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In case you decide to ever look in here. If you would ever take that time of day..
  Your sword. / EileenTheCrow / 40d 10h 26m 48s
I'm so fucking terrified.
I'm scared for you.
I don't want anyone to ever experience what I did.
And here you are.
Experiencing it.
I need to help.
No one else could.
I need to.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 41d 11h 24m 54s
[https://soundcloud.com/terron-beats/j-jon-pretty-again You sonuva bitch.]
You don't deserve this hurt or these tears. But here they are.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 41d 14h 20m 34s
It's not your fucking place to say those things.
You try to win her heart but you do the stupidest shit.
You're probably one of the worst people they have forgiven and kept around.
I'm sick of you.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 41d 19h 58m 38s
My dammed head... urgh. Help me.
This pain.
And here everyone fights so hard to live.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 42d 22h 53m 8s
Kyoto animation really put there 'bout to drop Violet Evergarden.... <3
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 43d 16h 26m 45s
I'm just struggling to keep going. I don't find reason to keep going. That's what I'm feeling.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 44d 3h 19m 43s
ES doesnt need sarahah when everyone just makes anon accounts because they've got nothing better to do.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 44d 23h 45m 54s
I know I say this a lot but I think I'm hitting my lows again. Helplessness. No matter what I do to try and get better it feels like it's easier to just die. But when I try I get saved. I don't know. I just really think I should try again. I'm ashamed of even thinking of it. Of ways to hurt myself. How people will find me. More specifically, how [i he] will find me. Love of mine, my sweetest treasure. My safety net.. he doesn't deserve it. Why am I so self destructive?
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 45d 10m 12s
It's so easy to kill something, but to preserve it... heal it... takes true strength.

Yet here I am.
Almost like I'm determined to live..
I'm not...
Take me, please.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 45d 16h 44m 13s
He was asleep this entire time?
I sense a lot of attitude but you should really stop taking out your anger on others.
And maybe be more understanding.
I don't know.
Everyone is human.
But sometimes it disturbs me.

Us human beings-our existence.... it disturbs me.
  Kemonomimi / EileenTheCrow / 47d 1h 14m 5s
Small annoying things that add up. They add up and I get like this. Then you wonder why I assume I don't want to talk or listen to you. And you turn it on me because I blow up for being tired of you saying shit that offends me. That pisses me off when I ask you to fucking stop when I'm already in a bad mood. It.. is astounding you're dumb founded every time I get snippy. Honestly. Sometimes I just want [B legitimate] company that will listen. I should just close up again. Not like you care. As long as you have yourself a pet....
  monster / EileenTheCrow / 47d 1h 15m 36s
Ugh I don't remember having these symptoms. Extremely irritable... depressed. Maybe this birth control needs to be taken out of me. I mean I always was irritable but not for such long periods of time.
  flower boy / EileenTheCrow / 48d 23h 11m 25s
I checked myself. Guess we thoughr of each other about the same. When I was sad and alone.

You were the only one there. When I was sad alone.
I've moved on since though. I see who you are.
It's all clear.

You're a jest, and I'm the Phoenix who withers at every birth.
  flower boy / EileenTheCrow / 50d 16h 2m 24s
You're gone now, aren't you?

I feel like you spoke of me too fucking often. I wasn't "your first love." If that even was about me. I just recently learned you lament our split way more than I did. And spoke too often of me. I can't believe I befriend people who become such disgusting people.

I just want someone who would do good as I would.
Fucks sake I'm not even that good. That's not asking for much...
  flower boy / EileenTheCrow / 50d 14h 39m 21s

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