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Welcome to the Lab. Come on in, order some food and have a drink. Want to fight? Go to our fighting arena. Looking for a job feel free to inquire with the owner. No mater what it is you want to do try and have a good time.

[center[size30 Rules]]

1: No Bullying.
2: Try and be polite.
3: Be respectful.
4: no Politics.
5: Rping is fine to a point.
6: Fighting is to only take place in the arena.

More rules will be added as needed
First Floor
Second Floor
[center[size29 Job positions]]

Owner: Ikage
Bartender 1:Jared-Aquaford
Bartender 2:
Bartender 3:LenaTaylorC95
Waiter 1:
Waiter 2:
Waiter 3:
Waitress 1:LostMemories
Waitress 2:-Fallen-
Waitress 3:
Guard 1:
Guard 2:Hirokokyo
Guard 3:
Engineer: AskTheStaff


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Roleplay Responses

He into the lab and starts cleaning up again before setting out drinks for his regular customers incase they show up.
  Neko boy / IKage / 1d 5h 9m 48s
[B[I Oh man, you know it'll be my discord when you see the damn name so many of - those XD
But there's a reason, that way people don't hack my shitty account haha!
  Clear- / 5d 1h 11m 33s
I can understand that, I have a dog and two cats and getting to have them around is such a good lift for the mood, love em' to death.

Unfortunately I gotta go, I've got business to attend to, I've asked Wolf about the discord thing, no reply yet, but I will let you know asap once he replies!

  / stultus / 5d 1h 14m 0s
that's kind of you stultus :3
i have no clue, i just remember that wolf just randomly said here do any of you have discord. You can all add me though :3
  Ceva / Ceva / 5d 1h 15m 18s
[B[I Well, yeah, back then there was tons of drama.
To be honest, my cat helps me a lot, she's small and cuddly and she really loves receiving kisses.
I guess she is more of a support animal because my anxiety and depression have risen so much that it became rather.... How do I say it...
Anyway, jeez- what a hassle.
  Clear- / 5d 1h 17m 40s
I hope the two of you get better soon!

Bakka? Then you must be one of the really old folks I used to know... Sadly around the time I had that username a lot of drama went down, unnecessarily so.

If you want Ceva you can give me your tag too and I'll send it to him right away, I'm currently chatting with him!

Cats are such wonderful animals... I had a nap earlier and when I woke up I saw one of my cats sleeping right next to me... I might have died on the inside because it was so cute.
  / stultus / 5d 1h 19m 14s
[B[i I Huh, I have discord too. Is it the elite skills discord you're trying to be added into? If so, is there anyway you can help this old man XDDDD
  Clear- / 5d 1h 22m 2s
Oh! I must tell wolf i have discord now! I need to remember what my tag is. I just realised all my discord friends are male.
  Ceva / Ceva / 5d 1h 24m 25s
[B[I Well that's sad news, I have corona as well, and I'm only in my twenties!! My my, how the world goes by
I current have the light of my world cuddling me, a, k. a, my cat
  Clear- / 5d 1h 28m 11s
Oh hi guys! *waves*
my dad has corona. But he's fucked as he has asthma and prostate. So let's see how long it takes for me to catch it
  Ceva / Ceva / 5d 1h 29m 34s
[B[I Well, I'm afraid to admit that I look back on myself as childish as well... Quite amusing, if you ask me.
Don't worry, it's okay ^^ I remember you as Bakka, no less.
I've recently been told to stay home by my boss but come in as soon as he needs the help, the corona virus has been pretty bad and I'm getting tested on Monday to see if I no longer have it.
  Clear- / 5d 1h 32m 47s
True true, it's interesting to see how creative people can get during this time.
Indeed, I have to walk my dog everyday and people are looking in shock as if it was an unbelievable thing to do, some people are ridiculous, smh.
Have we? I think I remember a couple people under that name... I'm not sure. It's been about what.. 3 or 4 years since I've last been on here? Truth be told some of my behavior had generally made me cringe looking back on it, I think back on it with humor now.
Anyways... Unfortunately I can't remember... I'm not entirely sure if we've met ot not... Hmmm... My apologies, my memory is really bad sometimes.
  / stultus / 5d 1h 34m 41s
[B[I Oh! Well it's good to hear that you've been watching a play through, anything is better than to get swept into the current of drama.
Sigh, such a hassle now-a-days, can't even get a beer without them thinking you're gonna get corona from it
And I believe we have met, but we ended on bad terms I think.... Or maybe not, I dunno. It used to be Grey
  Clear- / 5d 1h 41m 43s
Unfortunately that's become a regular thing, it's a shame, ES has been almost completely wiped out, at least that is what it feels like, almost like a ghost town.
I have been checking on Wolf and had seen him lurking, well, most people have become more busy considering the current situation that we're all in, I've been mainly trying to just keep myself busy, constantly hearing of "COVID-19" is tiring...
Speaking of distraction, I have begun watching a playthrough of AC:New Horizons! It's such an adorable game, I've been seriously contemplating whether I want to waste a load of money just to play it, but I'm thinking I'll wait until the switch has become old enough for prices to go down

Good to hear you're doing well!
Have we met before? Maybe under a different username?
  / stultus / 5d 1h 52m 10s
[B[I Well, you're indeed right on it dying out, sadly.
And don't worry, we all have lives, some more active than others, good that you're spending time with him!
I'm okay, not so sure on the others!
  Clear / Clear- / 5d 1h 59m 36s

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