. Her head rested on his chest, listening quietly to his heart beat for a moment. [i [#FF0000 "You're not as bad as everyone says you are, I promise you that and I will let everyone know,"]] she softly spoke before pulling back and smiling up at him, though her smiled looked a bit broken from all the abuse her face had taken from Georgie.]]
[center [size12 Red straightened herself out and sighed softly. She glanced up and down the road. [i [#FF0000 "Let's go to your place. I would like to have some time, alone with you,"]] she explained before placing her hands into her jacket pockets. It was growing cold outside since the night time was approaching. Winter was going to be setting in soon.]]
  little red / GH0UL / 11d 23h 25m 7s
[left [pic]]Leverage was only tasty when one could bask in it.
He could not bask in her response.

He listened intently, considering her words and the tone in which they were said, tasting the bitterness and feeling the animosity like a knife to the gut as she held her head in her hands. What had the Woodsman [i done]? He was almost concerned, half tempted to ask about the awful scar on the small woman's arm as she pulled up her sleeve for him to see. Some sheriff he was, fuckin' Red was in town, beat to fuck, and he was only JUST made aware? Was his sniffer busted?

O could not relate, never having feared the Woodsman before now, considering that dumb[i fuck] was always drunk and was never bright enough to finish the job. Odaiji was supposed to have died from Woody's tactics hundreds of years ago, or that was how the story was supposed to go at least? That Woody filled him with stones and rid the world of the menace. But he didn't personally feel very [i dead]. So why was Red covered in awful scars, what purpose could it serve? Was he mad at her for something? Why beat the piss out of the one girl he was supposed to protect, the Woodsman was supposed to be revered or some stupid Mundy shit like that, not feared!
Better yet- why work for Georgie? Ugh. He saw fit to ask, leaving his spot on the wall to ask a genuine question, hauled along by his sleeve. [b "Hey, so... Why work for Georgie in that house of horrors? Why not work at the Woodlands, or at least apply at like a Mundy diner or something? He doesn't respect any of those poor lost hens of his, that's the shittiest joint in the whole city. You hard on cash or something?"] he scoffed, hoping to discourage any further interaction with GP. To be fully honest, something about even just the idea that Red would be stripped down and rolled in glitter and lace for some piece of shit off the street to defile at will was too much to take.

She was strong, he wanted to hold her to that.

He then began to wonder where she was taking him, and he opened his mouth again, led along by a small hand as it clutched his sleeve and pulled him along. [b "Who is this reunion with?"]
He was trying to hold himself together, smelling her in the breeze as it drifted by her and greeted his nose along the way. Keep it together, keep it together...
Change the subject!
[b "Where 'you stayin', Reds, you need a place? Woody won't come to my place, if you're that worried about keeping your head on and you want some sleep or something?"]
He was at least TRYING to be LESS of a cock now that he could where she was coming from.
  Lusami / 12d 2h 17m 32s
[center [size12 Red crossed her arms over her chest, leaning back against the wall. She hated that smug look on his face, she wanted to punch him so hard, but she reframed. It wouldn't end very well for her. He was the one Fable that she couldn't take on by herself, nor did she ever want to harm him anyway. She tucked the pack of smokes plus the lighter back into her pants pocket with a small huff. She rolled her eyes before shaking her head.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Its like you enjoying having your claws in my side. Such a pain,"]] she made a soft [i ugh] noise before looking back up at him. [i [#FF0000 "The only reason why I haven't come out and said anything is because of the Woodsman. He will take my head clean off my damn shoulders,"]] she began thinking about her back story. Why she had scars. Why she was the way she was. She closed her eyes, shaking her head. She gained a bigger headache now. She flicked the cigarette away, holding her head in her hands. [i This isn't good. Not at all,] she thought to herself.]]
[center [size12 She knew why she was the way she was. She knew where her scars came from. She had a small rush of memories flood her brain. It was all the Woodsman. He was treated like some kind of champion, filling this Wolf's belly with stones to kill him. He gave her the nasty scars on her arm and body. [i [#FF0000 "I'm going to kill him,"]] she snarled to herself, glaring down the street.]]
[center [size12 She had been living in a life full of blind blissfulness, completely clueless to the man that had hurt her in such a way, it altered her whole personality and way of thinking. [i [#FF0000 "Confessions are for later. For now, I need to figure out how to exact my revenge on the Woodsman,"]] she pulled up her left sleeve, holding out to the Wolf. [i [#FF0000 "This is only a fracture of what he did to me,"]] it was a gnarly scar that started around the middle of her forearm and trailed up to her shoulder. She had another nasty one over her chest and gut. She felt her blood boil. [i He will pay for this,] she thought to herself.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Come on, a little reunion is in order as well,"]] she grabbed his shirt sleeve, giving it a firm tug along behind her. She needed a brief distraction. Something to keep her from exploding and finding the Woodsman, putting a bullet straight in that idiot brain of his.]]
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