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[B Oh hey, that's good!! Maybe it looks like you natural streaks, y'know?

I remember doing it myself-
  Clear / Clear- / 13d 5h 10m 23s
It's come out two shades as i have dark brown hair with blonde bits naturaly. But it looks nice.
  Ceva / Ceva / 13d 5h 47m 31s
[B Oh hecc yeah, good luck!

I've dyed my hair blue, which came out a greenish colour, platinum and purple. That's about it, I'm not a fan of many colours.
  Clear / Clear- / 13d 9h 55m 39s
I'm dyeing my hair.
i'm going from brunette to redhead woo!
i hope this comes out right lol, if not it will be weird. Oh well ^0^
  Ceva / Ceva / 13d 18h 50m 57s


It's Tom
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 15d 3h 55m 32s
[b W a o w-]

[b Food, I haven't eaten for awhile, stomach won't let me. Having that whole... What's the sickness called? 'COVID-19'? Craps scary! Real scary!]
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 15d 11h 44m 50s
Okay let's throw a party!
[b i casually summon mountains of food into the lab]
food is the only important bit to be honest.
  Ceva / Ceva / 15d 11h 47m 26s
[b Oh man, what a headbanger. Freakin' m e m o r i e s. How ya'll been? And those who don't know me... or remember, it's the one an only annoying ass person Grey... I think :P
  ☂☂☂ / Clear- / 15d 11h 52m 37s
OK mew I will let them in then mew" he said with a smile As he lets Grey back into the lab, his tail swaying happily
  Neko boy / IKage / 15d 11h 55m 36s
Clear messaged me! :3
they happen to be your old friend Grey! ^-^
  Ceva / Ceva / 15d 12h 4m 16s
I've seen their acount, why do you ask?
  Ceva / Ceva / 15d 12h 24m 5s
Note my pms are still busted so I cannot read or send pms except for the title section so I cannot ask who they are and if I know them mew
  Neko boy / IKage / 15d 12h 48m 31s
ROlls into the chat and looks around. "Does anyone know a user by the name of Clear-? mew" he asked tilting his head as he looks at the request
  Neko boy / IKage / 15d 14h 31m 31s
I'm glad i stopped doing maths after gcse's. I barely passed lol.

good morning everyone, i'm going to bring a crisp sandwich and yogurt to school. Cuz i'm unhealthy woo!
  Ceva / Ceva / 16d 1h 10m 55s
It doesn't but that's always been the case with anime hair lol.

Yeah I've been home since Monday and I'm still working on my stuff. It's been 10 hours nonstop and I just finished 13 pages of annoying math tasks.
I'm gonna die.
  / stultus / 16d 12h 28m 48s

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