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He nods at each of them and smiles. "Sure you can play here if you want." he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 28d 23h 40m 56s
[b It was the girl with the bright red hair, carrying the drumkit who stepped towards kit before speaking with an aura of superiority. "i am chris and they are..." she went on to introduce zac who was carrying a guitar, charlotte who had her hair in a messy bun also carrying a guitar, jayla who had dark brown hair who held a microphone and finaly sam holding a keyboard with blond hair. "we need somewhere to play"]
  -LostBoy- / 28d 23h 44m 59s
Her takes Virgo's money and nods at her before turning to the new comers. "Hello how can I help you?" he asked
  Neko boy / IKage / 28d 23h 54m 0s
[size12 I do apologize for disappearing, Matt. I was developing my character until I slammed straight into a roadblock. What sort of gender should I portray? If it's helpful, I can do either.]

[size12 You're quite welcome, Virgo.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 28d 23h 54m 11s
[b a group of what appears to be students would enter the lab. The eldest of the group, zac, who happened to be the only male out of the five walked over to kit. The students each had a different item. There were two guitars, a keyboard, a drumset and a microphone. "good morning" zac said greeting everyone with a smile, pushing his purple hair from his face.]
  -LostBoy- / 28d 23h 55m 33s
[i takes the new one and smiles tossing a few gold pieces his way before sipping a bit] Thank You <3

  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 28d 23h 56m 37s
He nods in understanding and gets her another beer and hands it to her. "Here you go." he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 29d 1m 34s
cool cool I haven't done many lately waiting for the rush of newbies to die down, plus writer's block and the feeling I'm letting everybody down... [i takes a big chug and slams the empty mug down already a bit tipsy] More please.
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 29d 3m 17s
He smiles at Mythic. "Yep mew." he said and turned to VIrgo. "Ya we are thinking of doing one together mew."
  Neko boy / IKage / 29d 6m 55s
[i takes the beer and smiles] Thank you [i takes a big gulp and sighs] Thank you Susse I is just a lonely grumpy kitty. So ya'll talking roleplays?
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 29d 8m 31s
Mythic enters the lab ready to work for the day her orange hair flowing around as her tail swished excitedly heading in the direction of kit. "hallo!" she said with a big smile "you're a neko today!"
  -LostBoy- / 29d 8m 59s
You should go ahead and create it. I feel like any rp I make is cursed to die, cuase they usuaslly do." His ears lower a bit.
  Neko boy / IKage / 29d 15m 21s
[size12 Alright then C; Those categorizations are perfectly suitable. Which one of us shall create the thread?]

[size12 Your character picture is adorable, Virgo.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 29d 16m 55s
Summons a beer from the kitchen and puts it on the bar counter in front of her. "Here you go, enjoy" he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 29d 21m 24s
[i walks in and up to the bar struggling to get up on the stool but she manages then orders a beer looking around at the place.]
  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 29d 24m 45s

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