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It has died out again within these few days.
I haven't been able to write much as I've been busy with school work and spending the little time I had with Wolf,
I hope all of you are doing okay!
  / stultus / 5d 14h 53m 15s
[B[I They making us too a 3.80 instead of 4.10,what the hell is this shiiiiittt--

I dunno what I'm talking about tho, I can't do either of them
  Clear / Clear- / 10d 13h 55m 7s
Rolls around the Lab as he looks to see who is here right now, his tail gently swaying contently behind him as he does so.
  Neko boy / IKage / 10d 14h 1m 44s
[B[I B r o

My cat woke me up, how dare he-

But I can't be mad at him, he's so freaking cute. I love him ;w;
  Clear / Clear- / 10d 16h 2m 29s
Also i was meant be playing death and the same guy just decides he's gonna start being death. Completely ruined the child after power personality i was going for
  Ceva / Ceva / 10d 23h 46m 3s
Well I should head off to bed though. It’s late and I got stuff to do. It was nice chatting and fixing some stuff up before bed. C ya all
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 10d 23h 48m 36s that might be time to call it game over ya know. That’s a little to much for my taste. Hell knowing me I probably woulda tried to stop that kinda shit XD but I stick my nose where it doesn’t belong a
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 10d 23h 56m 21s
This rp has gone out of control the owner hasn't been online i long time. So it's chaos. And some dude controled another one of my characters with her suddenly giving birth it was very weird
  Ceva / Ceva / 10d 23h 59m 55s
Everyone has their own style of rp and stuff. Some looser than others so I wouldn’t let it get to ya to much. Hexs is pretty good so far. It’s about a bunch of people stranded on an island after the cruise ship was destroyed. I’m lucky my group rp is doing well so far
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 11d 3m 48s
He also expexts my character to keep saving his. I'm here like if she was real she would dead by now due to dhydration, no food. She's running on adrenaline alone. Also she only just woke from a coma.
  Ceva / Ceva / 11d 11m 19s
That sounds no good. Well hopefully he won’t both you much anymore about it. Sleep is important. Hex has a good rp going
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 11d 17m 1s
Oh my god
catlover33 is giving me a head ache.
i've got so many messages while i was sleeping about a group roleplay. One of them was where the hell are you? Are alive over there. I just yelled at him about how i do need sleep
  Ceva / Ceva / 11d 39m 26s
Another late night it is. Well i suppose it would be morning now. How has everyone being doing exactly
  Wolf / WOLFofdimensions / 11d 45m 4s
[B Uurrgg, I regret going out with my friends. Oh my gosh, it's terrible-]

[b How the hell do they drink so much, for Christ's sakes-

It huuuurrttssss- I'm so happy I'm hooommeeeee
  Clear / Clear- / 11d 4h 38m 12s
Rolls into the chat and cleans up the bar for anyone who shows up later, his tail sways behind him as he hums happily to himself.
  Neko boy / IKage / 11d 18h 48m 31s

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