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Not an RP. Clicked? Oh well. XD Funny of you to be nosey. I shall put down each name that clicked this thread. XD

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No More Love

Orange locks swayed in the sudden gust of sea breeze. Green eyes staring up intently at the dark starless sky. She could feel the cold crisp air on her fingertips. It only reminded her that if she did not leave the seaside soon, the lack of clothing would repay her with a horrible illness.

But the thing with Kalonice was that she was like her mother. Sea salt air simply brought comfort to the soul of the ginger. The sound of the waves making her feel at home... relaxed. Loved. The cold sting of the trail of dried up tears making her swollen eyes wince. She was cold. Her body reminded her by shivering, but she did not want to leave. Her soul did not allow her to do so.

The thoughts only revolving around the same two questions; How did it come to this? And how could she have let it go this far?

Something was Vibrating in the palm of her hand, a light shining through her fingers. Kalonice looked down at the cracked screen of the phone. A familiar name flashing in a message. Xavier...

"Are you alright?" It read. An obvious answer to the question, yet Kalonice could not bring herself to write back. It was as if her body had frozen in place.

Xavier smirked upon no response. Tapping on the screen, Xavier then placed a call for Daemien. And as soon as the boy's voice was heard upon the other side Xavier scoffed. "That would be nice if I had actually heard from her. Then again she is not just my friend, she is also yours. And your love interest. I called in a few friends, they said that she was at a nightclub with some guy and girl. She was pretty fucked up when she left. Apparently, this guy did something to her in the bathroom since she came out crying. But no one knows what. Go find her before she hurts herself even further... Think of where she would go when she wants to forget everything... There you will find her." With that being said, the male ended the call and leaned upon the metal fence. His eyes on the ginger who simply continued to stare up at the sky.

Minutes turned into an hour, and Xavier only felt a sigh escape his lips. Was this guy really that naive? Xavier's thoughts were soon cut off when his eyes fixed on a pair of headlights heading towards the beach. A blonde geeky nerd getting out of the car, a smile formed on the male's lips as he pushed himself off the rail and walked to his car. "About time." He chuckled as he turned on the car and left.

Kalonice heard the crunching sound of footsteps coming up behind her. The young woman simply looked back only to see her blonde friend. Looking away, Kalonice simply wrapped her arms around her knees and continued to stare at the sky. Feeling as the boy simply sat next to her. Not a word from him. Not even a hello. It was a rather comforting silence. And Kalonice simply leaned over and laid her head against his shoulder. "Wouldn't think you'd be the first one to find me..." She admitted sadly. "Let me guess, Xavier told you where I was? He seems to be the one to find me always... Though I haven't seen him yet." She closed her eyes.

"But I am happy that you found me and not him... I need this..." She moved down and laid her head upon his lap, facing him with her eyes still closed. "I feel a little high right now. The guy from my job wanted to fuck me in the bathroom. Even though his girlfriend was at the bar waiting for him, and me. He tried hard to make me suck him off, I just left. I forgot my jacket, my coat... And my gloves... all over there." She shook her head. "It was disgusting. And I am so high and drunk right now that I don't even know how the fuck I got here... But now that you are here, I feel safe."

She smiled, soon opening her eyes and staring up at the blonde. "I love you when you are quiet and not talking to the point of messing up the moment. It makes you look attractive. You should maybe do this more often. You might just find a girl who will be happy to be yours."
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Feels Like Summer.

"Shit." She breathed out, pulling herself up on the porch. Picking up each little strawberry that had fallen and spread across the wooden porch, placing them back into the bag. Her eyes soon encountering a pair of blue converse shoes. Her eyes trailed up to meet the blue eyes that expressed doubts of why she was upon the floor picking up the strawberries. The young ginger blushed and scrambled on her feet. Dusting herself off, and pulling the grass out of her tangled and now messy curls.

"Daemien. I... well. I." She took a deep breath and let it out in an awkward sigh. Holding a finger up to his lips as she noticed he was going to ask. And she really didn't want to explain why or how she had ended up covered in dirt. "I was in a strawberry field, and I picked some for us to have today. When I left I slipped in a puddle of mud, hurt my ankle, and was still determined to come over to see you on your special day. So I limped my way down here, and when I reached the neighborhood I was chased down by a very angry dog and well I ran here and since my ankle was busted, I well.. fell climbing over the fence and landed near your porch..." She looked away embarrassed. Blushing slightly before smiling softly. Holding up the nearly squashed berries up to him as she looked over at him. "They are fucked up, but they are still good. Just like me." She chuckled. "That's why I was on the floor."
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Late-night Drive. Roadtrip, Starry Night.

"Sorry Zach, I guess I'm going to have to owe you one." The ginger whispered, her fingers gripping tightly around the car keys from the nightstand. Her eyes shifting over to the dirty blonde that snored soundly in his sleep upon his bed beside her.

Scurrying out of the room, Kalonice made her way out of the apartment and to the beautifully intact black sports car. "Shinny." She said as she smiled from ear to ear. Unlocking the car, and disabling the alarm, Kalonice had finally slipped into the car and turned it on. Her eyes glanced up at the empty dark street. It was cold outside, but she was still determined to leave. Glancing down at her phone, it read 11:08 PM... A picture of Daemien in the background. Him and his goofy yet charming smile. The same picture she had taken of him when he wasn't looking. A smile formed on her lips. It was a rather fond memory. And tonight, maybe she could make another...

This was wrong, very, very wrong. But this would probably be the only chance to get to see tonight, with the person she liked... Maybe nothing would happen, but at least she could get to spend it with Daemien.

Looking down, her eyes settled upon the three pedals on the floor. She could remember Zach's words clearly; 'The far left is the clutch, the middle is the brake, and the last one on the right is the gas. Put in the clutch first, then the brake, turn on the car, and then while holding the clutch in, place the shift into 1st gear. Then let go of the brake, and while you let go of the clutch slowly, press in the gas.'

Right, that was exactly what she was going to do. But as soon as Kalonice reached in to shift it into 1st gear, she heard a loud thump upon the window, making her jump slightly and look over. Her eyes then meeting Zach's. "Kalonice!" His voice was muffled by the closed window, "What the fuck are you doing with my car? You don't know how to drive!" He yelled as he banged on the window. Kalonice automatically locked the doors as she saw him reach for the handle to open. "Get out now!" He yelled as he banged some more.

"Sorry Zach!" She said as she turned up the a/c and placed the shift into first gear. "I am so very sorry! I promise to bring it back later!" With that being said, the girl quickly let go of the clutch, and pressed the gas. The car instantly taking off, making a screeching sound upon the pavement. "Shit!" She nearly squealed out, a rush of adrenaline rushing through her veins. Shifting the gears, she eyed Zachary running after her in the rear view mirror. The image of him getting smaller and smaller as the car went from 0 to 60 in mere seconds. "Shit, shit shit!" She nearly cried out, soon hitting the curb as she made a turn.

After a few eaten red lights, a few run over stop signs, and possibly damaged gears, Kalonice had finally arrived to the famous little blue house. A bright smile on her lips as she quickly got out and ran up to the house. Climbing up to the little window with blue curtains around it. Kalonice tapped against the glass. Her eyes peering into the dark room. And there he was, knocked out upon his bed. Justice league boxers, and comic books spread across his bed. This... this was the guy she liked. Maybe a bit more than she wanted to admit. But yes, he was the guy she liked.

Tapping once again, she watched as he had woken up. Soon approaching the window and opening it. "Hi Daemien, no questions, just let's go." She said with a grin, son reaching in and pulling his blue sheets with her and grabbing his arm. "No time to get dressed. Come on." She pulled him out of the window. Soon leading him back to the car. Once in the car, Kalonice threw the blanket in the back seat, and looked over at Daemien. "I... kinda stole a car... for the night... It's... it's um.. Zach's..." She laughed nervously before taking off similar to like before.

A few minutes of silence... Awkward silence. Kalonice felt the sound of silence make her horribly uncomfortable. And if this was her, was.. was that how Daemien felt?

Glancing at him from the corner of her eyes, Kalonice came to the conclusion that yes. Yes he felt just as awkward as she did. "Before you ask, it's a surprise where we are going... Just thought it'd be nice to go for a late night drive... Road trip... Besides, it's been a while since we've spent some nice time together without any mishaps happening..." She smiled softly, while looking over at him, trying to break the silence. Soon hitting a pot hole. Cringing, Kal soon looked over at him. "I... maybe you should drive..." She said before stopping on a dime on the side of the dirt road. Switching places with him, Kalonice waited until he took off, and soon looked down at her phone. "Thirty miles more to go, then take a right." She said softly before turning on the radio and linking her phone to the car. Playing a rather odd yet happy tune. Her eyes soon shifting over to him at the sudden sound of him humming. "You know it? Then... sing it with me!" She said all excitedly. Taking one of his hands and putting it up in the air.

An hour, and hour was all it took to get to the destination. But the hour had felt more like minutes. Seconds. Laughter, smiling, and singing. Yes, Kalonice had possibly done more of the singing and dancing part, while Daemien drove and sang along, but she had felt like it had been the best drive yet.

Getting out just after grabbing the blanket, Kalonice looked over at the abandoned trail. The cliff that looked over the city they had driven away from. And the sea. Kalonice stared out at dark line of where the sea met the sky. And above them the lights of the universe, brightly shinning down at them. Kalonice looked back at Daemien. "There is going to be a meteor shower tonight. And I wanted to share it with you." She smiled brightly soon spreading the blanket upon the grassy ground. And then laying upon it. Placing her hands under her head, she stared up at the starry night. "It starts any minute now. It.. it was supposed to start like at 12 am or something... Come lay beside me. We could both make a wish together."
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