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The night sky hovered above. The dim lit alley way inviting. In silence, Jenicia strode down the street. A smirk over her face, hands stuffed in her pockets, pulling the jacket closer to her body. The cold air pricked at her skin through the fishnet stockings she wore. She had a love hate relationship with the cold air of the night. It kept her attentive to her surroundings. She wasn’t drowning in the haze of alcohol that swirled her thoughts.

Jenicia could go anywhere. Her feet were free, not weighed down death in those god damn purple heels she tossed when she left the strip club.

Her green eyes were locked upon a shadowy figure. She could not make out its face, but she could see the puff of smoke he blew from its lips. She stumbled. The damn cracks in the street, they always wanted to see her fall.

“Stalking me again?”

“Stalking? No, reaching the spots you usually walk by before you reach them, yes.” He had that damn smirk on his face again.

There was a sound from behind, someone tripping over trash cans. “I suppose,” she murmured. Jenicia knew she had a follower on her tail ever since she left the club. It was why she kept to those streets and alley ways that were lit, rather than usual empty streets and dark roads. Normally, she wouldn’t have cared, but she couldn’t help but feel that the follower was——

Jenicia kept still, feeling as Xavier had leaned in closer to her. “I can get rid of him if you’d like.”

Yes, as he had before with others. Yet, she shook her head. “I’d rather go into bed.” Her thoughts had escaped her lips, but there was no reason to take them back. This was Xavier, he’d bother the living shit out of her until she stopped denying and she just was not up to fight anything tonight.

He must have noticed. He had pulled from her, his face seeming much more serious than before, but his poker face still remained. “Getting used to me already? That actually makes me glad. But next time, vodka isn’t suitable for ecstasy.” He spoke softly as he reached over and slipped his arm around her waist. The smug grin still on his lips. Leaning down, he whispered in to her ear, “Allons vous ramener a la maison, moy solnechnyy svet.” {Let’s take you home, my sunshine.}

Home... she didn’t have to question which he had meant. He would have never dared to take her back to the place she stayed at most times, all the time before she had met him. But that place, she’d rather never return to ever again. If being around an annoying piece of shit kept her from her mother and her boyfriend, then she would just have to do so.

“Yeah, yeah I get it you watch me all the fucking time.” She murmured he lead her. She leaned into him, her eyes caught the glint of happiness in his smile.

“Even in the shower... even when you take a shit.” Nici shook her head at his words. He wasn’t serious on the contrary he was being a sarcastic asshole. She was too tired to argue with him. She just let it slide. Jenicia could feel eyes closing. She fought it for a while as she walked beside Xavier, his arm keeping her from swaying and passing out there on the ground.

Her eyes shot open upon feeling her feet behind lifted from the ground. Her eyes caught his. He... Nici shook the thoughts from her head. Her head pressed to his chest. “Thank you.” She murmured before allowing herself to drop her defenses. She had no need to worry any more about her surrounds. He’d... keep her safe.
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Issac holds mel’s Cold cups.
Issac and Mel do not have sex because Issac wouldn’t want her to think it’s because she could be a replacement for his “deceased” who in reality is her.
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It wasn’t that he enjoyed the fantasies... he was simply having fantasies... or maybe he did enjoy them... no, they were just odd. And it wasn’t the fact that it was.... well... ok, if he was someone else and the girl was Kimmy... and he had fantasies about her, even non-sexual ones; yes, Thor would like said fantasies. But that was his sister!

And how was he even supposed to ask her out?

“I was... actually going to look for you... I wanted to know if you wanted to come with me...”
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Dark green eyes refused to shift upwards. She knew exactly who stood in front of her. Danny Carter, the new quarterback for the school football team, unpopular finally noticed by those who believed they ran the school. She took a deep breath, he wouldn’t go away unless she actually acknowledged him, that’s how most of the people at the school were.

She closed the book in her hands, her fingers tracing over the words painted on the cover; ‘book of spells and witchcraft’. Green eyes shifted up, glancing over the blue eyed brunette who had his eyes on her book, then her chest until finally, they reached her face.

“Yes?” Pandora cocked her head to the side.

His hand had lifted, his fingers scratching the top of his head. He was like a monkey, searching for words he could say without revealing his true intentions. How’d Pandora know this? Simple, his eyes continued to shift from her face down to her cleavage. “There’s this game tonight and I was wondering if you’d come and cheer me on.”

Pandora shook her head. “Don’t you have other girls to shake their Pompoms for you?” She raised an eyebrow at the young man.

“Y-well I...” He was stuck, unsure of what to say. She was right after all. She sighed softly watching as his eyes shifted, he turned his head ever so slightly, her eyes catching a two of football players huddled watching.

Smirks covered their faces. One made a squeezing gesture with his hands, the other one laughing. Of course, an initiation. Pandora scoffed, standing as the young brunette took a step back. That was cute, he was scared. Nervous? His blue eyes glazed over her face, a smile twitching at his lips. “I could but I… I really wanted you to come.”

Right, because throughout high school he had made an attempt to actual talk to her. Nope, she didn’t recall such a thing. No, instead she remembered him scurrying off into a corner or to a desk farther than where she was.

“Oh Danny...” pandora placed her hand on top of his chest. She leaned forward, her chest pressing against him. Her lips were close to his ears. “You won’t have hands to touch anything, so I suggest you don’t try.”

Weeks later....

Pandora pushed the doors open to the library. Her eyes searched around for the man, the one that wrote her the damn letter to meet him. Danny, oh Danny boy.... what did this man want from her? Was he that clueless? She knew exactly what he wanted and she was not up for any such thing. Not with him or anyone for that matter.... except James apparently... for the moment.

Not that they were exclusive. The man was still fucking around with every girl who’d let him. Which, Pandora expected. That was who he was after all, a flirtatious man with a need to experience what was out there. The question was, did Pandora want to actually do the same?

She spotted Danny in the far corner of the library. She strode over, sitting across from him. “To what do I owe this surprise?” She slid the note across to him.”

“I was a dick. I shouldn’t have tried to get approval from them.”
“Is that why your hiding so they won’t see you being a little bitch as they’d put it?”

He smiled. “I really do want you to come to one of our games someday.” He shrugged lightly. “I meant it, I think you’re beautiful, interesting...”

“Stop right there.” Pandora took a deep breath. “You hardly even know me.” And she could see he was being sincere...

“I want to... come on, just give me a chance.”

Pandora shook her head, standing from the seat. “I’ll think about it... going to a game.”

“I’ll see you around then.” He smiled at her. Pandora simply smiled in return before leaving the library.

“Danny Carter. Thought you were into James.” Matty snickered from behind.

“I am,” Pandora shrugged. “
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“You’re fucking my brother?”

Pandora took a deep breath, her eyes trailing over the last sentence in the book. She closed it, turning her attention to the brunette who questioned her. “Fucking is such a... odd word to use but if you want to use it than no.” Pandora smirked lightly, “technically he’s fucking me.” Normally she wouldn’t have answered. Pandora didn’t need to express to the world what she was doing. No one needed to know, but since it didn’t seem to be working out that way, especially around the people she and her family spent their lives with, she decided there was no point in really hiding it.

Irene scrunched her face. The thought of anyone having sex with either of her brothers were gross. Yeah, her brothers were handsome little devils who could get anyone they wanted. But there in lied the problem. They fucked the girls they wanted, all of them, regardless of the girls feelings. James especially. He was the worst, surprisingly. She sighed in defeat, “I shouldn’t be surprised.”

She was right, Irene shouldn’t have been surprised. “You’re just as unpredictable as your family.”

Pandora shrugged her shoulders. No one should have been surprised. Pandora was growing up. And it wasn’t like James had quickly agreed since she was a virgin. Who would have thought a guy like him had standards? Then again, there was much about him that she did not expect.

“Just as you are predictable.” Jasmine smirked over towards Irene. “How is Ken?” She snickered, soon glancing over to Pandora diverting the attention from her sister to her best friend.

“Ken is fine.” Irene shrugged.

“Oh, how was the whole trip away?” Pandora chuckled lightly. “Jasmine said it got a little hot and heavy.”

“Jasmine has sex. Kenneth and I were tricked.” Irene rolled her eyes. Oh Pandora was already aware of what he sister had done to the two love birds, making them live out their darkest desires. “And we’re talking about you, not me.”

“There’s nothing to talk about. We have sex, that’s all.”

“So you’re his booty call.”

“I’m an option.” Pandora smiled brightly as she left the room leaving her sister and Irene to have their time. Besides, Pandora would have rather had conversations with the Leonidos twins; Emi and Matty. They were her best friends after all. And besides, Irene was… too bitchy for her taste.
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“Emilia your date is here.”

Date... the word sent shivers down her back. The girl stood in front of her mirror. Brown hair tied in a high ponytail, a white flora sundress cut just above the knee, a pair of black flats. Deep breaths, she reminded herself. It was only a date, nothing more.

But, wasn’t dates usually more. The concept of dating was to get to know the other person because for one reason or another there was some sort of interest. Her parents had dated because they were interested in one another. This man... Emilia had only said yes because her brother.

“He’s nice. And the last time I checked Zachary Alex was not asking you to go out on a joy ride.”

No, Zach wasn’t. Not that she expected him to. After he was released from the hospital he allowed her to give him rides. Still, Emilia took a deep breath. This was no time to be thinking of another guy when there was one waiting for her to hurry up so he could take her out. Emilia nodded to herself in the mirror before walking out.

A date would be nice...
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Her ears rang with the sound of a familiar voice, a voice she could never forget. The dark haired female looked over to her dark haired friend who already turned his head to see who was calling for her. “Who’s he?” Her friend had murmured as he glanced back to her. A sigh escaped her lips. She wanted more than anything to not acknowledge the male who called her name, but it seemed as though she may have had no choice.

“Ajax...My brother…” Pandora spoke softly. She soon turned. Her green eyes locking on to the same eyes as her own. Glanced over him. Dark pants, leather jacket, white shirt, and a cigarette between his fingers.

“It’s really you...” He walked closer, closing the distance between the two, but Pandora had crossed her arms, an attempt to keep him from trying to embrace her. “You look... I can’t believe it’s you wow...” He smiled.

Pandora nodded. Her eyes glancing over to Matty then back to Jax. “Is this...”

“He died.” Pandora murmured, her eyes soon glancing to the ground. “I’ll... catch up with you Matty.”

“If you need me, give me a call.” Matty spoke before heading off.

“He...Pandora... I...”

Pandora shook her head. “A few months after you left... I went to the store... and I—I came back... and he wasn’t breathing.” Pandora bit her lip, holding the tears that formed in her eyes.

“Panda... I’m so-“

“It’s fine... a year later they went to jail and I was adopted. You never came back.” She reminded him of his broken promise.

“I know, I... I was twelve. And I... I should have came back for you both. But now I’m older.”

“Twenty four isn’t that old. And I’m older too. I don’t need someone to care for me anymore.”

“I understand. I’m just glad that you’re alive... you look healthy. Was that your boyfriend? God I can’t believe I missed it all...”

Pandora shook her head. “Matty? No.” She chuckled lightly. “He’s into men. But you didn’t miss much.” She smiled kindly. She couldn’t really blame him. They were young. For him to have found a family before she could and get out was the best for him. No matter how much she wished he did come back for them.

“So your family is ok? Treating you well?”

Pandora shrugged her shoulders. “Well, I have a circus performer and a psychopathic maniac for brother. A sister with another personality... oh and my parents used to murder people and be drug addicts.” The smirk over her face made him chuckle nervously.


“Yes they are good to me. Very good. What about you?”

She watched as Jax lifted the cig to his lips, inhaling and soon exhaling a puff of smoke. “Foster family was good. Don’t talk to them much now. I got a girlfriend and... a baby on the way. Her name’s Yvette, we don’t know the gender yet for the baby.”

Pandora nodded, “well that’s good....” pandora paused a moment. “You know I should probably...”

“Yeah, I should too, Yvette will be wonder what took me long. It was nice seeing you though.” He smiled kindly, he leaned in, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “I’m really glad you’re doing well.”

Pandora nodded, humming. She watched as he stepped back. “Here’s my number... if you ever want to spend time together.” He slid a card out from his pocket, holding it out to her. Pandora reached out, taking the card.

“Sure.” Pandora kept her eyes on the male as he turned and walked away. Her eyes shifted to the sky. She wondered... was that how Orpheus would have looked or something close to him...

Pandora watched the dark clouds over head. A drop caressing her cheek. She’d visit her baby brother soon enough. After all, she made a promise to always visit on what would have been his birthday.
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Night of the dance...

Melody's eyes were locked on the strapless coral with a blue ribbon wrapped around, the one Aquilies had sewed just for her. A soft smile was plastered on her lips as she grabbed it off the hanger behind the closet door. Tonight was the dance. A dance she had been waiting for. Even more so after Aquilies had asked her to go. And now.. She'd wear a dress he made her. And he'd wear a tie she made him. Melody glanced over to the door upon hearing a knock. Her father smiling at her. “Ready to go? Your mother told me you and the other girls were getting ready at the Vendetta’s.” Melody nodded as her father took the dress, holding it in his arms.”Aquilies did a really good job.” Issac smiled, making his daughter blush. “I have no doubt he’ll take care of you tonight, bring you home safely.” Melody nodded, staying quiet for most of the ride as her father tried to talk to her about possibilities that could happen at the dance. And by the end of the ride telling her how to not let Aquilies force himself on her, but he was sure Aquilies wouldn’t do so. “No, he wouldn’t. Thank you for the ride daddy.” She pressed a small kiss on his cheek before leaving the car and entering the Vendetta house.


“You need a dress..” Jasmine smirked as her eyes stared at the brunette. Irene looked at herself in the mirror, shrugging her shoulders. Compared to everyone else in the room, Irene hadn’t shopped with her date to get a dress not she wasn’t in love with him, and she didn’t wanted to make each others clothes. No, this dress.. this plain baby blue dress would be fine.

Jasmine on the other hand, thought the dress Irene was wearing was crap. Kimmy’s dress was picked out specifically for her by Thor. And Aquilies had worked hard on Melody’s which she looked fabulous in. But Irene, no, she needed something more than what she planned to wear. The blonde walked over to her closet. Irene needed something to shock Kenneth Jr. Something jaw dropping.. She smiled as she found something perfect, pulling it out and tossing it at Irene. The color matching her eyes. Irene caught it, holding it out to herself. “No.”

Melody smiled softly. “It’s cute.”

“It’ll show your curves.” Jasmine chuckled putting on a dress for herself before looking over to Kimmy. “I’m doing your make up right?” Melody looked over to Jasmine who spoke. Wouldn’t she make it a bit… extreme? No, Jasmine knew what she was doing. Jasmine would make Kimmy look even more beautiful than she already was.

“How are you even going to the dance Jasmine? Victor never asked you. I heard he was going alone.” Irene looked over as she took off her other dress, replacing it with the one Jasmine gave her.

Jasmine shrugged her shoulders. “I’m going because I can.” Jasmine sat Kimmy down in front of her, the mirror and make up to their left. “Close your eyes. Thor won’t be able to deny his feelings once I’m done.”

Melody looked in the mirror next to Irene. “Kenneth won’t be able to keep his eyes off of you in that.” She giggled slightly. Irene rolled her eyes.

“He already never does.” She sighed,reaching back and placing her hair into her hands to tie it up in a simple ponytail.

“Leave it down.” Melody took Irene’s arm softly, lowering it down. “It looks nice like this. And if you want Kenneth to stop looking, you can just put your hair in your face. Or, smack him with it.”

Irene smiled softly. Yeah, Melody was right. That could work. Maybe. “Do you think Aquilies and you might.. kiss?”

Melody nodded her head. “Of course...We’ve kissed already.”

“Yeah, Irene you didn’t know. She’s just waiting for Aquilies to have sex with her.” Jasmine chuckled softly, focused on Kimmy’s face. “So, what happened with you and Thor that night I left?” Jasmine questioned softly, directing it only to Kimmy.

“Sex? You want to have sex with Aquilies?” Irene questioned, surprised. “Is he really that attractive to you? Do you love him like that?”

Melody blushed brightly, nodding. “When ever the time came… when we both are ready.. yes. I’m sure you wouldn’t understand.. not until you get to the point of really liking someone.” Melody looked to Irene. “It’s different. You’ll find that feeling one day with someone.”

Someone, maybe.. Irene would never admit it, but from time to time.. when Kenneth was interested in his hobbies, when they were together. Like the day of the surfing contest, Irene would enjoy seeing that happy, determined look on his face. He was handsome. Irene shook her head, no.. he was a pain, but he was her best friend. He wasn’t that someone she’d like in that sense.

“You have her thinking about Kenneth.” Jasmine chuckled making Irene shake her head.

Melody smiled softly at Irene. The young brunette was known for her denial, but Melody could see why. She was still young, unsure of everything. And with the way her parents were, she may have just not wanted to think about love and what not. “Well, you should be thinking about your date. After all, you’re spending time with him at the dance. Why not... surprise him for once. I’m sure he won’t see it coming.”

The brunette nodded, agreeing with the wise love child. She was smart after all, how could she not listen to Melody?
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"Do you miss her?"

The dark gray sky seemed to project the what they all have been feeling for the past few months. Jasmine was gone. And it seemed to be affecting everyone Pandora had grown to love. She could not blame them. She too felt the agony. It was Jasmine who brought her into such a loving home... a family. A place where she had a loving, yet kind of crazy sister. And now, that sister was nowhere to be found.

Pandora glanced down at the dark haired male who kept his eyes on the ground. Yes, Victor must have missed her the most. The two had a special bond, Jasmine was his best friend. Someone who always slithered through the cracks in Victor's walls.

"It's ok to miss your best friend Victor."

He shook his head. He blamed himself. If he hadn't... his hands clenched into fists. He was angry with himself. Victor shouldn't have said what he had said... driven her away that night. Victor stood from the curb, his gray eyes resting on those bright green eyes of Pandora's. He spoke no words, but Pandora could see the hurt in his eyes.

"It's not your fault... If Jasmine were here--"

"But she's not here." He looked away. He took a few steps forward, he needed to get away. He could not stand to even think about what could be happening to Jasmine at that moment. He stopped, his head tilted towards the sky.

Pandora shook her head with a sigh. "You're right. She's not here. Maybe now you can finally be normal, without a persistent pain up your ass, even though you still have that stick up there." It was a shame, but if letting Victor wallow in his own pride was the best way for him to deal with it, so be it.

She was aware she may have only pissed him off. After all, it was Jasmine who tried to give him what he wanted, a normal life. Did he not know that such a thing wasn't possible? There wasn't a normal obstacle in any life. Pandora watched as Victor walked off, his hands clutching tighter than before.

Jasmine will help him out when she returned. And Pandora had no doubt in her mind that her sister would come back. Jasmine was a Vendetta after all, and Vendetta's were hard to get rid of.
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Quiet, the dark haired girl sat quietly. Her nose deep in the pages of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The pages of books had always helped her escape the reality she lived; stuck in a studio apartment with her parents snorting cocaine, shooting up heroin. Yes, for a six year old she was aware of those awful drugs her parents were addicted to.

"Pandora!" The girl lifted her eyes from the book. Her eyes staring straight into those of a dark haired woman, with green eyes. Her face not as youthful as it should have been. "Go to the store and get us some food." A soft sigh escaped the little girl's lips. She stood, closing the book. She held it close to her. She walked over to the table, picking up the money before leaving the studio apartment her parents could not afford.

Her eyes glanced down to papers scattered across the floor. Eviction notices. Pandora shook her head, maybe she should have found a way to get money and make sure her parents never got it. Yeah... that would be ok.

Pandora shoved the money into her pocket. The night air pecked at her skin. Shivers rushed down her body. There was nothing she could do. She had nothing but her fathers shirt on that fit like a dress. She continued to walk, down the street until she reached the corner store. She could feel the clerk staring at her as she entered the store, heading down the aisles.

Pandora glanced back, looking to the man behind the counter before looking back in front of her. She stopped short, catching a blonde girl, around her age, or possibly older, standing before her and staring right at her. A grin plastered on the blonde's face. Pandora stepped back, she wasn't scared, on the contrary, she was interested. The smile over the girls face seemed genuine, but she could see the little hint of sadness in her eyes or was that her own?

"There's blood on your shirt." The blonde spoke softly before slipping out of her clothes. Pandora tilted her head to the side, unsure of what was going on. The blonde pulled the book from Pandora's hand. The blonde was aware that Pandora, much like others were unsure of her, which was fine with the blonde.

"You can take my clothes." The grin upon her lips widened as she pulled the large shirt off Pandora replacing it with her green dress. "You can wear my shoes too, I have a lot." She slipped from it handing them to the girl.

Pandora continued to stare. She reached out, wanting to grab her book back, but instead the shoes were pushed her way. The blonde girl wouldn't give her the book unless she complied, Pandora already could see that. And so, Pandora placed the shoes on the floor and slipped her feet into them. "Thank you..." she murmured softly.

"Jasmine." The blonde handed the girl back the book.

"Nice to meet you... my name is Pandora." She smiled softly, holding the book back in place. "I should probably get going, my parents sent me to get some food."


"Yeah... their sick." Pandora glanced down at her book. She wiggles her toes, there was room in the shoes for her feet to grow. And the dress, if she ate properly... she may have fit it.

"My mom used to be sick, until my daddy helped her get better."

Jasmine was implying something in her words, Pandora could sense that. But, she refused to pay much mind to that. No, it was best to stay clear and be on her way. If not, she would be in trouble with her parents. She didn't need another beating. Pandora nodded, stepping to the side, she grabbed a few bags of snacks before heading to the clerk. Pandora glanced back a moment, Jasmine still standing with that grin over her face. What an odd girl... Pandora smiled in return waving as she left the store.

As she reached the apartment, Pandora could see the flashing blue and red lights. No, no.... please no. She dropped her bag, racing into the building, ignoring those who tried to keep her from going in. She stood there, her eyes on the men in blue who pulled her parents to their feet.

"You did this to us, you evil child!"

Pandora shook her head. No, she didn't. She would never. Life with them was better than living alone, trying to fend for herself in an orphanage like she had done a year before when they were taken away for a little. And now, now she'd have to return again. Pandora froze, her body going numb. Her eyes watching as if it were a mere scene on the tv screen.

A hand reached for her, pulling her from the apartment and into the back of a car that read 'Child services.' She sat there, her eyes out the window. Her library books, all abandoned in that apartment. Tears pricked at her eyelids, but she refused to cry. She wouldn't cry, this was bound to happen again, she should have known that. Her eyes soon caught sight of Jasmine. There was no grin over the blonde's face, simply an unreadable stare.


Months later…

“Look it’s that weird girl. She never talks.”

Pandora could hear the whispers those in the orphanage tried to hide from her ears. She was aware they never wanted to get to know her, which was ok with her. She wouldn’t want to know people who didn’t want to know her.

“Pandora!” The dark haired girl looked in the direction her name was called. There stood the blonde girl she met a few months before. “I knew I’d find you here.” The blonde spoke as she walked closer to Pandora.

She noticed as the rest of the orphans around looked at Jasmine. They seemed confused to see the girl, or maybe see Jasmine taking Pandora. “Come with me.” Before Pandora could even react, she was pulled from her seat, forced to follow the girl.

“Jasmine I should go back, every time I walk away they ruin the things Mr. Xavier got me. He’s a nice man and I don’t want to...”

“Daddy’s gonna take you home with us.”

Pandora paused in her tracks. Daddy? Take her home, but... “but Jasmine I have a dad and a mom. They are just-“

“Not good for you. Daddy will take care of you and I will and Aion and mom. You can be my sister.”

Sister? No one even wanted to adopt her. Why, why would this man want to have her as a child? Everyone thought she was stupid, a mute, deaf, even mentally challenged. She just simply didn’t have much to say. And with her parents... if she didn’t do as they asked when they asked she would get hit, when they weren’t so drugged up.

Pandora glanced up from the floor, her eyes catching sight of Mr. Xavier, the owner of the establishment she was in. No one really knew that, it seemed to be some sort of secret. Or maybe they just did not think a man like him would be able to do so. Still, Pandora knew. He was like Dr Jekyll, he harbored some dark secrets, Pandora just didn’t know exactly what they were yet.

His aqua colored eyes were inviting, just as Jasmine’s. If she were any other child, she would have expected this, or hoped for this moment. But, Pandora could feel a pot of guilt in her stomach that pushed lower, weighing her down. Part of her wanted to go with them. Jasmine was nice, odd but nice. And so did Mr. Xavier. Plus it wasn’t like he didn’t know. He knew exactly what she was going through with her parents, they gave him all her information when she got to the orphanage.

“We’re going to save you before bad things happen.”

Bad things? Jasmine must of read her mind because she continued. “Mommy started the same way, only they gave moms body away for the drugs. It won’t happen to you. You’ll be a Vendetta now.”

A Vendetta….
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Irene made her way passed the crowd, keeping an eye on where her family was. The brunette stayed farther behind. Her aquamarine eyes searched around for the blonde teen boy who she knew must have been around. Now that he was old enough to obtain a license, she was sure he'd try to meet her family, mainly her at the airport after their vacation.

"Looking for someone?" Startled, Irene jumped at the sound.

"What the hell Jasmine! Don't just sneak up on me like that." Irene rolled her eyes at the smirk on her blonde friends face.

"Kenneth is not around here, around, but not here." Jasmine giggled slightly. "Anticipation? I see you've changed a lot." Her eyes shifted over Irene's body, the lumps on her chest and the curve over her hips. "A season has changed, the waves have returned, seeking familiars shore but will rest on anew."

Irene shook her head, she didn't even want to try to understand what Jasmine meant. They both continued to walk, in silence for once. Irene felt a little sad, disappointed? No she was just tired...

The bright sun shined over. She was glad to be back in town. Although she enjoyed the exotic ocean around the island of Hawaii, she missed the shore in her hometown.

In almost an instant, Irene could hear the sounds of a honking, whistling. Oh god.... she hoped.. please let it not be...

"Hey look Irene your boyfriend is here to pick you up." She could hear her brother Zack Jr call out to her.

She narrowed her eyes in his direction. "He's not my boyfriend!" Her attention turned to the annoying person in the car. She could feel the eyes of others on her. Why, why did Kenneth have to be a pain? "Would you stop and shut up for once?"

Irene was going to walk, continue to follow her family, but they had gotten lost in the crowd. Somewhere, probably on purpose. Irene took a deep breath. She just wanted to scream, but she couldn't not in public. Not where they were. And... neither was Jasmine. Could she just walk home? No because he wouldn't let her, he'd follow until she finally was annoyed with him and got in the car.

The girl walked over to the car, suitcase still in hand. Her eyes stared as she watched him get out of the car. Her head following as she looked up to him. He was taller than before. His hair slicked back into a high ponytail. He was a bit skinnier than she remembered him to be. His tight shirt making her notice more than she would have.

"You're taller..." she finally spoke out as he grabbed her suitcase from her hand.

"What did you expect for me to be shorter?" He questioned, a smirk over his face.

She rolled her eyes. He really didn't have to be an ass. Or at least someone who she wanted to punch in the face. She looked at him getting into the car. "Let me guess, Vendetta's?" It wasn't really a guess. She knew it belonged to them. Kenneth... he wasn't into luxury cars. He was old school, loved the classics, fixing them himself. "She's gone, just so you know." Irene shrugged her shoulders. Her eyes shifting to the window, catching Kenneth's reflection... he was becoming much more... handsome?

Irene glanced over to him. He seemed nervous... “I thought you knew how to drive. Why do you seem so nervous, maybe scared?”

[center [size16 ....]]
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Tired. The man was exhausted from a long days work, but he had to. Daemien wanted to provide for Kalonice and Kimmy. Regardless of if Kal wanted to be with him or not, if Kimmy was his or someone else's. He loved them both. He was growing closer to the little red head who instantly wanted him in her life, even though her mother wanted nothing more than to push him away.

Still, he strode in quietly, placing his things down, slipping from his shoes. He walked into the room. His eyes falling onto the two girls lying sound asleep in his bed, a bed he'd recently exchanged from a twin to a queen. This way if the two decided to stay over, they could. Which was rare. At most he would have Kimmy over and she well, she'd be with his father until Daemien was able to leave work.

Kal wanted her with him. He still was unsure as to why, other than the fact that Kevin was around and he wasn't exactly a good person for a child to be around. Daemien pushed that thought aside focusing on the girls. A soft smile growing on his lips. He kept the light off as he changed from his work clothes to his shorts and tee shirt.

He crawled into bed, chuckling softly as he noticed Kimmy was sprawled out on his side. In one gentle movement, he scooped the girl up and placed her into the middle of the bed before taking his spot. He took his glasses off, placing them on the nightstand.

Daemien pulled the covers over himself. The little girl snuggling beside him in her sleep. If... if only things were really like this, this calm, simple. He enjoyed this... coming home to these girls. His girl and his woman. But, Kal wouldn't give him any chance. She.... she had her own type and... that wasn't him. As much as he thought some day it would happen... he was fooling himself. But, he'd help her with the job she'd asked about. And... well his heart would still be bound to her, making sure she was happy and cared for. And he'd make sure Kimmy was cared for and loved, happy.

He needed to do something... but what? Daemien would figure it out in the morning. Maybe a talk with a few people would do him some good.


"Xavier kept asking me if I was sure Kal never had sex with anyone else..." he murmured softly.

"You're seriously still wondering if Kimmy is your child?" Questioned the blonde who kept her eyes on a little blonde boy laying on the floor. "You're really not as smart as you think you are."

"I haven't seen her in years and the last time she was around Kevin." Daemien sighed softly, yeah... he was stupid. Why would Kalonice have sex? She wasn't into doing that before they had even tried... and even still, she was more interested in women. He seemed to be the only guy she was interested in. Didn't that make him seem.... self centered, selfish... hopeful.

"She acts exactly like you."

"Because she's with me all the time, around our family."

"Ken sweetie," Jenny stood walking over to where the little boy had been placed a few moments ago. Of course the little boy was on the move or at least trying.

“Go sit back down.” Daemien pulled his sisters hand, to stop her, making his way to the baby. He reached down to pick up the little boy. "At least he's strong, like his parents, not crying when he wakes up.” He smiled at his sister.

"And he's going to be smart, lovable, and know a child is his when he sees her." She rolled her eyes. "Daemien, don't think too much, you know that's what makes you stupid. And don’t ramble on either. Daemien, do you think Kimmy is your child?”

Yeah, he did but… Daemien shook the other thoughts from his head. He could feel Ken sturring in his grasp, the little boy wanted to be on the floor, to try and crawl. . The blonde male smiling. “Yes…but…”

“There are no buts yes or no?”

“Yes.” He nodded placing the boy on the floor. “I mean I have thought she was mine from the beginning I just didn’t want her to think I was being self centered.”

"Just say the first part." Jenny nodded.

Daemien hugged his sister. "Well then, I guess I should go and tell her then."

"Yes, go." Jenny chuckled soon watching as her brother left the house.
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Daemien blinked twice at the red headed girl with bright blue eyes. A soft smile coming to his lips. He must have looked like her father. "Did you get lost from your parents?" But she had shook her head and called him daddy again. "What's your name?" He questioned.

Nyx... Could that have meant, no just a coincidence. Though, soon enough he could hear that familiar voice calling out the little girl's name. Daemien crouched down to the girls level. "Sounds like your mommy is trying to find you."

"Mommy said 'oh no.' And walked the other way, she's shy." The little girl giggled. Shy, no maybe she didn't want to face him again... she had been avoiding him for years.

His eyes soon locked on to a wild head of red hair, green emerald eyes. The beating of his heart echoed through his body. What could he do, what could he say. Nothing, he didn't have to say anything, the little girl had done it for him. [i come on Daemien, don't be such a wimp.]

"It's been awhile." He smiled kindly soon looking down to the child then back at her. "She's beautiful, like her mother."
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Eyes fluttered open, in a slow motion, adjusting to the empty feeling trapping her. She was no longer where she considered home for years. She was back, where... where she was able to... to do what? Be herself? She wasn't even sure what was herself anymore. She was torn in two. The part that knew this place was home, that this place was where she grew up. The people who'd surround her would be her friends... the other part... questioned everything about this place about who they said she was, what those friends would even really be, actually friends or not?

"You'll remember them Elyse." She could hear Jasmine's voice chime.

That wasn't it. She remembered, she knew exactly who they would be whenever she would see them. But would they want to even know what the hell she really went through? Jasmine still refused to accept that fact, that was the reason why she was torn in two. It was too much for Jasmine to handle, to mentally deal with on her own as her own. That was why Elyse was there, why she was created.

Her sea colored eyes glanced over to the door where a man stood, concern evident in his eyes. Her father. The man who took to long. He was supposed to be cunning, smart. Why hadn't he given a damn sooner?

A bright smile rose upon her lips as she swung her legs over the bed. "Daddy, Elyse is mad. I know you tried your best to look for her. She thinks you don't care about her as much." She shrugged, looking beside her a mirrored version of herself. Black dress stained and torn, hair covered in filth, messy, knotted. "She doesn't want to leave yet, I'm gonna stay with her."

Jasmine looking over seeing as her father had walked in and sat beside her. She felt warmth as she felt his arms wrapped around her and Elyse. "She'll be ok, I can take care of her." Her father smiled at her, that smile that never told what he was really thinking in that brain, but she knew he was worried and that was ok. Jasmine watched him leave, soon looking to the figure beside her.

"Why are you still here? Shouldn't you be gone?" That was how it had been whenever one had control, yet, Jasmine couldn't let Elyse go, not like how Elyse did. She knew how to push Jasmine out, especially from her mind.

"I won't leave you alone... Maybe Victor will cheer you up, he's the best."


"Take a shower with me Victor." It was the only words that slipped from her mouth as she set foot into his room. Her eyes trailed over him. He was growing, slowly getting taller than her. When did he get this tall? Elyse was positive it was while she was away, but Jasmine, Jasmine couldn't remember.

"Jasmine." He was concerned, he had that look in his eyes. The same one her father gave. He didn't need to be concerned with her. Elyse was fine, mad because Sylvester was gone, mad because for some reason she actually cared that his presence was absent. She was used to his presence around her...

"Tell him to undress you..." she could hear his voice daring her to disobey him. Tell another to do what he had always done to her. Undress and dress her. Shower with her... push her face against the wall... Elyse shook the memories from her head.

"Undress me..." Elyse took his hand, placing it over her shoulder. Her eyes staring at him. She knew he was fighting internally. If he should do this or not, but it wasn't like they hadn't seen each other naked before, after all, he was her first.

A soft giggle slipped her lips. Her arms wrapping around Victor as she stepped closer to him. "He made her feel like she needed him," Jasmine sighed softly. "She wants to clean herself from him, but she can't do it alone. Will you help me fix her?"


The words seemed to echo in her mind, he was taunting her... just as Sylvester had. Her eyes stared right at him, but she couldn't see him, he blurred her whole surroundings blurred. Anything he was possibly saying was not reaching her. All she could hear was Theodore's taunting laughter. She felt as if Sylvester was staring at her, judging her. Elyse trembled with anger.

Her hands extended outward with force, pushing Victor inches away from her. "And here I thought you were a friend." She turned from him, leaving the same way she came in, through his window.

He was following her. She quickened her pace, making her way back to this place she was supposed to call home. "Stop following me!" She yelled slamming the door shut. Elyse stomped towards her room, ignoring the man watching her. Once she was in her room, Elyse could head Jasmine again.

"He's a gentleman." She reminded Elyse, but the girl kept quiet. Crossing her arms, what the hell was she doing here? Jasmine really needed to let go.

"Then you deal with him from now on. I want nothing to do with him, with anyone."

[size18 To Be Continued.....]
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Shivers raced up and down her body. Droplets of rain poured down. She wrapped her arms around her chest. A soft sigh escaping her lips. Green eyes glazed over the red neon signs. Her safe haven. Jenicia didn't rush to the doors or maybe she had. Her pace had increased, her hand reached for the door, pulling it open.

Hot air flushed over her face. Her body wanted to melt away, slide to the ground, but she couldn't let herself do so. No, instead Jenicia pushed away from the eyes of the bartenders, bodyguards, co-workers working the floor. Yes, she was a mess. She was never supposed to walk in through the front like she had, but there was no other option.

Jenicia had been outside for days in the rain, searching for... comfort, heat. And instead, she found her mothers boyfriend who used her before throwing her back out onto the streets. Here, this place... the strip club she worked at... it was the only place she felt safe. The only place she remembered how to get to. The only other place she'd go to... she had no idea how to get there... and well, she didn't really want that guy to help her out. He was odd and expected nothing from her. He was mental, psychotic!

Though... then again wasn't she?

Still, if he really wanted her around, he'd come around would he not? No, after everything she did to escape and leave him in the dust, probably not.

"What the fuck are you doing Nici?"

Jenicia shrugged her shoulders. She honestly had no idea what she was doing -as in her plans- other than "warmth." The words managed to slip from her lips.

"Crist," The manager of grumbled through his teeth.

[center [size25 To be continued?]
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