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[size12 The only other FE game I can think of with a similar setup is Binding Blade (FE6). Every map objective is seize.]

[size12 You want a shitty support with Chrom? Do gear your gaze towards Olivia or Sumia. You have an instant S-Support or pies. I just can't with either of them.]

[size12 Ha!]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 9h 52m 15s
Yeah, I've been going on all three routes of Fates too and sometimes I just needed a break when it came to Birthright.

Sadly I don't think I can ever forget that dumb convo, it's just that bad, but I still love Chrom, despite that unbelievably shitty support.

Right-on lol. Speaking of which if that was the only reason Wolf loved me for I'd beat his ass into a peach.

I've got the cleaning skills of a cockroach, truth be told, not that I can't clean my shit that is lolol
  / stultus / 19d 10h 8m 57s
[size12 Corrin's character development is straight up trash depending on the route you chose. Either they're too stupid (Revelation) or blindly believe they're doing the right thing (Conquest). Sadly the route with the most tedious map setup, Birthright, holds the superior development for Corrin. Although Conquest is easily the best in all other regards. I still can't Iron Man that game D: and not from a lack of trying!]

[size12 Oh god.. I've attempted to sponge that support from my mind. It's simply too awkward for me. Which is why I tend to avoid supporting FRobin and Chrom, unless I want Lucina and Morgan to be siblings.]

[size12 I'd never marry someone that only loves me because I'm capable of cleaning their skid-marks.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 10h 18m 3s
I remember being in elementary school when I first played Wild World... Those were the times.

Oof, well that sucks lol.
Yeah, Robin has been the best by far of what I've seen.

Wow, the support convos really are something.
I remember teenage me being all confused when I was going for Chrom and it's basically:
"We've seen each other naked... So... you wanna marry?" I can't even with the writing sometimes lmao.

If only some of that crap was that easy, relationships mayun.
  / stultus / 19d 10h 27m 57s
[size12 What you talking about? I used to spent hours back in 9th grade planting flowers all over in my copy of Animal Crossing on the DS.]

[size12 You should!]
[size12 Byleth may have an interesting character design and can easily solo the game because their class choices are somehow broken as fuck; but they have no personality. None whatsoever. They are nothing more than a insert for you. At least Robin, Corrin and Kris were actual characters. Of course Robin is the best of the four.]

[size12 Then you haven't recruited Priam, a SpotPass character and he might be related to Ike. His romance with FRobin is basically this: She does his laundry and he falls in love with her afterwards. Robin cleaning his junk is enough for Priam to put a ring on it.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 10h 35m 10s
Yeah I've heard there were multiple, I haven't gotten into any farming games besides spending a short amount of time with Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing doesn't really count.

Oooh, I need to check out Echoes then.
Yeah, I've roughly heard about the houses, it seems like a sweet concept, also, Byleth.

Wow, thanks Nintendo, such romance.
Sometimes they really do the strangest things.
If I must conquer Lon'qu with figs, it shall be done.
  / stultus / 19d 10h 46m 4s
[size12 I honestly don't know if the other games have female choices or not, as that's the only Harvest Moon game I've played and it hasn't left the best impression on me. Hell, I bought the game because it was discounted to five dollars, possibly less but it's been years.]

[size12 What about Echoes? It's on the 3ds too, and it's fairly decent for a remake of Gaiden . Three Houses is interesting for what it is. You can also play as the 'evil' group, even if it has its own story problems. Blue Lions or Golden Deer has some of the best plot lines.]

[size12 I'm pretty sure FRobin's and Lon'qu supports are as follow.]
[size12 Robin: [i Throws figs at Lon'qu.]]
[size12 Lon'qu: The fuck Robin?]
[size12 Robin: Are you comfortable around me now?]
[size12 Lon'qu: [i Thinks for a moment,] yes... Will you marry me?]
[size12 Robin: Okay.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 10h 52m 53s
Sounds like an absolute stressful mess.
I heard something about that, I only remembered the male Mc but I didn't question it when you mentioned the female because I thought maybe I just forgot since the game is so old, but that explains it all.

I've only played Awakening and Fates, I don't have a switch to play Three Houses, otherwise I would've considered getting into it.

Good picks btw, Lon'qu was also a favorite of mine.
Maybe I'll pick up Awakening again sometime, I never did romance Lon'qu lol.
  / stultus / 19d 11h 1m 27s
[size12 Then you'll never romance Grey because he requires tons of attention and gift giving. His other love interest is the town's librarian. She's a shy sort wearing glasses, and they can build their relationship fucking quick if you're unlucky. Hence his being the hardest to marry.]

[size12 I believe the OG Harvest Moon only had a male MC. Clair was basically thrown in because equality or to give the player a female option, yet it's clear the creators didn't think much on her story path.]

[size12 I've dived deep into the Fire Emblem well since beating Awakening. FE6, FE7, FE8, Path of Radiance, Awakening, Fates , Echoes, and finally Three Houses.]

[size12 Lilina, Clarine, Hector, Priscilla, Lon'qu, Takumi, Felix and Dimitri.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 11h 24m 40s
I mean, I like a challenge, but not if it takes a dozen requirements in specific order lol.

Also what the-
Plus points for cute Mc but whoever came up with that deserved a kick in the toosh.
I don't understand why it has to differentiate so heavily? They could've just made it equal.

Ah, yes, fire Emblem, the weirdest romances yet the games that had me so conflicted I wanted all the husbandos at once...

Gaius, Chrom, Leo and Dwyer forever own my heart.
  / stultus / 19d 11h 42m 14s
[size12 There's more bullshit to come. If you don't get married by the third in-game year, you'll be kicked off your farm at the beginning of year four. So if you desire to continue playing the game, get marry and be the male MC. Unfortunately the female MC is the cuter option of the two. She's an adorable blond with a snarky personality.]

[size12 Grey is technically the hardest boy to romance, so he's a challenge. And that's not even including the other love interests. Since if you suck at the romance, they will marry someone else. Harvest Moon on the PSP is a game you can lose just because you didn't want to marry anyone.]

[size12 Fire Emblem Awakening is one of those games. Nowi, a 1000 year old loli dragon, you have children with her.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 11h 49m 1s
You're welcome, Catfish.

Oh, well... Sounds like some bullshit.

Male tsunderes are also really good, it's always either that or the edgy kid/bastard type I like, idk why.
Sounds like he's an ultimate cutie lol.

Some romance options in games are pretty weird man, just a random thought.
  / stultus / 19d 11h 57m 42s
[size12 Ah, thank you, Queenfish.]

[size12 I owned the PSP port of the first game or whatever. The ending rubbed me the wrong way honestly. If you get married as the female character, the game ends after the three year because you're pregnant. Unlike it you chose the male character. Fuck females I guess. All I wanted to do was raise cows and chickens.]

[size12 Grey is a classic Tsundere but with an obsession for rocks.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 12h 3m 1s
Mops are hella cute tho. Yeah, I think it's the eyes too, it's a nice little drawing either way.

I've barely touched Harvest Moon but I remember my oldest brother playing it like... All the time.

I googled Grey btw, he looks super baby.
  / stultus / 19d 12h 12m 20s
[size12 I had zero idea what to do for her hairdo, so she somehow ended up having an unkempt mop on her poor head xD Oh lord. There are Tim Burton vibes if you glance at her just right. It might be the eyes.]

[size12 I've only played Harvest Moon. Grey is a snack.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 19d 12h 16m 54s

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