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Welcome to the Lab. Come on in, order some food and have a drink. Want to fight? Go to our fighting arena. Looking for a job feel free to inquire with the owner. No mater what it is you want to do try and have a good time.

[center[size30 Rules]]

1: No Bullying.
2: Try and be polite.
3: Be respectful.
4: no Politics.
5: Rping is fine to a point.
6: Fighting is to only take place in the arena.

More rules will be added as needed
First Floor
Second Floor
[center[size29 Job positions]]

Owner: Ikage
Bartender 1:Jared-Aquaford
Bartender 2:
Bartender 3:
Waiter 1:EileenTheCrow
Waiter 2:
Waiter 3:
Waitress 1:Nightingale20
Waitress 2:
Waitress 3:
Guard 1:Isamu
Guard 2:Hirokokyo
Guard 3:
Lab Pet: Arcane*Because Arecne asked to be it*

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