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Emilia glanced over, seeing the nurse walk out, beckoning her. She stood and made her way to the nurse. Her smile was warming, welcoming. It reminded her of her father, the Emilia listened to the woman's words. Yes, she understood he was more than likely still in pain. But he'd wake up still unsure of what was going on.

The brunette nodded as the nurse mentioned he was a good guy. Yeah, Zack was. Emilia's gaze shifted over to the male sleeping on the bed. "He's angry... hurt. Confused... he's not always this bitter. He has a lot of pride." She smiled softly at the woman. "But he was always a good guy. A nice guy." She turned her attention back to the woman. “Thank you, for taking care of him.”


Two days later,

The brunette held her books close to her chest as she strode down the street. Her eyes forward. Destination locked. Classes were done and Matthew, her brother, well he was still busy with his own lover. Which meant the brunette was going to walk to the hospital. She really didn’t mind the walk, in fact, she enjoyed it. The autumn breeze nipping at her legs. She’d switch to pants soon enough. The beautiful crisp leaves falling from the trees, showering those with vibrant colors.

“You look so nice in that skirt, I wonder how you’d look in a shorter skirt.” Words that would normally bother someone did not bother her. She already knew who it was by the sound of his voice. James, “Does the carpet match the drapes?” She felt a tug at her skirt from behind. She looked behind her, swatting his hand from her skirt.

“I wouldn’t wear a shorter skirt.” She smiled at him as he slid his hand around her waist. He was always so friendly with everyone. James was kind, comfortable to be around. She felt the same way around his brother Zack, only… Zack was different. The way he treated her differently than he did everyone else, whereas James… he was friendly and flirtatious with everyone. And besides, she wasn’t interested in someone who’d want almost anything.

“I was actually about to go see Zack. He woke up two days ago and I wanted to make sure he was ok.” Emilia could feel the books slipping from her fingers, a sigh escaping her lips as he took them from her. He really didn’t have it, it wasn’t necessary. She could hold her own books. But, she knew he would protest and in the end, he’d make sure he got his way.

“Why are you in a hurry are you late to fuck him or something?”

Emilia’s eyes widened. Her face turning red as the heat rushed to her cheeks. Why did he have to say such a thing? Everyone knew she didn’t touch that subject, ever. And to use such a vulgar term. “He’s been alone, James. He shouldn’t be. I’m worried for my friend.” A friend she had a crush on, but a friend nevertheless.

She walked into the hospital alongside him. With his arm still wrapped around her waist. She made her way towards Zack’s room. Her eyes falling onto the male as she entered. A soft smile appearing on her face. Emilia was about to step forward, slip from James’ grasp until she thought about the last time. “H-how are you feeling today?” She questioned softly. “I.. James found me on the way here.” She glanced to James then back to Zack. “I.. I brought another book to read to you… if you wanted.” Emilia was uncertain, now that he was awake, she was sure there’d be a change in what she would normally do when she visited him, so it was better to ask than to just do.
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Why? The question simply lingered in the male's head. The question simply beating himself inside as he could only picture the face of what his sister's face must of looked like when she saw it happen. The feeling his brother must of felt when he found out, and the heartache his parents must of experienced when the police notified them. He wasn't drunk, he wasn't high, but he had still crashed because of that asshole.

"Fuck!" He yelled out in anger, letting out his furry as he punched the mattress, only to scream out in pain as it rushed throughout his arm. Alarming the nurse that had just passed by his door, the ginger-haired woman quietly walked into the room, a look of concern as she approached the boy. Taking his hand gently and massaged it. Zach quickly snatched his hand away from her, wincing in pain. "Don't touch me." He snapped at her. The woman simply smiled kindly. "Alright, I won't. But I did want to help you feel a little better. Mind if I take a look to make sure you did not make the wound worse?"

The boy sighed. The warmth of the woman's green eyes simply making his heart calm, letting his hand be taken by her. She examined it. "You will have a few black and blues since you have a few hairline fractures in the arm. But everything else should be alright." She spoke softly. Soon pulling out a syringe from a drawer nearby, and a small bottle of painkillers. Filling up the syringe a bit, the woman then injected it into the IV. A small smile formed on her lips as she noticed the male instantly relax. "Your body is in much pain. Just relax and let it heal. Let everything else fall into place."

"It's not like you've been in a bad accident." He responded bitterly. The woman sighed and shook her head. "Not that I can remember. But people say that I was. Hence why I can't remember much of my past. Got a nasty bruise on my head, but I am alive and that's enough for me to be happy with." She smiled kindly before placing a hand on his head. "You're a good boy, with a lot of problems. But you'll see, everything else will be alright. Just give it time."

"Like that helps." He muttered under his breath, his eyes soon fluttering closed. The woman sighed in relief. Exiting the room, the woman soon noticed the brunette across the room. She smiled politely at her as she signaled her to come to her. "He's sleeping right now. I gave him enough to sleep for a few days. Mainly so he will wake up feeling better. He is in a lot of pain. And since he cannot relax naturally, I made him relax." She giggled before looking over her shoulder to the sleeping boy. "He's a good guy. Was he always so bitter? Or is he just angry about what happened... or possibly just hurt because of his friends?"
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The sudden burst of a voice stopped Emilia from her readings. The brunette jumped in her seat. Her eyes glancing over to the door first before soon looking to the male upon the bed, the one who had been in a coma for nearly half a year. Her eyes were wide. He was sitting up, questions… questions escaped his lips: Where was Justin, What was he doing there… why was she there?

Why, why was she there?

Well, that was a good question, but she’d like to think that it was because she considered him a friend. A good friend. Zack may have been seen as a perverted guy, a bad boy as most would call it. There was more to him though. And back when she was just eleven years old and he was fourteen, she could see that. He was there for her, even when he didn’t have to be. Zack was the one person who visited her when she was on another continent at an all girls school.

He was there for her.

And she planned to do the same…

“You…” How could she explain it? Emilia took a deep breath. “You’ve been in a coma for four months…” Emilia paused a moment, her eyes shifting down to his hands. “You were in a really bad accident.. you… you could have died Zack.”

But, there were other plans for him. And that was why he survived. It wasn’t his time to leave this world. “I.. I found out that night… Irene and I never left your side since.” Emilia paused a moment. “I, I should probably call her. She left a few weeks ago. It was…a little too much for her to handle. How… how are you feeling?”

It was a fair question. She had never been in a coma or knew anyone who had experienced one, or at least no one had told her. She wasn’t sure how someone just waking up was supposed to feel. Maybe she should call her uncle first… or the nurse.

“Get the fuck out.”

“Huh?” Emilia glanced up at him. He was in pain, mentally, maybe physically too. She could see the anger on his face. The brunette was hesitant, she wanted to stay, be there for him.

“Get the fuck out!”

His hands roughly pushed hers off from the bed. What was she to do? She couldn’t just leave him, he just woke up. A pillow was soon thrown at her as he continued to scream. “Ok, ok.” She grabbed her things, as a few pillows were still thrown her way.

Emilia rushed out of the door, closing it behind her. She stood there a moment. Her eyes swelling with tears. Happy, because he was alive, sad because he was in pain. But she composed herself, forcing herself not to cry. With a deep breath, she made her way out… she’d visit again.. maybe, later on, that day.. or the next day.

Emilia walked over to the nurse's station. “Excuse me, Zackary Alex Smith is awake… could you please let Dr. Nixon know.” She smiled softly at the woman before making her way out.


“He’s alive?” Emilia could hear the relief of her friend over the phone. “Thank god… What did he say? What happened? What did you tell him?”

“I told him… what happened and he yelled at me... and threw stuff at me to leave.”

Irene, on the other line, was smiling, shaking her head with a sigh. “At least he’s still his self… good old Zack, still rude as ever… Keep me updated.. ok? You’re still going to see him every day right?”

Emilia nodded, “Mmhm.” She hummed a yes. “No one should be left alone in a hospital… and he needs someone… to channel whatever he’s feeling towards. It’s ok if he takes out his rage on me.”

“That sounds so wrong… But, if he actually hurts you, you’ll tell me, right? I’ll kick his ass.” Irene chuckled.

“I’ll be ok, we all know Zack wouldn’t put his hands on someone like that.”

“Because he’d get his ass beat. But no… I know, but Zack can be really mean sometimes…”

“I’ll be fine. I’ll take care of him.”

“Thanks, Emi..you really are the best.” Were Irene’s final words to her before she let Emilia go.

No, if she was the best, Emilia would have left just like Zack had asked her, but there she was. Still sitting across from his room. Waiting to hear back from the nurses about how he was… if he was going to be ok. She’d stay there just a little while longer before heading home.
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