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A symptom of being alive.


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I'm just happy you're here.

My head aches.
Make it stop.

My foot cramped up at work and I almost cried.

I tried to get bae to eat but he just got mad at me. Fine. Forget I even care.
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 3d 7h 15m 57s
Wish I knew the words to weave together this feeling. Numb is all I can think of. Too angry to feel anything else.
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 4d 10h 18m 24s
Meh. I haven't been up to be a good friend. I'm feeling fiendish. What ever..

I'm such an insignificant being. Doesn't matter in the end.
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 5d 13h 10m 47s
It doesn't matter what I say or do...
I'll always feel this way.

Useless and alone.
  Kaeru / EileenTheCrow / 6d 11h 48m 32s
This feeling really needs to bugger off.
I've got a foul mouth and mean attitude. I just can't stay away from you.
I just miss you and am eager to see you.
Makes me giddy.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 7d 19h 43m 41s
"Sad Chloe is fucking sad again"
Hit me in the kokoro
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 10d 9h 24m 47s
I am so... god mother fucking tired... of breathing...
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 10d 11h 34m 59s
Should have just died instead of trying to get better, right?
Because every time I try so goddamn hard to get better I get slapped with a bill I can't afford. Because every time I fucking try to feel better you make me feel like I'm a burden. Doesn't matter if that wasn't your intention-because you did.
I don't care. I won't open up anymore then I don't give a shit. You want someone who is self reliant? Okay. I'm self reliant. Don't ask me to rely on you emotionally.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 11d 10h 1m 18s
I almost broke down crying today.
I can't stand it. I can't stand that you do this to me. You don't deserve this. To make such a large impact on me.
  EileenTheCrow / 13d 13h 15m 13s
I'm not deserving of love am I?
Or am I just.... unable to be loved.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 14d 16h 53m 6s
I hate you.

[Center [#ffffff You're the fucking worst. I would call you a monster but even then monsters are better than you. You're a fucking nightmare. You're mental. Not one that's to be excused either. You're awful. You're the toxic ass mental assholes who chooses to be the worst of people. You're horrible and I wish death upon you. You're hurting my son, my beautiful son who you don't deserve. I'm filled with seething hate for you. Burn in hell. If there is one.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 15d 12h 42m 21s
I've been really hapoy talking to you and I want to spend more time with you.

I don't think it's a crush or anything I just... meh. >3>
It's probs just a friend crush because I never moderately love anything.
I can never tell since there ain't no moderation in my life.

But you know that already. ♡
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 15d 21h 30m 55s
I'm in a really good mood for some reason. Dunno why. Got a headache and my nose is tickling. I just wanna crawl in bed after a nice shower and see my bae 2B.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 16d 13h 8m 2s
There comes a point where gratuity ends. Don't get me wrong I'm still grateful these things are given to me. But it really feels like you want an consistently appreciative person to be constantly happy you let them breathe the same air as you. Like gee.. thanks. That's not negatively affecting my health at all. That's like people who eat fast food expecting me to be grateful they came and ordered food where I work. Yeah, I get paid and it's nice, because it's my job and my job pays me, but I'm not gonna be super happy and constantly thanking people for it. And they treat you like shit. Yeah. That's definitely something to be grateful for.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 16d 22h 47m 46s
God I want to hurt myself. I'm so broken and stupid.

No one wants a piece of junk like me.
  Bahr and I / EileenTheCrow / 17d 5h 39m 21s

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