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Jake looked at her shocked..."we...were....having a baby?" He was holding her hands and looked into her eyes. "Sweetie....how can I go when your pregnant? Were having a baby and you are okay with me going to Nashville? I need you to explain to me what you want me to do because right now I don't want to leave you....have you been to the doctor...seen the baby yet? Can I see?" He was excited and scared at the same time....he was only 18 and going to be a father....and Savannah...she was going to be a mother soon.....to his child.

"Do you love our baby already like I do honey?" He asked with a smile.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 51d 15h 31m 56s
[b "I just thought you might need some clothes or something."] she said soflty. [b "We'll have a lot of fun."] She looked up at him and sighed softly. [b "I need to tell you something. But you have to promise me that you're still going to Nashville. Because if you don't, it will ruin everything that we can provide for it."] she said.

She glanced down at the floor and just shook her head. [b "About a month ago, right after you left, I took a test.."] she said [b "I was hoping and praying that it would be negative, but it wasn't. I wasn't going to tell you until I got you to Nashville, but everyone keeps talking about it. So I'm afraid if I don't, they'll tell you..."]

[b "I'm pregnant.."]
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 3y 51d 15h 49m 34s
"What will I need?" He asked her sitting down beside her,"I think a road trip would be fun and we've never taken one together." He kissed her gently. Everything he owned was in his guitar case and his backpack. He had promise of a job being in aband in nashville and being a bar hand at one of the bars on Broadway. He would be making money and playing music and he had a chance of getting noticed in that town.

He leaned his head against her and asked,"Do you really think I can do this babe?" He was engaged to her now unlike the last time he left. He just wanted to make her happy and make sure she was okay.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 51d 16h 7m 4s
Savannah looked at her Mother and just rolled her eyes. [b "Of course I said yes."] she said [b "Mom, he is all I'm ever going to need. I love him so much, it hurts... I'm going to tell him. Just not right now. I'll tell him once I get him to Nasvhille, I promise."] She hugged her Mother before she left the room.

[b "Good morning."] she said, looking up when Jake walked back in. [b "Did you sleep well?"] She leaned up and kissed his cheek. [b "I think we should go to the mall and get some things that you'll need for Nashville. I was thinking we could head out tomorrow and make a road trip out of it."]
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 3y 51d 17h 5m 25s
"Don't tell me you said yes Sweetie....he doesn't know yet." Her mother said hugging her...."I know he has to go but he also knows what he's going to come back to. Next time he sees your you'll be showing....your showing a little now...makes me think it's going to be a big baby or tall like its father." Her mother said smiling..."do what you think is best sweetheart I'm not trying to rush you." When her mother left he came or of the bathroom and asked," What is on the agenda for today my love?" He was pulling in on his shirt as he asked her. Jake was going to be famous someday and have a great life for Savannah.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 51d 17h 35m 31s
Savannah just grinned the entire time when Jacob went through the drive thru. [b "I think you bought out their entire supply, baby."] she said. Once they were home, she changed into an old baggy tee shirt. [b "What do you want to watch?"] she said quietly. [b "Whatever you want."]

She didn't sleep well that night, she felt like she constantly tossing and turning. She'd gotten up a couple of times and adjusted the temp in the house. One minute she was cold, and the next she was hot.

She looked up when her Mother walked in. [b "You realize this is why we got into a fight? I'm canceling the appointment. Jake is not going. He needs to go to Nashville if I want this kid to have any life. He asked me to marry him last night, Mom."]
  Savannah / BooBear96 / 3y 51d 17h 44m 37s
Jake drove to mcdonalds and they bought more food than they would probably need but he loved McDonald's even if it was horrible for you. They carried the food up to her room and Jake asked..."Can we watch a movie while we eat and try to fall asleep? I know your mom and step dad are asleep and if we wake them up they will probably kill us."

The next day Jake woke up first and went to her bathroom to take a shower. An actual shower with water pressure felt amazing....he was missing staying home more and more but he had a dream...and he at least had to try. While he was in the shower her mother came in the room and said,"Savannah....your doctor just called and is going on vacation so your appointment was rescheduled for one today....do you want to take Jake?"
  Jake / Polkadotrocker / 3y 51d 19h 37m 35s
Savannah looked at Carlos and just shook her head. She was starting to get pissed off. This was no one elses business. They needed to keep their nose out of shit, where it didn't belong.[b "Lets get home."] she said softly. She was getting tired, and hungry. She was going to pick up junk food on the way home.

She finished cleaning her space and then grabbed her bags and keys. [b "Let's head out... Bye C!"] she yelled as they walked out. She locked the door behind them, as the shop was closed now. She looked at Jake. [b "You wanna drive? I just wanna stop at McDonalds before we go home."] She handed him the keys.
  Taylor Gray / boobear96 / 3y 52d 3h 56m 41s
Carlos frowned, that boy needed to know he was going to be a father. Jake kissed her and asked,"Are you ready to go home now love?" He just wanted to sleep. It had been so long since he slept in a real bed. He was surprised that her parents were letting them stay in the same room but he didn't question it because he was greatful.

When she was finished with her artwork and locked up for the night, they headed back and Jake collapsed on her bed. "Do you know how comfortable your bed is babe? It makes me not want to leave ever....its that comfortable." He kissed her gently.... "pajama time? " he asked.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 52d 4h 47m 45s
Savannah grinned and shook her head. [b "I don't need a big ring."] she said softly. [b "I don't need a big wedding. I just need you for the rest of my life."] She wrapped her arms around his neck, she never wanted to let go. [b "I can't wait to be Savannah Lynch."]

She looked back when Carlos spoke. She grinned. [b "Carlos is all talk and no bite."] she said giggling. She watched as he pointed to her stomach, she just shook her head. Jake was going to Nashville, and she was going to make sure of it. She would tell him the next time he visited or she visited him. She didn't want this baby growing up like they had.
  Taylor Gray / boobear96 / 3y 52d 4h 54m 37s
"I will get you a ring... the biggest and best ring, only for you and we will have the wedding of your dreams." He said kissing her and resting his hands on her hips, his thumbs pressing against her mid section. "God I am a lucky man... you are so beautiful and smart." He kissed her neck to her lips and said, "Savannah Lynch... has a nice ring to it doesn't it?"

Carlos came and stood in the doorway... "Engaged huh.... treat her right man... or you'll answer to me." Jake nodded in agreement and Carlos gestured to her stomach when Jake wasn't looking. She needed to tell him about the baby but she hadn't yet.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 52d 5h 50m 38s
Savannah looked at Jake. She had tears running down her face. She wasn't expecting this. Never in a million years did she think today would be the day that she got engaged. She knew that he truly loved her, and she loved him more than anything in the entire world. She wanted nothing more than to be with him forever. But he had left her once, he could do it again. She watched him, he was nervous. Waiting for an answer. [b "Yes."] she mumbled. [b "Yes. Yes. Yes. Of course I'll marry you!"]

She buried her face in his shirt. [b "I love you so much."] she whispered. She never wanted to move on from this moment.
  Taylor Gray / boobear96 / 3y 52d 5h 53m 16s
"I was going to ask you at graduation if I stayed." he admitted still holding onto her hips. "I've always known I wanted to marry you... just never had the guts to ask.... I love you Savannah... marry me?" He had hope in his eyes... a look that he hadn't had in awhile.

Carlos was listening from the front of the shop, waiting on her to answer him.

Jake looked into her eyes, "I love You Savannah...." He couldn't tell her that he loved her enough. If she knew it or not she got him through everyday of his life.... he was making it for her. He wanted to give her everything that she ever wanted and then some.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 52d 5h 58m 16s
Savannah looked back at Jake and smiled softly. [b "I was made for Small town life. I love it here."] she said. She was shocked when she heard him ask her to go to Nashville with him. [b "Jake, I can't move yet... I can't afford to move. Jeff would need to find another artist and I would need to train then before I left the shop... I want to come with you. But I can't, not yet."]

She was shocked when she heard him ask her to marry him. [b "Jake.."] she said softly. She wanted nothing more than to be with him. But he still didn't know about the baby. [b "Would you be asking me to marry you if you had stayed in Jersey?"]
  Taylor Gray / boobear96 / 3y 52d 6h 3m 57s
"And what about you...here in this small town....come to Nashville with me and stay...your an amazing artist you can find work down there and we can build a life together....I just don't want to leave you again." Jake said looking into her eyes. She was so beautiful and he was shocked a girl like her even talked to him but after four years they were still together. He lets his lips find hers. "Savannah marry me." He muttered without thinking. "I don't have a ring or anything but I want to marry you....so Savannah will you marry me?"

Carlos could overhear them from the front of the shop and spit out the orange soda he was drinking because he was so shocked.
  Jake / polkadotrocker / 3y 53d 13h 46m 40s

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