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Ooohhh cute.
I used to use character creators for quick design ideas if I wasn't drawing, also, they're fun. C:
  stultus / 19d 13h 45m 6s
the hilarious thing is, i actually see the mix lol.
and yeah pi-crew has loads of them.


  Ceva / ceva / 19d 14h 14m 35s
Oh you mean a character creator of some sort?
Looks cool, he reminds me of a mix of Near from Death Note and Soul Eater for some reason.
  stultus / 19d 14h 18m 37s
yeah maybe.

i just used this thing on picrew and made this random dude. i don't know why though lol
  Some Dude / ceva / 19d 14h 20m 34s
That sucks.
I had "friends" that would only ever talk about their issues and not listen to mine, at some point they asked how I'm not bothered by this or that problem, but the reality is even though I was troubled like them I figured it out, they just had no clue because they never listened.

Maybe your friend will change her mind and hopefully get a sense of comprehension.
  stultus / 19d 14h 21m 48s
She's suposed to be my best friend.
  THIS, THIS IS YANG / Ceva / 19d 16h 59m 59s
Excuse me but-
Who is Mystic? A sibling of yours?
As inconvenient as that situation is don't let it get the best of you, I know that must be easy for me to say when I'm not in that situation, but I've had times with my siblings very similar to what you're describing, and as incredibly dumb as my advice is going to sound: Don't let it get to you. Even when others don't understand the problems you're having and making it seem less than it is, as far as I've learned it's always been best to ignore the person and focus on yourself, don't panic and slowly figure it out, everything can be solved as long as you don't let yourself get overwhelmed by it, and even if you're being treated like shit, you will always live with the knowledge that you're capable of taking care of yourself once you've managed to solve your issues. If people make a big fuss out of a small problem, then that just proves they're incapable of independence and rely on validation.
  stultus / 19d 17h 20m 16s
I hate mystic with a passion, she thinks just because her families got everything that makes me beneath her and my struggles are nothing compared to her not being able to find something. I'm genuinely on the verge of telling her to fuck off out of my life. Her losing a fucking shoe is worse than me not getting paid, me unable to pay for a passport renewal, me because of that can't get my own bank acount, me unable to then sell stuff online cuz i don't have a card, me then unable to afford anything i need. She finds it hilarious! But if she loses a fucking shoe it's the end of the world!? Well she can go jump off a cliff for all i care!
  THIS, THIS IS YANG / MythicMallow / 19d 20h 29m 3s
I think that's the first time I've received fanart for my OC-
I don't care if it's quickly sketched, I'm gonna save that image, thank you Catfish, I love it, especially the little middle finger lol-

Sure, recommend me anything, when it comes to music I'm up for anything.

[size9 I don't mind at all, I didn't even notice until you pointed it out.]
  stultus / 19d 23h 35m 22s
[size12 That's such a wonderful thing to hear, Queenfish. I also have another thing for you. I drew your OC, albeit quickly. Thus sketchy as fuck.]


[size12 I can recommend other songs for you if you'd like. So many in fact.]

[size10 Side Note: I messed on her face and probably another reason I shouldn't draw with a pen, but eh. I kinda like the whole shadow person thing, just ignore the fact her legs are still white because I forgot nn']
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 20d 53m 2s
You indeed blessed my ears.
'Walking on a dream' and 'standing on the shore' are what I've listened to so far, not disappointed.
I also knew I somehow remembered the name but now I know it's bc of 'we are the people'.
Good taste Catfish.

I enjoy synthwave and indie stuff and things in that direction so when I read New wave and Synthie-pop I knew I was in for a treat.
  stultus / 20d 1h 10m 32s
You know what? I think I'm gonna listen to some of their music and check them out on my way to school, I'll give you a review later, I looked up the genre, I'm generally open to all types of music and my Playlist could use some new songs, I've been listening to Katy Perry and Doja Cat non-stop but it's time to stop lol-
  / stultus / 20d 1h 40m 33s
[size12 You know what's great and more people should enthrall their ears with? Empire of the Sun. They are such an interesting duo.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 20d 1h 53m 23s
That's not bad for a bunch of books.
I could probably sell some old stuffed toys or things from my childhood, they've been in the basement for years and despite catching some dust, are in good condition.

I've finally obtained the ice cream I talked about.
  / stultus / 20d 12h 57m 0s
I mean i think there's at least 30 if not more books there. So if i get back what i paid it should be a little under 300 pounds
  THIS, THIS IS YANG / MythicMallow / 20d 12h 58m 57s

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