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[i "It wasn't your fault."]

She told him that as she too stepped inside of the elevator. Bigby didn't agree. He must have not made it clear enough to Snow to not do what she had done. Or, somehow missed the word going around that she was going to do that. He wanted to believe that it wasn't his fault but he feels responsible, somehow. [b "I don't know. I could have been more assertive with her I guess. But, you know Snow. Once she has her mind set on something, she isn't budging."] He figures one would call it pride. But she's a Princess after all.

Then the doors opened and he saw her getting off the elevator. Before she left she mentioned that she will be talking to Snow in the morning and he didn't see how that would help. He sees Snow, her and Bluebeard all arguing in the office. This is going to lead to a messy case, he knows it. Cause he thinks even Snow wont be too happy about Val's tree being chopped like it was. [b "Yeah, try and get sleep."] He knows she was talking about him, but he never sleeps. Not tonight for sure. The wolf is going to be busy trying to keep an eye over the apartment so no one bother's her tonight. Something in his gut was telling him they weren't done with her. So no, he wont be sleeping, again. But she asked him again, telling him to sleep. All he could do was give his warmest smile and a little nod. To help ease her. She's the one who was being threatened. He's threatened all the damn time. So she's going to be having a hard night. He just knows it.

Once she was gone he couldn't help feel like maybe he should have offered her to sleep at his place? That's weird but she could have taken his room and he would know for a fact that she was okay. His bed room is the cleanest room in his little apartment since he hardly gets to sleep there. If anything he takes naps in his chair. It's probably for the best he didn't offer. That would have been rude. He's just the poor wolf and she's this amazing noble witch. It would have been very inappropriate and unprofessional. Yeah, he's one of the very few who knows her story. He just doesn't go around blabbering it to everyone. It's not his story to tell.

Just as he thought, he spent the night at his little kitchen table with the phone near by. Waiting for any calls. At some point he fell asleep at the table, not sure when he did though. He woke up about two hours later seeing it was still night and only 2 in the morning. He just, needed to do a check up. Just one. Then maybe he could sleep a little more sounder. So with that he took the elevator down one floor and looked around floor. Nothing seemed out of place. Then at her door he just, listened carefully. Nothing was stirring around in there, so he sighed of relief. She was probably drugged up on those painkillers and sleeping for the night. He would take his once he was back up stairs.

Back in his apartment, he kicked his shoes off by the door and loosened his tie just a bit and actually flopped onto his bed for the night, with the help of his own painkillers from the Dr. This allowing him to get a few more good hours in. One of the best night's of rest he has had in forever.

Morning came and he slept in, to ten. That's sleeping in for him. The man sat up and stretched and let out a loud yawn. It was time to go see if Snow had anything for him for today. Forgetting at the moment about Val going to talk to her. A quick shower and clean clothes, the usual, though it was a this light forest green button up shirt that was ever so casually slung on. Sleeves rolled up, not tucked in, and a simple black tie, pants, and shoes to match. Not even bothering with his scruffy beard. It was just casual and easy to move in. Since he never knows if he is going to do some heavy chasing each day.

Bigby smoked a cigarette and walked to the main office this morning, feeling rested enough. The actual sleep doing him some good. It showed. He looked more refreshed and more alert than usual. Why he even bought himself a bagel to eat on the way to work.

Though the good mood didn't last too long, he heard it as he was walking to Snow's office and everyone in line waiting next. He tossed his wrapper in the pin outside and walked in. Snow, Val, and Bluebeard not far. Snow was fired up about Val's tree, but not liking how Val was blaming her. The wolf cleared his throat as the door closed behind him. [b "Ladies. Bluebeard."] He joined up to them and stood at the side. Not sure what he had missed so he figures one of them will fill him in.
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[center [size12 What was Vasilisa going to tell Snow? Actually, no. Vasilisa didn't have to come up with an excuse for Snow or even feel bad about what happened. Snow should be the one apologizing to Val. After all, Snow White was the one who started the initial cause of the destruction of Vasilisa's innocent tree. She did have a few bits left, she would be fine for a little while until she figured out how to get the tree to come back. It shouldn't be too hard, but at the same time, they had to get rid of the problem before Vasilisa tried to get her tree to grow back. That means Greenleaf and the Tweedles need to be eliminated, so nothing like this could happen again.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa followed behind Bigby before sighing softly. It wasn't his fault. He didn't need to apologize. Snow should be the one saying that she was sorry for causing all this, but Vasilisa knew better than anyone that the black haired woman had some pride issues. She just sighed again. [i [#778899 "It wasn't your fault, Bigby,"]] she shook her head, entering the elevator. She pressed her floor number, which was a floor below Bigby. She watched the doors close then glanced back over to the Sheriff. [i [#778899 "I will be having a conversation with Snow in the morning, but for now, sleep is in order,"]] she muttered softly before yawning. She was growing tired and even leaned back against the elevator wall to keep herself from keeling over or passing out.]]
[center [size12 When the elevator stopped, Vasilisa took a step forward. [i [#778899 "I can handle myself, Mister Wolf. You don't have to worry about me. If I need you, I will definitely come looking,"]] she offered a small smile before stepping off. [i [#778899 "Oh, one more thing... Please do get some sleep tonight,"]] she worried about his health more than her own. She knew that he had a nasty habit of not sleeping and eating like shit. She gave him a small wave before walking off to her apartment.]]
[center [size12 As she faced her apartment, pushing the door opened once she unlocked it, Vasilisa groaned in frustration. There was bits and pieces of her tree laying about, blood splatter everywhere, and some of her furniture was mildly destroyed. She hated looking at everything, but there wasn't much she could do right now. She popped a few of the sleeping pills and took a seat on the couch. She wanted to be around the front door just in case.]]
[center [size12 Flicking through a few channels, Vasilisa's eyes grew heavy. She got herself up just to change clothes. A simple pair of leggings and a large t-shirt. She examined her wounds that were wrapped up before finding herself curling up on the couch and eventually passing out for the night.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 When morning came, all was undisturbed. So it was only the tree that they wanted. She was safe for another day. Vasilisa got up from the couch, turning the television off. She walked into the bathroom to remove her clothes then her bandages. It was time for a shower. She hopped in, watching the wounds being cleaned out by the water. She was in there for longer than usual then finally got out. She redressed her wounds and got dressed for the day. It was time to speak with Miss. Snow.]]
[center [size12 Dressed in a pair of high waisted, black pants and a nice, button up, white shirt. She tucked the shirt into her pants and pushed her feet into a pair of nice boots and left her apartment. Cleaning this place up would come another time, later today most likely.]]
[center [size12 Finally arriving to Miss. Snow's office with a small frown on her lips, she opened the door. There was no need for knocking. She worked there, after all. [i [#778899 "Miss. Snow. I need a word with you,"]] Vasilisa sternly said, but Bluebeard stepped forward with a serious look on his face. [i [#FF0000 "And what do you need with Miss. Snow?"]] Bluebeard asked, but Vasilisa ignored him, walking past him and straight up to Snow. [i [#778899 "You are the reason why I got shoot in the gut by the Tweedles and my tree got hacked to pieces. Why in god's name would you burn Greenleaf's tree? Do you think I have a death wish?"]] Vasilisa had a short fuse and it was obvious that she was beyond angry.]]
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His cigarette rested lightly yet tucked firmly between his lips as he lit his up, and held out his lighter for Vasilisa to light her own up. Soon finding out she too enjoys the same brand as he. It caused his brows to rise a bit and it was a pleasant surprise. [b "I thought I was the only who like them too?"] Bigby tucked the lighter away in his pocket and huffed a few times. His dark eyes watch her sit at the curb and tuck her legs close to her as the both waited. He didn't want her to go back to her place. The Tweedles could be back to the finish the job for all he knew and he didn't want that. Things might not go so easily then.

The two took a few more puffs before she finally explains Holly's place and she didn't really much care for it. He understood that one. A concerned frown painted his face hearing that. Seeming her place was the only way to go. She was quick to ease his fears though. Mentioning that they did live in the same apartment so they wouldn't be too far apart. [b "Hey...but what if they come back while you're sleeping?"] He took the last long drag of his cigarette and tossed it in the near by trash when she waved down a cab for them.

Her soft look as she patted the seat next to her in the cab was, refreshing. A long day, week, maybe month. Something about her was just enjoyable. She seems enjoyable. It helps that she is rather easy on the eyes. Not that, that matters about anything.

[b "Look, I'm just saying...I'm nervous about the idea of you being alone okay. They were so easy to shoot you. So you very much could be a target already, Val. And they know I live there and that didn't stop them from cutting your tree down. THey knew I wasn't home. I'm nervous about this. Okay? I'm aware what will happen if this Town looses you."] It was hard talking like that, with out trying to be awkward. He has his moments. It's not often but talking about a pretty girl being alone while he was, well him. It was pretty awkward for him.

Eventually, when the cab came to a stop in front of their apartment, he got out first and held the cab door open for her. Now he walked up to the door next to her, hands in his pockets and looking around and checking the area. As far as he could smell, the Tweedles weren't here. He's going to be on bodyguard duty now. The thought of another night of no sleep made him sigh heavily. He's going to make sure the door man calls him if he sees the Tweedles coming.

At the door front door he opened it and held it open. He stopped her for a minute. [b "For what it's worth, if anything at all coming from me. I'm sorry about your tree. I know how much homeland things can mean for people. If you need anything you, uh. Well you know where I live. Please stop by if you need help or feel in danger in anyway. Okay?"] He gave the back of his head a scratch before stepping to the side to let her in and so they could get to the elevator.
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[center [size12 Vasilisa stood on the sidewalk for a brief moment, pocketing her bottle of medication into her skirt pocket as she stood in silence. She thinking about her poor tree and playing her memories back of the night, watching it being hacked to pieces. She had only a little bit left of it. Enough to make the glamours for the month, but after that, she was out of business and Fabletown could come to an end. She was at a loss of what to do. What pulled her attention back to the forfront of her mind was a pack of smokes being gestured to her. She glanced down and nodded a small thank you.]]
[center [size12 Placing the cigarette between her lips, she leaned forward and lit it against the flame from Bigby's lighter. [i [#778899 "I thought I was the only one who smoked these cheap cigarettes,"]] she was never known to smoke much, but her preferred brand was [i Huff N' Puffs,] something about the nasty taste and load of nicotine as enough to keep her from flipping her lid on the next person she saw.]]
[center [size12 Carefully, Vasilisa sat down on the edge of the sidewalk and pulled off her boots with a quiet groan. [i [#778899 "I have Holly and Grendal, but I don't much care for their place, plus the Woodsman is always there. I am not too fond of him,"]] she murmured softly as she took a long drag off the butt of the cigarette and sighed. What a night. She went from doing business to being shoot in the gut.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Other than home, I really don't have any other options,"]] Vasilisa flicked the remaining butt away before standing back up. She tucked pieces of her hair behind her ear. She was a mess. She looked like she had been through hell and back, blood all over her face and clothes. Soft bruises on her pale skin. She looked like she had been dragged up and down the street and finally shoot in the gut. She wasn't pretty any more. She was ugly, in her mind.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "We live in the same building and you live especially close to me. I should be fine, right? Oh, the mess. The fucking mess I have to clean up,"]] she groaned in frustration, putting her head in her hands with a pout. [i [#778899 "Let's go,"]] she waved down a cab before sliding in carefully. She patted the spot next to her with a small smile up towards him.]]
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He was already feeling the world starting to fade in and out as the silver was doing it's job. Acting as a poison if the whole bullet manages to not actually completely embed itself in him. Things were fuzzy and blurry, he almost didn't notice the touch of the little lady holding onto his arm. It was her giggle if anything. Made his ears twitch a little and perk him right up. It was probably the nicest sound he has heard, in a several decades. Maybe a century, if he was going to be honest with himself. Something about her already made him feel a little better. Even if it was a little, he didn't quite really feel like passing out just yet. Her comment about him needing to see the Dr more than her made him hold his wound a little tighter and a small smirk to his lips. [b "What? This? I've been in worse. This is just a scratch."] He tried to chuckle, but it hurt way to damn much! Enough to cause him to groan out and nearly fall down again. Yeah, this silver needs to go.

To make a rather shitty night, so shitty, she thanked him. He wasn't sure what for. He feels like he rather failed at this, rather badly. But she thanked him and it seems both were helping each other stand at this point. In a way, she was right. Maybe if he hadn't shown up, the Tweedles could have done much more worse. If they want someone dead, they do the job. They are hitmen after all. But Bigby showing up threw their plans up and caused them to maybe escape with their lives. Even if they were only limping out with their lives.

When they were about to leave her apartment, he just heard her softly say "that he wasn't as bad as everyone says he is". It was enough to get him to glance at her. Remembering the last two girls to say that to him. One, no longer among the living, and the other out there living her new free life now. He thought maybe it was a fluke. Hearing such words said about HIM, of all people. Though those "Big Bad Wolf" stories were centuries old now and no one was the same Fable that they were back in the old times. It seems only Bigby was the only not being forgiven for the things he did back when he was a young wolf. Those, were rather dark times for him. Not that anyone ever stopped to figure out the Sheriff. His teeth and claws usually left people running the other direction. HIs size was rather intimidating then too.

Her words, left him a little speechless. He didn't know what to say when the other girls said it to him. And he doesn't know what to say to her now. Not to be rude, his silence was more of a, "I'm not sure what to say" sort of silence.

But the two managed to ride a cab to Swineheart's hospital. Both looking to be in critical help. They were rushed to the emergency. There Bigby was sat down and Swineheart was going to check him out first, but he had quietly told him to check out Val instead. Ladies first after all. Right? So when she told the Dr to check him out first. Swineheart just ignored her. He wasn't about to ignore the Sheriff's request.

The Sheriff sat there looking at the gash across his left hip. It was rather gross, if he had to say so himself. Silver always leaving scars on him. Regular weapon wounds heal right up. But Silver. Always knew how to leave a lasting mark on his rough and rugged human body. Though he was sitting there rather calm and no really groaning and grunting. Bigby got use to the pain, a talent of his. Makes him good at getting knocked down and able to spring right back up. You cant kill him that easily. Fables are hard to kill to begin with. As he looked over his wound, the male wasn't paying too much attention to what the other two were saying. Not till Swineheart started sterilizing his gash. That got an instant jolt of Mr. Wolf with a slam of his fist on the arm of the chair.

[b "Cant you even try to be gentle with me?"] He asked and the Dr just gave this. "Did YOU, just really say that?" Getting the both of them to chuckle at Bigby's poor joke. The two were pals by now, with how many times the Dr has to patch up the town's Sheriff.

[b "Yeah, I'll get her home."] That was the jest of what he was able to retain from when Swineheart and Val were talking. [b "You don't have to tell me how important she is. The counsel needs her. Fables, need her. I got it."] He took a deep breath as he felt the stitches but then glanced back over to her once he noticed the worst part was over. She was up and ready to go and when the Dr was done with Bigby, she was handed a bottle of painkillers. Meaning it was time for them to go. [b "You sure you want to go home? They might come back for you. Do you think it's the safest spot right now? Any friend's you could stay with?"] Bigby held the door open for her and let her walk out first, with a nod to the Dr to say goodbye, the two left to head to the main streets. Once again, it was time to smoke on his favorite cigarettes, offering her one as the wait began. [b "Don't even try and shake me off. I wont be able to rest, not that I do that much anyways, till I know you're safe and sound for the night."] He added and took a few hits off his cigarette, able to have a moment of peace.
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[center [size12 Vasilisa was a tiny girl. She wasn't much short as she was skinny. The buck shoot to her gut would eventually begin hurting, but the adrenaline was still pumping through her veins. She was a tough girl. She wasn't like these little princes and princesses, prancing around with their emotions out for everyone to see. She was a queen back in her homeland. A beautiful queen, who had bad things happen to her in the end. She exhaled slowly, examining the wound closely before hearing Bigby speak to her. She glanced up and sighed. He looked worse than here, it was the silver. [i Fucking hell,] she thought to herself before getting up. She took a light hold on Bigby's arm and frowned.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa chuckled softly before shaking her head, [i [#778899 "honestly, you need to see the doctor more than I do."]] She was more worried about him than the buck shoot to her gut. She could most definitely handle herself. She then moved her arm to around her shoulder, despite the height difference and helped him along. [i [#778899 "The Tweedles sure know how to fuck up a night for someone,"]] she muttered under her breath. [i [#778899 "And by the way,"]] Vaslisa looked up at Bigby with a gentle smile, [i [#778899 "thank you for coming by. It made a bad situation not as bad as it could have been."]] She was right. She would have been dead or left for dead if Bigby hadn't followed her home and came to check on her.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "You're not as bad as everyone says you are,"]] she smiled to herself.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 Meanwhile, the pain finally kicked in. Swineheart was poking around in Vasilisa's gut for shards from the buck shoot. Vasilisa made it a point to make sure Bigby was taken care of first before. She laid back in the chair, fingers gripping hard into the arms of the chair. She did her best not to yelp or crying, but it really did hurt once she could actually feel the pain.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "You took a full blown buck shoot to the gut and you were able to get Sheriff Bigby Wolf to me without passing out? You are a walking miracle, more than any other fable I've known,"]] Swineheart chuckled, picking at the wound before finally finishing the clean up process and began slowly wrapping it.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Let's just say, Russians are built to last especially their queens,"]] Vasilisa laid back, making it easier for Swineheart to wrap her barely clothed upper half of her body. [i [#FF0000 "You might want to stay away from guns for a while though and you too, Mister Bigby,"]] Swineheart point at Bigby before standing up. [i [#FF0000 "Make sure she lies down and gets plenty of rest. Don't let her get involved with the Tweedles again, please,"]] Swineheart expressed concern over that before nodding to them both.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa carefully picked herself up from the chair and groaned quietly. She managed to get herself standing before feeling a tab bit light headed. [i [#778899 "Holy shit,"]] she placed her hand on the nearby wall to brace herself. [i [#778899 "Yeah, I wanna go home now,"]] she murmured softly, gaining a tab bit of a headache for the mess she would eventually have to clean up. [i [#FF0000 "Oh, here Vasilisa. You might want to take a couple of these too,"]] Swineheart handed off a bottle of painkillers.]]
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When ever the Tweedles were involved always meant a headache for BigBy. It was annoying, THEY, were annoying. Always rattling Bigby when ever they get the chance. Though hearing them mention Greenleaf, only confirmed Val's and his concerns earlier back at the Trip Trap. The older witch was not happy. He understands, he just wishes, that just once. JUST ONCE, Snow listened and respected his request. This is why he didn't want to burn the tree. The wolf was going to try and calm the Tweedles down, it doesn't always happen, but sometimes Bigby can surprise everyone with how good at negotiating he was. So he read them their rights, just hoping this goes easy. Just once.

It seems the Twins didn't want that. With the whole, telling him to drop the professional act.

[b "Looks, guys, come on. It's late, we can talk this out back at the office, and then this can all go away. Doesn't that.. I SAID STOP!"] The wolf growled as he saw the one going to chop at the tree, again! After he had already nicely asked them to stop! [i I really HATE these fuckers.] He thought to himself glaring. Then he saw the shotgun being pointed at Vasilisa and he went a little white in the face and did his best to go get Tweedledum to get the gun out of his hands. Save the innocent and all, part of the job. But he was just, a little too slow for once. He saw her fall down.

This caused Bigby to swear out under his breath and allowed just the fangs and claws to come out with the glow of his yellow eyes. He warned them. He did! They all heard it. [b "Damn it guys. Now it seems this has to be ugly."] With that, he dashed to the shotgun, avoiding any additional shots fired at him. Snatching the gun and Dum's throat firmly in his strong gasp and the gun in his other hand. His ears hearing the other going to make a run for it and so he whipped the heavy shotgun at the back of his head. Knocking him down too. [b "Seriously guys! Stop! For fucking once! Just stop! I said, you're under arrest."] He slammed the cuffs tightly around Dee's wrists and then dragged him to Dum, who rolled over with a pistol in his hand and shot it at Bigby. Silver. [b "I...fucking...hate you guys..."]

His breath was shaky as he fell down to his knees and felt the blood, a lot of it. The two making a run for it. As stupid as they were, they learned how much silver can hurt the wolf. They really got on his nerves. A lot.

Luckily though for one thing. Dee's aim was shit poor, hence why they like the shotguns. No one has to have good aim with those things. The bullet just grazed his left side. Though it was enough to sting and burn and slow him don. He feels maybe a few pieces got shredded into his hip though. [b "Ffffuck."] The male gritted his teeth and went to stand up, but it sent fire through his whole left side and he quickly fell back down to his knees. Though seeing that Val was up and seeing just how much of a shot she took, he frowned instantly. [b "I'm....I'm sorry...I'll get them...I'll get your tree. I will."] He grit his teeth once more and took deep breaths through his nose to push himself up to his feet.

[b "You need to see Swineheart. I' sorry."] Bigby frowned, feeling like shit that he couldn't help keep her safe. That was his job! And he cant even do that! It was a terrible feeling. Honestly, the worst. He glanced down at his left hand on his hip and saw just how much of his own blood was flowing up. The silver keeps him from healing quickly and keeps the wound open. He needs it out, now. He will pass out by the time he gets to Swineheart, if he doesn't hurry. [b "Can you walk Val? Here, let me help you. The best that I can."] It was a settle start to beating himself up. MOre will come, certainly. The both needing to see the doctor, and now. So the wolf walks over to her carefully and offers her his arm or shoulder, what ever she needed for support so they can get a ride to the hospital.
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[center [size12 Vasilisa just watched as her tree was being hacked away at and she started to pick herself up and take matters into her own hands, but something stopped her. It was Bigby Wolf, the Sheriff. How did he even know to come check on her? [i Holly and Grendal, of course,] she thought to herself as she glanced down at the floor, listening to their exchange.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "The lil' Lass was right, y'know Bigby? Greenleaf isn't too happy about her tree and the only other tree is this one,"]] Tweedledee grinned and that caused Vasilisa to finally pick herself up from the floor. She looked pathetic anyway. The gun was turned on her, [i [#FF0000 "don't think about it, witch bitch."]] The Tweedles weren't too much of a fan of her. Most people knew that witches had a lot of power, especially when it came to something that they cared about. Vasilisa balled her fists at her side, [i [#778899 "I'm not stupid, but you really shouldn't be hacking away at a tree like that. He might not appreciate it."]] Vasilisa tilted her head, her eyes narrowed in a glare towards the brothers.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Bigby, don't start all that official nonsense with us. You know just as well as us how this is going to end,"]] one of the brothers chuckled before ripping off the last branch, while the other had their shotgun pointed right at them.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "Ut omnis ligni esum,"]] Vasilisa spoke softly and the tree began morphing and moving before rather one of the Tweedles up in the branches that were left. The other Tweedle, the one with the branches looked at his brother before laughing. [i [#FF0000 "Witches always were so creepy,"]] Tweedledee rolled his eyes, Vasilisa stepped forward. [i [#778899 "Drop the fucking branches or..."]] Her eyes had even turned a color, a deep red hue. She stepped forward once more before receiving a shotgun blast to the mid section of her body. She was knocked back with a loud, painful groan. Tweedledee fled, while Tweedledum was still wrapped up in the tree.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa was knocked back into her coffee table, laying there with a soft sigh. [i [#778899 "Well, it could have been worse,"]] she muttered, spitting a bit of blood to the side. She groaned as she picked herself up from the ground. [i [#778899 "What are we going to do about him?"]] Vasilisa could take a beating, she was a witch after all. Most Fables can take a pretty hard beating, they were so damn hard to kill. [i [#778899 "Did Holly and Grendal send you?"]] Vasilisa asked, wrapping an arm around her stomach before finding her way to the kitchen to sit down in a chair. She then pulled up her shirt, examining the damage with a frustrated scowl.]]
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That was a first, someone not blaming him. It took him by surprise greatly and his face showed it. Just how, not use he is to hearing that. Someone not blaming him for their misery caused by Crane and those in the office running this town. It was rather, refreshing and made the smallest little smile curl Bigby's lips. Just a little one. [b "That...means more than you know. Thanks."] He said before listening to her finish the rest about how she was the best of the best with these witches and their glamours. She wasn't. He agreed completely. Hers were just so, much potent and lasted longer and weren't that expensive, of course they could be cheaper. But still. They cant be free after all.

When Holly then chimed in, it wasn't really needed. Bigby knew Val here was the best at what she did. Though he wasn't about to offend Holly, no. He also nodded at her as he set down his now empty glass. HOlly was going to refill it, but he held his hand over it. Motioning that he didn't want one right now. Pacing himself. He doesn't like getting drunk often, and not that fast. His job doesn't really allow him to get wasted often. [b "I'm aware that all the Fables need her. You don't have to tell me. With her being one of the few here with her own tree. She's even more valuable now. I get it. I don't think...Snow looked at the whole picture and the price of burning down that tree. She closed a lot of doors by doing that. I don't know about you. But I have a history of closed doors. Don't really, like them."]

[+green "Don't you just blow them down and use them anyways?"] Woody chuckled and gulped down, who knows what number of whiskey that was.

[b "Ha, you're funny."] He rolled his eyes and left the man to his drinking. Bigby then blinked a few times hearing that Val thinks that Greenleaf may actually, be a bit more problematic now. A loud and heavy sigh left his lips again. He hopes nothing like that happens. He's not in the mood for that. But what took him by more of surprise was hearing that Val wasn't done with him and she will in fact talk to him tomorrow in his office. [b "Oh? About.....what?"] Was all he could get out, but she was already gone. The Wolf just sighed and spun around in his seat. Debating to get another glass or not. Though it seems the others suggest he go and check on Val at her own place after all. [b "Would that make you all feel better?"] Yes, it was his night off. But can one really take a night off when you're Sheriff? No. [b "Okay, I'll go check on her. I'm telling her you sent me though."]

Bigby stood up and reached in his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. Paying and tipping nicely tonight. He thanked Holly for her time and said his byes to Woody before heading on out onto the streets once more.

This called for another cigarette as he waited again for a cab once more. This time taking him home, but he was going to go visit Val, she was a little higher up on the apartment. A bigger one. He had the crapiest of the crap apartments here in the Woodlands.

When the elevator ride came to an end he right away picks up on something. Something wrong. A few sniffs and his ear listening closely he dashed a bit and made his way down a hall and turned the corner to see a door open and heard a chopping sound coming from a room. All sneaky and predator like, Bigby struts into the room. To see the Tweedles. Messing with something that wasn't theirs and Val there on the floor. [b "HEY!"] He barked out and glared daggers at them. [b "That's Property of Fabletown your touching!"] He huffed a bit as he carefully looked at them and what was left of the tree. [b "You two are under arrest for the destruction to Council Property! Anything you say may and will be used against you! Now don't be dumb little fucks and make this harder than it has to be."] He glared and held cuffs in his hands and was ready to fight, and he knew that's how it was going to go. That's how it always goes when he runs into these assholes. They always manage to slip away.
  BigBy Wolf / Papa_Death / 9d 16h 53m 12s
[center [size12 Vasilisa was never one to put the blame on anyone, especially when it was a group problem or a single, bad decision, but Snow's selfishness just caused Vaslisa's life to head south and how far south, Vasilsa does not know. She took a moment, sighing softly before shaking her head. [i [#778899 "It's not your fault, by any means, Mister Wolf. I'm just letting you know that there could be... Complications in the future that would effect me mostly. I make the glamours, the best glamours that you, Snow, the whole Fabletown has ever seen or used and if I go then everyone would be screwed,"]] she explained in a calm manner, finishing off the last of her drink. She pushed the cup forward and Holly prepared another cup with a smile. Val and her were close friends.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Now, Bigby... Vasilisa is a good girl and she is right, her glamours are very well made. Keep her safe, the whole Fabletown needs her,"]] Holly explained in a nurturing manner which was very rare to see from the Troll woman. But Vasilisa and her had a very long history of business. Vasilisa's glamours and their relationship is what helped Holly come out of the rut that she was in when her sister, Lily died. Vasilisa was like Holly's sister, child even.]]
[center [size12 [i [#778899 "I just have this weird feeling... Greenleaf won't be too long before she makes a move on my own, personal tree,"]] she murmured, mainly to herself. She placed her head in her left hand, taking a long gulp of her vodka with a contemplated look upon her doll like face.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa sat in silence for a brief period of time to the point that even Grendal stepped forward and grabbed her shoulder. [i [#778899 "I gotta go. Here, Holly,"]] she placed some money on the table and smiled. She tucked her hair behind her ear before turning to Bigby. [i [#778899 "We're not done here. I'll see you in your office tomorrow,"]] she pointed at him before smiling, she wasn't at all mad at him and it was obvious in her playful features at the end before she hurried out. Grendal and Holly exchanged looks before turning their attention on Bigby Wolf.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "That girl has been through enough shit already, don't let this get ruined for her,"]] Grendal growled lowly before rolling his eyes. He downed the rest of his drink before groaning. [i [#FF0000 "I know you seem to have the night off, Sheriff, but you might want to check in on her. She didn't seem to happy about something,"]] Holly interjected before Grendal could.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa pulled her keys from her skirt pocket, but as she approached her door, she noticed that the lock had been broken. She pushed it opened slowly before seeing the Tweedles brothers were standing there, axe in hand as they were hacking away at her tree's limbs. She felt a sort of sharp pain in her side and she grabbed her side. It was a physical pain for the tree. She narrowed her eyes and before she could do anything, they turned to her. One was holding a shotgun and the other was still holding the axe, with several tree limbs in hand.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Ah, its the witch bitch, Vas-something?"]] Tweedledum crackled, snorting slightly before Vasilisa stepped forward to say something, but before she could say anything, Tweedledum pushed her back. [i [#FF0000 "Don't make us get physical, Little Lady. Aunty Greenleaf wants this tree and we're gonna bring it to her, in pieces,"]] Vasilisa was utterly powerless against them. She sat on the ground and watched several more limbs be hacked away.]]
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The drink burned good going down Bigby's throat. He wasn't really talking much tonight. He just, wanted the drink. To sort of blur the day and night and then go home and sleep. Maybe sleep in for just once. Just once. The wolf was getting tired.

It wasn't till he was half way through his drink he heard heels walking into the bar. It wasn't Snow, or Beauty. He knows people by their steps and how they walk. That hearing of his. Plus, her perfume was different. Not that any of this matter. Though if he was to be a little honest, he wasn't too sure who it was? She did smell, a little familiar. Just as it dinged on him, he heard Holly calling the new incoming by her name. Val for short. She's been here for a couple of months, he thinks. Though he wasn't really here to mingle or to get to know anyone. He just kept his snout in his drink and wanting this to kick in already.

From the corner of his eye though, he saw the exchange of the glamour. But he showed no interest in it. No exchange of looks. Val was a legal witch. She knows what she's doing, so Bigby had no meaning to question it. Plus, tonight. He didn't care. Unless this turned into an armed robbery suddenly, he didn't give a flying fuck what went down. He just didn't. It seemed no how hard he tried, he just cant get at the same level with Snow. Let alone to get her to maybe see him. [i Stop being stupid. You don't have time for that. And besides. She's a Princess and you're.....a wolf.] He thought to himself and gulped the last gulp in his glass, before casually, gesturing for one more of the same.

By now, Val had sat her smaller framed self next to the Sheriff. There was only a little moment of silence. Till she spoke up, about the tree. That damn tree. A long sigh left his lips and this pained look painted his face. He didn't want to any of the usual. "You suck Bigby." "Great job Bigby." "You really stick up for us little guys. Bigby." He tries and it seems he always got the complaints from those running the City.

[b "I...just found out myself....look....I'm...sorry. I had nothing to do with that."] He spoke in his usual low and scratchy voice. Noticing the surprised looks on the others. They assumed he was apart of it. He knew that. [b "I actually voted against burning of the tree. I wanted Greenleaf to work for us legally. I didn't know about Snow burning about it. I thought...I made it clear to not touch the tree."] He took a few swigs of his drink and pinched the bridge of his nose. Woody glanced down to the wolf and took a drink of his own too.

[+green "I, believe you, Mutt."] Bigby only gave a tired roll to his eyes. He knew Woody meant it in, a playful banter. To some degree.

[b "Thanks. I don't know who she sent....It was BlueBeard. He said he had things to do this morning."] He sighed and doped his head between his fingers of both hands rubbing his head more. [b "I'll...try and talk to Snow about it, Vasilisa. I...cant make any busy lately. But I'll try."] The wolf gave her a nod before going to take another drink of her bourbon.
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[center [size12 Hair pinned up, messy strands tucked behind her ears, Vasilisa had a carving pencil in her mouth and a stern look on her pale face. She was staring hard at the glamour she was making. It was a new one for Holly. She always liked to make her more personal glamours with a bit more of a special touch. All of the little things that made Holly the person she was, was because of Vasilisa.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa was still technically new to the whole Fabletown community, but so far, she was loved by most of them. Yeah, some people didn't like the soft spoken, quiet kind of quiet, but she couldn't change that. Vasilisa had a bad past, just like the rest of the fables. Her story ended in heartbreak, like the rest of the stories. She was married once, but lost her husband to a nasty assassin and that was when she came to Fabletown. She had been hunted by the man who killed her husband and this was her safest option. It wasn't bad though, she had herself a nice job that kept her even more safe and she even got a nice, little apartment to go along with it. Her bills were paid and there was food on the table. She couldn't complain about much.]]
[center [size15 [b ~~~]]]
[center [size12 After the hard work was put into the glamour, it was done. She smiled at it, tucking it inside of a velvet bag before throwing on a more appealing attar, rather than her long, house dress that she normally worked. She was clad in a long, ruffled, black high waisted skirt that had her buttoned down, white shirt tucked into the waist band. She managed to get a more presentable hair style as well. Just plain ol' down and messy. She didn't mind though. She was just going to the Trip Trap and coming right back, right?]]
[center [size12 Pushing her feet into a pair of ankle boots, Vasilisa left her apartment with keys and glamour in hand. It was the middle of autumn and the nights were growing colder as the season was slowly turning to winter. She didn't mind it, after all the girl was Russian. She smiled to herself, hurrying along and finally made it to the bar.]]
[center [size12 When Vasilisa entered the bar, she stopped and took a moment to see all the people that were there. Grendal, Holly, Woody, and... [i Is that Bigby Wolf?] She really couldn't believe that he would even be here. The whole misfit Fable community was never too fond of him, but at the same time, weren't they all the same? All the villains of their stories? She took a moment and sighed softly before walking towards the bar.]]
[center [size12 [i [#FF0000 "Val, ah its so nice to see you,"]] Holly greeted and began making a nasty concoction of Vasilisa's favorite vodka before chuckling. [i [#778899 "Here's your glamour, Miss. Holly,"]] the Russian accent was very thick and that was why she didn't talk much. Her accent was thick enough that most people had trouble hearing the actual English through it. [i [#FF0000 "You're such a doll, Val,"]] Holly smiled and took the glamour in hand before tucking it away into her pocket.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa was a thin, small girl that when you looked at her in a bar, you would imagine that she wouldn't make it very far and be passed out by drink two. She can drink Grendal and Woody into the grave if they tried challenging her.]]
[center [size12 Vasilisa climbed her way up onto the bar stool, next to the Sheriff before looking at him. [i [#778899 "Snow burned Greenleaf's tree,"]] Vasilisa took a long, slow sip of her drink before pouting down at the glass. [i [#778899 "You know that Snow just made my life a living nightmare, right?"]] Vasilisa mumbled with a very hateful glare down at the glass. She wanted to give Snow a piece of her mind, but she couldn't. Everyone loved Snow and she couldn't hurt the girl.]]
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[+blue "Good job out there today, Sheriff."]

Miss Snow gave a soft smile and nod as she stood next to BigBy Wolf, while he locked up some poor drunk fable walking down the streets. The drunkard swears and slurs. All the while trying to swing some fists at the wolf. Only causing Bigby to roll his eyes and shove the drunk into the cell faster and locking itup. [b "You can stay in there, till you sober up. I'm tired of telling you. You cant walk around FableTown drunk. Next time, I wont be so nice."] He scuffed and tossed the keys on the jail's desk. Snow then took her turn scolding the fool. Her knuckles on her hips as she lectures him like a child.

As she did that, Bigby took the chance to read today's paper and sit down. All day he has been playing babysitter with these lame cases lately. Everything has been, rather calm since...the Crooked Man and Crane. He flips through some mail and saw another post card from Nerissa. [i Glad she got away from this...she deserves it.] He smiled to himself and then got to the paper.

That's when he saw it. Today's headline. HOw hasn't he heard about that till just now? Greenleaf's tree from the homelands has been burnt down. This was confusing to the wolf. He remembers, personally telling Snow no. That it wasn't needed and Greenleaf's offer to come work legally for them still stands. He sat there with his arms folded over his chest and staring at Snow, finishing up her lecture. When she turns around to see his look. She knew that he knew now.

[+blue "Bigby...I had to-"]

[b "No. You didn't. That tree could have helped us instead. To make more glamours. Meaning they could be cheaper since we can make even more. Meaning I wouldn't have to be the bad guy no more by shipping Fables to the Farm."]

[+blue "So your job could be easier?"]

[b "So the Fables can live more happily, Snow."] The two stood there, both slightly glaring at each other. BigBy took a deep breath through his nose and slowly exhaled it out. She rolled her eyes and rubbed her temples with a sigh.

[+blue "I think, you need to go take the night off. Stop challenging me so much."] She spoke, but gasped seeing him stand up so suddenly and his glare much more stern. Though it softened and he let another sigh.

[b "Snow...I still want to talk-"]

[+blue "Good night, Sheriff."] Was all she said and strutted off to her own office. The sounds of her heels filling the room and the halls.

[b "Good night, Snow."] Was all he said before walking out himself. He needed a drink. Or two.

Outside, he lit one of his Huff-n-puffs as he waited for the cab to pull up and take him to the Trip Trap. A long day indeed. He touched his left cheek and he felt the sting of the bruise. He busted a lot thugs lately around here. Those just causing troubles and not wearing their glamours. It gets them rather, hostile when the Big Bad Wolf comes to take them to the Farm. But that's part of the job, some one has to do it.

It felt like forever, but he was finally there, the Trip Trap. Just walking in he got a glance over from Holley and the other usual faces in this place. Things have smoothed over, a little around here. Woody was there and he just gave a nod to BigBy. He took that as a little sign that it would be okay for him to sit down next to the Woodsman.

[b "Bourbon...double..."] He sighed and pinched his bridge a bit, replaying he day in his head as he waited for his drink, calmly and patiently. [b "Don't worry...I'm not here on business....I'm taking the night off..."] He spoke slow and tired. Not that his face showed how tired he was.
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