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Alvaro slowly opened his eyes when he felt Qin come next to him. A dark brow lifted in surprise as he saw the blood packets in Qin's hands. He was surprised that the guards didn't stop Qin from offering them blood. A weaken vampire was, for the most part, a docile vampire. There was always a point where they would snap and kill anything for blood but neither Thomas or Hasan was close to teetering over that edge. “I'm surprised the guards didn't stop you,” He said as he looked over to one of the guards standing near the staircase. The woman's stoic face showed no emotion as she stared back at Alvaro.

Taking one of the bags he gently punctured it and brought it to Thomas' lips. “Thank you Qin,” Alvaro said as he slowly and carefully worked blood down Thomas' throat. After a few drops of blood Thomas color was returning and his hand was twitched. A few more drops and he brought his hand up, covering Alvaro's, so that he could have better control of the speed the blood was being consumed. After that it didn't take too long for Thomas' to finish the bag. It was just enough blood to get him slightly healthy.

“What happened Al,” Thomas asked as his hand fell to his side.

Alvaro laid the empty bag to his side. “The coven was attacked. Everyone is dead but the three of us,” He softly replied. Alvaro could see in Thomas' eyes that he was confused. “Hasan is the third member,” Alvaro said. The moment he said that the confusion that clouded Thomas' eyes disappeared. “I need to give Hasan some blood so I'm going to need you off my lap.”

Thomas let out a soft grunt as he rolled off of Alvaro's lap and over onto his side. Once on his side he curled up into a small ball and closed his eyes.

Alvaro took another pack of blood and proceeded to do the same thing for Hasan. The biggest difference was that Hasan did not stir. What little color that Hasan had previously did return but he didn't move at all. What ever the other vampire had done to Hasan really messed him up. He would need some rest and more blood before he was even useful enough to escape.

“Do you need to drink?” Alvaro asked Qin as he got up from the floor. “If you need to you can feed from me,” He offered. At least there was enough blood packets that if Qin fed from Alvaro he could replenish the missing blood. As of right now he wasn't hungry.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin's eyes widened at the word [i betrothed]. [i Oh wow.. I wonder how my life would've been..] He never thought about love and marriage. He lived a depressed life, really, even though he was fine with it. A meaningless job while attending college. He wondered if his parents would be proud of him. So many thoughts of who his parents were as people ran through his mind. He saw a portrait of them, but felt no familiarity. He'd be pissed at his father if he made Jairus erase his memories. He always wondered what childhood was like.

He folded up the document and placed it in his back pocket. He will slip it to Alvaro to keep. Luckily, the chipped wall wouldn't give off any suspicions. This room seemed off-limits anyway the way Jairus got defensive about it. [#5f9ea0 "I'm all grown-up now though~"] he smirked. Although, it's interesting to know just how young vampires can marry.

He walked into the bathroom, mouth agape at how luxurious and big it was. He remained focused though and fixed up his eye, bandaging it after cleaning it out. He exited his parent's bedroom, keeping the document and journal with him. Once he found his room, a sense of nostalgia overcame him. He walked over to his bed and hid the things under his pillows. No one will look under there.

Qin licked his lips, feeling parched. He needed blood. He made his way downstairs and made his way passed the guards, stepping into the kitchen. He walked over to the deep cooler and grabbed some packets of blood. He carried them back into the den and held some out for Alvaro. [#5f9ea0 "This outta help them for now, it's human blood,"] he said. [#5f9ea0 "You think they'll be mad at me? Because.. you can tell them I've had my punishment."]
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Alvaro ran his hand through Thomas' blood soaked hair. If they were going to get out alive he needed Thomas and Hasan to wake up. The biggest problem was that Alvaro doubted the two would wake up any time soon. Just looking at them they were way more pale than they had been before. At least what visible wounds they had were no longer oozing blood but now they needed blood to replenish them. Alvaro could sacrifice a few of the guards and have his two friends feed on them but that was a short time fix. They needed human blood; vampire blood couldn't sustain them long enough.

Maybe if he fed Qin he could teleport all four of them out. The issue with that plan was that Qin's bond to the other vampire would need to be broken right then and there. Alvaro didn;t know too much about the amount of energy it would take to teleport them out of here. If it took a lot then Alvaro couldn't break the bond because Qin needed to have almost his full strength.

They were screwed.

Alvaro closed his eyes and sighed when he heard Qin in his head. “Your parents wanted to betroth us but I refused. You were too young and deserved to pick who you were officially bonded to,” he mentally responded. He knew that Qin was joking but felt the need to tell him the whole truth. “They may have known about the attack before hand and that why they sent me out hunting that night. Your parents had the uncanny ability to detect danger from miles away. Don't let whats-his-face know you found anything, though I'm sure you know that already,” Alvaro added as he finally opened his eyes and glared at the guards.

“A little. After your parents died and I couldn't find you I left the country and roamed for a while. I actually returned to town because I felt s call to return,” Alvaro said. When all of this was done and over with Alvaro was going to go on vacation where he doesn't have to worry about figuring things out. Maybe a nave seaside villa where he can sit on the beach at night and read. That sounded great.
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[center [size13 [Copse Walking around the room, it looked good as new. Everything seemed cleaned and felt like no one ever lived here. A small frown graced his lips. It would have been nice to see his parents again. He wondered if they were still alive, they'd come and visit him. Only a guess though. Now he'll never know.

He sat down on the bed for a while, enjoying the silence for once. He placed his hand on his empty eye socket, feeling the flesh there. He shuddered. It must've already clotted, because all he felt was discomfort when he touched there. Qin laid down on the bed and curled up into a ball for a good few minutes. He had mixed feelings about everything, not knowing what to think. He didn't know if he could believe a word of what Jairus said.

He clutched at the side of his head, unable to think clearly; it was enough to bring him to tears. Crying won't solve anything. He got off the bed and searched through the empty closets, under the bed and in the bathroom. Nothing was here. Sighing, he walked back towards the bed and collapsed on it again. He felt helpless and lost. Alvaro, he needed Alvaro. Something told him he needed to trust no one but him. He doesn't believe Jairus is telling the whole truth. If only he could tap into his memories again.


He was about to step out of the room until something chipped off the wall. He stepped towards the chipped paint and began to claw at it with his retracted nails. A document fell out, definitely pretty old with the edges torn and discolored. He scanned the cursive text, only able to make out some words. Either way, it had Alvaro's name written down and his own. It looked similar to some kind of Will. A number was written down on it.

A huge smile appeared on his face. A clue! He'll take it. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, surprised it remained unharmed. He tried telepathy again. [i [#5f9ea0 "Alvaro! I found something interesting here, and it has our names on it. It looks like a Will... or some kind of contract..? You sure we aren't married?"]] Obviously a joke, but this had to do with something concerning them. [i [#5f9ea0 "I don't know anything of the past.. so... but.. this means something important if father and mother hid it. I wish I knew what happened between us..."]]

They had to be really close, even before forming a bond. Surely, vampires just don't bond with people randomly. [i [#5f9ea0 "Isn't it weird that I suddenly awakened just as we encounter each other? I always felt ill when I began to live a normal life.."]]

There was a narrow hole in the wall; he reached inside to pull out a dusty old book. He opened it up, eyes sparkling. [i Father's journal!] This is just what he needed. [i We'll see if Jairus is telling the truth..]
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Alvaro glared at the fucker. He was going to rip his throat out if he is ever given a chance. Everything in his body was screaming for him to attack this vampire. The way he held Qin was putting Alvaro on the edge and the way he refused to tell Alvaro his name was going to tip him over the edge. At least he let go of Qin's neck though the arm around his waist was pissing Alvaro off. Maybe he would rip off the stranger's arm first and then use it to beat him. Such fantasies were great but Alvaro couldn't act out on them yet. He needed to keep his cards close to his chest though he wasn't too sure what card game they were playing and what were the rules.

“There was no need to break the bond in the first place,” He hissed as he began to stalk the room. Standing in one spot for way too long was messing with Alvaro's nerves. He needed to move while in enemy territory. He only stopped to glance over to the newly restored portrait. The room was a hundred percent familiar. Alvaro had been in the room so many times that it was hard to count how often he had been here. Hell he even remembered the portrait being commissioned. This familarity should have settled him but it instead bothered him. All of those good times were in the past. The people he loved as a family were dead in a blaze of fire and this stranger knew something about it. Too bad the other vampire refused to share any pertinent knowledge.

As Qin went up the stairs Alvaro walked around the room one last time. None of this was making sense to him. This stranger accused Hasan of treason but lets him live. Why? If it was Alvaro he would have killed the three of them by now and taken Qin. An annoyed sigh left his lips. He just wanted answers! Was it so hard to answer some questions.

Alvaro stopped his pacing and took a deep breath to calm himself. As he did this Qin untied Thomas and Hasan and was on his way out when Alvaro opened his eyes. Alvaro went to follow but the guards blocked his path. “Be safe Qin,” He called out before turning and going over to his two friends.

Sitting down next to Thomas he pulled his friend into his lap. He needed to figure out what he was going to do and how he was going to get all four of them out.
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin placed his hands on Jairus' arm, gently patting on it.

[#5f9ea0 "Y-Your gripping too tight..."] he muttered, then gasped when his throat was freed from the tight grasp. He attempted to walk away, but Jairus kept an arm around his waist, keeping him rather close. If Alvaro was meant to protect him, it's no wonder he saw him so much. Everything began to make sense, even without having his memories from the past. His father wanted to keep him safe, in a nutshell. Although, this friend of his is a real crazy fuck. He'd rather be connected to Alavro.

[#5f9ea0 "Alvaro has a point. All of this could've been dealt with in another way. If this is my father's coven, technically, [i I'm] the one who should call the shots here."] Qin huffed, even if he didn't really want to. It'd be too much for him to handle.

[#323156 "I'm done with 21 questions now. Your bond is over with now, so none of you have power here,"] Jairus said. [#323156 "I'd like you three, excluding Qin, but you all are already sad anyway. Might as well just be good and stick with me."] With a snap of his fingers, the dingy mansion looked just like new again. Above the fireplace set a custom made portrait of Qin's parents hanging on the wall. Yeah, he looked just like his mother. He pulled himself away from the clingy bastard for a moment to stare at the painting.

[i It's sad that I can't remember their faces.... they don't seem familiar...] He sighed. [#5f9ea0 "Where's my parent's bedroom?"] he asked.

[#323156 "Don't think you'll find anything,"] Jairus said.

[#5f9ea0 "Just show me, please. I think I'm allowed to see my own parent's bedr-.. nevermind. I'll find it myself."]

Qin walked up the stairs and figured their room would be the biggest one. Probably double doors. Jairus stopped him.

[#5f9ea0 "What now?"] he asked.

Jairus kissed his torn eye socket. [#323156 "Make sure you cover that,"] he said. [#323156 "Imma step out for a moment and feed. I'm sure everyone else is hungry too. Behave yourself. Keep an eye on those three."] And with that, he disappeared.

Qin left Alvaro to untie Thomas and Hasan. He was sure Jairus had henchmen watching over them anyway. He searched through the halls and found his parent's room finally. He stepped inside, shutting the door behind him. [i I'm sure they left something hidden... just for me to find....] He didn't care about the current state he was in.
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The moment a gasp left Qin's lips Alvaro's attention was a hundred and ten percent on him. His eyes narrowed as he stared at the hand that was around Qin's neck. Alvaro could feel his fangs slipping out as anger built up inside of him. This vampire was really pissing him off.

Alvaro was so tempted to mock the strange vampire as he muttered under his breath. Of course he had questions! His coven was slaughtered, the people he care for were in a bad state, and he had a fucking gap in his memory! A gap that he hadn't noticed at all until recently.

The answers he got, however, was nothing like he was expecting. His head cocked to the side and his dark brows knitted together. Alvaro was confused. “If Qin is who I think he is then why would his father do all of this with out telling me? I was meant to protect him. I was bonded to Qin until you destroyed the bond,” Alvaro hissed. None of this was making any sense. The more he thought about it the more his head was starting to hurt.

His head only started to hurt more when the fucker said Hasan conspired against Qin's parents. Hasan did become one of the council after the whole tragedy struck. Alvaro's gaze snapped to Hasan who was passed out. Hasan could be a dick but he couldn't see Hasan doing something like murdering a family for power. Sara... maybe but not Hasan. Alvaro had known Hasan for the majority of his undead life and Hasan never did anything to suggest that he was that power hungry.

“If Hasan did it then why not kill him outright? Why didn't you kill Thomas or Me? Or most importantly why did you kill a whole coven? All of this could have been resolved with little to no conflict,” He said as he began to circle the room again. Alvaro didn't trust this vampire who still refused to tell Alvaro his name. Something wasn't adding up and it would be really helpful if he had his memories!
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[center [size13 [Copse Qin was so very glad Alavro made it here in one piece. Jairus is obviously a heartless bastard and unpredictable. An uneasy shudder ran through his body as fingers combed through long silver locks of hair. It didn't feel pleasant to him. Nothing about this man standing beside him makes him feel comfortable. Even though vampires are considered predators, he felt like prey. He made no attempt to move away or look anywhere else; he didn't need to be punish again or he may actually die.

A loud gasp escaped his lips once that hand found its way around his neck, nails slightly digging into his once flawless, porcelain skin. He made no sound, worried if Jairus was going to kill him instead. He wouldn't mind sacrificing himself for all three of them, since he helped wipe out their entire coven.

[#323156 "Questions, questions, questions..."] Jairus muttered under his breath, then sighed. [#323156 "Well, you're right about the mind altering, just one of the many abilities from a powerful family. I'm sure Qin was a huge question mark for you, right? His father intentionally disguised Qin's true self so he could live a normal life. He asked me to erase the memories and alter his mind a bit."] He petted Qin's head. [#323156 "As for me, I'm just a close friend of his father's. He did make me. I watched over Qin when he was born until that dreadful time. It's better that I say nothing more about it."]

[#5f9ea0 "I can see why.. I'd rather go back to my life..."] he murmured.

[#323156 "Sadly, it's not possible anymore. You're better off with me. Your father never liked Hasan anyway, so I'm just fulfilling his dying wish and will kill him."] Jairus leaned down to whisper into Qin's ear. [#323156 "He's the one who conspired against your parents anyway, I assume you can guess who put an end to them."]

Qin's eye widened. He couldn't find any words to say, everything was so overwhelming.
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Alvaro kept to the perimeter of the room, stalking the edge of the rooms. A small frown laid on his lips as his crimson eyes flitted across the room. Hasan, Thomas, and even Qin looked like they had a rough time. Alvaro couldn't see all of Qin, with his head tilted away, but he was sure he was injured. Whatever was going on Alvaro didn't like it. He also didn't like his chances of getting out of here alive. Even with him on the edge he could feel his escape routes rapidly lessening with the inclusion of more vampires.

“It would have save us a lot of trouble,” He replied when the strange vampire said Sara was a lost cause and should have been offed earlier. At least if she was killed earlier Alvaro didn't have to live with the knowledge that she was a traitor. Alvaro had always liked Sara. She was easy to talk to and was always on his side. Trying to convince Hasan or Claudius to let him run wild was impossible. Both of them had a stick so far up their asses that they were no fun. Sara's betrayal hurt a lot but he would never admit it.

Alvaro's eyes darted to one of the vampires that cut off his last exit. Well if he died today at least he had a fulfilling life. His eyes instantly snapped to the ring reader when he said Qin actually belonged in Hasan's place. “Promised you what?” he asked as his eyes narrowed. At this point Alvaro knew that his memories had been altered and most things he was just assuming.

Assumption number one was Qin was the one who he had bonded to. Number two was that made Qin the son of his closes friend who he failed. Three was that Qin was very much entitled to whatever was left of the coven and more. The last assumption was this vampire was bat shit crazy and Qin's father would never promise him anything.

“You still haven't introduced yourself and I feel like I am at a disadvantage. You obviously know who I am but I find that I can't remember you. Like my memories were altered or something,” Alvaro commented. He was trying to buy time to figure out how to get out with Qin, Thomas, and Hasan. Or at least Qin but preferably all three of them.
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[center [size13 [Copse A loud slap echoed through the empty house, followed by a pained cry. Qin fell to the floor, holding his sliced cheek with tears in his eyes. A hand pulled at his hair, tugging sharply as he gasped; the stinging sensation made him whimper.

[#323156 "You're constantly disobeying me. I can make you feel pain like never before until you beg me to kill you. You don't get another chance."] Jarius warned. [#323156 "The clock is ticking."]

Qin looked down at the two bodies laying in front of him, body shaking with fear. Jairus pushed his head away and stomped down on his leg. Another loud cry escaped his lips. Luckily, no bones were broken. He only did it hard enough to give him pain.

[#5f9ea0 "Okay! I-I'll do it..."] he said and crawled over to the one named Hasan, turning him over onto his back and aligned his nails to the center of his throat. A quick, deep slice should do it. Just as he raised his hand, he sensed Alvaro and stopped.

He turned his head to face him, then immediately looked away to hide his torn out eye. He probably no longer looked pretty as he did, dreading it. He remained silent.

Jairus clapped his hand at the sight of Alavro, smiling. [#323156 "Sara was a lost cause, I should've done away with her years ago. I guess I should thank your people for that.~"] He moved to stand beside Qin, who looked ashamed and frightened of killing either one of them. [#323156 "But anyway, I can now take back what's rightfully mine to begin with."]

Qin raised an eyebrow, confused and not understanding this situation.

[#323156 "Actually, Qin should be taking Hasan's place next to me as head councilman. I won't explain anything more than that, because Qin's father promised me."]

Qin's eyes widened. [#5f9ea0 "My father?!"]

Jairus leaned forward to whisper into his ear. [#323156 "Remember what I said, love. I'll tell you everything."]

His lower lip quivered, unable to make a decision. He really wanted to know about his past, but he couldn't find the will to kill anyone. They caused him no harm.
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“Dead? Maybe they got out?” He softly responded as he walked through the eerily silent halls. There was a slim chance that others made it out. Alvaro, obviously hoped that Thomas was safe and a part of him hoped that even Hasan made it out. If Hasan made it out they would at least have one council member alive and they could rebuild the coven.

Alvaro came to a stop in front of the large council doors that were left a jar. A body, cut in half, was the only thing keeping the heavy doors open. Alvaro took a deep breath and stepped over the body and into the open room. The once white marble floor that use to flicker with candle light was covered in blood. At the dais was the body of Claudius, the third councilor, speared upon the spike on his own chair. A slightly stained white paper rested on the tip of the spike.

Cautiously Alvaro approached and took the note.

[center [i Alvaro,]]

[center [i I hope you enjoyed my new decor. It, surprisingly, did not take too long and I think the coven looks better with it. If you happen to wish to discuss interior design, Qin, or even Thomas and Hasan, please go to the mansion. You know which one I am talking about. It is, after all, home of your biggest blunder. ]]

Alvaro stood their for a moment, dark eyes, staring blankly into the paper. His biggest blunder? He had made many mistakes in his long life but what was his biggest. Then it dawned upon him. The mansion. Qin. But the mansion was mostly a pile of ash. None of this made sense.

“Fuck this,” he hissed to himself as he turned and left the carnage. Alvaro really had no choices. Thomas was his friend and Hasan...was Hasan. As for Qin... Qin was, is, special.

The journey to the mansion was uneventful. No one challenged him over his entrance into the mansion in fact they directed him.

What he saw was something he disliked. Thomas and Hasan didn’t look good at all and Qin also looked a little rough. “Who are you?” He hissed as he turned to the unknown vampire.
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[center [size13 [Copse A frown appeared on his lips at Alvaro's words. Even though he didn't know them, he felt so fucking bad that he'd wish to be burnt to a crisp by the sun.

[i [#5f9ea0 "I-I'm sorry...!"] he said. [#5f9ea0 "What about... Thomas and Hasan..?"]]

He can imagine what it must look like. They didn't have to go that far as to kill every one of them. There was no need for violence. A loud sigh escaped his lips as he hung his head; this had to be the end for them. He wondered if that vampire bastard was going to let him burn to death. The mansion he was imprisoned in used to be his home. Wasn't this his chance to find out more about his parents? Or find something about his past? If only he could get out of these chains. He gathered up what last strength he had and pulled at them. Since this house was centuries old, he should be able to break free of these chains.

While he attempted to free himself, he heard Alvaro speak of everyone being dead. His heart ached, just because he knew he caused all this to happen. They were all fine until he showed up and ruined everything. All this sadness gave him some newfound energy and pulled himself free, breaking the chains from the stone wall. He limped towards the door, pulling the chains along with him and pulled the door open. He walked up the stairs, wincing from the burning pain in his legs. Dried blood caked to his cheek from his bleeding eye, which finally clogged.

Blood. He needed blood. NO matter where he would get it. He caught the scent of it, coming from the kitchen. He found a deep freezer on the floor and opened it to see bags and bottles of blood. He opened them one by one and gulped it down, throwing the bottles down on the floor afterwards. He sighed in relief, staring down at his legs which slowly began to heal.

As soon as he heard footsteps, he closed the freezer and stood up, but didn't turn around. [#5f9ea0 "Please... I'm sorry..."] he said. [#5f9ea0 "I won't do it again..."] He didn't want to be put through that anymore.

[#323156 "We definitely won anyway, but I kept these two alive."]

Qin turned to see both Hasan and Thomas tied up as they were shoved to the floor, gravely injured.

[#323156 "I'll give you one final chance to redeem yourself, kill them for me.. or drain them.. whatever you prefer. I left a little note for Alvaro so he won't miss the event. He should be here soon.~"]

Horrified, Qin felt like passing out. No way he can kill them. He shook his head and backed away from their semi-conscious bodies. This is definitely not the life he wished for.

[#323156 "If you do this, I'll tell you everything about your life. We're closer than you think. I guess I can at least give you my name; it's Jairus."]

Qin tilted his head. The name didn't ring any bells.
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These things dealing with Qin were getting weirder and weirder. Able to talk despite not being bonded and far from each other? That just didn’t happen unless there was still some of their bond remaining. Either their bond was still there, even if it was just barely, or Qin was powerful as fuck. Alvaro was leaning towards the powerful explanation. After all Qin had been able to teleport to him and teleport him out. This new phenomenon would have to be something he would have to research more about. That and about five million other things because Qin was an enigma to him. But all of this was, once again, going to be forced to wait.

Dread filled Alvaro almost instantly as he heard Qin say that the coven was either already attacked or being attacked. “They must have started. They killed Sara,” he said to Qin as he pick up his speed and began to run towards the Mansion.

“Are you okay? Do you know where you are so that I can get you after this?” Alvaro asked. Alvaro knew that Qin was the one to disclose their location. It was the only possible option especially with him apologizing for causing trouble but none of that mattered to Alvaro. Sure his coven would see it differently and probably kick Alvaro out but that was fine. But first he needed to help them.

By the time he got within a mile of the mansion he could smell the blood. Instantly his nose scrunched up is distaste as he got closer. “They killed the mansion guards,” He said to Qin. Alvaro didn’t need to be at the mansion to know that the guards were one. The scent of blood was just that over powering.

When Alvaro got to the mansion his suspicions were confirmed. Bodies were piled high. Every single guard and first responders bodies laid in a pile with their heads strewn across the floor. Nausea hit Alvaro instantly and he fell to his knees. His hand covered his mouth as the stench hit him full force. Alvaro’s seen mass murder like this before just not with vampires. “Fuck, Qin, how can you stomach Vampire blood?” He mentally said as he fought with himself to get over the stench. Eventually he was able to get up without throwing up what little contents were in his stomach and make it down the stairs.

If the stench was bad upstairs it was worst downstairs. His stomach rolled uncontrollably but he kept moving. What he found downstairs was disheartening. Blood plastered painted the wall with organs scattered across the floor. Flesh and bodies were everywhere from the ceiling on a pike to the floor. But most importantly it was silent. It was like the fighting was over and no one was lest.

“I don’t think there is anyone left,” he whispered aloud and to Qin.
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[center [size13 [Copse [i I'm so fucking parched...]

A raspy sigh escaped his cracked lips, due to the dehydration he was suffering from. Water sounded wonderful as well, maybe his Lord will come back and dump a pale of water over him. When he opened his eyes again, Alvaro's voice came into head. Ah, so it did work. This made him happy, very happy.

[#5f9ea0 [i "Alvaro! So you can hear me? This is great, because I was worried..."]]

He sighed.

[#5f9ea0 [i "If they haven't caused damage already, your coven is in deep trouble. They probably already killed members..."]]

Qin wiggled his arms, trying to move himself around, getting uncomfortable. His wrists were aching bad.

[#5f9ea0 [i "I'm sorry for the trouble I caused."]
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That day Alvaro did not sleep. He paced his room like a cage animal as he thought out his plan on how to find Qin. First he needed to talk to Sara to find out if she had any information about the other coven. Then he would have to go from there. The whole time he was thinking out his next possible course of actions and the best way to torture Sara he felt uneasy. Something was wrong but he couldn’t put his finger on it.

Alvaro was able to shake off the unease the moment the sun went down. He was a single track kind of mind and he was determined to find Qin. Without a thought he left the coven.

Sara was being held right outside of the Coven’s grounds, a few miles away. The Coven has developed a system where prisoners did not stay in the comfort of their home. This was mostly for the safety of the coven seeing how it would take some extra effort if they were to attack the coven itself. It also kept strangers away from the coven’s home and helped conceal their position. On the flip side it protected the prisoner as well. Only a few people knew the location of the jail so very few people could seek out revenge. Alvaro was one of the few who knew the location because he had done guard duty in the past. Now the knowledge was going to actually be useful for once.

As he approached the little out of the way cabin he was greeted with eerie silence. Normally the guards would have stopped at this point. Something was wrong. Alvaro took a deep breath and could smell blood. Why he had missed it in the first place he did not know but it was now putting him on edge. It wasn’t human blood either. It was vampire blood. Cautiously he approached the door, hand falling on the weathered handle. There was no resistance as he pressed down onto the handle. He only felt resistance as he pushed the door open with it catching on something. A soft grunt left his lips as he pushed his body into the door, forcing himself inside. What he was greeted with was pure carnage. Blood and organs were everywhere. Limbs were torn and tossed all over the place. Most importantly behind the silver bars was a pile of ash. Sara was dead.

Alvaro spun around and began to run back to the coven to warn them that something was wrong when he heard a voice. “Qin?” He shakily replied. Alvaro wasn’t sure who was invading his mind but it was his best bet.
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