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He nods in agreement. "Ya, for a while I was barely on this site as well but that changed eventually mew.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 12h 58m 38s
Thanks, it's good to hear you've been doing good too.
I didn't think anyone would miss us when we left but things can change I guess.
I do miss some of the times when the lab was filled and we were all hanging around and just having fun, I guess that's also part of the reason I came back.
[b Smiles back.]
  / stultus / 19d 13h 5m 31s
I see, well I am still glad to see the two of you again mew, and am glad your doing good mew." he said with a smile
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 8m 59s
I've been lurking around and using this page to write into my private journal I had, when I came across Cynthia's post I felt like sending her a message and here I am because I thought it'd be nice to talk to you guys again.
Ive only just made back up with Wolf because of a small fight and had told him about it, he was reluctant at first but I think he wants to give it a try and see what's up. :)
  / stultus / 19d 13h 11m 15s
He nods as he looks up at her. "I agree mew, I am glad you two came back I did not think I would see you two again.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 13m 53s
Oh, that's a shame, I understand.
Maybe he'll come around sometime, who knows.
I have a feeling that Psyc just randomly comes and goes like he usually had back then, maybe he'll be back.

Well at least you and Cynthia are still around, that's nice to see. :)
  / stultus / 19d 13h 23m 8s
Something happened between X and gabby and then she left the site, X is on every so often still but I have not talked with him. I have nto seen Psyc in a a while either.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 26m 50s
[b Sips comfortably, sitting down.]
Say,if you don't mind me asking, do you know what happened to the other people that used to be in the lab? It's a shame the group became so small.
  / stultus / 19d 13h 37m 49s
He smiles and his tail sways happily. 'Your welcome mew" he said and went off to continue working on the Lab.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 42m 23s
Yeah, I don't mind it too much.
I like getting to work in a quiet and calm environment, it helps me focus better, especially if I have to get many things done at once.
[b Smiles, taking the glass he offered her.]
Thank you.
  stultus / 19d 13h 46m 10s
same reason for me basically mew. He said as he poured them all a glass of water and gave one to her before taking a sip from his.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 49m 11s
Sweet I'll let him know once I get to talk to him unless he finds out by himself lol.
Oh, glad to hear you're doing fine, me too, thanks for asking.
I'm going to be working home office for the next 5 weeks starting today due to the whole virus situation, a friend of mine is bringing by his laptop tomorrow so I can start working with the programs I need that the current laptop I have is too weak for. :)
  stultus / 19d 13h 51m 51s
I know I saw and added him in. I will be glad to see him again mew. I am doing fine, working from home for the next two weeks so I can work on some personal stuff as well as work stuff. How are you mew?
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 54m 30s
Hey Matt!
Wolf had been online this morning and sent a request to get access to the lab!
How are you doing today?
  stultus / 19d 13h 55m 44s
Rolls around the bar as he gets things set up the Lab for people to come in a drink. His tail sways happily behind him.
  Neko boy / IKage / 19d 13h 57m 35s

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