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[size10 may the blessings of the moon be upon your journey.]


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[size11 [+white xxxxx] [b I]t was already raining heavily when Hinata woke up. She groggily stretched, and looked around at her bed. Her bed was covered in a mess of books she had taken from the school library. She glanced outside, realizing that she needed to be headed back to school. A sigh passed through her lips; she was always less than thrilled to go to school, but it was needed. Especially when going gave her the ability to read books. Even if she had read a lot of them. It was always worth reading them over again.

[+white xxxxx] Gathering the books from her bed thatshe had finished reading last night, the woman dressed for school, and headed into the kitchen. A breakfast was prepared on the table already, but Hinata's adoptive parents were no where in sight. Likely, gone to work already. Both were a product of being adopted into a rather well off family. Something that was both a blessing and a curse in Hinata's eyes. Her family tended to be gone often, and she often spent much of her time at home, alone. Well, not alone. She always had her books, and her shamisen.

[+white xxxxx] She mindlessly ate her breakfast, trying not to focus on her wish that she and her adoptive parents could eat together again, one day soon. Once she was finished, she cleared the table, much to the protest of the workers her parents' had hired, then headed for school.

[+white x]

[center ────── ☂ ──────]
[+white xxxxx] [b M]any of the students were already inside the school's doors, though there were a few stragglers outside. There seemed to be a commotion outside, headed by Blaidd [i of course]. Hinata merely ignored him, as she typically did. He was just a trouble maker that she had no time for. She could not, however, ignore two of the people she saw still outside. Catriona and Ziri. Two people she always wished to befriend, but wasn't sure of how to.

[+white xxxxx] Due to growing up with the rain following her, Hinata always struggled to make friends, and was often treated poorly and blamed for the rain, even though there were times it was not her fault. She grew to accept her fate, of not knowing how to make friends, and kept to herself. With a sigh, she pulled her gaze away and entered the school. At least, inside, she could get a break from the rain, though sometimes she enjoyed the rain thoroughly. Hinata headed to the library, in order to return the books she borrowed. It was always the first thing she did in the morning, before heading to her class.

[+white xxxxx] Rich or not, she always treated books with care. Considering them irreplaceable.]
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[size11 [+white xxxxx] [b A] yawn escaped from the male's lips as he stretched. Mitsue had been up late, despite having school in the morning. In all truth, he had forgotten that spring break had ended, and didn't bother to go to sleep until the early hours of the morning. He glanced at the clock, surprised by how early it was, and even more surprised that he was up this early. Then it hit him: [i school].

[center [#FFD700 "くそ!"]]

[+white xxxxx] Mitsue let out a curse; he usually wasn't so forgetful, and on top of that, he woke up later than he should. Running late, he got out of bed and quickly got dressed. Despite how late he was, he took the time to properly brush and groom his hair. Mitsue's long hair was a source of pride, and he refused to let himself go to school looking like garbage. His appearance was important to him, perhaps as a result of his own perfectionist nature, something he obviously inherited from his mother.

[+white xxxxx] The young man left his room, with a bag in hand, and passed through the kitchen and went out the front door. Not before a longing glance at a bowl of fruit sitting on the table, however. Mitsue knew there was no time for food, and the grumble in his stomach let him know he'd regret waking up late.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/TQRvfvW.gif]]

[+white xxxxx] [b T]he school was in his sight, giving Mitsue a feeling of relief. He had made up for lost time, though was still running late. It was difficult, running in the rain, but he managed. His only regret was that he was soaked, due to forgetting his umbrella. His own forgetfulness was annoying him, but it was too late to make any changes now. He paid the price for forgetting about spring break being over, and paid the price for forgetting his umbrella.

[+white xxxxx] Mitsue was lost in his own world of anger at himself, when his ears finally registered the commotion in the courtyard. His head perked up, and he looked over to see a naga, an imp, and [i Blaidd]. Mitsue watched the rest of the scene unfold in the courtyard of the TYMAT. He had always found Blaidd and his antics to be amusing, and never chose to interfere, no matter how cruel Blaidd could be at times. A part of him always felt that he should, but as Blaidd was an heir of Azar, nothing good would come from interfering, if anything at all.

[+white xxxxx] With an amusing shake of his head, Mitsue passed the three and entered the school building, finally safe from the miserably cold rain.]
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[size11 [+white xxxxx] [b O]nly a week had passed, and it already felt like hell. Luca groaned as he sat up in bed, less than happy to be awake. He knew he shouldn't complain too much. He had a bed to sleep in, and food to eat. Food that he did not have to steal for himself. It still felt like a new kind of hell, for one reason. He had no [i freedom]. No true freedom anyways. At least before, he could go wherever he liked, no matter the time. This place, Hollylock, had [i rules]. Something that he was not a fan of. It made him grumpy, grumpier than normal anyways.

[center [size13 "[#ff8733 If I don't get up soon, I'll miss breakfast.]"]]

[+white xxxxx] Food he didn't have to thieve or fight for was something he did not want to pass up. Despite his initial grumbling, Luca still enjoyed the comfort of no longer having to fight and struggle to stay alive, though it was hard for him to let his guard down and truly relax. Having only been there for a week, while he was mostly grateful for the food, he still did not trust the situation. He knew better than to trust, or so he believed.

[+white xxxxx] Slipping on his clothing, in this case skinny jeans, a t-shirt, shoes, and his treasured hoodie, he left his room, headed straight for the dining room. Luca's stomach grumbled as soon as he walked into the dining room. He glanced around, immediately noticing there were no empty tables. Which left him with few options. Either sit next to someone, skip eating, or stand and eat. None of the options were ideal. "[#ff8733 Guess I'll just sit next to someone.]" It was the only option that made sense. At least he would appear to be [i normal], though he doubted that anyone in Hollylock was normal.

[+white xxxxx] Luca grabbed his breakfast, a chocolate chip muffin, an orange, and a cup of black coffee. Luca absolutely [i hated] bitter foods and drink, but coffee was his one exception. He hated it at first, but it grew on him, during early mornings when he needed to be awake. Back when he lived with [i them.] The people who taught him to distrust and only look out for himself. The people that used him for their dirty work. There were plenty of early mornings with them, where he had to do whatever they wanted. Shaking his head, the man looked for a place to sit, eyes scanning the tables.

[+white xxxxx] He took a seat at a table with a red-haired man and a brunette woman, not thinking much of it. He sat on the opposite end, not intending to speak to either of them. Luca was new, and was not ready to make friends. He hoped his own aura could repel people, though he was not sure how successful he would be at that.

[+white xxxxx] Taking a bite of his muffin, his eyes wandered again. They locked on a blonde haired man and what looked like another red-haired male, one sitting on the floor, and the other talking. It seemed like an odd situation , but Luca was not one to judge. He was almost a bit annoyed that he had not thought to sit on the floor. At least he would've been alone, with no opportunity for anyone to interact with him. Though, he saw just how well that worked out for the blonde. His eyes wandered again, noticing a woman with a unique hair color, and another woman that was tall and dark-skinned. She looked fit as well, and Luca couldn't help but think that the woman was beautiful, in her own unique way.

[+white xxxxx] He looked back down at his food, finishing his muffin and taking a sip of his coffee. It certainly was not a feast, but it was better than starving.
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[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 T]]he rest of the meeting was uneventful, at least for Namiko. It did not last long, and they quickly split up. She slipped out of the building quietly, preferring not to talk to anyone for the moment. Her mind was on their mission for the night, and what her role in said mission would be. Since her abilities were not very combat oriented, she knew that her role would be limited, unless someone was hurt. Which was not at all what she wanted, despite her rather callous personality. She found herself feeling worried, about what could possibly happen. It was a little odd for her, but she was less than confident in her abilities.

[+white xxxxx] Heading home, all Namiko could do was wait until the time came for the mission to start.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/tPU55tU.gif]]

[+white xxxxx] [b [size12 T]]he hours had passed, and Namiko was waiting at the spot they were all told to meet at. She kept herself distanced from the others, feeling rather out of place. Her partner, Sen, was not there yet, and she was not close to any of the others. So, there was simply no one for her to speak to. At least, no one that she felt like bothering at the moment. She watched the others with grey eyes, noticing when Sora summoned his weapon. She could see the pride she felt, and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. [i Show off,] she thought to herself. [i Now isn't the time for that.] Not that it was her place to decide this.

[+white xxxxx] She bit her tongue, looking down at her phone. Any minute now, when everyone arrived, their mission would start. Namiko left her weapon unsummoned, unlike some of the others. It was essentially useless to her, at least for the moment. The avatars were not here, nor did they have an idea as to where they were. So, she chose to save her energy, for when she would actually need it. She had no idea what her role in this mission was to be as of yet, and did not want to expend more energy than she had to. Her abilities were not refined, like the others'. She was the only first year, and had recently come into her abilities and started practicing with her abilities. As such, in her mind, Namiko had decided to play a more passive role, unless ordered otherwise.

[+white xxxxx] The decision would be left on the leaders, and she would do as she was told, despite that going against the core of who she was. Despite being rather rude and rebellious , she accepted that she had little idea of what she was doing, and did not want to stumble around on the potential battlefield. She knew she needed guidance, and was not going to let her stubbornness and pride get in the way of that. Not when it could potentially cost lives.

She was being unusually serious, but there was a slight feeling of dread that she could not bring herself to ignore. Whether it was for a reason or out of simple paranoia, well. That has yet to be seen.
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[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 I]]t was a bit of a shock, to know that the townspeople had entrusted them with an [i actual] case. Linnea was skeptical at first, when her best friend had been telling her about it. The townspeople had been distrusting of them at first, annoyed by their meddling. Or well, rather annoyed with Penelope's meddling. Linnea herself was merely along for the ride, offering input when she could and mostly staying in the background. Deep down, she knew that Penelope didn't need her, as the girl had a gift and could solve almost anything. Linnea's detective skills were about average, maybe a bit above, so she merely went along to be company. At least, that is what she fully believed.

[+white xxxxx] And, once again, she was merely going along to be company. She did not know the missing girls in the way that Penelope did. She knew them from meeting them once, with Penelope, but never really spoke to them. Linnea did not shine in the way that Penelope did. She was easily overlooked, partially because she was so quiet, and Penelope was such a people person that she easily stood out. Linnea also felt that Penelope was quite beautiful, so much so that Linnea's own looks went unnoticed.

[+white xxxxx] Despite being overshadowed by Penelope, Linnea was content and happy, just to be with her best friend. She was never jealous of Penelope, and enjoyed the time they spent together. Both were orphans, and Linnea herself knew nothing of her family, unlike Penelope. Penelope knew a bit of her family, and had questions about them. Questions that Linnea was trying to help her figure out, though she knew that Penelope was content with not knowing, as she had already came to terms with what her parents did. Still, she wanted to help in any way that she could, which was one of the main reasons she tagged along.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/tPU55tU.gif]]
[+white xxxxx] Their case had them going to a small town, about 40 minutes away. Linnea could sense the excitement from Penelope, who had always enjoyed a change of scenery. It made her smile ever so fondly, a smile she made sure to hide from Penny. Once in the town, they interviewed relatives and friends of the girls, and even went to local hotels to speak to those that worked there. It was certainly a mystery , as none of the people they spoke to had any idea what had happened. It was the same story from all of them, the girls were good people that no one disliked. There was no indication that they would have been kidnapped , or worse, [i murdered]. Linnea could feel the sympathy and concern radiating off of Penny, as they spoke to family friends of the missing girls.

[+white xxxxx] Penny's sympathy and concern is what lead her and Linnea to the cabin the girls disappeared at. The cabin was gorgeous, but it paled in comparison to the lake in front of them. Linnea couldn't take her eyes off of the lake. She didn't hear Penny speak, nor did she notice anything else as she began walking towards the lake. She couldn't explain it, but the lake was drawing her in. Leaving all of her bags behind, and Penny, she walked into the lake, with no concern for her clothes or even herself. Soon, she was fully submerged by the lake.

[+white xxxxx] .... Only to open awake in an entirely new place. [b "W-what?"] Linnea looked around, entirely confused, searching her brain for an explanation as to what just happened. She looked around, hearing whispers of other people. [i Strangers.] She wrapped her arms around herself, suddenly scared. [b "I don't think we're in Kansas anymore,"] she mumbled under her breath before picking herself up.

[+white xxxxx] Despair coursed through her veins, as soon as she realized she was separated from Penny. She scanned the crowd, but couldn't see if Penny had followed her. All she could see was strangers, giving her odd looks. [i I wonder if this is what happened to those girls ...] If that was so, they were more than likely still alive, and somewhere within this ... Place. Whatever it was. As much as Linnea wanted to find answers now, she more so wanted to find Penelope. The two had never been separated for more than a few minutes, and being without her felt agonizing. [b "Penny .... Where are you?"]]
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[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 N]]amiko was stuffing her face when she heard one of the group leaders start talking. [#69cbe8 "Eh?"] -- She spoke with a mouthful of food, no manners at all. She hadn't been paying attention , as there was a lot of chit chat going on. Being the newest member of the group, she hadn't really gotten to know any of the other members, even Ayame. She was on the swim team with Ayame, but never really tried to speak to her. It took a few more moments to realize that it was Ayame who had been speaking to her.

[+white xxxxx] She swallowed her food too quickly, let out a few coughs, and [i finally] managed to respond. [#69cbe8 "H-hello! I'm --"] she trailed off, realizing Ayame's attention was already elsewhere. She let out the slightest of huffs and returned back to her food. [i The life of being the new kid. Might as well be invisible.] Her grumbling was internal, and she spoke no other words to the rest of the group. She could already tell that there were already formed friendships, and she felt that she was merely wandering into a place she didn't belong.

[+white xxxxx] To her, however, it was unimportant. She was never one to care about whether she fit in or belong, especially not within the magic club. [i I never asked for this,] she thought to herself while taking a break from eating her food. She heard the group quieting down, and quickly realized that the mood had taken a bit more serious of a turn, if that was even possible for the group.

[+white xxxxx] Namiko listened intently, more than she typically would. As much as she hated being a magical girl, she wasn't about to let innocent people be hurt. So, she payed attention , listening to the plan. [i It seems unlikely we can take out the Avatars ...] As much as she wanted to believe in the group, she had her doubts. They were all powerful beings after all, powered by whatever was causing the scourge. Despite her doubts, she would never express them. She didn't want to risk bringing the others' down, and didn't want to doubt her teammates. She didn't know just how powerful they were, after all.

[+white xxxxx] Returning back from her thoughts, Namiko listened to the rest of what the two leaders had to say. [#69cbe8 "Aww. Maybe I wanted to be paired with you, senpai."] She spoke quietly under her breath, hoping no one could hear her. She was kidding , either way. She still didn't know anyone well enough to have a preference as to who she was paired with. She looked over at Mori. She'd never once spoken to him, and felt a bit uncomfortable about suddenly having to, but she wasn't going to argue about it [i this time.]

[+white xxxxx] [b [#79a064 "-ame on speed-dial, maybe. And Namiko, too, for her healing,"]] Namiko was just about to speak to Mori, when she suddenly heard her name. She looked over at who spoke her name. It was Mao, yet another person she'd never really spoken too. [b [#79a064 "If that's okay with you?"]] She registered the questioning look on her face and let out a soft sigh before responding, [#69cbe8 "Sure, that's ok with me. I'll exchange my contact information with everyone in a moment."]

[+white xxxxx] [i Now that that is out of the way...] She looked back over at Mori, now that her attention wasn't split. [#69cbe8 "I don't mind exchanging contact information. What sort of information would you like?"] Namiko only had a few different ways of contact. She had a few social media accounts that she only somewhat used, along with email and her cellphone. She was already planning on giving the entire group her cellphone number. She was just unsure if any other information should be given out or if her cellular number was good enough for the group.]
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[google-font https://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Allura][center [pic http://i.imgur.com/fUWN4qg.gif][pic http://i.imgur.com/Qb9foMd.gif]]
[center [Allura [size20 "The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to."]]]
[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 G]]rey eyes examined the crowd that laid before their owner. Yue huffed, annoyed with the large crowd. She wanted to go home, away from the rain. Away from the crowd. She had long since been done with work, but the trek home was always a long one, even without large crowds. Considering it was raining, Yue found it surprising that there were so many people out and about, but she supposed that people never stopped for a little bit of rain. The young woman was nearly out of the heavy part of the crowd, when she heard the tail end of someone yelling.

[center [size12 "-your going why don't ya!?""]]

[size10 [+white xxxxx] Yue glanced in the direction of yelling, noticing a woman about her age picking herself up off the ground. If the woman didn't seem so angry, Yue would have gone over and offered her help, but she was not in the mood to deal with angry, rude people. At least, that's how the woman came across to her. The young woman turned her nose and kept on walking, finally out of the crowd. Her home was within sight.

[size10 [+white xxxxx] --- Though, it wasn't much of a home. It was nothing more than a small, cramped apartment, surrounded by many exactly like it. Yue thought it was fitting though, as she was just another struggling artist in New York. She made ok money, but not enough that she could focus solely on her art. No, she had to pick up another job, working at a local gaming shop. It was fun, but not what she wanted to do with her life.

[size10 [+white xxxxx] Walking into the door and immediately kicking off her shoes and soaked jacket, Yue plops down on the couch and yawns. [#90a8c1 "Rainy days always make me so tired...."] She lets out another yawn before rolling onto her side. She glances out the window, having left to blinds up. The rain is falling hard against the window, making a steady pattering noise. The sound is intoxicating to the young woman and she closes her eyes. She doesn't intend to sleep, but the sound of the rain against her window lulls her into sleep.

[+white xxxxx] [b [size12 B]]y the time she awakes, it is nearly midnight. [#90a8c1 "Oops,"] she utters as she yawns and rubs her eyes. Sitting up, she stretches and looks around the apartment. It is utter black, and she gets off the couch and stumbles until she manages to find a light switch. Deciding that now was the time to get cozy, Yue takes off the uncomfortable pants she was wearing and pulls on an oversized hoodie she had laying on a nearby chair. She grabs her phone from it's position on the floor and tucks it in her pocket, not bothering to check for any missed messages or calls.

[+white xxxxx] The young women then walks over to her window, gazing out at the now illuminated city. The rain had subsided, and people were walking around. [#90a8c1 "The city that never sleeps, as always,"] she mumbled to herself. Yue wasn't as fond of New York as a lot of people seemed to be. Prices were more expensive, and there were so many "starving" artists, that more often than not, she went to the internet to sell her artwork. Speaking of ... [#90a8c1 "Shoot ! I forgot about the deadline."]

[+white xxxxx] Yue had forgotten about a piece she had recently been working on for the local game shop. She was getting a decent chunk of change for it, the only thing was .. It was due by tomorrow when she went to work. [#90a8c1 "Looks like I'll have to pull an all nighter."] She grumbled to herself and wandered over to her desk, where her computer and drawing tablet laid. It was going to be a long night indeed.
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[+white xxxxx][size10 "Another day in Arcadia Bay," Max sighed.

[+white xxxxx]Except today was anything but 'just another day.' No ... Today was Chloe's funeral.

[+white xxxxx]The thought was enough to cause Max's stomach to churn, and her heart to ache. Maybe, if she was any ordinary girl, she would feel guilty for showing up to a funeral of her former best friend, that she hadn't spoken to since moving to Seattle. But Max was anything but ordinary. She didn't consider herself special, by any means, but she knew she wasn't ordinary. No normal person had the ability to rewind time and change things. Not that anyone in the current timeline knew that. Nor did anyone know of all the adventures Chloe and Max had gone on, before she had to rewind time, once again, to save Arcadia Bay.

[+white xxxxx]Which ... Meant letting Chloe die.

[+white xxxxx]Something that breaks Max's heart every time she remembers. Being in the bathroom when Chloe was shot ... Hurt Max horribly, but she could never tell anyone. No one knew she was there. She didn't want anyone to know.

[+white xxxxx]Another sigh escaped her lips, as she looked in the mirror. Dressed in all black, she felt so out of place. Memories of her and Chloe flashed through her mind, from childhood memories, to now deleted memories of them trying to figure out who killed Rachel.

[+white xxxxx]These were memories she'd never be able to share, nor forget. She held them too dear to her heart.

[center [pic http://68.media.tumblr.com/0ddc5121cc1b4ed4e093c9c44e370f55/tumblr_inline_ml157n9fIa1qz4rgp.png]]
[+white xxxxx]It was finally almost time for the funeral. Max was standing in the back, hoping to go unnoticed by Chloe's mom and David. She didn't want to field any questions as to why she was there, despite not having spoken to Chloe since moving away to Seattle. There was no way for her to explain that she'd gone on adventures with Chloe, in a different timeline. It would be unbelievable to them, and it would hurt too much to talk about. It was already hard enough being at the funeral of the best friend she'd abandoned. And while she knew that Joyce would never hold anything against her, Max felt horribly guilty.

[+white xxxxx]For abandoning Chloe. For not saving Chloe. For choosing Arcadia Bay over Chloe, even if it was what Chloe wanted. Max's heart ached. She spent her nights crying over Chloe. Missing Chloe. Guilt over not rekindling things with Chloe before she died. "If I could go back ... I would."

[+white xxxxx]The funeral came and went. Everyone came and went. Max briefly spoke with Joyce -- cried with Joyce. Neither could really speak about it. About Chloe being gone . There were just tears. Tears until they finally separated -- tears until Joyce left, leaving Max all alone with Chloe's headstone. Tears still in her eyes, she sat in front of the stone, both happy and sad to finally be alone. "Hey, Chlo ... I'm ... Sorry. You probably went to the grave still mad and hurt, because I stopped talking to you. If I could go back and fix it all, I would. But you ... your other self knows what happens , if I save you. You don't remember any of that though. Just -- god, I miss you Chloe. A world without you hurts. I wish you were still here. Maybe -- if I never quit talking to you, you'd still be here. We could laugh and joke around like we used to. I tried saving you once, but all it did was end up with you dead anyways. I couldn't do a damn thing to save you, special powers or not." A sob escaped.

[+white xxxxx]"I love you, Chloe. I was there, when Nathan killed you. I heard it all. I can't -- handle any of it. Any of this. Jefferson is in jail, but it doesn't bring you back. Doesn't fix all the damage he and Nathan did. Kate is still alive, but .. You're not. I wish you were. I wish I could've done something to actually save you. But damn it ... The universe apparently didn't want you here . Fuck the universe ..."

[+white xxxxx]Max became silent, looking at the grave of her deceased best friend. Regret was in her heart. Nothing could be said to bring Chloe back, as much as Max wished it. The only thing Max could do is move on. Keep living life, as Chloe would've done. "Life hurts, but I'll never give up ... I know you wouldn't want me going and offing myself. If I did, you'd probably track me down in the afterlife and yell at me." A laugh escaped from Max as she wiped her tears away. "I'll never forget you, Chloe. Never."

[+white xxxxx]Standing up, Max stepped away from her best friend's grave, and turned to walk away. Giving one last glance, she noticed a blue butterfly sitting on Chloe's headstone. Max couldn't help but smile. Maybe it wasn't Chloe, maybe it was just a silly belief, but Max would always find herself thinking of that little butterfly as Chloe watching over her.

[+white xxxxx]"See you around, Chloe..." She spoke to the butterfly, before completely walking away from the headstone, and out of the cemetery.
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[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/czH0G73.gif]]
[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 L]]oud giggles could be heard echoing throughout the home. High pitched -- belonging to a small child. Groans quickly followed, belonging not to the child, but to the sister of said child. Namiko Kitagawa. Being up right now was not something she enjoyed, especially when awoken by her little sister. She wasn't surprised though. It was almost a daily occurrence. Namiko never needed an alarm. If it wasn't her little sister being loud and energetic early in the morning, it was the cries of her barely a year old little brother. Or as she always thought of them, the pride of her parents. They would never admit it, but neither of Nami's parents had the patience for her. They never had. When she was younger she was often carted off to relatives when her parents' could no longer tolerate her. When she was little, it was her constant refusal to eat or sleep, or as her parents like say, "the reason why you're so short and small, Namiko." When she was older and capable of her own speech and thought? Her refusal to listen drove them to give her off to relatives. Until -- those relatives could no longer tolerate her themselves. She'd fallen out with many a relative , even grandparents , because of her refusal to obey.

[+white xxxxx] It was always assumed that one day, Namiko would break out of her rebellious attitude. Fifteen years after being born, and nothing had changed. The only relative that really ever made time for her, was her aunt. [#69cbe8 "I'd rather be with oba right now,"] the girl said with a childish huff. [#69cbe8 "If only I didn't have to go to that [i silly] meeting..."]

[+white xxxxx] Namiko knew they weren't silly, but she wasn't quite awake yet. She couldn't help but be grumpy. With another huff, she sat up and looked at her phone, long hair messily pooling around her. There were a few unnoticed text messages. [#69cbe8 "Damn it !"] The realization that she had woken up late was sudden. [i The one time my little siblings don't wake me up early ...] the girl thought to herself. She uttered a few more curses as she slid on her day clothes and shoes. Namiko wasn't the most punctual person, but she didn't like being late, especially to important things like this. As much as she grumbled about having to go to the meetings, and about being a magical girl in general, she didn't want to let everyone else down.

[+white xxxxx] [#69cbe8 "Fully dressed and ready to go,"] Namiko said out loud to no one in particular. Leaving her room, she uttered a "hello" and "good morning" before walking out the door. She wouldn't have been surprised if they went fully unnoticed by her parents and siblings, as it wouldn't be a first. Remembering things like this caused Namiko to miss her aunt even more, but she knew that now was not the time to go visit her aunt. She had important things to do.

[center [pic http://i.imgur.com/5KdgS54.gif]]
[+white xxxxx] Twenty minutes or so later, Namiko was standing in front of the ramen shop. A grumble quickly sounded from her stomach, only to silence again. Crap. She'd forgotten to eat before leaving. She merely shrugged her shoulders at this realization. [#69cbe8 "I'll just eat here."] The words came out nonchalant, but the girl was truthfully excited. Her parents didn't like spicy things the way that she did , so she didn't get to eat it often. This was a chance to [i finally] indulge her tastebuds after what felt like ages. She swore that her tastebuds were screaming in anticipation.

[+white xxxxx] After spotting where the group was meeting, Namiko went and ordered her food. Perhaps it was rude of her to not speak to them first , and probably just as rude to be eating at an important meeting, but none of this occurred to Nami. She was hungry, and wanted to get something to eat. After waiting a bit, she got her food, and walked back to the group, not even waiting to sit down to start eating. [#69cbe8 "Hey guys,"] the young girl spoke with a mouth full of food. She swallowed her mouthful,
feeling a bit sheepish for forgetting her manners , then asked, [#69cbe8 "What are we all here for?"]

[+white xxxxx] This time, she spoke much more clearly, no longer having food in her mouth. She sat down at the table, not really paying attention to who she was sitting by. Her mind was more so on the spicy ramen that was in the bowl she just sat down. She ate a bit more, before finally looking at the others. Namiko gave a quick glance before returning to her food. She knew the others by name, but that was about it. She had never really spoken to them on a more casual level, so she didn't really know a thing about any of them. She was, however, perceptive enough to notice who didn't like who. [i Maybe one day I'll actually be friends with some of these people ...] As rude and rough around the edges as Namiko was, she was a bit excited of the prospect of making new friends. Must've been the charismatic and outgoing side of herself. It was exciting to her, to be able to leave behind her middle school years and start mostly anew. A soft smile spread across her lips as she considered this. It was one of the times where she seemed a little less rough, and more "normal." The smile didn't last long, as she took one more bite of her food before returning her attention to everyone else, where she intended for it to stay.
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[https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sukumizu-Japanese-Neon-Genesis-Evangelion-Ayanami-Rei-Ikari-Shinji-Soryu-Asuka-Langley-Cosplay-Costume-EVA-Sexy/32798408018.html I fucking need this]
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