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Okay so it's this cynthia i still need to meet then.

oh no, i shared a drink with two people today. I might get coronavirus.
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 12h 47m 25s
Well I guess that is how it happens sometimes mew" he said with a smile as he hands everyone a drink.
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 49m 23s
As Nicki Minaj has recently stated: CORONAVIRUS.
We're all going crazy, quick-
[size7 I have no idea.]

Also Matt, I don't actually know, it just happened one day and then we continued using the names.

You are by far the greatest villain there is, hun.
  / stultus / 17d 12h 50m 44s
out of curiosity and if you don't mind me asking why did she give you that nickname mew?" he asked tilting his head
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 12h 53m 3s
Why!? So much confusion, why so many names??? My mind is blown! How did i not realise this?? I even skimmed through convos i missed! This just shows i'm going crazy!
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 12h 53m 27s
Keep saying mean things like that and you’ll be cut off from anything a month :3 alrighty hun? Heh
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 53m 30s
Oh, Queenfish is my nickname that Cynthia gave me xD

I don't really use discord, only got back on it because of the people from here.

[size08 Quit the flatter, flea boy.]
  / stultus / 17d 12h 54m 29s
Queen fish is actually stultus so you already have actually! She is the vibrant queen fish Cynthia goes on about
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 58m 50s
I can't wait for the day i get to use discord again. I'm going to be glued to discord lol.

i am determined not pass out before meeting queenfish tonight. I mean i've met matt, susse, stultus and wolf as far as i can tell i just have to meet queenfish
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 13h 12s
The only reason I kept on going is to see another day of Lelo-

Nah the show was pretty good, funny enough it didn't make me that emotional.
  / stultus / 17d 13h 3m 31s
I mean the new stuff is worth watching hun. And I really hope they add a new season to the movie. I’d cry
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 4m 43s
It's been like 4 years since I last saw Code Geass lol, it's a good show but I don't think I'm gonna rewatch it though.

On the other hand-
I recommend Beastars-
I literally restarted it today and I cannot get over how godly the Animation is.
Also I love Legoshi.
He Baby Boy.

Also cool, we can all talk about on discord sometime.
  stultus / 17d 13h 6m 4s
Awesome I just ordered my copy yesterday mew. I saw it in theaters and I can't wait to see if more happens, there is suppose to be some sort of ten year plan for Code Geass
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 13h 7m 51s
I'm a sucker for greek and roman mythology, that's my nerdy side. :3 the phone i want i'm halfway to having enough money so i'll let you know my discord as soon as possible.
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 13h 8m 12s
Oh hell yes I did. I loved it. I pre ordered that son of a bitch to and I’m holding it right now admiring it some. True art
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 9m 10s

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