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As Tomio's hand with the soap slipped from his shaky hands, he realized how much trouble he was about to be in. Then when he was pulled up into the air, he yelped.
[i There's only one thing I can think of to do...] He says in his head. [i I have to be cute and he might get less angry.]

"But... but master, I didn't mean to hurt you!" Tomio says cutely while holding up his free hand like a paw. "I was admiring your body so much that I wasn't paying attention enough to what I was doing which caused my hand to easily lose its grip on the soap which seems to have slid across your back in an uncomfortable way!"

Tomio tries to sparkle cuteness off himself as he talks with his neko gestures.

"I would never want to cause harm to my new master, especially when I just got here!" Tomio adds. "Would you pwease forgive me, pretty pwease?"

[i I think I may have drawn that out a bit too much there but hopefully he won't be as mad now.] Tomio thinks.

"And also, how did you get your scars anyway?" Tomio asks with a head tilt. "They seem like they really hurt whenever you had first gotten them... was it from fighting with a sword?"
  Tomio / Okimichi / 274d 13h 59m 41s
[center [pic]]

Akihiro furrowed his eyes in annoyance when Tomio explained his grandfathers order. "Grr...just shut up and be careful. They.. open up easily" The scars on his back, he meant. The black haired male growled moving his hair to reveal the cuts and scars he had all over his back. If Tomio asked how he got the scars, he'd explain it, if only to make it clear he wasn't some weakling and that he was proud of them.

Taking an exasperated breath, Akihiro braced himself for the contact. "Hurry up already. Quicker you do it, the faster we can get the hell out of here" The grumpy male ordered in a sharp tone. Though as soon as the soap made contact with his back, Akihiro stiffened. He couldn't stand this. Being touched by one of this disgusting things. His blood was boiling and Tomio was being so damn slow about it.

After a few moments, the shaking Nekos hand cause the soap the slide across the larger males back in an unpleasant way causing Akihiro to suddenly snap. Reaching a hand back and gripping ahold of the neko's wrist he roughly dragged Tomio across the ground along the side of him and the held the poor Neko boy easily by one arm so he dangled in the air in front of him. "What the hell part of "be careful didn't you get?!" The rough male spat at the small creature in an angry tone, as his cold yellow eyes pierced through him. Akihiro wanted to punish him. But doing that...would be claiming some kind of ownership right? And that was the last thing the male wanted.
  Akihiro / pinkra01 / 289d 23h 24m 59s
[i Locked inside... they make doors like that bath areas?] Tomio wonders. [i I have to be extra careful in what I say or do because... there's no escaping any of his anger now...]

"I... I-I... I'm supposed to wash your back." Tomio says. "I-is there something specific you want me to use to d-do that?"

[i Stop shaking hands, this isn't helping!] Tomio exclaims in his head. [i I just need to calm down... everything will be fine as long as you remain calm and don't try to make him more mad!]

"L-like a special sponge or brush and s-special soap?" Tomio adds. "O-or... or... a technique on how to wash?"
  Tomio / Okimichi / 296d 2h 3m 30s
[center [pic]]

Akihiro tried to relax in the hot bath but it wasn't easy. A creature he hated was now going to be living in his house and their wasn't crap he could do about it until he could get ahold of those catchers. [i What a pain in the ass] he thought with a grunt.

The long black-haired male sat up in the bath glaring coldly towards the door when he heard someone enter. "Thought I told you to leave me alone when I'm in here, old man" Akihiro growled before he realized who it was. "You?! The hell are you doin in here?!" He gritted his teeth snarling as the anger filled him at the site of the cat creature.

The male didn't really wait for a response before he rudely stood up exposing his fit but scarred body and didn't bother covering his private areas from the Neko. Grabbing one of the towels right from the boys hands, Akihiro grunted and walked roughly by the boy almost knocking him over. Heading for the door he reached for the handle and jiggled it. "What the...the damn thing is locked from the outside?! That old bastard" Akihiro spat trying to jiggle it open some more but it was no use. He was stuck in the bath with this annoying creature and there wasn't crap he could do about it.

Water dripped off the males damp hair and down his body as he stood there in frustration. [i That bastard ain't goin to let me out unless I do whatever the hell, this Neko brat came here for] the male thought closing his eyes in annoyance. After a few moments of silence Akihiro's yellow eyes finally opened as he turned to glare at the boy. "Grrrr what does he want you to do? Let's just it do and get it over with already" the male growled before plopping coldly down on a small sitting stool next to the bath tub and moving his long wet hair out of the way, exposing his back for the Neko.
  Akihiro / pinkra01 / 296d 22h 18m 47s
Tomio yelps at the sudden slap.

[i Is he... serious?] Tomio wonders. [i Either this is how this family is like or all humans are like this...]

"Alright then..." Tomio says while walking towards where the towels are.

Tomio grabs a couple of big towels and a couple smaller ones, stacks them on top of each other then heads to where the bath area is.

[i This seems familiar to me but I don't know why.] Tomio thinks then knocks on the door and opens it slowly while peering through.

"Hello?" Tomio says. "I brought you towels and came to wash your back."
  Tomio / Okimichi / 305d 13h 18m 52s
The man folded his arms and raised his hand to his chin rubbing it from for a moment thinking, before he glanced over at Tomio. He's worn golden eyes scanned the boys petite figure. Yup, he had a nice girlie frame. Akihiro could try and resist all he wanted, but the men in this family have been attracted to boys that looked like him for centuries. Even the great ancestor warrior couldn't keep his hands off the Cat God. And since the God was the warriors slave, the warrior took full advange of owning the boys body anyway you could imagine.

So how could Akihiro resist? It's in his blood to mount neko boys like him. Then again. Akihiro has always been a hard head. Always defiant and always resisting. He hated the creatures. But could he resist his urges?

The old mans thoughts raced and slow perverted grin took over his expression before he gave Tomio's backside a good playful slap. [b That's easy my boy. Help your master in anyway he needs. And don't forget to look adorable, blush, and show off your assets doing it] he winked.

[b Why don't you go bring Akihiro a few towels. And then get in there and wash his back? He works out all day so his body is probably sore.] he gave the boy a small push and pointed him in the direction of the towels and bath area.
  Akihiro / pinkra01 / 305d 15h 33m 27s
Tomio shreaked and cowered when the letter was thrown at him.
After hearing the conversation, relaxed a little when the old man came closer to him.

"Umm... okay?" Tomio responds. "How do I do that?"

[i The future doesn't look so bright here... my future anyway.] Tomio thinks to himself. [i I hope Akihero doesn't get physical, or more physical than the letter throwing I should say... think.]
  Tomio / Okimichi / 305d 16h 1m 57s
[center [pic]]

[center Akihiro glared blankly at the neko boy, as if he didn't even say anything to the hot head. It wasn't until the boy handed him a letter that he finally processed the words he spoke. "What...the...hell" his eyes widened and he growled slightly in disbelief. Without any hesitation he rudely tossed the letter back in the Neko's face, not believing him. "Grr I don't have time for stupid jokes from one of you annoying creatures. Get lost!" He snapped in agrravation turning his back coldly to the Neko.

[b It's not a joke, Akihiro. He's yours.] The old mans voice stopped Akihiro from taking another step forward. "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY?!" The male snapped and grabbed the old man by the collar of his kimono, hatred and rage filling his voice. "You know damn well I don't want one of those useless things near me. It's bad enough I have to make it my livelihood to look after a scam artist dead one. No way in hell am I going to look at that [i thing] everyday of my life!" He snarled and pointed in the face of the Neko boy.

[b He's already bought and I put up my retirement to do it. So you might as well get used to it.] The old man grinned at his grandson. Akihiro knew how important that money was to his grandfather, and he'd have no choice but to deal with this until he could convince the catchers to give his grandfathers money back. Gritting his teeth angrily, he dropped his grandfather and turned away from them both, not once looking at the small boy. "You're a fool. Just keep that thing away from me. I'll see to it you get your damn money back old man." He stated in a rough grunt, clenching his fists before walking back inside and heading to the open air baths.

[b Don't worry about him, Tomio. Akihiro is a hot head. But Your master will come around on you. You just need to show him your worth.] the old man winked and gave the boy a pat on his head.
  Akihiro / pinkra01 / 305d 16h 48m 53s
"H-hello, this is for you!" Tomio says while presenting the letter and bowing his head.

[i He's already mad at me from the sound of it!] Tomio thinks as he starts shaking a little with fear. [i What did I do to make him mad already?!]

"I-it's to tell you about m-my er, that you're supposed to- I mean, that I'm supposed t-to..." Tomio tries to speak. "...That I'm supposed to live with you!"

[i Oh no, I should have just let him read the letter not say anything!] Tomio exclaims in his head.
  Tomio / Okimichi / 305d 17h 24m 32s
Akihiro stood in the middle of his grandfathers dojo in fighting stance with a wooden practice sword at hand and a cold expression on his face. That wasn't anything new for him since he had always been a rather stand offish boy with a mean temper ever since his father passed.

[b Good position boy. On my mark. Attack.]
An old man who had equally long grey hair and yellow eyes to match Akihiro's spoke out from the other side of the dojo.

Akihiro and his grandfather lived in a shrine at the top of a beautiful mountain. The dojo sitting just behind it. The males soul duty in life was to protect the Cat God, Nekos, resting area. The story goes that Nekos descended upon earth in the form of a young adorable boy with cat ears and a tail. He made his home in the mountains protecting local villages livestock from hungry predators.

The boy did well to stay hidden for a long time, because he knew that humans would see him as an abomination. As these simple villagers had not yet laid eyes upon cat creatures. However, upon one of his nightly patrols of the livestock he happened across the most beautiful man he had ever seen as he bathed in a nearby stream. If the man hadn't been wearing any clothes, Nekos would not have been sure what his gender even was. Regardless, Nekos was captivated by the beautiful man with long flowing black hair. Every night he returned to the same stream hiding in the bushes just to lay his eyes upon him. He wasn't like any human he had ever seen. He studied his body, discovering that this human had scars all over him, determining that he was probably some kind of warrior and it wasn't long before Nekos fell in love with him.

Finally one night Nekos decided he needed to get closer. To see the beauty of his beloved warrior as close as possible but he ended up tripping falling out of the bushes and face first into the stream. The warrior didn't even flinch. It was as if he knew Nekos was always hiding there. He did not look at Nekos in disgust as he gazed upon the Gods cat features. Instead he teased the boy, giving him hell for always peeping and declared the God become his slave for eternity as punishment. Without hesitation Nekos agreed, he only wanted to be near the man. It didn't matter it what way. In return the warrior would offer his protection, and swore his bloodline would look after the God for all of eternity.

Akihiro, was the descendent of this beautiful/handsome warrior and spitting image of him. As was his father, and grandfather. To this day holding true to the promise to protect Nekos. Though, Akihiro was the first in his line, to absolutely hate the task that was forced upon him. Hating, all Neko like people as a result. In his mind, his ancestor was an idiot. Nekos wasn't a God. Just a useless Neko, and he swore his bloodline to a boy he was infatuated with nothing more. Akihiro on the other hand wasn't so stupid and wouldn't fall for the attractive looks and deceiving nature of these felines.

Just as the young man was about to lunge forward towards his grandfather, a knock at the shrine door could be heard. Dropping his sword he left the dojo to head to the front door. Akihiro had no idea a Neko was coming to live with him. His grandfather had secretly arranged it so that maybe..Akihiro would learn to like the destiny his family had been given. If only the cold hearted boy could feel something for a well.

The tall black haired male roughly opened the shrine door glaring coldly down at the Neko with piercing yellow eyes that filled with hatred at the site of the boy. "What the hell do you want"
  Akihiro / pinkra01 / 305d 18h 54m 13s
"Just breath and relax... you have the right address, you just need to ring the doorbell." Tomio says to himself as he stands in front of the house of his new guardian. "Or even knock on the door, just do something already, Tomio!"

He takes a deep breath then presses the doorbell button for it to ring.

[i Have to smile and greet my new guardian when he gets here, even if I'm scared and nervous.] Tomio thinks to himself. [i And bow my head and present the letter that I'm supposed to give him... and then I'll see what happens from there.]
  Tomio / Okimichi / 313d 22h 13m 55s

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