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Ceri didn't talk about his family, he never had in the past since before the whole debacle began both Altair and Helva never told him that they were the king and queen. Rather saying that it was just a matter of coincidences, that their names only were similar by a twist of fate and that they were simple members of the guilds. Putting up an act so that Ceri would be able to experience what it's like to be a regular citizen rather than a member of the Crown. Even in the time before a month ago, all he'd ever said about them was that they weren't all that great of a family and his parents never attended any kinds of events where a parent or guardian would come to visit. In a sense, it did feel like there was a bit of a distance between him and his parents.

He'd never given it much thought in the past. Likely because they were almost always either in and out of his life or gone entirely. They kept in contact, but were too busy. In retrospect, it wasn't so much sadness as detachment.

However, while amongst his thoughts, Ceri suddenly found himself forehead to forehead with Braelyn. It snapped him back into reality, but he froze up. His face blushing as a natural response but inside his mind, Ceri had no idea how to respond. One part said that he should say something, another saying to respond with a hug, and all different kinds of responses coming into his mind to the point where his mind began to overload and Ceri became lightheaded and confused.

[i [+6b6b6b Why did she do this? Did I say something that caused this? What's going on to begin with?"]]

Ceri's mind was spinning itself out of control, however then he heard the commotion going on in the kitchen. A crash, a splash, and then some yelling from you-know-who. He broke contact with Braelyn without even knowing it, spinning his head in the direction of the kitchen and getting up. Then realizing that he was leaving Braelyn's company. Quickly, he turned back to her and bowed, [b [+6b6b6b "Thank you for the company during lunch Ms. Bra...Brae. My apologies but I have a bad feeling about the kitchen."]]

Soon he was running to the kitchen to see what in the hell had happened, a slight blush that was fading from his cheeks and Ceri now back to his usual facial expression as he opened the kitchen's backdoor. Inside he saw the chaos and put a hand to his face and just couldn't look for a moment.

[b [+6b6b6b "For the love of..."]]

Ceri let out a heavy sigh and walked into the kitchen, the first thing catching his eye being the toaster. It was all banged up and also there were burn marks around the area. This meant that one of the girls, likely because they didn't understand the technology of Ravensguard, had tried to use it. She expected it to work in a way similar to their world, and when it didn't she wound up destroying the mechanism. Ceri popped open the side of the toaster, the machine itself fine but the quartz crystal inside was shattered to pieces. It would have to be replaced, thankfully quartz crystals were the batteries of Ravensguard and easy to obtain. Opening up one of the drawers, he took out a few cylindrical quartz and put them back in. Almost instantly, the toaster fixed itself back up, looking brand-new and back to being a working toaster.

After that matter was taken care of, Ceri hit a button on the wall to signal that the kitchen was in need of cleaning by the staff at the manor. Once that was taken care of, Ceri stepped back outside and felt a need to just get somewhat far away from the manor, away from the girls inside who had just caused a bit of mayhem. With this in mind, he started walking along the cobblestone pathing to the further parts of the manor where the forest was somewhat thicker but much more plentiful in exotic and beautiful plants. Fairies of all different colors coming out and going in between the plants and making the garden into their own personal paradise.

As he walked about the garden, Ceri heard the sound of a bow being released and both the zipping and thuds of arrows as they were fired along the range within the forest. Getting closer, he could see one of the newer girls, Akira, practicing archery. Also taking some rather unique shots in addition to the traditional kinds.

Ceri watched silently as he walked closer until he was roughly 30 feet away but within talking distance, [b [+6b6b6b "Can't say I expected to find a marksman amongst the new residents."]]

[center [b - - - - - MEANWHILE - - - - -]]

[left [pic]] After meeting Coco,
  Ceri Lanman James / Crow37 / 2y 322d 23h 31m 59s

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