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Years after the events of part two Jonathan Riveras stumbles into Cedarcreek, Home of his Great Grandfather and Grandmother: Kain and Amelia Conalis. Jon goes on a journey to find the truth and claim his role the Conalis family bloodline.


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Eve stared at him before backing up. [I "Ive no quarrel with you, Atlas... Simply to exact my child's vengeance is all I want"] she said as she looked to the sky. [I "I failed her once to protect her, I suffered for what seemed like eons in the dark because of it. I even sought to take my own life, but the blood in me prevents that. "] ah then turned to hum. [I "Ah, I understand the concept of mercy... I will show mercy to one.. But all must pay for taking the lives of the innocent and weak... If not me, then who? "]
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 297d 19h 41m 8s
Atlas heard her apologise and he turned to look at her. He was quiet for a long moment. Atlas sighed: "[b Stop-]"

He scratched his chin, as he looked at her: "[b I Just want you to understand that killing your enemies isn't the only option. I know that you feel that it is, but the more you kill the more you distance yourself. I understand if it's kill or be killed.. But you had a chance to take MERCY. I don't want you to not recognize yourself, like me. Don't do that to yourself.. I did that, I've been down that road. Don't become less than yourself.. If my words can't reach you. Then I stand by what I say. Then you can become what I was, or what Jon is..]"

Atlas looked away. "[b I believe that you are sorry. I know you are.. and I accept the apology. But I need to know you can show MERCY on your enemies. If you can do that we can find whatever it is you are looking for. If not, all apologies aside, kill me. Strike me down, right here.]" He said as he looked away.
  Atlas / Darclyfe / 300d 22h 47m 58s
She nodded slowly before looking to him. [I "I will talk to him tonight"]

She waited until nightfall to walk out. Atlas was far from them, at the cliff that the sun was dying on the horizon. She sighed as she walked over to him, a bit taken aback from the situation. She sighed before looking to him. [I "I apologize... For offending you. I knew I had overstepped boundaries... "] she silently looked out. [I "I apologize... "] she sighed as she turned away. She had ro let him have his space... Maybe it could help him open up
  Bloody_Eve / 303d 18h 14m 15s
Jon walked to the end of the room as he looked at her: "[b I told you, I wasn't here to hurt you.. Atlas isn't either, so.. I need you to figure out each other's problems. He has his issues. But I promise, he won't hurt you. Alright?]"

He had a purpose, so he was told his trueness would reveal itself once he found he found himself.

He sighed as he put a hand against the wall and had a smile on his face: "[b Just talk to him, I know he wants to talk, he just doesn't know what to say.]"

He picked up his handgun holster and pulled a jacket over his back. "[b I have some work to do for you.]"

He put a cigarette between his lips: "[b Figure this out with Atlas, we need him.]"
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 303d 20h 17m 26s
Eve quietly accessed the situation and she needed to make sense of it. She then looked to him in wonder. [I "I dunno. It has been an odd few hours... It was not apparent that I would meet you so loosely. After losing my men, I thought it would be a matter of time before death finds me too... I wasnt scared... Death would've been so much better than a eternity alone... "] she turned away, hiding her face. [I "But, you and come along... I thought youd give me death... "] after such a weird wording escaped her lips, she chuckled through tears. [I "Instead... I find myself compelled to want your company over Atlas'"]
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 304d 13h 39m 38s
Jon leaned in close as he mustered a smile and then sighed: "[b Probably moreso, than you both know... You're right about something.. Though my brother can open portals, that isn't his true power. Y'see I can stop time and rewind time. Atlas told me something once.. He can save, erase and reset. He told he'd never used the power before.]"

Jon then stood up: "[b He doesn't take his role lightly. Though honestly, I'm more relaxed than he is.. Though I never seen him drink before... So that tells me he had a bad day, hence part of why he was silent.]"

Jon looked away a moment, if Atlas' powers did what his he thought in his hunch. Maybe keeping Atlas close might be the best option.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 308d 12h 51m 20s
Eve sighed as she looked to him. [I "Then... We are quite the same"] she said and smiled some. She knew that somewhere in her mind, she could tell something was true about him... He was quite a man.

Though, she couldn't remember the last time she had been cared for. It was strange to her. It wasn't so normal after all. She was used to being protected as a lamb would be... But, seeing that she wasn't so weak as they thought, it occurred that three lone wolves have made what they would call a pack. And in that, she was sad and relieved.
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 309d 11h 54m 55s
Atlas looked to her then to Jon, she had to be thinking now, better than her think. He felt the sins of the portal's victims crawl at his back.

He looked through both of them as he drank more. "[b ...]"

Jon looked away, and then spoke: "[b You see, it has to of been at least a hundred years since we were born here..]"

Atlas threw the shot glass at Jon and then stood up.

He looked to Eve and then Jon. "[b Thanks for the drinks.]"

He slipped out, via portal.

Jon sighed: "[b Then again, what do I know..? It's been a long time, I remember nothing.]" He said quietly
  Atlas / Darclyfe / 310d 9h 24m 56s
She nodded and thought for a moment. Eve really was intrigued about these two. They were similar, but different.

Eve then relaxed herself, only having the space to think. Why were they coming back after thirty years? It wasnt just coincidence. There had to be a good logical reason. Eve thought for a moment. If her daughter was gone, it may be because she want what thy wanted. It could be possible that it had something to with her... Maybe...

Her mind was running faster than she could catch. She had to figure... Her attention then looked to Jon... Though she could tell he was busy, busy for some unknown reason, she was compelled to look to him.
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 310d 9h 37m 40s
Atlas heard what she said as he stared at her with an aloof expression, she didn't get it.. Nor would she if he explained:

"[b ...]"

He didn't say anything, he couldn't say anything he just took another shot. Jon rose a brow towards his little brother: "[b This is him when he doesn't want to say what's on his mind.]"

Atlas looked at Jon's stool and pulled out from underneath him, using telekinesis.

"[b ...]" He wanted to tell him to shut up. But he did it in his own way.

Hearing her statement about their powers he his eye twitched for split second but returned to the listless expression.

"[b[size16 ...]]"

Jon pulled the stool back up and sat back on it. "[b asshole.]"

Jon sighed: "[b I manage time and space, I cannot open portals, like Atlas.]" He said as he lit a smoke.
  Atlas / Darclyfe / 310d 9h 53m 59s
Eve had continued to drink with them, and as the sun beamed, she could finally feel a bit of safety while she was here. Eve had looked to both of them, then to her glass. She couldnt have imagined such a feeling... She then saw Atlas with a look on his face that bothered her. She sighed. [I "I've never said your being a pacifist that youbwere not capable of protecting yourself"] she explained. [I "I can smell it on you. It is more and more clear that you have the void as a power... And here, I'm thinking that it was Job's"] she knew there was only one other that could do it... But, she needed to know where it leads to
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 310d 10h 5m 42s
Jon nodded as he looked at her, he drank some of his wine. "[b No problem, glad to be of assistance. Protecting anyone is difficult, especially when you care.]"

Atlas nodded listlessly he took another drink, he felt like he was the one losing emotion, he had a plain expression on his face, maybe it'd be better if he had not existed.

Atlas remained quiet as he moved onto his third glass. He'd never drank this much.

Jon pulled up his favorite whiskey, Maker's Mark,

He opened the red cap and offered some to Eve and poured a shot for Atlas.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 310d 10h 23m 56s
Eve took her glass and sat down, possibly getting a few things together in her mind that had been bothering her up till now. She felt a twinge of intense shutters as the sun rose. She hadnt felt so much like a wanted woman ever in her life. She believed that she was not going to find that one to honor her... And she was stdNgely okay with it. It wasnt that she wanted to believe it, but, she knew that she couldnt wait. After her daughter was taken, she couldnt bear the thought of it.

[I "Jon, I... "] she blushed hard at this. [I "I wanted to... To thank you... And Atlas. ']
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 310d 10h 34m 13s
Jon nodded in agreement as he followed along with her. He spoke as he walked with her: "[b Typically, those lacking emotion don't sleep. But that's because wine is better..]" He said as he mustered a poor chuckle.

He walked into the castle grabbed two chalice's and filled them with red wine.

Atlas sat in the opened the portal and stepped into the void: "[b Let me be frank, Tell me where she is and the torture stops.]"

Robert finally spoke: "[i I told you she's dead. I had Fang take her..]"

Atlas punched him in the face and then looked at his man.

"[b Nimroy, take his genitals.]"

There was a loud scream as Atlas closed a portal behind him and appeared before Jon and Eve. He picked up the bottle and poured himself a glass.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 310d 10h 46m 0s
Careful to pick her next words, she nodded before looking away. [I "Your right... We are the same... "] she said as she lit her cigarette and smoked. She nodded in agreement. She hadn't realized that there would be a simple thing that helped in their endeavors. Eve was more silent than ever, watching the night before the dawn. She finally made the effort to stand. [I "I'm going to the castle... Perhaps you would like to drink some wine with me. I don't sleep"] she said as she started walking on.
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 310d 10h 58m 51s

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