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[div [Julius+Sans+One [size16 [center [pic http://i.imgur.com/85W67GZ.png?1]] ❝Dearest ______,
It is with utmost pleasure that I happily extend to you the opportunity to attend a programme intended for the Gifted. If ever you have felt the call of the night - the darkness creeping across your heart, then you are in luck - for we are [i just] the place for you.
[size20 †]
Now is the time to discover your past, pave your future, and [i come home]. We have long awaited your return.❞
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† Blue Moon University † is for those born of vampyric lines and mortals who wield Magick. It is here that they learn not only of their heritage but engage in specific course studies in an environment that is safe but encouraging. Not to mention . . . the parties are [i pretty] † Wicked †.

[tangerine [size35 [#969696 † Rules & Requirements †]]]

1) Have fun.
2) Be honest.
3) Posts should be 1,000+ characters, unless there is a scene that calls for any less.
4) Effective grammar and punctuation.
5) Stick around! Stay a little while, and if it isn't for you, just let me know. Refer to rule two!
6) Romance is fine - be respectful and fair about it, though!
7) Pressure anyone to post, and I will dropkick you.

And that's it! Hit me up with a [b [http://rp.eliteskills.com/pm.php?u=54947 PM]] titled [i La Lune] if you're up for it. (;

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[#9251c1 [i 'New place with others like us. We can discover the past, the present, and who we are. Or so we've been told. I mean dad went to a place like this, so maybe it can't be too bad.']] The golden brown haired male thought as green-blue orbs stared out the window at the moonlight that had just come from beyond the clouding sky about an hour or two ago. He had only been keeping focus on the grounds within the manor because like his sister, Connor had agreed to go to an old but very beautiful school and would be away from the only home and place he had ever known. And the hybrid wanted to remember everything about it that he could. Wanted to be able to have that while being away from home since he would for awhile not be able to roam the lands freely.

[#9251c1 "You know it's not proper to watch people."] Conner said with a faint smirk as he turned back to his mother and father as the two came into the room. Though the young man had the smirk over his lips, the usual brightness did not meet his eyes. If he were honest he didn't really want to be leaving home but had promised he would go to learn more about who he was and to watch his older sister. Besides he could deal with it, right?

[i "It'll be okay. You'll return here after the year is done. This way both you and your sister will find out more about who you are. Your father and I had been sent off to school when we were your age and we turned out fine. Now it is the time for you to meet others since we have kept you here all this time."] His mother said as she moved to the young man and hugged him. She was trying to make him feel better and he knew it, so anything in his head the young man kept himself from saying.

"It won't be that bad. You'll have freedoms we never let you." His father added, clapping a hand to Conner's shoulder before both he and his wife moved back.

[#9251c1 "Thanks...I love and will miss you both."] And with that, the young man grabbed his own suitcase and walked out of his room and down the stairs. And as he suspected he was the first to the car and had to wait for his sister. Which he had expected because not long after the dark haired girl came to join him, both taking their final glances at the manor they grew up in as the car "ghosted" through woods along winding roads under the moon's beaming light.

His attention was out the window but soon came to his sister and he noted she seemed in a trance. The moon and all it's beauty called him as well but didn't seem to call to him as it did her. It wasn't until they got to the school did he shake the girl, being slightly worried as her trances seemed to be getting worse. [#9251c1 "Yeah..and this seems to be getting worse Lex...You've not told mum and dad have you?"] The young man muttered with a shake of his head as the pair got out of the car and he grabbed her suitcase as well and the pair wandered into the school to find their rooms.

Once they did find the rooms, Conner wandered with Lexi and was dragged to a table that seemed to have another male sitting at it. They and a dark hooded figure he assumed to be the headmaster or one of power were the only in the room. Or they were until another student came in. And he seemed to dismiss them as soon as he looked them over. It was clear his attention was on the hooded figure who had yet to speak to any of them and tell them what was going on.

[#9251c1 "He's a point. When do we get started?"] The golden brown haired male called out. It earned him a look from his sister which he merely shrugged off. He was anxious to get started and anxious to meet anyone else who may be entering the school.
  Blue Moon / SheDevil / 2y 29d 13h 7m 8s
He'd really thought, really, deeply, honestly, that once he became a vampire, school wouldn't be a thing. There'd be partying, sex, drugs, the high life; clubs and shit, and running around the night and hunting. Maybe some investing or something like that. He hadn't put any thought into how he'd make money, but hell, the lords seemed to be rolling in it, so he'd surely figure it out.

And then he'd been sent to this school out of the blue, and all of a sudden he was supposed to go to university like any other normal.

It really wasn't fair. He'd [i never] planned on going to college. His family hadn't had the money, and honestly, he hadn't had the motivation. He'd been fine with the idea of being a car mechanic, or working retail or construction the rest of his life. Seemed fine. He wasn't smart enough for anything more, anyways. When he'd been turned, it'd seemed like a godsend. Perfect! No more worrying about a job, at all! And then... well. Here he was.

At least it had a gorgeous campus. All the buildings were old and gothic, with pitched roofs and spires, sharp but intricate metalwork topping the edges of the roofs. The windows were tall and narrow, their tops drawn to points; the walls were a dark gray stone, almost black. And hotties. Hotties everywhere, of every description. And maybe when he flunked out at the end of this first semester, the elder vampires would have second thoughts about putting him in university, and he could go party his brains out like he'd always wanted to. Hell, wasn't there usually plenty of partying in university? No need to wait that one out!

Gabriel walked into the building they'd been told to meet in, passed through a sepulcherous lobby, and into a long, dark hall, lined with those tall, narrow windows. Only moonlight shone through, lining the other students with silver light; two men and one woman so far. No, wait. Someone was standing on the stage, behind a podium. Three men. Men...? He squinted at the dark-robed figure. Those were definitely high heels. And a flat chest. Nope, definitely a man. Just a fabulous one.

Gabe considered the other students, then dismissed them. Just a bunch of kids like him. Even if they were vampires, so what? The old ones were the ones who mattered. The old ones... like the man on the stage. It wasn't hard to guess that he was worth a little more of a shit than his fellow students. Which meant the only one worth sucking up to.... was him.

"Hey!" he called, addressing the robed man. "When does this get started? I wanna get partying already!" He grinned at the robed man, putting his hands on his hips.
  Gabriel Graysson / kaitoXi / 2y 44d 10h 56m 14s
Pinks, purples, and orange hughes slowly slipped down beneath the horizon and the sky became dark with only the light of twinkling stars and a brilliant moon. It had been a very long and a very boring day as she was not normally one for the daylight hours. Hybrid as she may be, Electra Bradshaw or better known by the name of Lexi was more into the "night owl" scene. Not that she had a choice, but once in a blue moon she liked to pretend that she did have one.

"Lexi, have you got your things together?" Her mother asked from the doorway, her father close behind. The witch and the vampyre had their eyes upon the young woman as both took great care to read her and what she felt.

[b "Yeah, been ready since sundown. Actually since last week. I just don't know what to think of this new place."] Lexi muttered with a shrug, crossing her arms over her chest as she looked back at her mother and father. She knew she wouldn't he going alone, but it still felt odd because this was the first time she would be so far from home.

"It'll be fine and so will you. This school is a good place to meet others like you and to learn about who you are." It was her father to speak that time, which the young woman only nodded to as she moved to her parents and hugged the two of them.

[b "I love you both.."] Were her whispered words before she moved back to her suitcase and grabbed it and then brushed past her parents. She wandered the long corridors until she came to the front hall and went through the big oak doors which led to the car that has been waiting for her and her younger brother who happened to be in the car already.

With one last look up at the home she knew and so very loved, the car drove out the big iron gates. It took many twists and many turns but always seemed to stay in forests and always seemed to follow the bewitching brightness of the moon. It actually seemed that Lexi herself fell into a trance because of her love for the moon and how the great orb and its beauty always captivated her.

It was not until a couple hours later was she pulled from her trance by being shaken quite roughly by her brother. The young man seemed rather worried, but when Lexi came to he relaxed. [b "I did it again?"] She whispered, questioningly quietly as their driver got their suitcases from the trunk and then left them. [#9251c1 "Yeah and it seems to be getting worse. Didn't tell mum and dad about it, did you?"] Conner muttered with a shake of his head as he grabbed Lexi's suitcase too and began to march off ahead with a huffy Lexi following him. Both had decided to find their rooms and leave the suitcases on their beds before they went to the entrance hall.

When they had found their rooms and FINALLY managed to find the correct corridor, brother and sister went to the entry hall. As they entered, not many seemed to have arrived. In fact, there only seemed to be one male somewhere close to their age and a man who was clearly older than they but seemed an ominous shadow. Seemed like a statue dressed in all black except the shoes. In fact, the man whom she assumed to be the headmaster gave the hybrid the creeps. But she shook it off and gripped Conner's arm, leading him to the only other in the room whom she assumed to be a student. [b "Mind if we sit? I mean yeah the place hasn't filled yet but you look like you get this place and what it's about. I'm Lexi and this is CJ."] The raven haired young woman said as she sat and pulled her brother to sit as well. God she hoped everyone would be there soon and they would hear the opening speeches soon. Her nerves were starting to frive her crazy.
  Blue Moon / SheDevil / 2y 44d 15h 6m 39s
[center The mists had rolled in that evening, covering the hills and sweeping through the thick forests. Overhead, the moon was in full view, brilliant against the blanket of darkness dotted with stars that hung overhead. The spires at the very top of the bordering gates were ominous in this light. Something rang sinister in the air that evening, and Bartholomaus sensed that they would have quite the crowd coming in. Most schools had arrivals filter in during the daylight hours, but for Blue Moon... well, things tended to run very differently. Most of the student populace consisted of 'night owls'.

Not that he could honestly judge. He was a night owl himself, so it was just as well that he would be at his most alert in time for the long anticipated arrivals of their remaining students. To that day, he still knew not whom his roommate would be, and the prospect of meeting them for the first time ignited a sort of excitement in him rather than agitation. He was very much a man of solitude, so a roommate to begin with would very well had been a challenge, but he had long promised himself that he would attempt to change for the better.

Taking long, graceful strides down a quiet corridor of the university's centre, he made his way to the large hall where the semester's opening speeches would be given.

The hall was for the most part empty. Not that they accepted many new admissions to begin with, but it was still startling to note. Not even his cousin had arrived, but the headmaster seemed perfectly content to wait, perched on his high stool behind an appropriately ornate podium.

He was outfitted in black from head to show, a mourning shroud obscuring his features and bringing him to appear utterly anonymous. The only attribute to be had were the pair of gleaming, pointed-toe high-heeled boots peeking out from beneath his ceremonial robes.

If that didn't say something about his personality, then Barry wasn't sure what would. Settling into place, he took a moment to look over his semester's schedule. Not particularly grueling, but it wasn't exactly cake, either.

Heaving a sigh, the brunet busied himself with the task of reading through the various course descriptions as the first students began to trail in. Even then, the headmaster refused to move, entirely statue-like in appearance. Vaguely, Bartholomaus wondered if the man would bother to address them at all. For all he knew, this was a test.

After all, the place was supposedly under the charge of an 'eccentric'. Well, this was going to be interesting, to say the least. ]
  b a r t h o l o m ä u s / Oppa / 2y 73d 13h 1m 55s

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