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Roleplay: The Lab reborn Page 7

The Lab reborn

/ By IKage [+Watch]

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Roleplay Responses

Did you see Code Geass: Leoluch of the Re;surrection mew? he asked tilting his head cutely as his tail sways happily behind him.
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 19m 14s
Pats her head- yes hun he shall be added to the group on there
Personally I think code geass is worth a watch
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 20m 41s
Though if you are into more Eastern Mythology then The Ancient Magus Bride is good as well mew. He said with a smile
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 21m 23s

Oh sweet, I assume you'll add him into the group hun?

Also ceva, Monogatari is a great show if you're looking for constant odd dialogue, unique characters ,great themes and mythology.

[size9 It's also one of my personal all time favs, but I agree not everyone enjoys it.]
  stultus / 17d 12h 21m 44s
Its Ikage#1352 mew" he said with a smile and paws at Wolf and Ceva playfully as his tail sways happily.
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 28m 30s
Well Matt what’s your discord there bud. That way I can addd ya on it and all. Ya I saw it. Pretty neat stuff
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 32m 10s
Well i just used different character makers on picrew, so technically its not my artwork. But it's cool and addama's art is awesome if you saw it.
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 12h 50m 14s
I am good mew, also I do has a discord account I regular use mew." he said with a smile, as his tail sways happily.
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 53m 38s
Another day. How’s everyone doing. Anything interesting going on? Not here. Besides gaming some. Cool artwork
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 55m 32s
I haven't watched that series :3
i also made a me which i will show when i'm at school.

also if anyone is interested me and my friend lost a member in a roleplay and we need someone who could play four characters, if not we will take two people with two characters each. The roleplay is called bellator academy: battle for graduation
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 14h 3m 4s
Oh I like the 2nd one, her design strongly reminds of Hanekawa Tsubasa from the Monogatari-series :)
  stultus / 17d 14h 47m 31s
i did too more with other picrew things!!!

[pic https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/2284/CdvgyH.png]

Hayela Gold:
[pic https://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/457/XLtDhK.png]
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 18h 18m 24s
It still looks pretty cute though, oh well.

I keep switching between traditional art and digital art... I somehow tend to do digital art more simply because you have more options and all you need is your tablet? Then again there's nothing like getting to draw on paper and just using your favorite markers or other colors you bought.. I still have a coupon for an art shop from last year I should probably use sometime soon, but as soon as I'm in an art shop... I end up wanting to buy everything lol.
  / stultus / 17d 18h 22m 58s
Yeah i kinda see the K-on style a little. the hairs too short though, it should be a bit below the shoulders
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 19h 4m 19s
Aww, those are adorable. The last one kind of reminds me of the K-on artstyle.

I remember Vocaloids, when I was about 13 I would listen to Kagamine or Hatsune songs all the time, brings back memories.
  / stultus / 17d 19h 59m 1s

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