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Mythic smiles at the bear patting its head before twirling around and around making herself dizzy until she flops onto the floor. "Oops mew" she said getting up feeling wobbly on her still dizzy legs.
blinking at her, sally held it closer to her and looked down. "thank you, sally had it made my Doctor D, its for protection." she said smiling and touched her head that was currently clean from blood.
  Sally_Williams / 10d 14h 39m 25s
He blushes as she kisses the top of his head and his tail sways more before he looks up at Sally and tilts his head as he stares at her.
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 14h 40m 25s
Mythic proceeds to gently kiss the top of kits head before thanking him and then following sally "your bear is pretty mew"
  MythicMallow / 10d 14h 41m 37s
it is not there//

Sally took the paper from him and sighed walking around and humming to herself in relief and looked at herself again smiling finally
  Sally_Williams / 10d 14h 42m 40s
He blushes as she paws at his tail, which continues to sway happily and he pokes her hand. There is a map of the place back in the kitchen mew" he told Serina. Aka check the discription for images if they are still there. "I hope your new tent is cool mew" he told Mythic as he pokes her hand again.
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 14h 45m 24s
Going over to look around. Sally hummed to herself and touched random things while holding her bear.
  Sally_Williams / 10d 14h 46m 29s
"i have to buy a new tent, look at this, its so cool" mythic says taking her phone out and shows them a super cool video of her tent being washed away in floods. She then proceeds to paw at kit's tail happily.
  MythicMallow / 10d 14h 47m 38s
smiling back sally nods her head and held her teddy closer to her. "I hope i enjoy working here too Mew." She said smiling and looking around the place.
  Tsukino_Serina / 10d 14h 51m 30s
He looks up at Serina and blinks confused at why she stared at him but nods in understanding at her statement. "Well I hope you enjoy working here mew." he said with a smile. He than takes the fish. "THank you mew." he said as he smiles up at her.
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 14h 51m 49s
"yes! I missed you so i have fish!" mythic says handing kit a fish with an orange bow on it. She then skips over to sally "hello mew, i am mythic" she introduces herself with a smile.
  MythicMallow / 10d 14h 52m 41s
watching him a bit entranced, Sally laughed and nods her head. "Alright im glad that it is fine with you than. This is my first job ever, since boss let me out."
  Tsukino_Serina / 10d 14h 57m 19s
He yelps in surprise at the hug but hugs Mythis back, his tail swaying happily. "Hi Mythic mew, its good to see you again." he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 14h 57m 29s
Mythic would enter wearing her orange work outfit her tail swishing as she runs toward kit giving him the bigest hug ever
  MythicMallow / 10d 14h 59m 57s
He purrs as she pats him on the head and tilts his head into her hand a bit, his tail swaying a bit faster. "Its ok mew, that is fine with me."
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 15h 37s

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