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Oh I remember that one! That was a good artwork piece! But thanks Eva that’s really kind of you. Just get stultus good side. She can be scary
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 12h 50m 39s
But seriously if turns out hurendous just remember it's about the effort, always the effort. I only have lined paper, that sucks.
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 12h 52m 24s
You're silly, haha.
Actually I have done fanart of that before.
If only I could find that Picture-
  / stultus / 17d 12h 55m 3s
I think i might make something with my crap skills. Totally not gonna try and draw a wedding theme picture of course ^0^ nyahaha
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 12h 56m 16s
Just the way it should be.
Isn't it usually like that thou? We usually boss the guys around because they behave like kids who can't be left under supervision.

I'm gonna bury you alive.
  / stultus / 17d 12h 59m 10s
Well the marriage is as soon as she flies her sorry queenfish ass over here. So ya. Just gotta wait on that then we all good
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 33s
When's the wedding? Nyahahaha
i couldn't resist saying it.
but seriously that's so cute.
my bf has an ES acount but doesn't use it. He's 4 years older than me so he's about to turn 23. But i boss him around
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 13h 1m 28s
This [size14 means] [size18 death.]
[size7 jkjkjk.]

I don't know. Don't think so.
I guess I come off that way but I promise I'm actually nice.
[size7 idk.]
  / stultus / 17d 13h 4m 5s
Oh the biggest set indeed -laughs to self- but she is a bit rough. She could kick my ass I’m sure. Dangerous woman
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 6m 19s
Male vibes?
[size9 Probably because I got the biggest set on the block.]
I don't know, I seem to hear that alot.

Yes, this loser is actually, in fact, a guy.
  / stultus / 17d 13h 7m 31s
Yes I am Stultus boyfriend so I do hope I’m a male. That’d be a surprise even to me! But seriously i am a dude. And those 2 are female
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 10m 4s
Susse is not a dude, good to know. But seriously susse and stultus give off male vibes. Please say wolf is actually a guy, let me be right about one thing.
  Ceva / Ceva / 17d 13h 11m 3s
Cynthia is Susse. It's just her real Name, my bad, we all have known each other for a longer time so we didn't really think about explaining.

Yeah, you're right about that one Matt.

[b takes the drink.] Thanks.
  / stultus / 17d 13h 15m 32s
Cythia is Susse mew so I believe you have met her but I am not sure mew" he said as she drank some water
  Neko boy / IKage / 17d 13h 16m 7s
You’ve met cynthia as well. That is who susse is. So no worries there is no one new you have to meet I believe
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 17d 13h 16m 27s

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