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It's getting worse. This feeling of no rest. No breaks. I just want to cry.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 17d 10h 3m 48s
Something feels.... wrong.
I don't know what it is.

The clothes I wear. My hair. Me.
Might just be.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 18d 17h 26m 51s
Night is chased away by nightmares. I wake each hour more displeased than before. My self loathing is intense.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 20d 3h 58m 33s
No. Of course not. Of course things wouldn't be okay.

Fuck nothing I do is good enougg.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 21d 11h 43m 7s
My feet. They're pounding. [B Sighs and slumps over.] Working is... work. Pfbbt.
[Center ☆☆☆]
Not that you care, but I hope you're doing okay...
[Center ☆☆☆]
I guess that's all I've got to say.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 21d 13h 34m 54s
Things are nice.

I guess. Meh. >~>
Just waiting for it all to be ruined tomorrow.
  good hoonter / EileenTheCrow / 22d 11h 1m 16s
Nothing like a shit job to tell you that you're not worth anything.

I'm not worth anything at all.
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 23d 52m 8s
No matter how much I want you to care for me... it won't happen will it?
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 23d 20h 22m 29s
I think about the slick trail dripping down my arm.
No matter how hard I cry for help no one will come.

That's the way I really shpuld go out.

A tree that falls when no one is around to hear it makes no sound.

I will make no sound.
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 24d 15h 52m 25s
I had a dream you found a reason to hate me. That your fears told you to.
It hurt, but I didn't want to upset you more and fight to make you see I'm not total crap.

I'm glad it was a dream.
I still have some protecting to do for you.
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 25d 1h 6m 37s
I just need to see you.
This day has been such crap.
Come be a brat to me. Please.
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 26d 11h 56m 2s
I couldn't sleep. I couldn't think. Didn't know right from wrong, what my reality was. I don't know. It was dreadful. You were there, cursing me. Again. I just want you out. States away and you fuck with my head still.

I'm not happy am I?
I'll never be happy.
I'm not a happy person. No matter how much I want to be. I can't. Can't change who I am. Change into who I want to be.

Hey, Eileen, your suicidal tendencies are showing again.
What ever..
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 27d 29m 54s
I guess... [https://youtu.be/vnpcnhEsWiU You are the one.]
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 29d 1h 12m 28s
It's disgusting and it makes me want to burn my skin. Makes me want to be out of my skin. Strangle myself. It make me want to see the colors my body can make after I beat it. These thoughts, they are terrorizing. They're horrid. It's a vinyl record that's disturbed and scratching static. You hear the melody but all I hear is the static growing louder.

[B He's just like him.] It says.

You're too scared to do all this over.
No one can love you... can they?
Not when you don't let them in.
He reads you like a book and yet you still don't think he is different.
Why are you sick to your stomach?
Why are you so sad?
Why are you alive?
Should've died in my bed that night.

No one cares... I don't care.
Of course no one does....
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 29d 5h 57m 41s
It is starting to feel like nothing is okay.
I don't want to be around it. I don't like it.
These feelings, these thoughts, they're familiar.
And it makes me sick.
  Lady Maria / EileenTheCrow / 29d 6h 9m 51s

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