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He smiles and laughs a bit as he splashes ehr again and pokes her with his tail. "Its rain water mew, that and you have mud on your face."
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 18h 47m 46s
"it tastes all nasty" Mythic said sticking her tongue out and making a funny noise as she pouted.
He blinks as she does this and tilts his head a bit, watching her as he washes some of the mud off of his face.
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 19h 5m 10s
Mythic would giggle again as her tail swished all over the place excitedly as she opens her mouth wide looking up at the sky as she tries to drink the rain.
He purrs and splashes mud at her playfully as he covers his face in mud. His tail continues to sway behind him as they play.
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 19h 16m 45s
Mythic would paw st Kit's face causing his face to be covered in mud as she continued to roll around all over the place. "Nyaaaa~"
He watches Mythic and splashes next to her and pokes her playfully. as his tail sways happily behind him. "mew mew."
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 19h 25m 25s
Mythic would run outside all excited and she would roll around in the muddy puddles giggling like a silly child.
He takes the coat and boots and follows her outside into the rain, jumping around in the puddles as his tail sways happily behind him.
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 19h 43m 46s
Mythic rushes around again and finds all the raincoats handing a red one to Kit and blue one to sally and yellow one for herself. she then puts their hoods up one by one. She began to lead them outside when she remembered that they needed the welly boots so she rushes off and gives Kit the yellow welly boots, sally the red welly boots and herself the blue welly boots.
He rolsl around as she chases him and pokes ehr with his tail. He looks outside and sees that it is raining and nods.
  Neko boy / IKage / 8d 19h 49m 26s
  Mythic Mallow / MythicMallow / 8d 19h 50m 30s
Mythic giggled and chased Kit around laughing her tail swishing around. "Lookie" she said pointing outside excitedly "it's raining today, we can go jump in puddles!" she squealed happily.
He pokes both of them and then rolls around the bar room, his tail swaying behind him as henrolls around.
  Neko boy / IKage / 9d 13h 35m 10s
im gonna go to my creepypasta rp for rn and get things ready//

nodding her head sally hummed and brushed her bear before giving the next drink out
  Sally_Williams / 9d 14h 20m 59s

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