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Kinsley loved books, constantly reading something new whenever she got out. She hated where she lived, and wanted a new adventure. When she turned 18, she left America for England, and landed in London. Her plan was to open a book store, which is what she had always wanted to do. For three years, she worked her butt off to get enough money to lease a place for her store and to fill it. She put a down payment on a place and named it [b New Chapters]


Kinsley was so happy to be living her dream, and it seemed to be doing really well. She was so busy working, she hadn't much time to date. Her friends had set her up on dates all the time, but no one clicked with her. But that changed when [b he] came in. [You] are famous around these parts, everyone always asking for pictures or autographs. [You] ran into Kinsley's store to ditch the paparazzi just as she was closing, and ended up looking around. Kinsley and [You] bumped into each other, and because Kinsley didn't recognize [You], she started a conversation. [You] came back everyday right before closing, just to see Kinsley. Kinsley had no idea of his fame, and he really didn't want her to think differently of him. They end up exchanging numbers, talking all the time. They go out a few times, but he always presses to go to her place or the bookstore after hours. He didn't want to go out, in worries of being seen, and he didn't want to go to his place, because she would know he was rich/famous from looking at it.

Kinsley asks him to help her stock the store early one day, and he agrees. People come in, and flock around [You]. She finds out everything, and kicks everyone out. Will he be able to make it up to her? Will there chapters be over?

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"I love when people come to my store, come whenever you want." Kinsley smiled. She listened to him talk about being a car guy, and she laughed. "I know absolutely nothing about cars, I don't even own one. Everything is so close anyway, it would be silly to spend the money." she said, "Also gas is so expensive!"

"Oh, I've never been but I will never pass up a glass of rose." Kinsley smiled. "And I do love me a steak dinner." she laughed. She really didn't eat out except for the occasional pizza place or sub so this was such a treat. "I'm excited." she smiled.

"Why? Because it's exciting! I love adventures! Even if you were a serial killer, we are in so many public places that I'd be pretty hard for you to kill me" Kinsley smirked, and then burst out laughing. "I'm just kidding" she winked at him, smiling.
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[b "Ohh please do."] he said as he watched her tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear. God, she was perfect. She seemed to have a great personality, she obviously did not know who he was, or if she did, she didn't let on and didn't let it bother her. [b "Thats very nice... Maybe I could come by one of those nights."] he muttered.

He chuckled as he heard her exhale when the car rumbled to life. [b "I would be lying to you if I said this car wasn't my pride and joy... I'm a car guy."] He glanced into the mirror before pulling out onto the street. [b "It's called Knife Restaurant. It's kind of like a steakhouse.... is that okay? They have a rose wine that is the best... I usually stick with ale, but sometimes I like to mix it up a bit."] he explained.

[b "So. What made you agree to go to dinner with a complete stranger?"]
  Ian / boobear96 / 14d 22h 43m 59s
"Oh okay, I'll call you next time they come in" Kinsley laughed. She moved her hair behind her ear and smiled at the boy. "I'm also an only child, so I totally get it. I have kid's night once a week and I read to the neighborhood kids. They also get a book before they leave. It's really nice." she smiled.

"That's awesome, it's a really nice car." Kinsley smiled. She exhaled as she felt the car start up and start to move. "Wow, I really haven't been in a car for a very long time." she smirked at herself. "I'm happy we are going to dinner too. I forgot to have lunch today because I was so busy so I am pretty hungry." she smiled. Her store was busy all day, she didn't really have any downtime. She was going to go home and just go to bed, but now she was doing something so unlike her. She was happy for this new experience. "What restaurant are we going to? I don't go too many places so I'm excited to go somewhere new." she smiled.
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He couldn’t help but chuckle as she explained to him why her store got so messy. [b “Well... If you ever need help with the “little shits”, I’m youre man.. I’m quite good with children.”] he explained. [b “I was an only child, so I found myself volunteering a lot... If for nothing else, just to get some damn human interaction.”]

As they walked down the street, he couldn’t help but think that he was incredibly lucky. To this woman, he was a complete stranger who just happened to bust into her shop right at closing time. [b “Thank you for agreeing to go to Dinner with me.”] he said softly as he unlocked and held open the passenger side door of his car. [b “Ma’am.”] he said. He nodded hand she said he must’ve made the big bucks. [b “Something like that... I just have an obsession with vehicles.”]

[ Car]
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Kinsley was shocked this man was gonna buy five books right now. "Oh okay!" she smiled. She quickly checked him out and handed him a bag of his new books. "There are a lot of kiddos who come in, so it gets a bit messy around here sometimes. Also, there are some middle schoolers who will come in and throw stuff on the floor sometimes too. The little shits" she said, biting her lip.

Kinsley faced flushed when he said she was cute. "Okay." she said, following the boy to his car. He has a really nice car, clean. Kinsley never went to the trouble of doing a car thing. She poured all her money into rent and her store, and it was close enough to walk to. A car wasn't necessary. "Wow, this is a nice car. You must make the big bucks." she said, smiling at the man. "I live so closeby so I don't even have a car. It feels so weird not walking everywhere." she said, happily.
  Kinsley Harlow Hardell / SmileBright / 18d 22h 50m 28s
Ian nodded as she asked if wanted all of them. [b "I'll buy them! I'm sure I'll want to read them more than once, given on how enthused you were when you picked them out for me."] he said with a grin. [b "Yes, out with me.. Dinner to be in fact, my treat."]

He nodded when she said she needed to finish cleaning before they went. [b "Yeah, sure. I can help."] he said as he went to a few shelves and straightened up some books that had been scattered or even thrown on the floor. Who would come to a bookstore and be rude like that. He rolled his eyes to himself.

He smiled when he saw her appear at the front of the store once more. [b "Hello again."] he said with a cheekily grin. Geez. Why couldn't he stop smiling aroud her. [b "You're cute when you're being awkward."] he said with a chuckle. [b "Come on. My car is just down the street."]
  Ian / boobear96 / 19d 1h 31m 27s
Kinsley smiled when he said he wanted all of them. "All of them? Okay! Do you want to rent them or buy them?" she asked, checking him out behind her desk. She started ringing up the books until she heard him speak again. "Out, with you? Uh, okay." she smiled.

"Let me just finishing cleaning up and we can go." Kinsley smiled. She went and cleaned up all the different books scattered across the floor. She couldn't believe this insanely cute man entered her store, and now she was going to go to dinner with him. This is not what she expected this night to go like at all.

Kinsley finished and came back up to the front. "All set." she smiled. "Where were you planning on going? I don't go out much so I'm excited to actually...go out.". Kinsley put her head in her hands. "I'm sorry...I'm awkward." A flush covered her cheeks. "Let's go?"
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Ian grinned as he watched her face light up after he had asked what she suggested. He used to read all the time, that was his escape from his poor childhood.. But he hadn't exactly had the time to read in the past few years. He had his hands full of her suggestions in the next few minutes. After she realized how many she had handed him, he just grinned and shook his head. [b "I'd like them all... If you don't mind."] he said softly.

He nodded in agreement when she said london was amazing. [b "I cannot disagree."] he said. [b "I'm quite fond of it."]

He thought about her next question before he answered it. Did he want to tell her that he was a famous musician? No. He liked that this girl was treating him like a normal human being for one. [b "I uh... Well. I Travel a lot.. Nothing special."] he said. Stupid. He was stupid. [b "I uh... Noticed that you had already changed the sign over to close... I was on my way to dinner.. I know this small café on the outskirts.. Would you like to join me?"]
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When he asked her for book suggestions, she lit up. "Well, it depends what you are looking for? Mystery, I would say this one." she said, handing him one book from a shelf. "Or romance, this is one of my favorites." she said, handing him another. She ran to the other side of the store, "And my favorite thriller/horror has to be this one! And here's my favorite YA fiction!" she said, running over and handing him the books. "Oh!" she said, turning around. "And this is my favorite poetry book!" she handed him the last book. Kinsley realized she just handed him so many books. "Oh, wow. I'm sorry. I just get excited when people ask for my suggestions. Usually people tell me what they want." she smiled, biting her lip.

"Wow, this place is amazing. I'm not from around here actually. I'm from America, you can probably hear it in my voice. But I've always wanted to visit here." she smiled. "And it's such a dream to live here." she smiled.

"What do you do for work? I mean, you already know what I do." Kinsley smiled at him, taking some of the books off his hands.
Ian smiled the girl and just smiled. [b "Probably just looking around. I actually haven't had time to read in quite a long time. But it's something that I would like to get back into.."] he said. [b "Do you have any suggestions?"] He looked around, this bookstore was quite different from any other that he'd been in. He heard her question and just nodded softly. [b "Tea would be amazing.. Whatever you have is fine with me."]

She was very outgoing and so questioning, she was just perfect. She was very sweet. [b "I actually live around here. Born and raised.."] he said as he roamed around the bookstore. [b "What about you? Miss Kinsley Hardell?"] he asked with a giant smile on his face.

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"Ian? Welcome! I never seen you in here before, are you in need of something? Or just looking?" Kinsley asked. Her customers consisted of mainly regulars and students. This man was different. He was, obviously, very handsome and was in quite a rush to get off the streets right before her store was closing. It wasn't raining or anything, maybe it was cold. "While you are browsing, would you like a cup of tea? Lavender Chamomile." she smiled. She had a single cup coffee maker so she loved to offer people tea when they came in. It also made her store smell amazing. She started getting a cup ready for herself and would make another if he wanted some as well.

Kinsley leaned against her desk, taking her first sip of tea. "So, Ian, right? You live around here or are you visiting someone?" she asked. Kinsley was always very outgoing and loved to know her clients personally. It helped with suggestions of books and, mostly, she wanted to make friends. She had a few friends from her old job but no one she really connected with. She never had anyone her own age come in her store, until now.
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Ian Taylor was twenty one living in London, England. He was rich, a famous musican, he had everything that he could ever want. Except he didn't. Growing up, he was the poor boy bouncing from house to house. His Mother had done everything she could to give him a stable home, but her idea of stable was boucing around from Friend's spare bedrooms. When he was sixteen, his mother had finally saved up enough to buy a two bedroom home. It was a little cottage outside of the city. It was his favourite place in the entire world, his esacpe. But life couldn't stay happy forever, could it? His mother died of cancer that she had been hiding when he turned seventeen. Somehow he convienced the court that he could take care of himself.

When he was eighteen, his music career took off. He was the best musician that London had seen in years. He loved playing the guitar, but people loved his voice more. He was a jack of all trades. He loved rapping, but also rock and some country. It was hard being this famous, so young. He had a four bedroom penthouse in London, but he found himself escaping to the cottage on the outskirts every once in a while, seeking peace from the paparazzi.

He was out roaming the city, just trying to be normal for once. He thought he was doing a swell job of hiding from paparazzi. But they were following him. He ran into a store that he know of, seeking shelter. He looked around, seeing that it was a bookstore. [b "Woah."] he muttered. He looked up when he heard a woman's voice. [b "I'm Ian.."] he said, he was flabbergasted. She was the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen.
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Kinsley watched into her flat, kicking her flats off at the door. That was probably the worst blind date she had ever been on. The guy called her the wrong name about 7 times, told her how she'd "look better" if he got her nose fixed, and then asked when they were gonna 'get outta here and do it in her car'. She fell back onto her couch, sighing. "Why is every guy such a dick?" she said to herself. She got herself ready for bed, a pair of shorts and a tank top. She tied her hair up in a bun, washed her face and brushed her teeth. She laid back on her bed, sighing again, "Tomorrow is a new day, maybe it will be really good!" she said, and quickly falling asleep.

The alarm next to Kinsley was turned off. 8:30, perfect. She took a quick shower, and dried her hair quickly. She did her makeup, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush and a pink lipstick. She put her glasses on her face, and smiled. She went over to her closet, pulling a black shirt that hugged her figure with long sleeves, a floral skirt, black tights and a pair of oxford shoes. She tossled her hair in the mirror and went made a tea, grabbed her bag and headed to New Chapters.

New Chapters was a cute bookstore, new and used books, in the center of town. She had a few regulars, and at least one new person would wonder in. She had some couches where people could also sit and read, which people loved. The windows were tinted, so people couldn't see in unless the came in. Kinsley turned the sign so people could see it was open today. She started setting up a new display for some romance novels for Valentines Day coming up soon. She also had a poetry display, with everything from Shakespeare's love sonnets to Edgar Allen Poe's The Mask of the Red Death. She had a wonderful day helping a teen find a new book, an older women find a self-help book, and a little boy find a new dinosaur book. It was close to closing and no one was in the shop. She decided to go through the aisles and put some stray books away, she heard the bell on the door go off. She would meet up with whom ever that was soon enough, she wanted to get these books away. She wandered around and saw the person who came in. "Oh, hello. Do you need help finding something?" Kinsley asked, fixing her glasses. "Oh, I don't think we've met, I'm Kinsley Hardell. I own New Chapters." she put her hand out for him to shake it. "What is your name?" she asked. She loved getting to know new people, especially if they were to become regulars.
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