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[center Witches roamed the earth for many, many, many years. Although they majority of them were never alone. They always had family, other witches and/or a familiar. A familiar is a companion to a witch that splits their time between human and animal form. Familiars and witches can communicate telepathically. Familiars have rules. When given a direct order they must obey. Even if they don’t agree or like it. They must never fall in love and have a relationship with their witch. It if after al forbidden. However, these two eventually broke the secrete rule. No one knows what will happen to them. Although there is someone who’s furious because they wanted the ‘familiar’ to be their soulmate. Instead ‘it’ belongs to someone else.]

[center No gm] [center Romance] [center 800 char limit; I’m in school and just want something simply to reply to.] [center TS when/if things get sexual] [center Cursing & violence allowed] [center Willing to double or turn this into a group of 6 max.] [center This is a 1x1] [center Anime pic] [center I’m okay w/ being a witch or a familiar, which is why I don’t have a skelly up.]

[center Skelly; Name, Age, Role, Likes, Dislikes, Fear, Animal: if you're applying to be the familiar you have to pick an animal.]

[u Name [b |]] Joanna Beauchamp
[u Age [b |]] Twenty-four
[u Role [b |]] Witch
[u Likes [b |]] Basic witch things, traveling, dressing up, animals, astronomy, being active, reading/learning
[u Dislikes [b |]] Sea food, thunder storm, fog , flowers,
[u Fear [b |]] Dying & losing people because of her mistake

[b Name |]
[b Age |]
[b Role |] Familiar
[b Likes |]
[b Dislikes |]
[b Fear |]
[b Animal |]

[center [b [u More info]]]
[center By all appearances, a familiar seems to function as a servant to his or her witch. However, the familiar must find their witch, rather than the other way around. Once chosen, it appears they cannot leave their master and find another one, as Phillippe LeChat stayed with Spencer Wallis, despite his abuse. Familiars spend half their time as animals, and the other half as people, although it's not revealed which half they start out as. A familiar has free will, and can voice their own opinions, but cannot disobey a direct order from their master.] [center It is claimed that a familiar and their master share a special bond and would die for each other. This proves to not always be the case, as Spencer kills his familiar without a second thought. Not all witches have familiars, and the fact that hunters don't know about them suggests it's actually quite rare. They also die as easily as an ordinary human.]
[center [b [u Powers and Abilities]]] [center Shapeshifting - Can take on an animal appearance.] [center Telepathy - Can communicate with their masters. However, this can be blocked if the master chooses to.]

[b [u Extra characters & Their Skellies]]
[center [b Name |] [b Age |] [b Role |] [b Animal |] [b Likes |] [b Dislikes |] [b Fear |] [b Other |]]

[b Name |] [http://img-cache.cdn.gaiaonline.com/068fc9d6fa9deda7c37a9378f52b017a/http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b344/katie_kate_kate/Girls/reira_by_ninjatic-d4nwtu7.jpg Gabby Vander]
[b Age |] Twenty-four
[b Role |] Witch
[b Likes |] Being a bully, witch craft, making people miserable, getting her way
[b Dislikes |] Joanna, overfriendly people, Dean, sweets, romantic movies, people
[b Fear |] Dying alone

[b Name |] [https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/ec/8e/0d/ec8e0d1099b14596a95543dfb2103a73--fantasy-names-fantasy-art.jpg Dean Fillips]
[b Age |] Twenty-eight
[b Role |] Familiar
[b Animal |] [http://orig14.deviantart.net/1262/f/2016/262/d/7/d7d798f33c3d736a5cafb1a5c6f335c6-daf92sd.jpg Cat]
[b Likes |] Drinking, females, driving, being scratch, dark days, rock music
[b Dislikes |] animal cruelty, water, electronics, school, rules,
[b Fear |] Falling in love

[b Name |] [http://orig09.deviantart.net/9d1d/f/2015/309/6/4/lily_by_avvart-d9fmuah.jpg Jane Chagnot]
[b Age |] Twenty-two
[b Role |] Familiar
[b Animal |] [http://orig03.deviantart.net/e4ae/f/2013/104/8/a/pudding_hamster_by_silverkiwi78-d61rk1x.jpg Hamster]
[b Likes |] Everything
[b Dislikes |] bugs, death
[b Fear |] being exposed and burned alive like the old days…

[b Name |] [https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/62/1a/05/621a05435a761d9877863d51468295f8--digital-portrait-digital-art.jpg Lucas]
[b Age |] Twenty-six
[b Role |] Witch
[b Fear |] Being experimented like a lab rat
[b Other |] Sebastian is another local. He is a lawyer. Became a witch at the age of twelve. His blood line skips a generation and he wasn’t happy about it. He killed his parents to consumer their magic. He loves sleeping with people. He swings both ways. He turned someone who found out about him being a witch into a fish so now he has a pet fish.

[b Name |] [http://orig06.deviantart.net/6b9c/f/2014/024/7/4/alfa_by_iquoter-d73it0o.jpg Tucker]
[b Age |] Twenty-six
[b Role |] Witch
[b Fear |] According to him NOTHING, but he’s scared of babies
[b Other |] [u Tucker is Joanna’s ex.] He is in a motorcycle gang. Owns two bars, three automotive garages, and a bakery . They dated on and off for five years, starting at the age of 16. He was born a witch. His familiar died two years ago protecting him. Since their break up he’s constantly traveling.

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Sunday morning started off in the lower 40, temperatures will quickly climb into the upper 60s with bright sunshine the entire day in Lake Forest, CA. The sunshine and warm temperatures began to soften into chilly Saturday night. Temperatures on Saturday rose into the upper 50s but began to dip into the 30s, allowing some Carolina residents to see some frost during some of the coolest weather of the season so far.
A high-pressure system moving in Sunday will bring beautiful weather for the end of the weekend and the start of the work week. Temperatures on Monday will once again climb into the 70s while the rest of the week will be dry with temperatures in the 60s. It gives the local witches and traveling witches an opportunity to play.

Joana, aka JoJo, was on her way to the same hidden witch club where she met Aldrich. Her black high heels that fit tightly around her calves and ends before it can touch her knees. Today’s outfit is all tight. Something about today made her want to dresses up super sexy or at least in her eyes it is. The black boots aren’t the only thing that is black, so is her tight jeggings and a grey open V-neck long sleeve shirt covered with a knee length black coat. In a blink of an eye her hazel eyes glowed. Of course, her hazel eyes caught another eye watching her. Dean, Gabby’s familiar. Apparently, she chose him after Aldrich chose her. The girl claims all is well between them, but she knows it’s a lie. Joana sat down as she took off her jacket. Lacey, one of the bartender, served Joana a drink. Her favorite drink. Aldrich was wanted from a few witches. No one cares about how a witch and a familiar are paired. The witch twirled her ring waiting for the magic to begin.
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