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Basically a place for me to do writing just for writing. These may or may not go anywhere. But they are simply things to keep me semi entertained and things to work on between Rps and when I have writer's block.

There may be stories or just simple ideas in here. Either way, I appreciate it if there would be no stealing or comments made.



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George Oliver (Ollie) McDaniels was far from what one would call normal. He had been different for all his life. His mother and father were even afraid of him and the things that he seemed able to do. Well more like the fact that he seemed to be able to know what they had been dreaming and quite often revealed their secrets. As he got older, Geroge's ability it seemed grew with him and he was able to "walk into dreams" of those outside of his family. Those he tried to tell about his "talent" for lack on better words always challenged him to tell them and when he did became scared and outcasted him as a freak. He also found with the older he got, the more it seemed that those he was around he was able to sense the deaths of others coming. He would try and warn them, but again learned to just quiet himself and to "fall into the shadows". He learned to be seen and not heard. It was when he decided to go to college did he move to a new town and start to date a girl who seemed sweet and openminded. But he kept him "talents" from her. And the two were happy. At least for a while. It was one night did Isabelle hear Ollie talking in his sleep did she confront him in the moment. And he had no choice but to tell her. When he did, she like everyone else deemed him freak and broke up with him. Being broken hearted and having recieved an invitation to something called The Night School, the young man filled out the application. And almost immediately it seemed he was accepted. Ollie finds that he is both excited and nervous to be attending such a school. But he is also relieved to find out that there are others who are considered deviant out there as well. He doesn't know what to expect but is hoping for the best and to possibly make friends and find a place to belong.
  NIGHT / SheDevil / 18d 15h 46m 21s
Lyla and Skye had been very close when growing up. Thick as thieves or connected at the hip were the terms that their parents would use for the two girls. And during that time in her life, Lala could say she honestly felt safe and happy. But all of that changed when her sister entered high school and she did a year later. Skye it seemed wanted to branch out and to do her own thing. And that left Lyla pretty much to fend for herself. Because of her tastes and affinity mythical creatures, magic, and fantasy Ly was pushed to the outcasts of the school. She was of course able to make some friends but found she missed her sister and so very much preferred her own company and that of her cat once she got him. When being accepted into the Night School, Lyla was excited because it meant she had the chance to regain the lost closeness with her sister. But more than that, it meant she was finally getting a chance to understand herself and who she truly was. And she was getting the chance to meet others who are different just like she is. Her hopes are to be able to make friends with the other students and to be able to save her sister from the darkness she seems to be falling into.
  Hidden~ / SheDevil / 18d 17h 59m 24s
The little girl sat on the bed with her feet dangling inches above the cool wooden floor. Green eyes had been watching the door for the last many minutes and still no sign of her daddy. She had been waiting for the man to come in to tuck her into bed, read to her, and to call her his little princess like he always did. But tonight, as the minutes continued to tick by there was a feeling of dread. One of emptiness and longining. Deep down she knew...the little girl knew that the time she and her father had spent in the garden that day had been their lasts. She knew that had been him telling her good-bye and no matter what he would always love her.
  Midnight / SheDevil / 156d 11h 49m 6s
And again that lovely hour chimed. The one that brought all the magic and dreams to light. But also was it so very scary and dreaded as the hour brought about all the ghosts, haunts, and demons. Which was unleashed in the midnight hour depended upon the lucky or unlucky victim of the given night. And night after night it was meant to change. However, for as long as Katherine Spencer could remember, the midnight hour had been hers alone to bear both the blessings and the curses of. It all seemed to depend upon her mood of the day or rather the night. And it also depended upon the wizard, Carrick Blackstone who was the master of it all. And he so claimed since she was young, that Katherine was his and could never escape. So his tricks and his turns were her fate until she learned to face her fears or chooses to accept her fate.
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 327d 2h 4m 11s
"Gather around my darlings and let me tell you a story. The story of first and young love. And a story of probably the greatest loss of my life. How one man had been my everything and how I had had to tell him good-bye forever. And then had been expected to move on and to not be a spinster. Or as you children call it today, an old maid." The elderly woman said with a soft, almost sad smile as she looked at each of her seven grandchildren who ranged from the ages of six to fifteen.

"Grandma, we thought you loved grandpa. Was there really another you loved more and before him?" Odette asked as she pushed her glasses up the bridge of her nose and looked up at the woman she, her brothers, sisters and cousins sat before. Being the oldest and as she thought closest with Granda Ellenore, she thought she knew everything about the old woman. So to hear what her grandmother wanted to tell them shocked her and she could only stare up in awe.

The old woman couldn't help an almost sad laugh as her fingers combed through long silver hair. Almost sad old brown eyes locked on the granddaughter who had spoken. She had know that it would come as a shock to the girl. Perhaps that was why she had waited so long to tell her story. Perhaps she knew it would come as a shock to her family. And perhaps that was why on this cold night with the power out with no internet or cable was she deciding to tell the tale as to keep the children at least semi-entertained until the power was back on. Or until their parents came back and got them. Whichever happened to be the case.

"Odette, my dear.. I did love your grandfather and still do now. But sometimes the person you come to marry and to love isn't your first. Rarely do people stay with or get to marry their first loves. So yes...there was another..just one other. If you will be quiet and make no more interruptions I will tell you the story. And when I have done..you can ask anything you want. That goes for all of you." Ellenore said softly as her old brown eyes moved slowly from face to face that she could see thanks to the low burning fire in the fireplace.

By the time those words had been spoken, the children had decides to lie down and had their chins on their hands as they looked up at their grandmother. They wanted to hear her tale and their eyes pleaded, no almost begged for the story. It was so very clear that the children were bored and needed something to grab their attention or they would be boreder than bored.

And the old woman had to try not to laugh at the expectant looks of the children that lay before her. It really did flash her back many, many years ago. And for a moment, Elle didn't know where or rather when she should start. But she had promised them a story and now she owed it to them. "Before I begin..not even your mothers and fathers know this story. This is one that I have been keeping for a very long time. And I do ask that this is only a story for all of you. This stays in this room and with these listeners. Am I being understood, my dears?" The elderly woman asked as she sat back in her rocking chair, hands upon the arms as she slowly rocked back and forth.

It took a second for her words to set in. The seven looked at one another, all with the same questioning glance. But when a slow nod was given, the children looked back up at the elderly woman. "Yes, grandma Elle.." The children all chimed in unision before they settled back to their spots on the carpet. And again, eyes of blue, brown, and green looked up at Elle expectantly.

"It all began many, many years ago. In the English Isle in a small town. I was but a young lass, about Odette's age. Mother and father were a poor shoe maker and a seamstress, but they were happy. We all were for a time. I remember the old friends I had, some were very much like my brothers and sisters since I did not have any of my own. We were always together. And we always looked out for one another." The old woman began with a faraway look in her eyes. Slowly to Elle were the years melting away and she was more in the past she was speaking of rather than sat before her grandchildren telling them a story. She could see it all so clearly. Feel it all as if it were the present and not some far off memory.
  B.R.O.K.E.N / SheDevil / 1y 33d 12h 16m 44s
Those eyes that once showed so much emotion now seemed void. As if the time of the years had taken all the life that he had had. No longer was he the young vibrant lad I had been so ensnared by but a shell of his former self. Just that void expression upon his face and within his eyes was enough to break me. Enough to shatter me to my very core. What could have happened to change him so?

"You are no longer you...what happened?" I pleaded as tears stung my eyes and began to slide down my cheeks. No matter how I tried to fight them I could not. They just came and they just fell.

"Life happened. And the times have change..with them so have I." He whispered, voice more broken than I had ever heard before.

And again I felt my heart break. I wanted to speak. Wanted to say something but I could not. All I could do was look up into his face and weep.
  Sirius Black / SheDevil / 1y 153d 13h 15m 45s
My heart loved you once
In a different life
Stronger and purer than light itself

You meant the world to me then
Still do to this day
Even when I try to escape
It seems that we were bound by fate

I loved you once
Maybe even a thousand times
Yet can I truly do it this time?

Once the heart has forgotten
The soul never does
So if I loved you once
Baby I can and I will
A thousand more times.
  ~Sinner / SheDevil / 1y 189d 14h 23m 45s
Sometimes we feel we're all alone with no one and nothing to hold us but the cold
There is that darkness and that familiar fear
The ones who tell us that our hopes will never happen
Even when they had been so very dear

Slowly it creeps and it crawls
Causing even those strong to curl up and bawl
They make even the strong feel weak
Sometimes even have them want nothing more than to weep

The dreams and the hopes
Slyther away
Becoming once a fond memory
From days gone by, making one pray that they've not only gone by

Little by little
Piece by piece
The old friends who were kept at bay
The darkness and the fear
They once more seep, preying on the weakness and the doubts
Trying to bring you back in somehow

You'll have to remember
That you're so much more
Someone strong
And worth while
A person who even in doubt shines through and through
And always wins somehow.
  ~Sinner / SheDevil / 1y 190d 16h 34m 57s
"Being her wolf sucks. Why can't I ever be anyone's first choice? I wasn't his and it seems that I'm not hers either. And yet I am the stupid one who always stays around. The one who wants to help, even if it means getting my heart trampled on. That's all fine and good. I mean as long as she's happy and as long as he is, what does it matter? I can play like I'm okay...like I'm happy for them if it is what they want. I mean I've done it for years any way and can do it again." The girl of eighteen muttered as she stared at her reflection. She hadn't even noticed that her eyes were puffy and red. Hadn't noticed they had begun to swell with the tears she refused to let fall. All she knew was she had been trying to convince herself that she was okay. That heartbreak was just a part of life and if it meant that those she loved could be happy, then why couldn't she be happy for them?

[i "You know that doing this is tearing yourself apart. One of them you actually meant something to. And the other, well not so much. Being the wolf to the one who had been yours will hurt.. But she needs you like you had her in your darker hours."] Sky muttered as the redhead was someone that only Dar and some friends could see and hear.

The brunette sighed and put her face in her hands, still trying to fight her tears. "Sky it's not fair.. I love her still and just.. You wouldn't get it." She whispered, not even bothering to try and stop the whine from her words. Sky had seen her at her worst and she had seen her at her best. What did it honestly matter?

[i "I may not be real to many.. But I am to you and do have my own life. This is the same that so many go through. I did along time ago."] The fairy muttered with a shrug as she moved away from the eighteen year old and sat on the window's sill, tapping on the glass and watching the rising moon. [i "This is just your past coming back to you. You did this same thing...so don't play innocent. And hey, maybe this is what you need."]

Slowly green eyes went to where the tapping was sounding from and watched the fairy who in the last few years had been her guidance. Had been her rock when everything had seemed to crash down and kept her sane . It took her a few moments to collect her thoughts. Or at least a few moments to go back over what had been said and what had been done. And she realized that Sky did have a point. Honestly she had been shitty to her friend and the girl she was talking about. "So what are you suggesting with this?" Dar found herself muttering as she turned fully away from her vanity, her body turned towards Sky with her arms crossed over her chest.

Sky had stopped tapping the window and had taken to making magical dust fly back and forth between her hands in a flow. She had wondered how long it would take Dar to pull her head out of her ass and to stop feeling sorry for herself. When the girl had turned to her, Sky stopped with the magic and turned to have violet eyes meet green ones. A soft smirk traced ruby red lips as she licked her bottom lip and leaned back on the cold glass of the window with her own arms crossed. [i "Just be her wolf. Be her friend and be there for her."] The fae muttered and shrugged.
  Beatrice Marie Stone / SheDevil / 1y 184d 16h 15m 52s
Sometimes I wonder
What is it that we're fighting for
Is it worth it?
Will it last?

For past, presten, and future
Wars have been fought
Battles have been won
But still lives have been taken
One by one

Why the fight?
Is it worth the pain?
The strain?
Sometimes even the gains?

Questions I have
But no answers to have
After all
Everyone thinks and feels differently in these fields
  Blue Moon / SheDevil / 1y 198d 10h 54m 40s
The darkest desires of the heart
Are things we keep locked deep inside ourselves
Never do we let them fly
Never are they meant to catch the light
We secretly hope they never shine bright

For the darkest desires of the heart
Are sometimes the things that can tear all apart
Cause a fight or two
Make you lose what others think to be true

But to hide
Is to die a little on the inside
Most think it's worth the risk
In order to keep things in order
A normal life
A happy life

They choose to die
To live a lie
So that others will not cry
And they don't have to hide
So they don't have to fear
Losing what matters most
  Blue Moon / SheDevil / 1y 234d 9h 20m 46s
There was one word for you
Wicked from the start
A man of ice
With a frozen heart

Drew her in
Made her believe
Think that there was life
Beyond all that meets the eye

But so cold
Distant and calculating
A man who promised heaven
But only gave hell

And an empty shell
She fell and she fell

Man of ice
Cold as stone
What was it
That made you so?
  =Sirius= / SheDevil / 1y 234d 19h 5m 29s
Another day and another night pass
And still I don't want either to last
As each comes and each goes
The more I feel as if I'm shattered glass
A new part falls and breaks away
Leaving a shell of who I used to be

I find myself calling
And as I do, the more I am falling
It's as if my own personal hell
Has come to life and turned me into a shell

So as another day passes
And another night comes
I secretly hope that all will be done
That I will find the girl that I hide
That she will be the one and true side to me
The side that others can and will see
  SheDevil / 1y 235d 15h 32m 25s
Sometimes the things we seek
Aren't the things we need
It can be the worst thing in the world for us
It can be the thing that makes us weak
The thing that makes us bleed
But still we find
That what we seek is the thing we want
Even when we know it's the thing that hurts us
Or breaks us
And sometimes turns us to stone
But oh
How we want it so
  Hunter / SheDevil / 1y 235d 19h 55m 50s

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