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A small smile found its way onto Alvaro's lips. Even though he was still worried about the outcome of their disappearance he couldn't help but relax while Qin was teasing him. “Maybe just a little bit. Don't tell anyone else but it does feel good,” He replied when Qin suggested that Alvaro just wanted to be bit. His breath shuddered a little as he felt Qin's breath on his neck before Qin's teeth sunk into his neck. The initial bite gifted Alvaro with a sharp pain but soon the pain was washed away. Alvaro couldn't figure out what the feeling was that he was feeling but it was pleasurable. His arms came up to wrap around Qin while he continued to drink.

Alvaro was feeling slightly sluggish from the blood loss but nothing a bag of blood or a day of rest couldn't fix. In fact Alvaro was slightly sad that Qin had stopped though he would never admit that. Keeping his arms still wrapped around Qin's waist he looked into his eyes. “There is a way to break it,” He began before Qin kissed him. His unbeating heart seemed to flutter a bit when Qin said that he should have given Alvaro a chance.

For a few moments Alvaro returned the kiss. Qin feeding off of him felt good but the kiss felt amazing. The only reason why Alvaro pulled away so that he could talk to Qin about the bond. “Qin,” He softly said as a hand came up and rested on the side of Qin's face. “It depends on the bond. A bite tends to break most bonds. Sex cements some bonds and blood aids in others. When I swore to your father to protect you, which I failed miserably at, we swapped blood. The type of bond you have with [i him] would require us to break it first and sex strengthens it. The only issue with breaking the bond is he broke ours recently. Breaking two bonds so closely to each other could either destroy your ability to bond with others or cause you unnecessary pain. Even with our bond broken I find myself reluctant to cause you more pain than necessary,” Alvaro finished, his thumb stroking across Qin's cheek. Alvaro would like nothing else but to destroy Qin's bond but at the same time he was worried about the pain that it would cause Qin.
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[center [size13 [Copse A small sigh of relief escaped his lips when he finally felt the gentle breeze of fresh air. He really thought his actual, family home would feel like... home, but it was more like a prison than anything else. He closed his eyes for a moment, listening to the wind and crickets all around them. The corners of his lips curled upwards into a sly grin. He opened one eye and watched Alvaro sit down beside him. He wanted to escape from their eyes. They wouldn't hurt Hasan or Thomas, since he'd admit he escaped for a while. Those two were still out cold anyway. there won't be any suspicion.

[#5f9ea0 "Relax,"] he said. [#5f9ea0 "I'll tell them it was all my idea and I forced you along."] He smiled happily, not worrying about anything.

He rested his head against the male's shoulder, exhaling deeply. Be nice to take a nap like this. He listened to him mention about feeding him. Although he had no more energy, he was glad to be out of there. He leaned off his shoulder when he saw him offer his neck. [#5f9ea0 "I think you just really want me to bite you~"] he giggled, crawling onto his lap, facing him. He didn't hesitate and struck swiftly, biting into Alvaro's flesh like he would a human victim. He tugged on the skin slightly, drawing more blood into his mouth. A pleasing sensation spread through his body, enough to make his toes curl, since he was only wearing socks at the moment.

He pulled away, eyes shimmering in the darkness. His cheeks were deeply flushed, but not easily seen since it was dark out. [#5f9ea0 "You sure there's no way to break this bond I have with him? I really think we belong together.."] He frowned. [#5f9ea0 "If only I gave you a chance..."]

[#5f9ea0 "You think sex is the answer? Or is there a certain biting ability that has to happen? I mean, we can have sex right now!"] Qin kissed him fully on the lips without a second thought.
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“That is good,” Alvaro replied in between a sip of blood. He was glad that Qin was doing okay. When Qin pulled Alvaro’s arm around him a dark arched upwards in a questioning way. While Alvaro found Qin’s actions slightly weird he didn’t comment on it and instead continued to drink the blood while listening to the news. It was odd to see Qin looking like... well the Qin that Alvaro had met in the park. It had only been a few nights and Alvaro was already so use to Qin’s actual appearance. He was about to turn and say something to Qin about keeping him company when he felt the unfamiliar yet familiar pull in his stomach.

Next thing Alvaro knew they were in the park that he had found Qin in and also stalked Qin in. A frown played on his lips as he lowered the bag of blood and looked around the empty park. He was happy to be out of the mansion but he was also extremely worried. Hasan and Thomas were still in the mansion and Alvaro feared that their host may harm the two for his and Qin’s disappearance. He was also worried about the amount of energy Qin had used to get them to the park. The previous night Qin had told him that he wasn’t allowed to drink that much blood so that he remained weak.

“Qin,” he said with a sigh. Turning around he saw the other collapsed on the bench looking a little worse for wear. “They will probably start searching for us in the next few minutes,” Alvaro commented as he took a step towards the bench.

Once Alvaro was near the bench he sat down and wrapped his arm around Qin, pulling him closer. “You should probably drink,” he began in a low voice as he scanned the park on last time for people. It wouldn’t end well to have a couple of humans stumbling into the park while a vampire was feeding. Content that they would be alone he laid his own bag of blood on the bench and tilted his head to the side, exposing the long column of his neck for Qin. “And by drink I don’t mean human blood. I know you aren’t suppose to be drinking but you are looking a little too rough right now.”
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[center [size13 [Copse Even though he became comfortable here, it didn't feel like home to him yet. Maybe because he felt like he was in a prison with all these guards around. A small sigh escaped his lips as he picked up the remote and began to flip through channels again. He stopped when there was a mention of him missing, along with several killings. This caught his attention quickly. He was surprised someone even cared to remember him or acknowledge his existence. It had to be his professor, who became somewhat like his guardian at times.

He seemed pretty focused on the television until he heard footsteps. He peered from over his shoulder, watching Alvaro with a small smile on his lips. He could tell the male was more than agitated. Yeah, he wondered if everything came crashing down once he found out who he really was. His father obviously already had his life taken care of by that contract he found. He knew he was supposed to be with Alvaro. He feels nothing from Jairus, no matter how close he was with his father. His past is such a mystery still.

He watched Alvaro sit down next to him. [#5f9ea0 "I'm doing fine,"] he said and pulled the male's arm around him. [#5f9ea0 "You can keep me company."] Qin knew he shouldn't push himself, but he wanted to get away himself. He used his ability to teleport them back to the park where they first encountered each other. He collapsed on the bench, his energy gone. [#5f9ea0 "Heh.. they're probably freaking out now."]
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Alvaro did not find any sleep or comfort that morning. He was grateful that the noises from Qin’s room stopped but he was seething that such a thing could ever happen to Qin. What monster treated their bond mate so poorly? These thoughts kept Alvaro up all morning, grinding his teeth in pure fury. They needed to get out and destroy Qin’s bond as soon as possible.

Only when the lock made a loud sound did Alvaro get up from the bed. It appeared that he was at the mercy of his host as well though not to the same severity as Qin. With a soft sigh Alvaro got out of the bed and opened the door. A guard stood outside with a bored look on his face but he made no move to stop Alvaro instead he just followed him.

Alvaro sent the guard a dirty look but silently made his way to Hasan and Thomas’ room. He knocked softly on the door but received no answer. Concerned Alvaro poked his head into the room and saw the two of them passed out. Hasan looked a little bit better with some rest but he would need more blood soon. Alvaro closed the door and contemplated what he could do. He could hole himself up in his room all while planning their next course of action or check on Qin. His concern for Qin won out and he found himself padding down the stairs.

The first thing he noticed was there was a shit ton of guards everywhere. It was serious overkill if Alvaro was being honest. Most importantly the guards eyes were all on Alvaro ready for him to do something. A small huff left his lips as he walked to the kitchen. Maybe he could cause a diversion and have the guards leave. That would slightly increase their chances for running but not enough to make it worth it. Alvaro had a feeling that he would need to wait and bid their time. Wait to see if their host makes a mistake.

Alvaro blindly grabbed a bag of blood from the fridge, his eyes on the one guard insisting on following him. When the guard didn’t stop him Alvaro took it as he was free to drink. That was good at least. Alvaro didn’t bother grabbing a cup and instead made his way to the tv. What tension was in his shoulders instantly disappeared at the sight of Qin.

“I think I acquired a second shadow,” he grumbled to Qin as he plopped down next to him. He eyed the chocolate for a moment before dismissing its existence and biting into the bag. It wasn’t the most graceful means of drinking blood but it was effective. With two small puncture holes in the bag he was able to control the flow of the blood all while silently watching the tv. When the last drop of blood had been consume Alvaro turned his attention over to Qin. “How are you?” He asked trying not to allude too much about the fact that he heard Qin and their host but still checking to make sure he was okay.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin slowly opened his eyes and let out a small groan. He sat up in bed, rubbing his sore body. [i He could've been gentle at least..] he thought. It doesn't matter if he was immortal now, he could still feel pain. He took a moment before dragging himself out of bed to open the curtains. He slept until the evening again. He left the curtains open and went to shower. He needed a good wash. He stuck his head under the water and washed out his hair.

He stepped out of the shower and dried himself off, walking back into the room to change into a long sweater and slipped on some socks. He felt nice and comfortable. Upon opening the door, the same guards stepped aside for him as he rolled his eyes. He closed the door, walking down into the kitchen to get his drink of the night. He grabbed a tall glass, two packets of blood and ripped them open; he poured both into the glass until it reached the top. Since he had to get only one drink, he'll make it count.

He grabbed a box of chocolate and headed into the living room to watch the giant screen T.V. Qin began to feel much more comfortable in this house after finding out this used to his home. Chocolate and blood mixed together was actually a good combination here.
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A deep frown found its way on Alvaro’s lips the moment Qin said the Asshole was keeping him weak. It made sense to Alvaro and if Qin was his prisoner he would do the same thing. Qin, however, wasn’t his prisoner so he was not happy about Qin being kept in a weaken state. While he really wanted to say something more on the subject of Qin being left in a weaken state Alvaro stayed silent. Instead he decided to respond to Qin’s mention of rooms. “Alright. Be safe Qin,” he softly said as Qin made his exit.

Alvaro ran a hand through his hair as he looked at the the two vampires and the guards. How did he manage to get them in this situation? A couple months ago he and Thomas were lounging about going from property to property enjoying their eternal life. Now Thomas was injured, Alvaro willingly walked into what would be his captivity, and he discovered the mind fuckery that occurred. A large part of Alvaro wished he was back on some nameless beach enjoying some gentle waves. At the same time he was happy that he found Qin.

Walking to the table he grabbed a blood pack. Alvaro’s nose scrunched up in distaste as he brought the pack to his lips. He wasn’t hungry but he wanted to keep his strength up. He didn’t know when he would get a chance to feed again. With a soft sigh he punctured the bag and began to drink. The coppery taste was familiar and delicious but it sat heavily in his stomach. When the last drop was drained he dropped the empty pack on the table and grabbed the remaining packs.

Alvaro roused Thomas from his sleep and handed him another pack of blood. While Thomas fed Alvaro started to feed Hasan again. With a second pack of blood in Hasan’s system he began to stir but still did not wake.

“I feel a bit better,” Thomas said as he finished he pack. “I could do for a long rest though,” he added.

Alvaro glance over at him. “That is good. Qin said we have rooms upstairs,” he replied. Alvaro gathered the spent bags and laid them neatly on the table. “If our guards will be kind enough to let us up the stairs.”

The guard that originally barred Alvaro from the stairs let out a large grunt. “Grab the Traitor and I’ll show you to your rooms.”

Alvaro simply nodded and went over to Hasan. With great care he picked up the man and turned to the guard. There wasn’t another word exchanged as they began to climb the stairs that Alvaro was all to familiar with. Thomas followed sluggishly behind but managed to keep up.

“This room is for the Traitor and the extra,” the guard said as they stopped at a room and opened it.

“We have names,” Thomas grumbled as he walked into the room and plopped down on a bed. Alvaro followed after to lay Hasan down.

“I’ll stay with them. There is no need for another room,” Alvaro said.

“That will not be acceptable. I have been given orders to give you your own quarters. I will physically move you if I must,” the guard replied.

Alvaro had so many witty things he wanted to say. Like he would like to see the guard try. Or how the guard could kiss his behind but Alvaro refrained. “Alright,” he reluctantly replied. With one last glance at Thomas he followed after the guard.

The room wasn’t that far from where they left Hasan and Thomas. It was only two doors down but Alvaro found himself dreading it. This was his old room. The guard opened the room and Alvaro walked in. The moment he crossed the threshold he heard the click of the lock but that didn’t bother him. What did bother him was the room was like how he left it. There was some soot and scorch marks near the door but everything remained the same. He could spy the slightly opened armoire still filled with clothing. By his bedside was a small framed portrait of his wife. The only changes was the linen was fresh. With a sight he laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling.

Alvaro remained like that for awhile, mulling over what had happened, when he heard a door slam open. He turned his head to look at the door as he listened. In the eerie silence he barely heard the no and the activities that followed. His stomach churned as he listened. Alvaro had failed to protect Qin so many times. Just learning that Qin had been his ward was no excuse for his failure.

Rolling over he pulled the pillow over his head and stared at the wall before him. He would figure out how to save Qin even if he had to sacrifice his life.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin sat there by the table and watched Alvaro feed Thomas the blood. A sigh of relief escaped his lips when he began to move. At least they didn't remember too much. He thinks it's better that way. He watched closely, placing more blood packs on the table. This amount should get them to full health within a day or two. They should take it easy and rest.

He glanced towards the two guards, who watched their every movement without batting an eye. It made him shiver from the creepiness. He swore he saw one of them smirk. He scoffed. When Hasan didn't move, he began to worry. He didn't know what Jairus did to them. He battled them with the intent to kill obviously.

[#5f9ea0 "I've had my limit for tonight,"] he said. [#5f9ea0 "I can only have one drink a day. He's keeping me weak, because of my ability. I can only teleport from here to another room, that alone makes feel so tired."] He stood up and stretched out his arms. He felt tired for some reason. [#5f9ea0 "You all have your own rooms to sleep in as well. They are right across from mine."]

He exited the living room and climbed the stairs, stopping in front of his old room, which he seemed to remember at least. Stuffed animals laid in one corner of the room, covered in dust and slightly dirty, but looked new. Jairus must've maintained this house well. He closed the door and jumped on his bed, enjoying the new sheets. He fell asleep within seconds.

Jairus came back after a good few hours and barged into his room, slamming the door closed. He mounted him within seconds, claiming his lips before he even had a chance to say anything. Qin pushed his face away. [#5f9ea0 "No..."] Of course, his protests never mattered. They were bonded, so this was going to have to happen sometime.

Once the sun began to rise, Jairus sprung out of bed and shut the curtains that did a good job in blocking the sun. He left Qin there to enjoy the peacefulness of his room.
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Alvaro slowly opened his eyes when he felt Qin come next to him. A dark brow lifted in surprise as he saw the blood packets in Qin's hands. He was surprised that the guards didn't stop Qin from offering them blood. A weaken vampire was, for the most part, a docile vampire. There was always a point where they would snap and kill anything for blood but neither Thomas or Hasan was close to teetering over that edge. “I'm surprised the guards didn't stop you,” He said as he looked over to one of the guards standing near the staircase. The woman's stoic face showed no emotion as she stared back at Alvaro.

Taking one of the bags he gently punctured it and brought it to Thomas' lips. “Thank you Qin,” Alvaro said as he slowly and carefully worked blood down Thomas' throat. After a few drops of blood Thomas color was returning and his hand was twitched. A few more drops and he brought his hand up, covering Alvaro's, so that he could have better control of the speed the blood was being consumed. After that it didn't take too long for Thomas' to finish the bag. It was just enough blood to get him slightly healthy.

“What happened Al,” Thomas asked as his hand fell to his side.

Alvaro laid the empty bag to his side. “The coven was attacked. Everyone is dead but the three of us,” He softly replied. Alvaro could see in Thomas' eyes that he was confused. “Hasan is the third member,” Alvaro said. The moment he said that the confusion that clouded Thomas' eyes disappeared. “I need to give Hasan some blood so I'm going to need you off my lap.”

Thomas let out a soft grunt as he rolled off of Alvaro's lap and over onto his side. Once on his side he curled up into a small ball and closed his eyes.

Alvaro took another pack of blood and proceeded to do the same thing for Hasan. The biggest difference was that Hasan did not stir. What little color that Hasan had previously did return but he didn't move at all. What ever the other vampire had done to Hasan really messed him up. He would need some rest and more blood before he was even useful enough to escape.

“Do you need to drink?” Alvaro asked Qin as he got up from the floor. “If you need to you can feed from me,” He offered. At least there was enough blood packets that if Qin fed from Alvaro he could replenish the missing blood. As of right now he wasn't hungry.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin's eyes widened at the word [i betrothed]. [i Oh wow.. I wonder how my life would've been..] He never thought about love and marriage. He lived a depressed life, really, even though he was fine with it. A meaningless job while attending college. He wondered if his parents would be proud of him. So many thoughts of who his parents were as people ran through his mind. He saw a portrait of them, but felt no familiarity. He'd be pissed at his father if he made Jairus erase his memories. He always wondered what childhood was like.

He folded up the document and placed it in his back pocket. He will slip it to Alvaro to keep. Luckily, the chipped wall wouldn't give off any suspicions. This room seemed off-limits anyway the way Jairus got defensive about it. [#5f9ea0 "I'm all grown-up now though~"] he smirked. Although, it's interesting to know just how young vampires can marry.

He walked into the bathroom, mouth agape at how luxurious and big it was. He remained focused though and fixed up his eye, bandaging it after cleaning it out. He exited his parent's bedroom, keeping the document and journal with him. Once he found his room, a sense of nostalgia overcame him. He walked over to his bed and hid the things under his pillows. No one will look under there.

Qin licked his lips, feeling parched. He needed blood. He made his way downstairs and made his way passed the guards, stepping into the kitchen. He walked over to the deep cooler and grabbed some packets of blood. He carried them back into the den and held some out for Alvaro. [#5f9ea0 "This outta help them for now, it's human blood,"] he said. [#5f9ea0 "You think they'll be mad at me? Because.. you can tell them I've had my punishment."]
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Alvaro ran his hand through Thomas' blood soaked hair. If they were going to get out alive he needed Thomas and Hasan to wake up. The biggest problem was that Alvaro doubted the two would wake up any time soon. Just looking at them they were way more pale than they had been before. At least what visible wounds they had were no longer oozing blood but now they needed blood to replenish them. Alvaro could sacrifice a few of the guards and have his two friends feed on them but that was a short time fix. They needed human blood; vampire blood couldn't sustain them long enough.

Maybe if he fed Qin he could teleport all four of them out. The issue with that plan was that Qin's bond to the other vampire would need to be broken right then and there. Alvaro didn;t know too much about the amount of energy it would take to teleport them out of here. If it took a lot then Alvaro couldn't break the bond because Qin needed to have almost his full strength.

They were screwed.

Alvaro closed his eyes and sighed when he heard Qin in his head. “Your parents wanted to betroth us but I refused. You were too young and deserved to pick who you were officially bonded to,” he mentally responded. He knew that Qin was joking but felt the need to tell him the whole truth. “They may have known about the attack before hand and that why they sent me out hunting that night. Your parents had the uncanny ability to detect danger from miles away. Don't let whats-his-face know you found anything, though I'm sure you know that already,” Alvaro added as he finally opened his eyes and glared at the guards.

“A little. After your parents died and I couldn't find you I left the country and roamed for a while. I actually returned to town because I felt s call to return,” Alvaro said. When all of this was done and over with Alvaro was going to go on vacation where he doesn't have to worry about figuring things out. Maybe a nave seaside villa where he can sit on the beach at night and read. That sounded great.
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[center [size13 [Copse Walking around the room, it looked good as new. Everything seemed cleaned and felt like no one ever lived here. A small frown graced his lips. It would have been nice to see his parents again. He wondered if they were still alive, they'd come and visit him. Only a guess though. Now he'll never know.

He sat down on the bed for a while, enjoying the silence for once. He placed his hand on his empty eye socket, feeling the flesh there. He shuddered. It must've already clotted, because all he felt was discomfort when he touched there. Qin laid down on the bed and curled up into a ball for a good few minutes. He had mixed feelings about everything, not knowing what to think. He didn't know if he could believe a word of what Jairus said.

He clutched at the side of his head, unable to think clearly; it was enough to bring him to tears. Crying won't solve anything. He got off the bed and searched through the empty closets, under the bed and in the bathroom. Nothing was here. Sighing, he walked back towards the bed and collapsed on it again. He felt helpless and lost. Alvaro, he needed Alvaro. Something told him he needed to trust no one but him. He doesn't believe Jairus is telling the whole truth. If only he could tap into his memories again.


He was about to step out of the room until something chipped off the wall. He stepped towards the chipped paint and began to claw at it with his retracted nails. A document fell out, definitely pretty old with the edges torn and discolored. He scanned the cursive text, only able to make out some words. Either way, it had Alvaro's name written down and his own. It looked similar to some kind of Will. A number was written down on it.

A huge smile appeared on his face. A clue! He'll take it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, surprised it remained unharmed. He tried telepathy again. [i [#5f9ea0 "Alvaro! I found something interesting here, and it has our names on it. It looks like a Will... or some kind of contract..? You sure we aren't married?"]] Obviously a joke, but this had to do with something concerning them. [i [#5f9ea0 "I don't know anything of the past.. so... but.. this means something important if father and mother hid it. I wish I knew what happened between us..."]]

They had to be really close, even before forming a bond. Surely, vampires just don't bond with people randomly. [i [#5f9ea0 "Isn't it weird that I suddenly awakened just as we encounter each other? I always felt ill when I began to live a normal life.."]]

There was a narrow hole in the wall; he reached inside to pull out a dusty old book. He opened it up, eyes sparkling. [i Father's journal!] This is just what he needed. [i We'll see if Jairus is telling the truth..]
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Alvaro glared at the fucker. He was going to rip his throat out if he is ever given a chance. Everything in his body was screaming for him to attack this vampire. The way he held Qin was putting Alvaro on the edge and the way he refused to tell Alvaro his name was going to tip him over the edge. At least he let go of Qin's neck though the arm around his waist was pissing Alvaro off. Maybe he would rip off the stranger's arm first and then use it to beat him. Such fantasies were great but Alvaro couldn't act out on them yet. He needed to keep his cards close to his chest though he wasn't too sure what card game they were playing and what were the rules.

“There was no need to break the bond in the first place,” He hissed as he began to stalk the room. Standing in one spot for way too long was messing with Alvaro's nerves. He needed to move while in enemy territory. He only stopped to glance over to the newly restored portrait. The room was a hundred percent familiar. Alvaro had been in the room so many times that it was hard to count how often he had been here. Hell he even remembered the portrait being commissioned. This familarity should have settled him but it instead bothered him. All of those good times were in the past. The people he loved as a family were dead in a blaze of fire and this stranger knew something about it. Too bad the other vampire refused to share any pertinent knowledge.

As Qin went up the stairs Alvaro walked around the room one last time. None of this was making sense to him. This stranger accused Hasan of treason but lets him live. Why? If it was Alvaro he would have killed the three of them by now and taken Qin. An annoyed sigh left his lips. He just wanted answers! Was it so hard to answer some questions.

Alvaro stopped his pacing and took a deep breath to calm himself. As he did this Qin untied Thomas and Hasan and was on his way out when Alvaro opened his eyes. Alvaro went to follow but the guards blocked his path. “Be safe Qin,” He called out before turning and going over to his two friends.

Sitting down next to Thomas he pulled his friend into his lap. He needed to figure out what he was going to do and how he was going to get all four of them out.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin placed his hands on Jairus' arm, gently patting on it.

[#5f9ea0 "Y-Your gripping too tight..."] he muttered, then gasped when his throat was freed from the tight grasp. He attempted to walk away, but Jairus kept an arm around his waist, keeping him rather close. If Alvaro was meant to protect him, it's no wonder he saw him so much. Everything began to make sense, even without having his memories from the past. His father wanted to keep him safe, in a nutshell. Although, this friend of his is a real crazy fuck. He'd rather be connected to Alavro.

[#5f9ea0 "Alvaro has a point. All of this could've been dealt with in another way. If this is my father's coven, technically, [i I'm] the one who should call the shots here."] Qin huffed, even if he didn't really want to. It'd be too much for him to handle.

[#323156 "I'm done with 21 questions now. Your bond is over with now, so none of you have power here,"] Jairus said. [#323156 "I'd like you three, excluding Qin, but you all are already sad anyway. Might as well just be good and stick with me."] With a snap of his fingers, the dingy mansion looked just like new again. Above the fireplace set a custom made portrait of Qin's parents hanging on the wall. Yeah, he looked just like his mother. He pulled himself away from the clingy bastard for a moment to stare at the painting.

[i It's sad that I can't remember their faces.... they don't seem familiar...] He sighed. [#5f9ea0 "Where's my parent's bedroom?"] he asked.

[#323156 "Don't think you'll find anything,"] Jairus said.

[#5f9ea0 "Just show me, please. I think I'm allowed to see my own parent's bedr-.. nevermind. I'll find it myself."]

Qin walked up the stairs and figured their room would be the biggest one. Probably double doors. Jairus stopped him.

[#5f9ea0 "What now?"] he asked.

Jairus kissed his torn eye socket. [#323156 "Make sure you cover that,"] he said. [#323156 "Imma step out for a moment and feed. I'm sure everyone else is hungry too. Behave yourself. Keep an eye on those three."] And with that, he disappeared.

Qin left Alvaro to untie Thomas and Hasan. He was sure Jairus had henchmen watching over them anyway. He searched through the halls and found his parent's room finally. He stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. [i I'm sure they left something hidden... just for me to find....] He didn't care about the current state he was in.
  Qɪɴ ✰ / Fleshore / 106d 3h 26m 54s
The moment a gasp left Qin's lips Alvaro's attention was a hundred and ten percent on him. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the hand that was around Qin's neck. Alvaro could feel his fangs slipping out as anger built up inside of him. This vampire was really pissing him off.

Alvaro was so tempted to mock the strange vampire as he muttered under his breath. Of course he had questions! His coven was slaughtered, the people he care for were in a bad state, and he had a fucking gap in his memory! A gap that he hadn't noticed at all until recently.

The answers he got, however, was nothing like he was expecting. His head cocked to the side and his dark brows knitted together. Alvaro was confused. “If Qin is who I think he is then why would his father do all of this with out telling me? I was meant to protect him. I was bonded to Qin until you destroyed the bond,” Alvaro hissed. None of this was making any sense. The more he thought about it the more his head was starting to hurt.

His head only started to hurt more when the fucker said Hasan conspired against Qin's parents. Hasan did become one of the council after the whole tragedy struck. Alvaro's gaze snapped to Hasan who was passed out. Hasan could be a dick but he couldn't see Hasan doing something like murdering a family for power. Sara... maybe but not Hasan. Alvaro had known Hasan for the majority of his undead life and Hasan never did anything to suggest that he was that power hungry.

“If Hasan did it then why not kill him outright? Why didn't you kill Thomas or Me? Or most importantly why did you kill a whole coven? All of this could have been resolved with little to no conflict,” He said as he began to circle the room again. Alvaro didn't trust this vampire who still refused to tell Alvaro his name. Something wasn't adding up and it would be really helpful if he had his memories!
  .Alvaro. / GuillotineDreams / 111d 7h 30m 11s

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