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[center Adaline and Rhiannon had been best friends since birth, knowing each other because of their close-knit families. They went to camp together, had every class together and were practically inseparable.

They lived in a small town called LutaVale, a compact place that was driven by religion and the church. Almost everyone in the town was either Catholic or Christian, and if they weren't they were ridiculed. The kids were clouded with judgment and resentment for anyone who was different and the poor were considered a burden.

The problem with Adaline was that she harbored deep feelings for her friend ever since she was little, however because of her parent's and their religion she never said a word. Each day her feelings grew more, causing to her act different towards everyone. One day, when Adaline turned 15 her mother found a nude magazine of females. In a rage she sent Adaline away to her grandparents in the city, telling the town that she had to leave to boarding school. Her mother didn't let her say goodbye to anyone, including Rhiannon.

When Adaline turned 17 she was sent back by her grandparents after she was caught with marijuana, coming back with bright hair and tattoos. No one recognized Adaline when she arrived, and she got a reputation after fighting with a boy when he made sexual advances on her. They ridiculed her for being a "godless dyke" on her second day of school, making it impossible for her to make friends.

One day Adaline had to skip out a field trip for her class and was stuck in some other student's art class. Adaline had no clue that in the class was Rhiannon , her best friend that she was still in love with. ]

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[center [#008080 "No worries, it's cool. It happens all the time, watch."] Adaline took the joint from Rhiannon's hands, pressing it against her lips once again. She took a deep inhale, before letting the smoke escape from her lips once again. This time, however, she started to inhale again but with her nose. The smoke now travelled upwards and to her nose. She gave out a cough as it happpened, before letting herself giggle. [#008080
"It's called a french inhale, and I suck at it!" ]

It was weird how things were so very different between the girls, but very much the same as well. They were like two halves of a soul lost, finally connecting once again. Or that's how Adaline felt, anyways. She was so unsure of how Rhia viewed her. She was too scared to think about it.

[#008080 "You're welcome,"] She wouldn't dare tell Rhia that it wasn't her choice to come back. She wouldn't tell her that before she saw Rhia, she was planning to run away back to the city. That was before, though. Now she was sitting in front of the one girl she loved, and it was like a trance she never wanted to escape. She couldn't resist Rhiannon, she was the angel of her life. The thought that got her through the day.

Adaline felt light now, the weed hitting her in the best possible way. She moved closer to Rhia's face, peering into her eyes. [#008080 "Tell me about everything that has happened to you, I want to know it all." ] Adaline couldn't help herself, not now. Her fingers moved up to Rhia's face, pushing back a stray strand of her blonde hair.
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[center [pic https://s2.postimg.org/pi8q7m5bd/2017-08-05-07-34-14-299.jpg]]
She followed Adaline back to her sitting area as the trees communed with the breeze overhead, watching intently and with undivided attention and interest as her friend pulled rolling paper from her bookbag. She had only known her mother to do this for medicinal purposes, and had never given much thought to its recreational use. Rhiannon had, more or less, subconsiously labeled it something akin to a daily vitamin on her mother's part, unintentionally conditioned to believe she just... Didn't [i need] it.

But it was different this time.
She DID need it. She needed it because she wanted any and every excuse to share things with Addy, special things, [s things her mouth had touched]. That was reasonable, wasn't it? Adaline was [i her] best friend, HERS. Selfish desires were to be expected, so she told herself. She watched through bright hazel eyes as the smoke left Addy's lips, carried away by the wind and the fairies and the universe all at once. But Adaline stayed, holding her tree and looking a good bit more relaxed. The offer lingered, and Rhiannon scooted a bit closer, measuring her words like an anxious chemist in a loaded laboratory as she reached for the blunt in a careful motion.

[b "I would, I think... I haven't ever tried, is it alright if I do? I just... Inhale, right?"] the blonde inquired, eyeing it as she retrieved it gently from her friend's fingers and studied it for a moment. She then committed to her decision, closing her eyes and bringing it to her lips and taking in a slow, deliberate breath.

Rhi then blushed and winced a bit, and felt a brief cough coming on. Peculiarly enough, the majority of the smoke had halved itself, fogging outside her nose and the rest coming out in a soft cloudlike manner after a cough or two. She put a hand to her nose afterward, feeling a bit on the airy side, but managing a shy smile at her friend regardless. [b " Is.. Is that normal? I haven't seen it come out of my mother's nose before."] she commented quietly, blinking at the blunt between her fingertips. She offered it back to Addy and, less conflicted now, tipped over into her beautiful friend's lap. [b "Thank you for coming back, Adaline."] she added, dreamily, as usual. So soft, so warm. So worth the wait.
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[center Adaline couldn't help but watch as Rhiannon wandered around the area, not afraid of the dirt that laid beneath her. This was the Rhia that Adaline adored, the Rhia that made Adaline's stomach fluttered as if a million butterflies were trying to burst out. This was the Rhia that showed Addy that she [i could ] love, and that she [i could ] be happy.

Rhiannon finally came across the bag of marijuana, and for a moment, just a moment, Adaline wondered if she would be angry with her. She looked up at her friend and her worries were washed away. The girl didn't look angry, just... Nervous? [#008080 [i 'She's so fucking cute.' ] ]

[#008080 "That's it, sweetums," ] Adaline gave Rhia a coy wink, a grin plastered across her face. [#008080 "My medication, my sweet release!" ] She gave out a giggle and crossed towards Rhia, plucking the baggie out of her hand. [#008080 "You obviously don't have to smoke, but I hope you don't mind if I do." ]

Adaline went back to her seat and sat down, moving her backpack onto her lap. Quickly, she reached in and grabbed rolling papers and started hippy-picking a bud of weed, before rolling into a nice clean joint. She put the joint to her lips, lit it up, and gave a deep inhale. She let the smoke fill her up, before releasing it back out, away from Rhia's face. [#008080 "Do you want some?" ] Addy took another hit from the joint, feeling a bit lighter than usual.

Adaline didn't expect her to take it. She knew what a lot of people thought of the drug, but it helped Addy so much when she went through a hard time. [#008080 [i 'I guess you could say I have a dependency on it.' ] ] She almost rolled her eyes at this thought.
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[center [pic https://s2.postimg.org/pi8q7m5bd/2017-08-05-07-34-14-299.jpg]]
Rhiannon was not as airheaded as she may come across, certainly dreaming of other places and creatures but fully aware of her surroundings. Addy could laugh all she liked, Rhiannon knew that forced expression far too well. Her mother wore it at times, after doctor's appointments. There were classmates of theirs that wore it, too, struck down but claiming to be worthy of such treatment, or insisting that it was of no consequence. She leaned into Adaline more still, hoping to feed her some happiness, hoping to transfer her own warm excitement. Rhiannon promised, through big hazel eyes, to never stand by and listen to such things again. Was it alright to be selfish, to demand Addy's attention and to wish for her to stay? She knew the town was a shithole...
But did she [i really] have to endure it alone?

A few minutes later, Rhiannon's attention returned to their walk, lifting her head from Adaline's shoulder and surveying the furniture she'd arranged under the tree canopy in a clearing, dappled with sunlight and inviting her to take a seat. She was impressed, to say the least. She'd have sat down to admire it further, but again Addy spoke of this 'treasure'; Rhiannon did not want to be a poor sport and not help her in her search. [b "Under the rocks, then? Don't worry, Addy, I'll look, too. Maybe the fairies made off with it?"]

Rhiannon set her jacket on the back of one of the chairs, revealing two small arms, the sleeves of her gown ending at her lower shoulder. She got to her knees, then, searching intently from behind a curtain of golden hair as she gently overturned every rock she could find. She was much the same as she'd been as a child, not at all bothered by dirt or worms or bugs. She could wash a gown, it was only dirt?

One particular rock left the earth with a crinkling sound, and her head cocked as she looked at the spot for a moment. She leaned in and pushed away some dirt and wet leaves, revealing a small, sealed baggie. What...?
Was this? Was this...?
She picked it up and cleaned it the rest of the way off with her gown, turning it this way and that in her hand.
This was, without a doubt, [i maryjane]. Her mother smoked it, as per her many aches and pains and ailments, but Rhiannon had never invited herself to it, and instead felt her cheeks heat up as she realized this must be Adaline's buried treasure. She wasn't uncomfortable, however, which was strange, considering she hadn't smoked it before now. But she trusted marijuana, and she trusted Addy more so. If her mother and Addy made use of it, then...? She was fine to enjoy the treasure, too, right?
[b "Addy? Is this what we're looking for?"] Rhiannon asked with the same dreamlike smile, however a bit flushed in the upper cheeks. Adaline was so many things now that Rhiannon wished she could be. Confident, beautiful, and so free. Rhiannon was not necessarily of low self-esteem, so much as she had never thought to decorate herself in such a fashion. Blue hair, tattoos; Adaline looked so much like the fairies.
Rhiannon could not stop [i looking at her].
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[center [#008080 "I'm fine, if anything, I'm bored of it all," ] Adaline grumbled, pushing her blue hair out of her face. [#008080 "I mean, they aren't even original. I was hoping for a better name, like, Rug Burn Addy or the Amazing Muff Diver." ] She gave out a cold laugh, pretending to be okay with the words they constantly attack her with. It was hard not to let it get to her, but she could still pretend.

Adaline's cheeks turned a rosy red when Rhia put her fingers on her neck, pushing away her shirt, exposing the tattoos on Addy's skin. She couldn't repress her laughter, it escaped from her lips too fast. [#008080 "These aren't even all of them. Let's just say I had a real rebellious phase," ] Adaline stopped and sighed. She wouldn't dare show Rhia the roses and tulips that sat under her breast, not yet at least. [#008080 "Come on, lets go." ]


It took around 10 minutes to walk to their old hang out, a place Adaline had been using to get away since she got back. In the middle of a small clearing sat an old, tattered couch, and a small coffee table. [#008080 "Found these near a dumpster. Basically perfect condition, besides having a few rips here and there." ] Adaline patted the couch and grinned. Back when they were younger they would just use logs to sit on, but now Adaline had set up the perfect chill out zone. [#008080 "Now for my treasure...] Addy looked directly into Rhia's eyes, [#008080 "It's under a rock near one of the trees. I kind of forgot where." ]

Adaline didn't tell Rhia that the [i 'treasure' ] they were looking for was actually marijuana wrapped in a plastic bag.
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[center [pic https://s2.postimg.org/pi8q7m5bd/2017-08-05-07-34-14-299.jpg]]
Rhiannon perked up at the mention of Golems and Ghouls, her mind drifting back to their earlier days together as children. They'd scooted around in the woods and through the creeks and tumbled through flowers, pretending to be those very creatures, anything to escape the horrors of being young girls in a sea of expectations and limited allowances. Aside from her mother, so few people were as free as Rhiannon, Addy being the only other person of merit that Rhi could recount. She barely knew these other teens, kids she'd been in school with since before she could count to ten. They thought her to be strange, crazy, obsessed, and some even thought she was mentally delayed.

Rhiannon wished she could have gone away with Addy, still marinating in her bliss as she allowed Adaline's visage to hold her gaze, listening to every word, putting away her scent for later savoring when she could not be so close.

Was she enjoying Addy TOO much? Rhiannon had never been this way around anyone else... But she chalked this up to having missed her so badly, and shifted her focus to Adaline's next words. Treasures?

[b "Treasure hunt?"]
Rhiannon cursed her inability to place the term to an actual item, but if Addy wanted ANYTHING, Rhi was game for it. [b "Lead the way, then!"]
It was then that Rhiannon remembered the events that had transpired before she'd come across Addy, and she sniffed. [b "You know, I heard them calling someone that dirty word and I can only imagine who they meant. Hardly a proper welcome. Are you alright?"]
Rhiannon could not bring herself to repeat it aloud... 'Dyke', so ugly. It was such a foul thing to say over something so normal, so sweet. Love did not depend on what lay between one's thighs, but still, people in this small town would hiss and spit at anything new, anything different. Personally, looking at Adaline was her new favorite thing, mesmerized by her hair. A flash of black on her skin alerted Rhi to her friend's shoulder, and she pushed aside the neck of Addy's shirt for a better look.
Tattoos, the likes of which she had yet to see! She touched the closest one, captivated.
[b "You have such wonderful taste, they suit you."]
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[center Shy was not a word to describe Adaline, not by a long shot. However, there was something about Rhiannon that caused her to become flustered, especially when she flashed her doe eyes Addy's way. It was like sending Adaline into a dream world, a place where no one else exists. Her cheeks flared up when Rhia grabbed her hand, something she forgot about. That electricity when someone you loved touched you. She hadn't felt that since she last saw Rhiannon.

It wasn't like Adaline didn't try to get over Rhiannon. Oh lordy, did she try. She flipped from girl to girl, searching for that warmth she felt when Rhia so much as glanced in her direction. She got a reputation back in her old school for always having a different girl on her arm. Addy was a [i 'playboy' ] to everyone, and some of the girls liked that. They used her for one night stands and to test out their sexuality. It didn't matter to Adaline, she used them too. Anything to fill the void she felt.

[#008080 "How about the forest? I have some Golem's and Ghoul's I need to slay," ] Addy flashed Rhia a bright smile, letting a breath go as she felt Rhia lean into her. This is was what heaven felt like, if Adaline believed in that. [#008080 "Plus, I hid some of my [i goodies ] out there, so we can go on a treasure hunt and find them." ] A small wink towards the smaller girl, leaning her head against Rhia's.

[#008080 "The world delivered, Rhia, because I'm here," ] Adaline then pulled on Rhia, interlacing her fingers through hers. [#008080 "Come on, let's go. You probably have a shit ton of questions." ]
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[center [pic https://s2.postimg.org/pi8q7m5bd/2017-08-05-07-34-14-299.jpg]]
Rhiannon smiled, pleasantly surprised to find that Adaline had grown into her own body, finally. She thought back to their early days, rolling around in the wildflowers and pretending they were something else, some[i one] else. Rhiannon had done some soul searching since having come of age, having spent the last three or four years contemplating the topic of 'self'. She knew who Rhiannon Pennie was, she knew what she liked. She knew what made her happy, what angered her, what made her sad. Fears, hobbies, ice cream flavors, pets...she knew herself in all ways but one. This... infamous 'Dyke-Oh', unfortunately, also said to have blue hair, thus making them out to be Addy, knew something about herself that Rhiannon did not. She had never dated anyone before, and she did not know what she 'liked'.

She had tried to see if she could dredge up some interest by watching in the locker room, but was not inspired. In PE, she watched boys with ridiculous amounts of muscle and all the best aesthetic genes sweat and ripple all at once, but was not prompted to do anything more than get lost in more thoughts of the farie kingdom's moonlight feasts. Rhiannon had given up trying to place her 'preferences', instead focusing on her precious creatures. Now, however, he thoughts were consumed with her joy. Addy was back! Adaline had come back to her, blue and proud and -thankfully- not upset with her. She'd thought for so long that perhaps she had not been the kind of friend to Addy that might deserve a farewell, understanding fully as Adaline spoke of her mother.

She did not remember Adaline's mother well, but she remembered there was a reason they typically played at her house and not at Addy's. She rose and followed the girl from the class, stepping over someone's leg as it shot out to trip her. Silly. The fae warned her of all things, there was no way she'd fall for something so juvenile. People underestimated her reflexes, too.
Rhiannon's hands came together, unable to contain her excitement as they entered the hall and left the uneducated swarm to murmur.
The Moon was blessing her!
She hurried to catch up to Addy and grabbed her hand, petting it. [b "It's so good to see you again, I did not think I would ever get the chance again. Where do you want to go?"]
She leaned her head on Addy's shoulder with her typical, dream-like, half-lidded gaze and matching smile. Rhiannon was not known for her ability to set boundaries, instead much more like a deprived dog than a person as far as her affections went. She could not help but wish to be close to this lovely girl she had missed for so long, and would go anywhere she was asked to go if it meant Adaline would be there with her, smiling alongside the Moon.

Adaline practically [i was] the Moon.

[b "I'm glad I didn't drive you away, I asked for you everyday so that I could apologize in the event that you [i were] upset with me."]
Adaline was so lovely, so much more grown and confident in herself than when they'd last spoken. But she was still Addy, she was still the same, perfectly sweet-earth scented girl that Rhiannon could not help but reach out for, wishing to dress her in flowers and bow to her as she had promised to do when they were kids. Rhiannon would still be just as loyal and just as in awe of Adaline, no matter what.

She... Wasn't going to carry around a stick and make whooshing sounds, of course, but she did not need a sword to stay by Adaline's side.
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[center Students casually entered the classroom, each one's eyes directly on Adaline. She lifted her middle finger to a few when they passed by her and they gasped, whispering curses under their breaths. [#008080 'Oh sure, I swear and it's a sin, you do it and it's fucking okay? Hypocrites, all of them.' ] Adaline could feel her eyes rolling to the back of her head more and more as the minutes passed by. Her mood was sour, anger and anxiety mixing together to make a deadly combination. She was seething.

Then she smelled it. Adaline breathed in, roses wafting in through her nostrils. She closed her eyes, memories of her and Rhia flowing through her head like a movie. The first memory was an 11-year-old Adaline and Rhia creating flower crowns, with Rhia picking out the most beautiful flowers to compliment Adaline's blue eyes. Addy really didn't care for the crowns, but it had made Rhia so happy. The next memory was of her and Rhia running through a field to the forest, sticks in hand, to fight the evil golem kingdom. The next memory was them sitting in the trees, laughing carelessly about the adventure they just went on.

Adaline's eyes snapped open when someone's finger ran through her hair. Her hand went up to smack away the perpetrator but she stopped herself when she heard the beautiful, silky voice behind her. Addy gulped, her stomach fluttering. The anger in her disappeared, however, the anxiety had never been more present. She watched from the corner of her eye as the small girl moved past the desk to stand in front of Addy.

[i [#008080 'What if she gets mad? Oh my god, she probably fucking hates me-' ] ] Adaline's thoughts were cut off by the girls bright, kind eyes staring down at her. Every fear she had was swept away by the beauty that was Rhia. She had grown a little bit, but not much. She filled into her face more and her eyes, oh god, they did not change one bit. [#008080 "Rhia, I-" ] Adaline stumbled, trying to find the words.

[center [#008080 "Of course you didn't do anything wrong! How could you ever think that me leaving was anything to do with you?" ] Adaline sighed. Of course Rhiannon thought it was her own fault. The girl would blame herself if it meant that should could avoid having negative feelings towards Addy, [#008080 "My mom made me leave and I-" ]

People were staring at the two, their eyes peering into them as if they were some theatre project. [#008080 "You know what? Fuck it, come on," ] Adaline had a devilish grin on her face as she shot up from her seat and started heading towards the door, [#008080 "The Moon won't care if you skip class today, and we have some catching up to do." ] Adaline was happy that the teacher was not in the class yet, making it so their retreat would be simple. She left the room, not looking if Rhia was following behind her.
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[center [pic https://s2.postimg.org/pi8q7m5bd/2017-08-05-07-34-14-299.jpg]]
The teachers had stopped yelling at her, convinced she must have some form of autism or other as she ventured out of class everyday at approximately 11:11 each day to talk to the plants in the garden and to 'feed the faeries'. Rhi was not mentally ill, so much as she deeply respected the creatures in their midst, and wished to care for them, much like she doted over the school garden. It was stunning, vibrant, and even the nearby farmers came to ask the school about their seeds, only to be directed to a very strange girl, gorgeous, but surely a little 'off'. Everyone thought this of her, everyone pitied her.

"She's so cute, what the hell is she wearing?"
"I know, right? What a waste..."
"Maybe if she'd stop talking she'd be fuckable?"
"Do you think she's retarded?"

Rhi's hearing was perfectly fine, she knew what her peers were saying. She'd had a number of advances and propositions but had managed to squeeze out of tight spots by [i creeping them the fuck out]. Facts about the diets of various fae, the many medical properties of werewolf bones, and how unicorns sometimes skewer birds during the winter when no other food is available. Any horny teen fuck-up looking to put their hands on the undeniably lovely girl was going to have to get through a verbal documentary about the Seven Great Hells before they were getting anything off her. Plant varieties and growth specifications were another favorite, especially food plants and flowers. Rhiannon loved flowers, she could talk about them for weeks without a break.

Thus, save for the occasional hello from teachers, people typically left her alone, though some girls still wanted her face in their 'please-fuck-us' arsenal and a number of their male peers still tried their damnedest to get close to her. She was friendly, gentle, and looked quite a bit like a faerie herself, but as far as everyone else went? She was just 'poor Penny' or 'the faerie chick' or all kinds of other things people picked out of her life with which to label her.

The only time Rhiannon could recall being sad, however, was two years ago. She [i missed] her friend, never having gotten to say goodbye. Adaline had always seemed a little deflated, tired of something, or someone. Rhiannon had asked the faeries to heal her since the day they met, continuing into her friend's absence. She loved Addy, it did get lonely in this small town with all these miserable, judgmental douchebags crawling around, trying to get a leg up on each other all the time. Addy was the only person she'd cared to ease up on about the faeries, for once GENUINELY interested in another person's life and not letting loose a sea of occult facts on sight. Having her gone was like having tape put over her mouth, again just the weird girl, again just another problem. She was one of the 7 mysteries of their school, and any new students were warned of her by their peers AND the staff. It was customary to send these new students to her on a dare, wanting them to talk to her, wanting them to laugh like they all did.

The only person in the school that was more unfortunate than her seemed to be this 'Dyke-Oh' person she kept hearing about, sneers galore surrounding the subject. Rhiannon knew what the word meant.
Faeries were all female, and still reproduced sexually. What an ignorant bunch of dicks, to attack such a sacred way of life! Rhi had not yet met this person, but... She wished she had.

Rhiannon had accepted her loneliness, keeping to herself, hoping to keep the peace. As she passed the art room, however, she noted a strange thing. [i It was such a beautiful shade of blue...]
Clad in converses, a long pink-and-white sundress, and a black jacket, she looked more like someone's tiny Nana than a student, but she crept into the class reaching out to touch the girl's hair from behind. Soft.
[b "What a lucky color... The Moon is going to love it..."] she breathed lovingly, stepping carefully around the desk to address this wonderful girl she had not yet been blessed with the pleasure of meeting.

Then again, she'd been wrong before.

Her big hazel eyes melted, soft, dreamy features lighting up as though she had just been proposed to. A soft smile crept up on her lips, pleased. [b "They brought you back to me, I asked every day!"] Rhiannon said dreamily, disregarding everything else in the room. [b "Today is a very auspicious day, as well, the Moon will be full tonight. She'll love this."] she cooed, petting her hair once again. The Moon would be pleased, pleased like she was. She had missed Adaline, with no one but her mother, a crippled Hippie, at home to talk to and a school full of people only interested in her naked body. Addy was a gift, she was not angry she'd left, albeit a little hurt. Rhiannon was only happy she'd returned.
[b " Adaline, you did not tell me you would be leaving LutaVale. Did I do something wrong?"]
Calm, concerned, and smelling of roses. Rhiannon did not wear makeup, a reason for which a number of other girls were constantly jealous. She didnt like or need makeup. She and her mother did make their own rose oil, though, for soothing baths. People sniffed Rhiannon often enough.
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[center There was no actual bus route to LutaVale, so Adaline had to catch one to a neighboring town over. From there, her Mother picked her up. The ride back was excruciating, 2 hours of her mother poking at every tattoo on her and even trying to pull out her nose piercing. All while driving, too. They swerved multiple times and even got pulled over once. Her mother barely spoke to her, except to tell her the house rules and to ridicule her. [#8B4513 "There will be no drugs, cigarettes or alcohol in the house-" ]

[#008080 "Aren't those all drugs? I'm pretty sure cigarettes and alcohol are classified as-" ]

[#8B4513 "No backtalk, no interrupting. You must go to church every Sunday with us-" ]

[#008080 "Fuck that!" ] Adaline groaned, digging her fingernails into the palms of her hands. Disgust filled up at the thought of seeing that [i slimy ] priest again.

[#8B4513 "What did I just say? And no swearing. Adaline, we can make this work, you just need to change. Let love into your life. There are plenty of cute guys that might look past all of this-"] Her mother waved her hand over Adaline's body. [#8B4513 "I mean, it won't be easy but you were once a lovely girl and..." ]

Adaline tuned her out. It was draining listening to someone drone on about something that you couldn't change.

When Adaline saw the sign that read [size20 [b 'WELCOME TO LUTAVALE, POPULATION 3,543' ] ] it felt like she had just swallowed her heart. She had not been back for two years and now she was minutes to the place that used to be called home. For a moment, Addy thought about opening the car door and diving out onto the cement road. She was dramatic, to say the least.


It had been a week since Adaline had been in town and she already had made a name for herself. Everyone around her avoided her like the plague, and if they didn't avoid her they tormented her. Or well, tried to torment her. She always fought back, making it hard for people to victimize her. She refused to the victim, not ever.

This didn't work out well for one jock-head, Ian, who thought Adaline would make an easy target. On the third day of school, he crept up behind her, pressing against Adaline gently, his [i package ] rubbing against her lower back. Addy grew disgusted and turned around, viciously elbowing down into his goods. Apparently, that wasn't a good call for Adaline. The people watching didn't side with her and instead of the roided-out ass getting detention she did. Now she was forced into another person's class while hers went on a field trip to the city. Something Adaline was excited about. Mostly because she planned to run away.

Addy sat in the art room, her fingers tracing over the graffiti carved into the desk. [b [size14 'I Love TAMMY' ] ] and [size14 [b 'WHAT WOULD JESUS DO' ] ] had been dug into the large table she sat behind. She couldn't help but let out a small laugh, kicking her feet onto the table. Even the vandalism at this school was weak. The kids at her old school once spray painted genitals over every inch of the bare walls they could find. It took a full week for the school to remove every last one.

Being back at LutaVale tore Addy down, she hated the fact that her grandparents shipped her back to her Mother. She understands, in all honesty, since she wasn't the greatest person to have around. She always snuck out, came back home with an entire sleeve of tattoos and constantly brought girls back to her room. They drew the straw when she started smoking weed at the house. Apparently, that was the worst of it at all to them. They barely cared when she introduced them to various types of females. [#008080 [i 'Way to push your luck, Addy.' ] ]

The warning bell rang announcing the incoming students to the classroom. Adaline pressed back against her chair, her heart pounding against her chest. She had straight up avoided Rhiannon since she got back, making sure the girl never got a clear view of her face. She never worried about people telling Rhia about her being there because everyone just called her 'Dyke-Oh' instead of her actual name. Now there was a chance she would come across the girl in this class, however, and that frightened the shit out of Adaline.

Adaline didn't have a chance to say goodbye and was too embarrassed to call and tell her what happened. She didn't say a word to her in two years. The pain of not being able to talk to the one person she loved tore her apart, but coming back and facing her? That terrified her more. What would she say? The truth?
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