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"Zack?" She smiled softly. "Hi…"

"Here." The male shoved a box into her face. "Happy birthday and shit." He said with a smirk.

"How… did you know?"


"Oh." Emilia tapped on the box… "you can come in… if you want."

  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 130d 23h 39m 23s
{Insert zack daniel tlking here}

Her father knocked on her door softly. "Emilia, sweetie, you have a visitor." Her father spoke softly
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 131d 45m 56s
Unlike her brother Matty, Emilia chose to stay in for the night. After Celebrating with her parents and him, she just wanted to rest. She laid in bed, curled up with a book. She could hear door downstairs open and her Talking to someone, but the words were incoherent.
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 131d 50m 48s
Emilia glanced down at her hands. She wouldn't have wiggled so much if he hadn't... Emilia shook the thought from her head. "Not really... no... I don't really have many friends and... the ones I have are usually busy and... they're all basically family."
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 19h 34m 36s
"Yeah well... it's your fault for wiggling so much." He rolled his eyes. "Don't have better people to bother? Or have I become your favorite person to bother?"
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 137d 19h 44m 13s
Emilia shrugged her shoulders. "I wanted to see how you were and... I liked spending time with you last time. It was fun... until you got hurt... because of me."
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 19h 52m 5s
"Alright. Then you should know that with you insisting on staying here is hurting me right now." He shook his head as he put the book to the side. "Why are you really here? Feeling lonely again?"
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 137d 20h 4m 4s
Emilia took a deep breath and smiled. At least he was doing well. She walked up to him, bringing the chair close. She sat down. "I wouldn't have mind being in pain if it meant you not hurting more than you already did."
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 20h 41m 50s
Zack looked up from the book and smirked. "You again? Please, I've already gotten my stitches ripped up, and re-stitched up again. I don't want any more stitches thank you."
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 137d 20h 45m 48s
Days had passed since Emilia last stepped foot in Zack’s room. She hadn’t meant to cause him pain, but she did… again. Emilia swore she was a curse or just cursed. Though there she was, standing outside his door wanting to check up on him, but afraid as hell that she would somehow cause him some type of hurt again. A sudden shove pushed her into the door. She looked back, but there was no one. She turned her attention back to the… young man inside.
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 20h 49m 30s
{Well what do you want to happen in this chapter? This child knows they kissed so does Rosie XD umm lol BUT hmmm I mean she can just check up on him. Thing is she thinks she's a freaking CURSE on him XD ZACK nakie or no XD if I want it that she's and him hang out in room... probably not nakie huh? }
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 21h 20s
{nah hes just in painxD alot of fucking pain. Sp next chap is where and when and how?}
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 137d 21h 22m 7s
Emilia nodded. She looked to Rosie before leaving alongside her. {Zacks thoughts? Embarrassed or what?}
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 21h 28m 12s
"Get the fuck out... please. That's all I ask of you... I don't care what you want, I don't care what you think... I just... need you to leave.."
  Zᴀᴄᴋ Jʀ. / Sin / 137d 21h 30m 55s
Emilia nodded as she stepped back. She looked over to Rosie who was already climbing off the bed. The two girls looked between one another before Emilia stepped forward, crouching down beside him. "I can't leave you like this."
  є๓เlเค / RecklessDreamer / 137d 21h 37m 1s

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