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Welcome to the Lab. Come on in, order some food and have a drink. Want to fight? Go to our fighting arena. Looking for a job feel free to inquire with the owner. No mater what it is you want to do try and have a good time.

[center[size30 Rules]]

1: No Bullying.
2: Try and be polite.
3: Be respectful.
4: no Politics.
5: Rping is fine to a point.
6: Fighting is to only take place in the arena.

More rules will be added as needed
First Floor
Second Floor
[center[size29 Job positions]]

Owner: Ikage
Bartender 1:Jared-Aquaford
Bartender 2:
Bartender 3:LenaTaylorC95
Waiter 1:
Waiter 2:
Waiter 3:
Waitress 1:LostMemories
Waitress 2:-Fallen-
Waitress 3:
Guard 1:
Guard 2:Hirokokyo
Guard 3:
Engineer: AskTheStaff


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Roleplay Responses

If you want a village name how about Murkwell? I got it off a fantasy village name generator.

  -LostBoy- / 3d 18h 58m 34s
[size12 I haven't fully decided on where to begin the story, so it'll probably be some unnamed village. Crap. I don't even know if my character will have a job or be some weird drifter .]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 4d 11m 52s
He nods and his tail sways happily. Sure I am fine with that, I will post either tonight or tomorrow, it depends
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 17m 11s
[size12 Here's the [ link] to our thread, Matt. If it's alright by you, I'll provide the opening post.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 4d 31m 33s
He smiles and drinks some water. "I just need to find a character pic and set up a character but aside from that I am ready.
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 2h 16m 34s
[size12 Let me know when you're prepared to begin, Matt. I wouldn't dream of beginning without your input.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 4d 4h 26m 2s
NO that sounds good to me and I will check it out sometime tomorrow, I am about to sign off for the night.
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 20h 2m 22s
[size12 This is the character I shall be portraying, Matt. You can check out her limited profile if you so desire. Furthermore, I was thinking of titling our thread as 'Under the Soda-Colored Sky.' Unless you have something better?]
  wizard of meh / Susse / 4d 20h 27m 46s
He nods at each of them and smiles. "Sure you can play here if you want." he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 21h 27m 56s
[b It was the girl with the bright red hair, carrying the drumkit who stepped towards kit before speaking with an aura of superiority. "i am chris and they are..." she went on to introduce zac who was carrying a guitar, charlotte who had her hair in a messy bun also carrying a guitar, jayla who had dark brown hair who held a microphone and finaly sam holding a keyboard with blond hair. "we need somewhere to play"]
  -LostBoy- / 4d 21h 31m 59s
Her takes Virgo's money and nods at her before turning to the new comers. "Hello how can I help you?" he asked
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 21h 41m 0s
[size12 I do apologize for disappearing, Matt. I was developing my character until I slammed straight into a roadblock. What sort of gender should I portray? If it's helpful, I can do either.]

[size12 You're quite welcome, Virgo.]
  sᴜssᴇ / Susse / 4d 21h 41m 11s
[b a group of what appears to be students would enter the lab. The eldest of the group, zac, who happened to be the only male out of the five walked over to kit. The students each had a different item. There were two guitars, a keyboard, a drumset and a microphone. "good morning" zac said greeting everyone with a smile, pushing his purple hair from his face.]
  -LostBoy- / 4d 21h 42m 33s
[i takes the new one and smiles tossing a few gold pieces his way before sipping a bit] Thank You <3

  ~Nyan~ / V1rg081tch / 4d 21h 43m 37s
He nods in understanding and gets her another beer and hands it to her. "Here you go." he said with a smile.
  Neko boy / IKage / 4d 21h 48m 34s

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