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Roleplay: The Lab reborn Page 8

The Lab reborn

/ By IKage [+Watch]

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Roleplay Responses

these are the pictures shade drew

Meiko and Kaito - Vocaloid
[pic https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img921/4544/r2MsRr.jpg]

Sebastian - Stardew valley
[pic https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/6512/srQh3v.jpg]

Birthday Me
[pic https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/4759/QZxAAq.jpg]
  Ceva / ceva / 17d 22h 54m 43s
Ya ponies don’t work since they are living things all. It was quirky though so at least it was quirky
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 4h 41m 42s
To be honest i was going to go with ponies and i thought, hang on they would have to feed the pony. So i chose batteries.
  Ceva / Ceva / 18d 4h 43m 7s
No you fiend! I shall stop you before this chaos turns to madness! Battery as currency. What kind of monster are you
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 4h 47m 38s
Ah, but if i created a new currency, all there coupons in the world would become invalid! I say the currency should be batteries. Nyahahaha
  Ceva / Ceva / 18d 4h 50m 55s
Cause then someone would have to stop your madman rampage XD...a vigilante from the shadows...coupon man.
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 4h 55m 39s
Okay so i may have had slight thoughts of world domination.

the world is panic buying, if i could somehow get every store in the world under my control. I could then sell everything for ridiculously high prices. Why not? Everyone's panicking, they'll pay anything.
examples :
one egg - 10
water (pack of 12 - 120
big giant rice - 300
butter - 20
  Ceva / Ceva / 18d 4h 58m 37s
She is rather lovely and I’m sure she will get on at some point soon. It is her wake up time shortly so you don’t have to wait to long
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 5h 8m 53s
I do have discord but i can't use it until i get my new phone.

damn, i fell asleep before i could meet queenfish. Again.
  Ceva / Ceva / 18d 5h 15m 50s
Anyone else have discord. It’d be another way I can chat when I’m not at my tablet and such.it’d be nice and all
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 18d 6h 23m 11s
[size12 As children we're afraid of the silliest of things/situations. YET to be fair, Resident Evil 4 can still be chilly years later. Regenerators. There, enough said for this lifetime.]

[size12 Good night, Queenfish! I hope you sleep well and all that jazz. Until we speak again~]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 18d 10h 49m 26s
Oh God don't even remind me, lmao.
First Leon I've been exposed to was RE4 Leon, probably the best out of all games if I dare say so, his remarks had me crying with laughter.

God the amount of times I've seen people die trying to play the game, it's painfully hilarious, truth be told I'd surely be just as bad.

I actually don't know that much about R1, I don't even know why my first exposure had been R2 lol.
When I was younger the campaigns had me scared shitless far as I know, can only chuckle about it nowadays, oh how horror has evolved... Or devolved I guess.

I've started craving sweets as soon as we mentioned Halloween but honestly it's late and I forgot the time I need to wake up tomorrow, so before I go dig my own grave I'll actually go ahead and rest, trying to deny the horrors of my month of home office tasks starting today. It's going to be alright.

I hope your day continues being wonderful, Catfish, I shall return as soon as it'll be. peace.
  / stultus / 18d 10h 46m 1s
[size12 The first game I played with Leon was Six, so my thoughts on were fairly brash. RE4 changed my opinion on him completely. He's snarky as all hell, probably because every other line out of his mouth is drench with cheese.]

[size12 If you can even play it! The game is too dark, even after adjusting the settings on my television. I haven't even beaten Ada's campaign because fuck it. I'm not focusing on that shit anymore.]

[size12 Oh lord. The Revelation games. One has the better story and two has the superior Raid Mode. Give and take I guess. The Ooze monster designs were really interesting when R1 was released.]

[size12 Least you got free candy.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 18d 11h 7m 6s
I think preteen me until now has never been able to get over Leon lol, and I normally don't like blondes.
Luis death made me sad, don't remind me ;-;

Lmao the memes about 6...the game is bad enough to make it good again.
I haven't played all games either, watched my siblings play most of em', I remember playing 4,5 and Revelations 2 and what not, I've played the remake of 2, which was pretty good despite the apparent differences to the og.

I figured you meant content, haha.

We rarely had trick or treaters, I think it's happened only 3 times over the years, oh well, it's a win situation.
  / stultus / 18d 11h 18m 47s
[size12 Leon and Luis are both a snack.. You know until the fucking feels rear their ugly head! qwq I still haven't gotten around to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd game yet. Five is alright for what it is and I don't even want to talk about Six. Stupid memes, I can't view the logo without thinking of the Toy'R'Us giraffe and blow jobs.]

[size12 I also meant to say 'content' not 'contact,' oops.]

[size12 Maaan, my roommate did that last year. I ended up eating all the candy because wtf, we have never had trick or treaters. Ever xD]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 18d 11h 24m 47s

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