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Years after the events of part two Jonathan Riveras stumbles into Cedarcreek, Home of his Great Grandfather and Grandmother: Kain and Amelia Conalis. Jon goes on a journey to find the truth and claim his role the Conalis family bloodline.


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There she stood. She watched as shadow and mist took her earth. She watched as an image had appeared. A man in a horse, proud and arrogant. She knew it the moment the stench hit her nostrils. [I "Why do you come here?! "]

The Horseman growled before speaking. [i "I intend to have my bride and my bastard"]

She growled back. [I "I've no intention of being your bride... And my daughter died the day tried to steal me from my kingdom. You are not welcome. Leave or perish! "] she yelled, making the evil thing hiss.
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 20m 36s
Jonathan, laid in bed, the pup laid on his chest and stared at him: "[b What's up, Sheira?]" She silently stared back at her owner. The dog was a pink nose, black and white colored dog with pale blue eyes.

"[b You're hungry. Sorry, I don't eat food that often, girl.]" Standing up, she got off the bed with him.

Going downstairs he searched the kitchen cupboards: No dog food. But he saw a button under the cabinet and pressed it. Suddenly, a hole the ground opened up. It was more like a rectangle:

It lit up to a hatch underground. Grabbing Sheira he carried her down the stairs and what he found surprised him, a home inside home. Food, supplies, beds.. He opened a can of wet food as he set it down for her.

He approached a light in a dark tunnel, a red aura emanated from the hall as it shot towards him: A figure of unimaginable power appeared before him: War, the first horseman of the apocalypse.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 5d 16h 9m 11s
As a precaution, Eve had supplied her library with blood, so to sedate her mind. She gulped most of the glass down, then sighed as she put her head to the desk. Why was this foreigner here? And, what did he mean by trusting her?

As she finally felt the courage to walk on, she caught a scent... It was old... It was evil... And it was coming. She hurried out and I'm o the moon lit plains, feeling a shaky uneasiness from beneath her feet... Something was coming... Something was coming after her... She will greet it head on
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 5d 21h 46m 55s
Jon walked out of the room he was in: He looked up at the sun. He was the type to take walks this early. While walk he found a puppy: A pitbull, he picked it up as it playfully nibbled his finger.

"[b Sheira. A pretty name for a fierce animal..]" The baby's leg was missing but he healed the leg and it was like the leg was never missing.

The pup began to lick him: "[b Yeah, I know. I get it.. No need to thank me, little dog.]"

He set her down and pup snuggled his leg and then began walking with Jon.

Well, Jon just made his only friend.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 50m 50s
With the silence of the mansion, she slowly let dark sleep take over... But her dream was nothing less of horrific memories.


A dream

She could still remember the freezing snow beneath her...

Maybe it was nothing, but the silence of the snowy day was unusual... And as her mind slowly gathered, she had remembered what had happened, and before she could panic, she had realized just as quickly that Vladimir was long gone. She couldn't move... But she had to try... She just had to. Her pride was shattered, her mind, disoriented... Her body ached from both the pressure he applied on her, and the worst thing he ever did... He took away her virginity...

With everything that she had, she had gotten up. The pain on her was imbearable. Her clothes were torn, her neck, riddled with hickies and feed bites. Her legs were smothered with blood, and her nostrils was burning from the smell of it. She let tears fall. It was painful and like fire, her body would ache upon movement. It made her cry, it hurt so much... And blood dripped a trail down the empty streets, her coughing as she struggled to get home... And the only person that found her... Was her guard, Sohi, who spotted her near the gate.

Sohi carried her home, bedding her in his home to let her rest, and the mate her father chose for her looked at her once Sohi told her.

"She no longer desires to be mine"

"Stop this, agha... She was raped... "

"But she cannot be mine if she has nothing to offer"


"Silence, Sohi... As of now, she is no longer mine"

She had awakened in a start. She felt the shiver in her bones, and rage course through her fingers... Her sense of smell could still determine whom was around. Black magic began to circle her... She had to stop it... She has to stop ...
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 10d 1h 18m 44s
Jon had woke up: He couldn't sleep. He may be human in a slight but he didn't want to get involved initially with the Queen's activity: But because she's the Nightingale, he was needed to serve her.

"[b I just need a reason for my existence.]"

From the time Jon had been conceived to now he had tried to take his own life on multiple occasions, but only to become hollow and less than what he was before: The curse of the undead.

[i I'm not evil, just misunderstood.]

So he decided that he would find a reason: A reason to live: Exist. But maybe this Nightingale wasn't it.. He had searched for many years. But now he sat in the home of his ancestors.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 50m 36s
Within her mansion, she could see every thing that stayed within the foyer. Her pictures took the right side of the hallways, while a child:s picture stayed on the left. She stopped before it, smiling some as she remembered that day.

Her daughter was a bastards child. She loved the child, more more life could fathom. The child had brought her soul peace, brought her a purpose to coexist with humans... With a heavy sigh, she walked on down the halls, reaching her library, where she sat and looked forward. [I "He called me The Nightingale... He knows of my bloodline... Should I trust him? "]
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 10d 5h 46m 20s
Jon didn't understand her reaction: He had offered her his help. He did not criticize her, he simply told her the truth. He teleported, having no reason more left to stay in her castle. He sighed as he was in the bedroom of the restored mansion he fixed. Whether he or she liked it or not, Cedarcreek was his home now.

He understood what she said and her sentiment. But he had nothing to care for. He was simply looking for a purpose. [i Then I will have to serve her without consent.] He thought to himself.

He sat on the throne in the house he had a cigarette and a glass of bourbon in his hands.

Later he was in bed, lying there staring at the dark ceiling. [i My purpose.. The Never Dead. I am a Gravelord, Death in it's very essence.]"
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 50m 19s
His annoyance she could hear in his voice instantly disheartened her. She looked to him, with a serious look on her face. [I "You criticize me. You have no heart, you say... "] she looked at him dead in his face, a open furnace of dire raged behind them. [I "If you've no heart, why did you stay? You could decide to leave and do as you wish, I hold no chain to you, nor a sword. "] she sighed and looked ahead to the cold night. [I "I need none to serve me because of my heritage... I want someone to protect me because he cares to... That is why all of them failed... "] With that, she walked out again, into the mist and through dead hills.

A mansion of records was not too far from the castle. She sought refuge there at times, and more often by the night. As she approached it, however, she felt a power through her fingers, a surge of undeniable power that made her pause... Then a child crying in her head. She closed her eyes, trying to block out the sorrow before walking in. She couldn't revert... She mustn't...
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 10d 15h 49m 26s
Jon sighed as she hear her speak he had to stop himself from getting annoyed by her sentiment. "[b I never said you had to trust me, Eve. You can't kill what's already dead..]"

Then at the mention of the Guard he lost his patience a bit. "[b It was self defense. He made me do it. It was him or me. I wasn't going to let him try. If I die, I go hollow. That's it. I have to trust you, Have not a choice.]"

Hearing what she said about serving with his heart: He laughed at her words: "[b I mean no disrespect, your Grace. I can't serve with a heart if I have not one.]"

A purple aura came from him: "[b I think you'll see I'm more than an average soldier. With me, I promise you this. No harm will come to you or your armies.]"
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 50m 3s
Seeing that her attention had been snatched away, she was startled to realize he knew her name. She was already nervous about this. On top of that, he just appeared out of nowhere, kill one of her men just to apologize and said he must trust her. At first she was skeptical, but even she was curious of him. [I " trust me? Why do I need to trust you? You did kill my guard after all. "] she smirked some and shook her head. [I " On the other hand, i prefer you not trust me. Everyone that's near me always seems to die... this being proven fact"]

Still though, Eve gave him a smile and nodded of her head to him. [I " all right, I shall trust you under one condition. In order for me to trust you, you must prove to me that you're worthy to protect me... I've been a target for a long time... I only ask for your trust if you would but use your heart, not your head... Lost too many soldiers that way as is"]
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 11d 8h 43m 48s
Jonathan walked through the mansion, it was still a beautiful home regardless of it's age. He snapped his fingers and time reversed it's age.

The house, once again appeared at it's prime. Once done he approached to front of the town where her domain was. He appeared before her:

His eyes glowed purple as he looked at her: "[b I am to trust The Nightingale, I am to trust you, Eve.]"

He knew that she didn't tell him her name. "[b My name is Jonathan Riveras, I don't know if you know my name or not. But I apologise for the unfortunate circumstances in which I have approached you. I ask for your forgiveness now, Nightingale.]"
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 49m 47s
Along the quiet hallways she walked, she felt the earth beneath her feet. She felt the very pulse of life coursing through Mother Earth's surface. Darkness was her canvas. She was here in darkness for years. She had grew accustomed to the fears of others. She hadn't been channeling her emotions because she never felt them. She hadn't been trying to feel her emotions since the death of her father.

Now that new blood had came along, she had been curious as to why he had come. Was it to assassinate her? Or was it for another purpose?
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 12d 5h 33m 47s
Jon stood silently as he sheathed the dagger away. He continued on his way to the mansion. He felt an aura unlike anything he ever felt. It had been abandoned and the dust off the years had eaten away from the house. There were three steps from the entrance of the house. He stepped up an aura was coming off of him, a dark violet. The aura covered him entirely once at the door. Opening the door the aura exploded it open.

He collapsed down to his knees as he felt a sensation in his head. He felt like his head might explode.

But it went away. A voice in his mind spoke: "[b Don't go hollow. For it'll be your undoing. Trust Eve: She's the Nightingale.]"

Jon didn't know the voice. But it was a part of him.
  Jon Riveras (J.R) / Darclyfe / 9d 15h 49m 34s
Kill him? She stared at the dagger for a moment. As tempting as it sounded to kill him, there was no real reason to kill him. Her comrade was always hot head. It was only a matter of time until he would meet his demise for it.

[I "I don't want to kill you... I see no reason to entice me, either. Vampires have been changing lately, as he did. Arrogance is keen. I need no one to bow to me... I am here to seek refuge, not to kill or be killed"] she said as she handed him back his dagger. She then turned away and retreated into her castle, ascending her throne and sitting upon it... The only thong was a occasional walking around of the few vampires that stayed withij the castle
  Eve / Bloody_Eve / 13d 3h 57m 27s

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