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Felix's eyes caught the smile over her face. She was beautiful, stunning really. He listened to her voice. How proud she was of this place that she owned all by herself. He was curious as to how it all became, what made her so interested in wanting to make such a cafe? How long did it take her, How she kept it from crashing down. He wanted to hear more about it, hear her voice for longer, but she had turned her attention to him.

What did he do...

To be honest, he didn't want to tell her. Not that it seemed to matter. She already didn't recognize who he was which meant she never saw his shows or movies. "I... I'm an artist. I sketch, draw... sometimes tattoo." Felix shrugged his shoulders. "Not as impressive as this."

Which was true, hell even acting wasn't as impressive as this. To act all he had to do was read lines and look good. She... this woman... she worked hard and even stayed late for this. Her passion. Something she loved doing. "I uh, still didn't get your name. Maybe I can earn the privilege of knowing your name on... a walk home? I wouldn't feel at ease letting you go home alone."


"Oh this is hopeless." Emilia huffed, she was tired, exhausted. It was getting really late and she had been up for hours. She would have to wake up early too. That left her with, maybe five hours of sleep if they were able to fine Felix.

"I should have never agreed to this. Emma should have found someone else. I'm not capable of this. He doesn't even like me." She crossed her arms over her chest. "He likes Emma and we practically grew up together, is it because I'm younger than him you think?"

Usually, Emilia wouldn't care. But the girl was tired and stressed. And she really wished she could have seen Hayley. Have girl talk, it would have been fun. But no, she was outside late at night, looking for this pain in the behind because he couldn't just ask for space and tell her where he'd be instead of just running off so carelessly. Did he not care about his career?

"I'm sorry Kris." Emilia ran her fingers over her ponytail. "Thank you, for being here." She stayed silent for a while, walking beside him before a thought popped into her head.

"Hey, why did you smirk earlier when I said to quit while you're ahead? I mean I know you and Felix just do it because you try to get away with stuff."
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"[i HuggaMugg. Interesting name.]"

Hayley smiled, feeling proud. "Yep!" She chimed back, she had started this little cafe up from the ground with her own money. It was really hard at first, but she's proud of what it's come of it. Though, it was still small and didn't rake in a lot of money. Hayley still felt pride for what she has accomplished.

It was a silly name, but she thought it was cute and made it inviting to anyone of all ages and genders. The girl barely noticed that Felix had made his way towards her and sat in a near by bean bag. He questioned if she'd always stayed late.

Usually, yes. She had paper work, payroll, inventory, and all that jazz she had to work out. It was easier to do it at work because once she was home she was easily distracted or procrastinate. She really needed to get better at that...

"I usually stay a little after closing. I have so much I have to do, it's just best for me to stay a few hours after to get everything done." Hayley shrugged turning back to the pile of papers before her at the table. "And I know how to protect myself, no need to worry." She assured the man, though it wasn't entirely true or a lie. Hayley had taken self defense classes before, but the lessons only stuck with her for a few months after and she'd forget all the moves she'd learned. But figured she would be okay if anything to happen.

"[i So, this is your cafe shop? It’s pretty nice… relaxed.]" Hayley turned and smiled back at him. Feeling prideful once more. "Yes, it is. I started it from the ground up, all by myself." Hayley looked around the room. It wasn't what she always dreamed for herself, but it was what made her happy now. That's all that mattered now, right? "What do you do?" She asked turning her sights back to Felix.
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Felix smirked, oh so he was buttering her up? Well, he could do more than just that… but he’d keep this act on for a little while longer. After all, she was cute, it’d be a shame to not get something out of the night… even if it was just her number or a little peck. Though, those may have been pushing it… maybe just another night to see her? Yeah, that’d do.

He made a note that she never gave him her name. But, he nodded allowing her to leave out the door. Felix sighed slightly. His eyes gazing around the room. Luckily he didn’t make that much of a mess. He picked up the boxes, tossing what fell out back in. Felix did thing a few more time before he was finally finished.

The dark haired male exited the door, his eyes looking around the place. A cafe shop? It was… it looked comfy, relaxed. “HuggaMugg. Interesting name.” He nodded as he walked over towards her. Felix chose to sit on one of the bean bag chairs. “Do you always leave around this time of night?” He questioned looking at her. “Do you at least get picked up, by a friend or boyfriend? Someone, never been here before, but my mother used to say it was dangerous for a lady to be out alone at night.”

This was true, his mother had told him this. When he was still a teenager… before she forgot he was her son…or well she remembered every once in a while that she was her son… other times she thought he was someone else and that her baby boy, was still a child. Felix shook the thought of his mother from his head. She was alright… he had visited her just before he left and he planned to visit her again, when he arrived in the morning.

“So, this is your cafe shop? It’s pretty nice… relaxed.” He smiled to her, trying to strike up a conversation.
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The male seemed a bit startled but he began to speak again. It was endearing that he would admit that he was freaked out by the group of girls outside. But who could blame them for mistaking him for a movie star, he was very handsome.

Hayley smiled faintly "[i Mind if I stay until they're gone… or you are done closing up? I can… clean the mess I made?]" He was practically begging her to stay in until the mob outside subsided. The girl couldn't say no to a pair of pretty brown eyes. "Okay, okay, just stop buttering me up with those puppy dog eyes." She teased lightly, shaking her head lightly with a smile, "You can stay."

What an odd night. "Once you're done cleaning you can come relax in the lobby if you'd like. I doubt those girls will stick around too long." She reassured him giving him another smile before turning out of the door and back to what she was originally doing.

Though, even with all of his sincerity she kept her guard up. Who knows with the kind of crazy stuff happening nowadays, but she still didn't have the heart to kick him out.


It felt like hours they had been searching for this idiot of a tv star. Kris was becoming quite angry, running off was one thing, running off and completely disappearing... sending your best friend/security guard and manager into a panic was another.

Kris was ready to send Emilia home, it wasn't exactly safe for a young girl like her to be walking the streets. Even with him, but soon they caught the sounds of a group of girls. All losing their minds. Felix had to have been by. Emilia acted before Kris could, quickly redirecting them to another location. Clever. Kris smirked at her.

Emilia turned with the cutest chuckle. Kris ruffled her in a teasing manner. "Good job!" He cheered before turning his attention to the direction the girls said he ran off. Where could he be? Maybe snuck into a store..? No way, he wouldn't risk breaking into a building! Well, maybe.
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Felix stood in the corner, hearing the door open. Fuck… if.. if she saw him he was going to be in deeper shit. She’d call her friends and everything. He just hoped she believed him at this point that he was just some scared shy guy… But if she knew who he was… he was fucked. Luckily,by the tone of her kind voice… he was jumping wth joy on the inside. Yes, yes! It worked, it was working. Why did he even doubt himself for a second? He was Hollywood’s greatest TV star. Yet, she seemed to not know who he was…

That bothered him.

Felix tilted his head, examining the girl. Her dark hair.. the blue eyes. Wow, she was pretty. Maybe he could…. no… no. This wasn’t the time.

“Yeah actually, they thought I was some tv actor that’s in town. Crazy how people can mistake that until they get right in front of you.” Felix shook his head. “Mind if I stay until their gone… or your done closing up? I can… clean the mess I made?” Brown eyes glanced right at her eyes., a pleaded look, almost. One dog would give. He was desperate and she wasn’t catching on to who he was just yet… or maybe she knew and just didn’t want to let him know she knew.

What the fuck?

Felix shook the uneasy thoughts from his mind. He began to tap his thumb with his index finger… a nervous habit. Wait, was he honestly nervous? He had to get out of this situation, and fast. But, he heard her voice, letting him stay. He sighed softly, a little more relaxed. “Thank you. I’ll… clean the mess I made and… if you need any other help, let me know.” He turned, but then stopped, turning back to her.

“I’m Felix, by the way.” He smiled kindly to her, a genuine smile, not that fake one he’d been forcing most of the day.


Still, no luck.

Emilia was starting to think maybe she should head back and just let Kris look for Felix at this point. She was exhausted. Needed to relax… But how could she relax? Honestly, there was nothing relaxing about any of this. And… the fact that Kris wasn’t really talking much as this point was kind of stressful too. But, he was concentrated.

Her eyes soon caught sight of a group of girls, disappointed. “Oh, maybe they saw him!” Emilia left Kris’ side running up to the girls. “Have you girls seen him? Felix Black? I heard he’s in town.”

“We lost him somewhere down that way.” They sighed waving behind them.

“Really? I heard he read off that way.” Emilia pointed towards the right. “That’s what someone told me when they just passed by.” The girls lit up, rushing in the area she said. Emilia chuckled lightly, soon looking to Kris.

“At least now we have a lead.” She smiled.
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"[i No.]"

Kris perked up and turned to Emilia as she grabbed his arm. Her hands were delicate and small on his forearm. He liked it, but all soon she let go, letting out a huff. Kris knew he surely messed up. "[i He’s my responsibility. I’m supposed to make sure he isn’t off doing whatever the hell he wants. And you, you’re supposed to protect him. What if he gets into trouble?]" Kris signed running a hand through his long hair. "I know, I know. I am sorry, Emilia."

The girl went on, this time with a little more bite. "[i And you know… flirting with me isn’t going to get you anywhere. First of all, you flirt with all the girls, meaning it’d be nothing special, so… quit while you’re ahead, especially since it distracts us from our job.]" Kris blinked, biting back a smirk. It wasn't entirely untrue that he flirted with a lot of the girls there. But little did Emilia know he liked a challenge and that's exactly what she just proposed, even if that wasn't her intent.

He'd address that later, for now his mind was racing to find Felix before he got into any trouble. "Heard, but lets focus on finding Felix." He spoke with a small smirk, almost as if to tell her that he wasn't exactly done with her yet. Just more important matters were at hand.


Hayley took in a ragged breath hearing a male speak from the other side of the door. "[i Closed? The door was left open, thought this place was still open, until the dark room greeted me...]" She blinked in confusion. She must have forgotten to lock the back door...but how could he think they were open from the back?

The male spoke once more dragging her mind out from her confused thoughts, he sounded sincere...nervous. That's when she heard the loud crowd of girls passing by the cafe. Did that group freak him out?

Hayley still felt nervous, chewing her lip, but he sounded sincere. The girl opened the back door, walking through and flicking on the lights, crossing her arms. "It's just me, but you really shouldn't be back here. This is for employee's only." She paused for a moment, he seemed slightly familiar, but just a stranger that happened into the back of her shop.

"Was it the crowd of girls?" She asked, continuing "That made you nervous that is. I can hear them outside." Hayley was used to hearing the screams of fans, even this far out from hollywood, sometimes celebrities still came to this neck of the woods to dine or what have you. It was uncommon to hear the screams of fans. Maybe someone was in town? She still felt uneasy about the strange man...but if he was lying there was no way he'd look visibly shaken.
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Felix listened as Emilia sighed, his eyes shifting to Kris with a smirk and then back to Emilia who had her eyes closed. She did that every time anyone of them flirted with her, mostly Kris because Felix hardly ever flirted with her. And that was only when he wanted something from her.

He took the opportunity, slipping out of the room. Exhausted, he was spent.... all of these signings, on top of that he was re-reading his lines over and over again. He hadn't felt like himself in a while. A breather would do him good. He'd that Kris later.


Minutes turned into hours... Felix found himself wandering even as the day sky fell into night. He didn’t even know where he was, nor did he care. All he knew was that he was in this city for the night and then it was an hour or two drive back to hollywood. It was a surprised that the hadn’t been there before. It was right on the outskirts. But then again, he was always busy. Filming, photoshoots, signings, traveling to New York, back and forth.

No wonder he was so burnt out.

He was tired. So tired of all of this... or at least he was when he was alone like this. His eyes stared up at the night sky. The stars in the sky, a half moon shinning. It was easy to see the peaceful night from there compared to the Hollywood lights.

“Oh my gosh! It’s Felix Black!” His eyes shifted to the crowd of women. Shit… and here he was actually getting comfortable. It was time to hide…some how.


Emilia shook her head as she walked beside Kris. No, she wouldn’t leave it to Kris. He was the reason Felix ran off in the first place. If she wasn’t busy trying to keep him away from getting too close and flirting with her, her eyes would have been on Felix.

“No.” Emilia stopped in her tracks, her hand holding back his arm.. his, strongly large arm. She let go, shaking the feeling off. “He’s my responsibility. I’m supposed to make sure he isn’t off doing whatever the hell he wants. And you, you’re supposed to protect him. What if he gets into trouble?”

Emilia huffed, relaxing her arms at the side of her. “And you know… flirting with me isn’t going to get you anywhere. First of all, you flirt with all the girls, meaning it’d be nothing special, so… quit while you’re ahead, especially since it distracts us from our job.” She crossed her arms. Yes, she was basically admitting he was not her type… Emma warned her about him, all he did was flirt with girls. He was never serious, which was fine with Emilia, she was too busy with being a substitute agent. Emilia didn’t need or want a guy in her life… and especially not his kind.


Shit... shit shit.... he really wasn't one to break into a place, but was it really breaking in if the door was unlocked? He stumbled over junk in the darkness of what ever place or room he was in. No one was there right? The place seemed dead, closed.

Though, a voice told him he was wrong.

What the hell could he say? Maybe if he just turned back and walked out the back door? He put his ear to the back door, hearing people wondering where he went. Shit... he looked for the lock, turning it so no one would barge in. He made his way over to the other door.

"Closed? The door was left open, thought this place was still open, until the dark room greeted me..." he murmured a smirk forming on his lips. Felix thought about opening the door. Dealing with one girl was better than dealing with a bunch... or well... he really hoped it was just one on the other side of that door. "I'll leave, under one condition.... how many people are there?"

He must have sounded like a stalker or killer...

"I'm just... I just... crowds of people freak me out." He explained in a nervous tone. All those acting classes, his acting on tv, he was sure he could convince her.
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"[i Excuse me. Miss.]"

A rather curt voice spoke behind her. Hayley took in a deep breath, preparing to be face to face with an upset customer. She'd open up this little cafe almost 2 years ago.

'HuggaMugg' cheesy, but she thought it was cute and tried her hardest to make it warm and welcoming. You can choose to lounge in chairs and bean bags, or sit at your typically table and booth like any other cafe's. She usually played more popular music but was always happy to accept suggestions/requests.

But, even warm and welcoming there were always some who were unsatisfied. "Yes, Sir, how can I help you today?" She spoke finally, in her friendly and professional voice, one that could melt even the angriest of customers. The man stood looking a little flustered at her.

"[i I-I, well, I have been waiting to be served for almost 20 minutes.]"

Hayley frowned slightly before smiling warmly at the gently. "I am so sorry, I will personally take your order for you. We're a little busy but we still want to take care of you. What can I get you? On the house?"

The man shook his head, "[i No need, I will pay, thank you. May I...]" Hayley took the man's order and prepared it herself. She was usually just there to make sure the store run's smooth. After her little business took off she'd stopped taking orders and worked more with the numbers, money, payroll, the usual business owner/manager kind of things.

After making the man's order she was off for a little lunch date. She was seeing Emilia for the first time in....what felt like forever! Emilia had moved out to Hollywood to be an intern under her older sister. All the while Hayley stayed in town, got her business licence and opened up her own shop. How time flies.

Hayley awaited her friend for the duration of her lunch break only to come up empty handed. The girl felt a little sad, but there had to be a good reason, Emilia wouldn't just ditch her. She was a busy woman. Hayley went about her day as per usual, only stopping at the ring of her phone, a text. A little smile forming on her face.

'[i I'm sure you're doing wonderfully! It's okay, we'll have time to catch up soon!]'


"[i Aren't you supposed to be my friend? Bodyguard? A little help?]"

Kris smirked, he knew Felix could use a little break from Emilia and this meeting. Once Emilia spoke again Kris spoke up after her, "Don't feel too bad Emilia. You're doing a good job," he was being kind but also found himself sliding in next to her, half glancing at Felix. "Such a pretty face shouldn't look so stressed," he cooed placing an arm around her.


Well, his distraction worked, not in a good way. It gave Felix a moment to slip out and run off. But now Kris had no idea where that guy went off to. "Damn it, Felix." It was only supposed to give him a moment to breath, but instead he ran off somewhere.

"I'm sorry, Emilia. I'll look for him. You can just...go back relax." He was flirty, yes, but he wasn't a complete asshole all of the time. Kris felt pretty bad..knowing Emilia already had a lot on her plate. Now Felix disappeared.


Hayley had been cleaning up the shop. She'd already closed and locked the doors for the night. She usually liked to stay a little after closing to make sure everything was put together, inventory was correct, everything was clean, just the usual after hour kind of things.

As she sat at one of the tables looking over a few numbers from the day and their production she heard a strange noise from the back. Like someone was walking and they knocked something over. No one but her was here...

The girl felt a chill down her spine. Did someone break in? Fear sent goose bumps down her arms as she stood from the table, inching toward the door to the back of the store. Where they usually kept frozen goods, cleaning supplies, their ingredients, and the likes.

"W-who's there?"

She called out, slowly but surely she'd made it to the door. Hayley could feel her knee's trembling, she was scared, but this was her store. She wouldn't let some low life come in and take what they wanted. That she worked hard for. "We're closed, you can't be in here!" Hayley called once more, awaiting some kind of response.
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The smile plastered over his face was beginning to hurt. The dark haired male was sick of these meet and greets with fans. Most of them were woman fawning over him because of he was the star of Afraid To Fall. The main character who was left by the mother of his child, forced to raise her on his own he never had time for a female companion, until he met his daughters daycare teacher. Chick shows. Though, he shouldn't have been complaining, he loved the affection, usually, when there was at least one or two girls in the crowd that caught his attention. But the place they were at? No one. None.

"There's one particular fan who'd like to take a picture with you Felix." The dark haired woman beside him spoke. Emilia, that damn woman was the reason he was there. Emma would have never done this shit to him, letting people take pictures with him.

"Whatever." He grumbled, his eyes soon noticing a little redheaded girl with wide blue eyes. Alongside the little girl an older, beauty with the same blue eyes, only much more... shy than excited. They followed the child that quicker her pace. That bright smile over her face.... how could he really be annoyed at that.

"My daughter wanted to meet you... would you mind signing her photo of you?"

Felix smiled, "daughter? Wow, I really though you two were sisters.. Of course I wouldn't mind signing this." He knelt down to the little girl's level. "And what's your name?"

"Rose.." the little girl wouldn't look at him, shy... but she was still excited.
"Rose, what a pretty name. How about I sign that picture and then we can take a picture together?"
"Can mommy be in the picture too?"
"How could I refuse?"


"Felix are you listening to me?" Emilia sighed softly, she wasn't one to get loud. That wasn't what she did. Besides she barely knew the guy. It had only been a month since she'd been appointed his temporary agent while Emma, her sister was on leave.

No, he wasn't listening to her. And why was that? Because she let him run off with that mother for a night a week before and now... now she wouldn't stop calling. If Emma was around, she'd make sure he wouldn't do such stupid things. And as hard as she was, he actually enjoyed her... not in the way he'd enjoy other women, but she sort of seemed like a big sister to him. Hell, she was his agent since he was a teen. And now, he was stuck with Emilia, the little annoying brat.

Yeah, she was only two years younger than him, but even now at twenty four, he couldn't see her as a good agent. To him, she was a girl that he could fuck if he really wanted to.... but one she was pretty much family.... which was why she was annoying. And two, Emma would fucking kill him.

"Felix! Are you still giving Emilia a hard time?" He cringed at Emma's voice, that beat must have called her.

"A hard time? She! She should have known to stop me, women with children are the worst."

"Oh? Really?"

"Not you, just ugh, never mind." Felix rolled is eyes he'd never win. There was no point. He glanced over to the door, where Kris stood. "Aren't you supposed to be my friend? Bodyguard? A little help?" The male crossed his arms. Yes, Kris... his best friend who was always around.... maybe he could help with the pest.

"I'm sorry Felix... next time you say I'll be fine, I'll stop you... somehow or maybe Kris can just pull you out of there, right?"

Emilia sighed, this wasn't going to help. And this whole meeting thing had her miss her lunch date with her friend, Hayley. It had been forever since she had seen Hayley, ever since... high school, before Emilia moved with Emma to Hollywood.

[i -I'm sorry I missed out on your lunch break... tv stars and their mess ups... I'm still not good at being an agent. :( ]
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