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[center [pic]]

[center [font "Arial" The young god surveyed her surroundings. A few people were beginning to show up. She heard voices from the kitchen. There was a enticing smell of homemade food that reminded her of the festivals back in her realm. Inhaling deeply her mouth watered. She couldn't help but wonder what her family was doing right now without her.
Licking her lips she started gravitating towards the scent like a hungry magnet. Before she could continue any further she realized she was missing something. More like [i someone.] Glancing around, the girl searched the premise for her fluffy companion. Whirling around her hair spun around her almost like a hoop skirt.

Across the corridor, the kitsune was wandering about with his snout glued to the floor. Castiel had forgotten how great his sense of smell was when he was in the form. Everything was such a different experience when you are only knee high. Padding soundlessly down the hardwood floor with ears flicked forward on steady alert, he secured the area just to make sure [i it was safe for his master.] [s fat lie he just likes to get into trouble.] Just as he had found something that smelled the perfect balance between gross and disgusting to roll around in, he was stopped in his tracks by an unknown entity. Leaping back, he sneered up at the human who had approached him. Baring his teeth, he had to decide whether they were friend or foe.
Castiel wasn't surprised to find out it was only a simple girl. He was actually kind of disappointed that there wasn't anything challenging around this area of the world. He was growing bored of the stillness. Eyeing her up and down, the okami let out a playful bark. Before he could tease the girl he heard a familiar voice.

[b [#009999 "Castiel! There you are!"]] The call was sweet like honey. It wasn't something you could ignore or turn away from. Craning his neck he spotted his master. Sighing, he sat up on his haunches and slowly closed his eyes. In a split second and a flash of light the white fox was replaced with a handsome man. The only inclination that the male was the former mammal was the matching ears and tail.
[b [#626262 "Ah Mistress Braelyn,"]] he purred his greeting.
[right [pic]] Braelyn smiled when she saw the warm face of Castiel. She had missed his smile even though they had only been traveling for a few days. It was weird having him as an animal when they spent the majority of their days in the kingdom as humans. Bounding up to him, she latched a small hand to the sleeve of his robe.
Turning her eyes to the other girl she froze. This was the first person she had encountered on this journey.
The azure eyes were mesmerizing. Braelyn never thought she would see a mortal with such beautiful eyes. It took her a few moments to look away. Checking her up and down Braelyn suddenly felt self consious. Gorgeous was an understatement. The girl had hair the colour of the sky and rosy cheeks. Her thin figure matched the soft look of her outfit and gentle face. For a second the god forgot how to breath. Castiel smirked and bumped her gently.
Snapping out of her trance, she gained her composure and went back to her usual personality. Tucking a silky lock of ebony hair behind her ear, the vixen licked her lips that were in a coy smile. Her eyes burned with a mischevious intent. Batting her eyelashes she jutted her chin out slightly. [b [#009999 "[i Well hello,] who might you be?"]]]]

[center [pic]]
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[center Airi actually felt pretty giddy. In fact, she had a tiny pep in her step as she danced around the room. She was excited to be in such a new environment, and in all honesty, the alcohol was starting to get to her a little. She took her camera and posed it towards herself, snapping a quick selfie.
[pic ]

She put the camera back around her neck, turning to look at the small mess she created on the floor. Some of her clothes were thrown across the floorboards, her laptop sitting open on top of her little pile of things. A small window on the screen was open, revealing a tiny 8-bit indie game. Airi pondered for a moment, wondering if she should continue on her current quest or if she should explore her new home.

[b ~~~ ]

A loud noise crept it's way up the stairs and towards Airi's room, as if beckoning her to indeed, explore. Her excitement faded to anxiety but she swallowed her fear down with another swig from her flask. She then turned to her bed and stuffed the alcohol under one of the pillows carelessly. Airi popped a piece of mint gum into her mouth and continued out the door and towards the door.

Airi had just missed whoever was angry, only seeing pink twin tails passing by her in a huff. [#DC143C [i 'Damn, we gots' some personality in this house.' ] ] Airi gave out a small giggle.

Her eyes widened as she saw what was causing the commotion. A beautiful blue haired girl sat in front of her with matching eyes, extending her hand towards a beautiful creature. Near the girl sat a boy, causing Airi's cheeks to burn up. [#DC143C [i ' Oh shiit. ' ] ]

He was very handsome, his eyes a kind of blue that could pierce through the hearts of millions. Airi didn't expect him to be this good looking. Heck, Airi didn't expect much of the boy at all. She was more there for the experience, she told herself. She often lied to herself about things.

[#DC143C "Hey," ] Airi shoved her hands into her pockets, leaning her elbow against the railing of the staircase. [#DC143C [i 'Should I bow? Curtsy? Would he like that? No, be cool. Be you, be cool.' ] ] Airi moved down the stairs carefully, chewing on her bubblegum with ease. [#DC143C "I'm Airi, Airi Li! It's a pleasure and all that jazz." ]

As Airi stepped down from the final step she saw the handsome cat near the Prince. [#DC143C "Oh my fu-" ] She cut herself off from saying anything else, her hands scampering for her camera. She bent herself down, not worrying about her skirt hiking up. She wore shorts under everything. She turned off the flash and snapped a photo. [#DC143C "You are the most handsome thing I've seen all year." ]
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Miyah couldn't tell how much time had passed but it felt like an eternity. [i Just like a typical Ravensguardian. Thinking they're Above everyone else, uncaring of whose time they waste. Hmph] the short girl thought with a huff before feeling her legs get tired. [i Guess I might as well sit down before I die of exhaustion since his "Majesty" is taking his time to get here.] The pink-haired girl thought rolling her eyes and taking a seat within viewing area of the door. Immediately after her backside hit the chair she felt herself sink in to the comfortable expensive cushion. [i I guess..this isn't so bad even if it belongs to one of those birdbrain jerks.] Miyah thought resentfully. It had been a long day, and getting herself so worked up had made her a bit tired. She felt her body shut down for a moment and her mind drift.

[center [b [i Remember never to trust a person from Ravensguard, Miyah. They will lie and they will manipulate everyone around them to see that their own goals are accomplished. They preach about peace but have unjustly taken lives of Nexonians without hesitation. No one knows this better then our family. Don't let them fool you. They are not good people, Miyah.]]

Though she was only a small child back then, her father's words rang through her ears as if they were spoken yesterday. [i Then why...did you send me here. Why punish me..Did I loose my value to you?] Miyah thought, her yellow eyes wavering between anger and sadness making the bratty girl look more like an innocent child. Her eyes narrowing. Her parents weren't thrilled about the sales of her last album. Although it did fairly well, it was a bit of a drop off from the first. She could remember the disappointment in her fathers eyes. How he made her double her dance lessons and voice lessons for a month, until the accident happened. She was sure they would have pushed her to her death if it never happened. Miyah slowly gripped on to her necklace once more and grit her teeth in frustration. [i I don't care what they want. I won't forget what happened and I'll never marry one of those scum!] Miyah thought in determination.]

[center [#fc599b *~*~*~*~*]

Though her thoughts were soon interrupted by the sound of the door opening and the swoosh of a button spiraling at an insane speed right past her head aimed right at the very door the prince was expected to walk in. [#fc599b "Nyah?! W-What the heck was that?! Who was that girl?!"] the idol blinked almost knocked out of her seat, and trying to calm her heart rate after being frighten near to death. Soon, however, she came to the conclusion it must have been one of the other poor unfortunate souls that had to await the impending doom of the prince's potential love. [i Attacking the royal idiot on the first day? Maybe making friends here won't be so hard after all.] Miyah blinked and took a mental note of the blue-haired girl. Soon the brat's attention shifted towards the door and without a moment of hesitation the small girl flew up from her seat marching right in the direct path of the prince wearing a more then annoyed expression. Though to him the tiny twin-tailed idol probably looked more adorable then threatening. That was until she opened her mouth.

With one small proud hand on her hip and the other extended to point a finger rudely in his face she gave The Royal Prince of Ravensguard a piece of her mind. [#fc599b "Stupid, inconsiderate, jerk! I hope that flying ufo aimed at that empty head of yours knocked some sense into you. But by the looks of it, it's a lost cause."] The brat spouted up at him and then folded her arms glaring up at him in annoyance, making sure to stand in his way every single time he tried to get by her. [#fc599b "Jeez how hard is it to get here on time. I'm an idol and I still managed to make it here way before you did. Don't think that just because you're prince of the featherheads that you can walk all over us because I won't put u-"] Miyah paused midrant as her eyes locked on James. Miyah loved animals. It was basically a weakness. In a moment she could go from fireball to as sweet as sugar if one was close enough. And James had her full attention. [#fc599b "Y-You...have a kitty. What's it's name?"] The pink haired girls eyes widened suddenly, a soft blush appearing on her annoyed expression at the sight of him, causing her tone to grow much more soft. He was so unique and his facial hair like fur patterns made him even more special. The girl wanted more then anything to pet him it made her hand shake. But no! She had to stand her ground she couldn't let the Royal jerk see her sweet side. He'd view it as a weakness and exploit it just like any other rotten person from Ravensguard.

Turning her face away from the prince rudely. [#fc599b "I'm Miyah Nakano, an idol from Nexus. But I'm guessing you already know that unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple of years"] she rolled her eyes and glared back up at him [#fc599b "Anyway...stay away from me! Let's make this as painlessss as possible and stick to ourselves, so we dont have to look at each others faces until my times done here."] Miyah said quite bluntly making it clear she had no interest in him at all and turned away from him heading to the kitchen. There was no doubt about hatred in her heart for him and his kind. But the rulers were always worse then the people as they lead by example. Clenching her small fists she stomped away, though a part of her really wished she could pet James but she needed to show the strength of Nexus.

Stomping into the kitchen the small firey girl nearly fell backwards when the scent of something amazing hit her nose. [#fc599b "But the kitchens empty, no one other then the maid, where's the chef?"] Miyah spoke out loud looking either way until she finally looked..down. Seeing a girl that was actually a little shorter then herself, which was a rarity. [#fc599b "WHA?! Aghh!!"] The idol actually did stumble back this time falling right on her backside. [#fc599b "Ouch..jeez! Where'd you come from?! Why doesn't anyone in this place make a normal entrance!!"] The pink-haired girl grumbled and then glared at the blonde for a few moments. [#fc599b " must be another one of the unfortunate girls that got wrapped up in this terrible situation."] Miyah stood up dusting her backside off. Actually, the idol wasn't being mean the the girl at all. Miyah was actually a sweet girl, despite her attitude. Anyone in this situation Miyah had sympathy for. Besides it didn't look like the girl had any power to do something particularly terrible. She was actually...pretty cute. [i Wait is this girl...from Ravensguard? She's one of them. But...she doesn't look so terrible. No. What am I thinking. They can't be trusted. Well...if she is from be way better for someone like her to end up with that Royal pain. So..maybe it's better to make ally's with her instead. At least. For now.] Miyah thought before her eyes widen catchimg site of the beautiful display of food. [#fc599b ", make all this yourself?"] The pink-haired girl stood in amazement, as the sound of her stomach growling filled the silence in the air shortly after causing her to blush and glare away in utter embarrassment.
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[center [pic]]
Of all the the peculiar things Naho was known to enjoy doing, perhaps the strangest was her crazed enthusiasm for [i broken] things. There were few things she could not fix after a quick and -surprisingly- educated diagnosis, this evident as she perked up, straining to listen. A lawnmower? It was sputtering, chugging, and after a few minutes, stopped. Curious, she put away her cloth and tucked her helmet back under her arm, finding a window that might show her the back yard. Of course, this took a moment; This house was gargantuan, and Naho was perpetually well under the 5 foot mark, so she did indeed earn a few odd looks as she climbed atop a decorative hallway table and opened the window to get a look.

The lawnmower, a very nice, seated Deere model but still getting on in age all the same, was stopped mid-row, its rider confused and toying with the controls.

Cue the hype.
[b "HEY! I CAN FIX THAT!"] she shouted, swinging a leg over the ledge of the window. She misjudged the height, of course, and fell headfirst into the bushes with a loud symphony of crackling and swishing. Naho, however, not one to stay down for long, pulled the ties out of her tangled braids and scooted out of the bushes on her hands and knees. Leaves and twigs were all over her, though as she stood, her face made it clear that she had completely forgotten she'd just fallen five feet and into the shrubs.

[b "Hi there! I heard it from inside, I'd like to take a look at the motor if you don't mind!"] she chirped, though as already lifting the hood. Her brows furrowed, and she pressed a hand to the motor to check the heat. Next, she pulled a twig from her hair, convenient though it was, and poked it into the water cooling opening before pulling it out to check.

[b "It's overheated, sir. It needs water to cool it. I can smell the belt, too, it's old... It should be replaced soon."]
He thanked her, nervously scooting away to get some water.
A tap on her shoulder stole away her attention, a very concerned older maid looking down at her. "Are you alright, miss?"
[b "Not to worry, I'm great! Oh, could you show me the kitchen? I'm starving."]
" Of course, we'll make something right away."
[b "Oh, no, it's cool! I wanna [i use] your kitchen, actually."]
She blinked, most likely trying to process what she was hearing, and perhaps even doubting the judgment of Ceri's parents, though she managed a smile and nodded. Surely this leafy lawn gnome could not cook? Well, they were tasked with the happiness of six teenagers, so if the weird one wanted to use the kitchen...

"I'll show you your room first, to dress. I'm sure you wouldn't want any leaves in your food, young miss!"

Naho laughed about this and flashed a merry smile, following the maid back inside.
[center ~~~]
The scream had surely echoed off the walls of every room and hall in the manor, and three of the janitorial staff and two of the security personnel came running, hurrying in to see what had happened.
Naho was losing it.
Naho, showered and re-dressed in a sweater and a dark skirt, had wandered down into the kitchen and was having a heart attack as she looked inside the fridge. It was massive and was jam-packed with every type of fresh ingredient.
She was going to cook it.
It was then that the undersized blonde noted all the either irritated or amused eyes on her, and she smiled, giving them a wave. [b "Sorry everyone! I'll um. I'll be quieter."]
She rubbed the back of her head, watching them leave. The maid stayed, though, milling around, hoping to catch all the messes Naho made while she 'cooked'.
Unfortunately for the maid, Naho's mother was no slouch and would not allow any child of hers out into the world without a perfect culinary education. Naho fell into her work, washing and slicing and measuring and breading and rolling, keeping an eye on everything as it baked or broiled or bubbled. She didn't remember starting by the time she finished, and because she'd made it all on high heat, it hadn't taken long, either. In her merriments, she had made enough for a small feast, but figured she could share this with her new friends!
The older maid picked up one of the dumplings, suspicious, only to find that it was fabulous. " You, dear, are an odd one."
[b "I wish this was the first time I'd heard that."]
The maid laughed and called in some others to put the food in the sitting room, though Naho, in all her kitchen excitement, had set her helmet down somewhere.
She raced alll they way back up to the rooms, tripping a few times along the way, and found it sitting by the shower she'd used. Naho sighed and went back down, relieved and hungry as she plopped down to munch a shrimp.
[center [pic]]
[b "La di da di, we like to party, we don't cause trouble, we don't bother nobody~"] she said as she drummed her fingers on her helmet, waiting for nothing in particular. Would be nice to meet the others... Maybe they were busy or unpacking? Would they be hungry? She sure was.
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[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]

[center [font "Minion Pro" [size12 Winry had a hard time meeting new people. What first started out as a little paranoia around boys turned into a full case of social anxiety. However, she isn't nearly as broken and anxious around girls as she is around boys. Especially attractive boys. And as Winry worked up the courage to leave her nook of the house and walk to the corner where the wall ended and the the railing leading to the stairwell began, she learned that Ceri was in fact an attractive boy.

[b [#01A9DB "Oh no . ."]]

Those deep blue eyes were the first to catch her attention, as the color blue was a color she did not often see on another person in The Realm. See, in her homeland people are judged their role in society at birth, depending entirely on the color of their hair and eyes. Blue was the color of an Enchantress, and only a handful of them appeared in a century. The shade was much deeper and more shocking than her own, it was something she had never seen before even in photographs. A man with blue eyes.

[right [pic]]
Winry leaned further over the railing, her chest squeezing against the bar caused her little discomfort while she focused on examining the blue eyed boy. It was her first time seeing any living, breathing person with eye color that didn't match their hair. [i Perhaps this world is more interesting than father made it out to be.] While her thoughts focused on how he would be treated in The Realm, she didn't notice the button of her blouse hanging on for dear life as she leaned further over the railing. Winry's chest was not especially big, however the way she was leaning had one large round button being pulled on by the edge of the railing. Those deep blue eyes suddenly glimmered in her direction and she felt her skin heating up around her eyes and cheeks. The large black button snapped, and like a rock in a slingshot, it went right for the prince.

Winry didn't wait to see what happened, she tore off back down the hall with a hand gripping the blouse where the button was missing. [i Wonderful, he just walks in the door and now he'll believe I've attacked him!] Winry slowed her pace to a quick walk, a finger on her lower lip thoughtfully.

[right [size10 [b *Winry's current outfit above]]]
[i Wait, isn't that a crime punishable by death? I've just attacked the prince of Ravensguard!] She tapped at her lip, staring at the carpet in absolute dismay. [i That's silly.. It was an accident. And a button.] Winry smiled a bit, and began to realize the white blob coming into her line of sight. Winry blinked twice, staring down at a beautiful white wolf.. fox? It looked like one of those familiars she read about in her history books. The ones that serve gods.

[b [#01A9DB "You're very handsome.. Are you lost?"]] She spoke in a small voice, one that seemed to hide some fragment of a Witches accent. Winry reached a cautious hand out to the wolf fox,
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Ceri walked along the halls of the palace, Cedric leading the way back to the entrance and car he had rode to the palace in. James catching up and following Ceri right beside his leg. Their footsteps couldn't be heard just yet as each step was taken on carpetting that lead up to the staircase down into the main foyer. James took the railing down.

Ceri was slowly getting nervous, and having thoughts that made some of his steps falter for a moment before continuing. He had no real experience with women, and the only real one in recent history was one that made his stomache churn on itself. A girl he'd had a crush on turned him down when he confessed but when he was found out to be a prince, she came to him with naught but greed in her eyes.

He knew his parents had hand selected these girls, but he himself wasn't sure of whether to trust in his parents or in what he'd seen first hand. But then James cut in once Ceri's foot clacked on the marble flooring. He meowed loudly and pounced onto Ceri's chest, giving him a happy-cat smile, as if things were going to be fine.

[b [+6b6b6b "Well, at least I'll be able to trust your judgement should I need a second opinion. And I doubt father's and mother's intuitions let them down. They have had a knack for finding out when someone has altierior motives."]]

[b [+e900ff "Mrow~!"]]

Ceri felt his anxiety leave him slightly, it wasn't all gone, but thanks to James he could now return to his normal stride and carrying James in his arms before putting the cat up on his shoulder.

Cedric held the door open as the servant from earlier opened the car door. Ceri left the palace, took in a breath, let it out, and climbed into the car as the door clacked closed, Cedric in the driver's seat, as they headed off to the manor.

While the car drove off and the gates to the palace opened and closed, Ceri stared out the window, watching the city, trees, and flowers all go by. The sun on its slow descent towards the horizon as all he could hear were the sounds of other cars going by and the engine running. As well as the occasional meow from James as he rested in Ceri's lap.

[b [+6b6b6b "Cedric, did you accompany father and mother during the times they went to see the girls in advance before inviting them here?"]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "I am sorry my prince, but I stayed behind to ensure that the kingdom ran smoothly when they would leave. After all, when they're not around, I am to assume their position as a proxy ruler until they return each time. Thankfully I have heard nothing but good things about the girls."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "I see..."]]

Cedric just confirmed something Ceri was worried about, that nothing but good things had been shared.

[b [+6b6b6b "Is there anything you can tell me about them that I should know in advance, or did my parents decide to keep that hidden as well."]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "My apologies again Prince Ceri, but all that your parents have shared is that they are five girls. As to where they come from and if they're from other worlds has not been made aware to me. I have a feeling this means your parents want you to come to know them yourself."]]

Ceri couldn't help but sigh again, followed by rubbing his temples, [b [+6b6b6b "That's just like them isn't it?"]]

The rhetorical question was followed only by James' purring as Ceri petted him just how James liked it, and sometimes giving him a scratch under the chin. But, taking a look at his cat, he asked James something, [b [+6b6b6b "You'll tell me if there's something you don't like about them, won't you?"]]

[b [+e900ff "Mrow~."]]

Ceri just smiled and let the cat back down into his lap. James was a rather peculier cat. He had been around since the kingdom was first established, making him seemingly immortal and immensely mysterious. Ceri continued to pet James and then rested back in his seat, letting his eyes close as Cedric then took the scenic route in order to let Ceri get a bit of rest.

When Ceri next opened his eyes, they were at his house. Or at least, what it should have been. Cedric opened the door to Ceri's side of the car, giving him a gentle shaking on his shoulder to wake Ceri up.

[b [+0a7ea8 "Prince Ceri, we've arrived at your home."]]

Ceri's eyes flickered open slowly, adjusting to the light. Giving a yawn at the same time as James, he climbed out of the car and covered his eyes until he could see clearly.

[b [+6b6b6b "Alright, time to get to"]]

Ceri's words trailed off quickly as he looked at the manor where his once quaint house was. He couldn't help but stand there stunned for a while as his mind slowly got back to working.

[i [+6b6b6b Okay, let's figure this out. I had a house big enough for me and maybe one more person. And now there's a manor big...enough six...Oh...Clever.]]

It took his brain a few seconds, but Ceri understood what his parents had done. He definitely wasn't amused by this, but had to ask about his belongings first.

[b [+6b6b6b "Cedric. What's happened to my house."]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "Well, seems the king and queen have remodled it. Significantly. Can't say I expected this though. Your parents probably gave you the master bedroom, but I have a feeling you won't be able to have all the privacy you want."]]

Ceri gave a sigh as Cedric opened the trunk and got Ceri his bags.

[b [+6b6b6b "Thank you Cedric. I'm guessing that Saradin went back to the school and retrieved my club gear?"]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "Yes. Also, I must be going Prince Ceri. Your parents are very busy and as the head butler I do have to be at their side as much as I can. Apologies for the short time I have available, but I wish you luck with this endeavor."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "I understand Cedric. Hopefully I'll be able to find someone as good as you for when I become king. Otherwise the kingdom may end up in trouble."]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "You honor me prince. Now, I must be going. Good luck with the girls your highness."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "And to you with my parents. I hope they won't overtax you too much."]]

And with that, Cedric got back in the car and drove off in the direction he'd come from. Ceri took a deep breath and then turned towards the house. Shifting his duffel bag filled with the gear he used for his club, he headed towards the door and opening it.
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[right [pic]] [center [pic]][center [font "Arial" A gust of wind barrelled into the hanging ceramic medallions tied to a traditional wind chime. It swung back and forth ringing it's song. The chilly spring air flooded the open porch of the quiet shrine. The shoji quivered shaking the frame as another gust tackled the walls of the house. Millions of pastel blossoms swirled from the pink trees blanketing the earth like bright snow. A few strays would land on the bamboo mats outside of the building.
Sitting on the porch step, a petite girl sat with her bare legs dangling. Her small feet barely grazed the grass below. Behind her a lanky male perched on his knees leaning over her back. He was combing through her long black hair careful not to bump the huge black ears that crowned her head.
The boy seemed quite average except for the paper white hair and similar large fox ears. Actually he wasn't average at all. He was tall with defined features and a sharp jawline. He had a gorgeous face and garnet eyes.

His ears twitched every few seconds as he focused on the female's hair. Taking a pair of scissors, he trimmed off a few inches. As the hair hit the floor it would flicker a luminescent gold and then disappear. The girl could no longer sit still. She wiggled in place a bit and flattened her ears. Tugging at the soft blue yukata that contrasted against her fair skin and raven hair. The male kitsune barked at her and she froze. Once he was finished he silently rose to his feet revealing a thick white tail that swished in a slow beat. Offering a hand to the girl, she happily accepted and he lifted her to her feet.
[b "Mistress it is time for you to get ready for your travels."] Stated the young male.
The ebony haired vixen puffed out her cheeks and moaned.

Today Braelyn, a upper harmony goddess would be transcending from the spirit realm to Nexus, a neighboring world on a parallel timeline to her own. Her parents were sending her off in hopes of marrying a prince in order to possibly benefiting the two families. It wasn't unusual for shrines to marry off their goddesses in hopes of riches or expansion. Braelyn just never thought it would happen to her. Shortly a chariot would take her and her familiar to the kingdom for her to live in for as long as it takes for her to become a spouse.

Shaking her head she fixed her sapphire gaze on the horizon just passed the treeline and down the mountain into the valley. The sky was smeared a warm orange and pink as the sun was starting to set. Lanterns off in the distance were lighting one by one to signal the evening festivities that other gods and spirits would partake in just like they would any other night. None of them would even notice she was gone. Sighing, she didn't look away as she quietly questioned the other fox spirit.
[b "Castiel, why won't you just marry me?"]
The snowy haired boy let out a chuckle that seemed to hide a faint sadness. It was undetectable but it was still there.
[b "Mistress Braelyn, I am simply a familiar and you are a high ranking goddess. It is something that could never be."]
Braelyn did not reply. She batted her eyelashes as if to banish invisible tears. Turning away, she strode past the kitsune to meet with her family before she would leave for her journey.


Once Braelyn and her familiar landed in the world of Ravensguard, the two were to move into the house with the other bachelorettes. In order to stay with his master, Castiel had to live as a fox which wasn't so bad. It made him travel size. Braelyn also appeared to be a regular girl in this world. Her ears were gone along with her tail. She was kind of sad to see them go but she couldn't complain it made it easier to sleep on her back this way.
After moving her luggage into an empty room, she decided she didn't feel like she wanted to unpack. It wasn't her room yet. She needed time. Lunging onto the clean mattress, Castiel pushed his muzzle into Braelyn's chest. Placing a hand on his head, she scratched behind his ears as he let out a purr. Scooping up him, she exited the room in hopes to explore.]]

[p [ unedited Castiel]]
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Airi didn't have a vehicle to get to her new home and she completely refused to have someone come get her. She did everything on her own, she really didn't need the help now. Slung over her shoulder sat a large backpack made specifically for hiking, and in it held all her earthly possessions. Around her neck sat her precious Samsung NX1 paired with a Samsung 50-150mm f/2.8 S ED OIS lens, perfect for capturing landscapes and portraitures. Airi assumed she was going to getting a lot of portraits done. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and for a mere 30 seconds, Airi thought it could be one of her parents. She moved to her phone and flipped it open, revealing a message from a friend she was leaving behind.


Airi closed her phone, not seeing the point in replying. The crushing realization that she wasn't going to hear from her family setting in.

[center [b ~~4 HOURS AGO | IN THE SLUMS~~ ] ]

[#DC143C "Guys, I'm going!"] Airi's voice filling up the tiny home, searching for another person to bounce off of. [#DC143C "Don't you want to wish your [b only ] daughter good luck on her grand adventure?"] Airi paused, waiting for a reply. When she heard nothing she continued, [#DC143C "She's off to meet the handsome Prince!" ]

And just like that, a few groans were heard. [#DC143C [i Finally,] ] Airi rolled her eyes. Slowly but surely two figures appeared, stumbling and incoherent. [#DC143C "Did I wake you guys?" ] Airi chuckled, [#DC143C [i Typical Ma and Pa. ] ] She loved them, even though they barely cared. Well, they did, sort of. They cared about the name she made for them. Airi Li, the Girl with the Eye. Yeah, that was the name they came up with her in the local tabloids. She wasn't famous, not by a landslide, but she definitely made a name for herself in the art community. [#DC143C "You guys know I can't leave without a hug and kiss-" ]

[#00008B "Come here, sweetums!" ] Airi's father gathered her into a hug, pulling her against his large body. [#00008B "I'll handle things here, don't you worry." ]

[#DC143C "I know, I love you, Pa-" ]

[#8B008B "Don't forget about me!"] Her mother piped up, interrupting the moment she was having with her father. [#8B008B "I may be small but I can still-" ]

[#DC143C "Fight with the rest of them, I know Ma." ] Airi removed herself from her father's grasp and turned down towards the tiny thing she called Ma. Everything her mother said was movie quotes and slurs. [#DC143C "Be good to Pa, you damn dirty ape." ] She wrapped her arms around the frail woman, kissing the top of her head twice. [#DC143C "I love you guys," ] Airi turned away quickly, holding back the tears that tried to push forward.

[#8B008B "You make that Prince want you! Every dirty little bit,"] Her mother winked, poking at Airi's stomach.

[#DC143C "Of course, Ma," ] Airi giggled, grabbing the bag and camera that sat beside the door.[#DC143C "How could he not want [i aaallll ] this?" ]

And with that Airi was out the door.

[#8B008B "... I give it 2 weeks." ] Airi's mother's voice could still be heard from behind the door.

[#DC143C [i I need a drink. ] ]

[center [b ~ ] ]

Airi's eyes scanned the large building that sat in front of her, completely in awe of how beautiful it really was. Her hand moved to her pocket, pulling out a medium sized flask. She quickly took a large swig before returning it to its rightful place. She could see by the entrance of the building that a man was waiting and embarrassment set it. [#DC143C [i How did I not see him there? Smooth, Airi, smooth! ] ]

[#DC143C "Hi, I'm Airi!"] A large grin was now plastered across the girl's red face. [#DC143C "One of the many lovely ladies that will be living here,"] She gave the man a curtsy, stumbling a tiny bit forwards as she did. The man stepped forward to help but Air waved him off quickly. [#DC143C "No worries, I got everything handled! Just show me to my quarters, good sir." ]

The man agreed, not saying anything about the alcohol he saw her down. [#DC143C [i My kind of man, ] ] she joked to herself, following close behind as he showed her to one of the remaining rooms. The man tried explaining to her that there was another room she could look at but she declined, explaining that it doesn't matter where he puts her. After countless efforts by Airi, the man finally left, leaving her to unpack her things.

Little did Airi know that she was under the roof of one of her biggest guilty pleasures, Miyah Nakano.
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It had been a full day since Miyah landed in this world and she hated it already. The short girl was stuck in an oversized trench coat, hat, face mask, and sunglasses, just so she wouldn't be spotted by the people of Ravensguard. Not because she was a famous pop idol but because she was from Nexus. Like her own world, people were devided when they encountered a citizen of the opposing world. Some of the people of Ravensguard were over the feud even idolized the famous people of Nexus, such as herself. But others were not. Hatred running through their blood at the sight of a single soul that hailed from Nexus no matter who they were. People from Nexus were regarded as greedy bullies that took whatever they wanted, not to mention show offs. These stereotypes made Miyah a target of not only love, but hatred as well.

[#fc599b "Tojo, Is it time to head to that stupid Ravenheads castle yet. The sooner I can make him hate me. The sooner I can get out this horrible place."] The small girl huffed as she looked over at her large muscular body guard that often escorted her to events and places. "Do you mean the prince of Ravens...guard? You know you have to try and stick it out miss. Your parents will never accept failure. You have to at least seem like you tried. It's only a year." He explained reluctantly as he saw the covered girl clench her fist in annoyance. Little did she wasn't [i just] a year, it would be several and on top of that, the prince would be informed that he must hold them for at least several months without kicking them out despite any bad behavior. This way it was ensured that these girls wouldn't be replaced a million times over for the littlest things and he'd be forced to get to know them.

[#fc599b "Who else would I mean."] She rolled her eyes before sighing a bit at his words [#fc599b Yeah, yeah. But don't think I'm going to go easy on that idiot. He's one of them. And I don't want to be around that kind longer then I have to] she grumbled as they stepped outside the front door of the hotel. A car was waiting for her. Of course it was flashy and rich. It wouldn't go anyplace else but to a prince's house. Angrily the small girl marched up to the car and got into it with Tojo following her. Once inside the car she tore off her coat and mask and everything else panting slightly before sitting back. Miyah was an adorable girl, small and petite with cute features. The only trouble was that she looked like she'd bite your hand off if you got to close. The only people Miyah seemed to ever show care for were her fans. They liked her for her talent. Her voice. Everyone else just wanted to use her for money. Though money never really mattered to her. That wasn't the reason she got in this industry. She was in it to do her passion everyday. But would all stop. There was no way she was going to sing or perform anywhere near the prince. That passion was special to her and he'd ruin it just with his presence.

In Miyah's mind, the prince had to be worse then all his people. He was the leader of them, for goodness sake. Only a bad ruler could spread so much hate and tension. Though she was unaware that he was only a real ruler for about a month. The car was loaded with all of the pop idols bags. Being a fan of fashion and constantly having photos taken of her, she had to look her best at all times. So she had A LOT of clothes and makeup and shoes.

As soon as the car was packed to capacity, they headed to the mansion. Miyah stepped out frowning. Sure it was bigger then any she had seen in Lights City, which was full of them. But the flashy stuff was never what she cared about. Other then clothes of corse. But she could live in a box if it meant she just got to sing. The small girl stepped out of the car sticking her nose in the air as she begrudgingly made her way towards the prince's home. [i The minute I see that birdbrain I'm going to give him an earful. If he thinks he's bossing me around just because he's some stupid prince he has another thing coming.] Miyah thought as Tojo followed her with a fist full of bags. [#fc599b "Just throw them in the room with the biggest closet"] she nodded to Tojo. [#fc599b "I'm not missing my chance to tell that jerk just what I think about all this"] she crossed her arms and Tojo gave a reluctant smile. Despite Miyah's Bratty behavior she was really a sweet girl under it all. Tojo new that. She grew up with people that only used her to profit and cared little about what she really wanted to do. She was never shown real love. She grew a bit hard because of it. She didn't trust anyone especially no one from this world, at least, yet.

Tojo returned and shook his head as he saw the pink haired girl tap her foot in impatience knowing the wrath she was probably going to unleash on the prince and just came over and tugged her into a hug. [#fc599b H-Hey! Quit that dummy, I don't want that idiot seeing something so embarrassing!] Miyah pulled away blushing out of just pure embarrassment before pouting and looking away. She knew that was just his way of saying goodbye and she sighed softly. [#fc599b Thanks...Goodbye Tojo] she spoke in a very light and sweet tone. Probably the way most of her fans invision her to be. Lastly she offered him a tiny smile and he grinned happily bowing to her before heading out. "Good luck miss Nakano, please give it a shot. Our worlds depend on it" he said quietly causing Miyah to glare away gripping onto the special gold heart necklace that swung from her neck. Unaware of that there was another girl upstairs and one being shown to the sitting area. Miyah held her ground getting more and more annoyed each second the prince didn't show up. Though to anyone following her probably just looked like a Bratty kid, the opposite of threatening, or theyd recognize her as Nexus's most famous Idol.
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[center [pic]]
[b "Well geez, Pop, am I moving out or are you sending me to war?"]
He was whining and wouldn't let go, a train of excuses as to why she couldn't go pouring from his mouth. Bald tires, no gas, she needed a shower- all lies, but all things her father had decided to toss her way. She sighed, balancing her father while also keeping a motorcylce with three heavy bags slung over the seat from tipping over. [b "MOM!"]
You could hear her coming, and she wasn't even a big lady, so much as she was a thundercloud all her own. "Lowell git' the hell off 'er. You n' that boy's daddy were the ones tryna' shack the kids up, so stop hangin' on 'er and reap what you've sown."
Ah, yes, a voice of reason. Naho loved her mama, blue hair, cigarettes, tattoos, and all. Then again, her parents were both that way, proud and well-known bikers and happy to have finally have had a child. They'd settled down just to raise her, and were probably going to hit the road, if not for a week or two, after she left, herself. Naho was happy for them! She didn't fully understand the whole marriage thing... But four other girls? She LOVED slumber parties!
Her father let go, grumbling and scratching at his stubbled chin. "Moira, do we really gotta-"
He slouched and scooted away, and she came up to hug Naho herself, however less invasive than her father's.
[b "I love you, momma."]
"I love you, too, darlin'. Call me anytime. And I DO mean ME."
[b "Yes, momma."] Naho said with a smile, popping her helmet on. She'd already put clips on her dress to keep it from fluttering every which way on the journey there, and her phone had the map pulled up, too. She revved her Roadster to life and popped on the radio, humming and smiling for a solid three and a half hours, even when stopping for gas.
To most, seeing a small girl maneuvering a bike with such ease must have been confusing or worrying, but Naho LOVED her bikes, this one being her favorite. And what a beautiful trip to take! She did, of course, take the longest, most scenic route, well worth the extra time.
She parked her bike and pulled off her helmet and dress clips, helmet under her arm and three duffelbags over her shoulders. The extra weight caused her to totter every now and again, but she managed, tiny tennis shoes hauling herself and her things to the front gates. It was a HUGE mansion, and someone was already coming out to greet her, smiling and bowing after opening the gate for her. "Hello, young lady! Might you be Miss Nagai? Please, let me take those off your hands."
She was going to protest but instead began to tilt, and was suddenly on her back, her bags at her sides.
[b "...Er... If... If you wouldn't mind, that is...?] she said from the ground, pulling her arms out of the straps and rubbing her shoulders. He laughed and helped her up, leading her to a stunning sitting room and removing himself to take her luggage to... Uh, what was it? The... Chambers? Coulda' just said dorm, right? Eh. Naho shrugged it off and opted to keep her helmet; She was VERY particular about her gear, bikes, and any other vehicles in her care. She took a seat on the floor on her knees, her braids just centimeters from brushing the floor but not of any concern to her as she pulled a cloth from her dress pocket and shined her helmet, cheerful as could be. Soon, she'd have a bunch of new friends, and they'd be living together! Maybe she could get the other girls into bikes, too!? Oh boy...
Such heartwarming, [i innocent] thoughts.
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[font "Minion Pro" [size12 [b T]he portal made her head spin. So many images and colors whipping around, it was very confusing. After what seemed like only a few minutes, Winry's sandals clopped against the concrete of an unknown land. She looked around curiously, taking a few steps forward before being pulled back by her arm. [b "Enchantress, please do not wander off without me!"] It was another woman. Tall, with vibrant red hair tightly pulled into a pony tail. Her name was Meera, and she had been Winry's personal protector since she could last remember. She looked exhausted, as if she had just run for miles. Winry only smiled, a tiny curve of her lips to acknowledge the woman's request. [b "Your well being is very precious to the Realm Enchantress, you musn't disappoint the witches."] She frowned a bit, and nodded. Waiting for Meera to walk before following closely behind her.

[b "This is truly a wonderful opportunity Enchantress, you are blessed to visit a neighboring world in hopes of uniting each other. You would be the link to both worlds, a witch worth fighting for! And the first witch queen at that."]

But what were the chances of her actually being picked? She was offered to all the high warlocks of the Realm, and all of them turned her down. Not only that, but she couldn't even preform any magic, her spells were non-existent, and her potions always blew up in her face. For a high witch, she couldn't really do much. [b "I know Enchazra,"] she spoke in her native tongue [b "you are a late bloomer, but your blood is rich with precious magic. You simply need to unlock it! This prince boy will love you, for I cannot imagine anyone that wouldn't."]

Winry wasn't very sure about that.

[center ~ * ~ * ~]

After a short walk from the portal, Meera escorted Winry to her new home. The mansion was larger than any place she had seen since arriving here, but Winry looked up to Meera with a confused and worried expression. [b [#01A9DB "Meera, what happened to this tower to make it so short?"]] to which Meera only chuckled. [b "In this world, high borns do not live in a single tower stretching to the clouds, but each have very large and impressive homes to themselves."] Winry's lips parted slightly, and she took the mansion in with another wondergaze. Despite her dislike for the situation, she did find herself feeling a little excited.

Meera carried Winry's bags to help her find a room. She took the room closest to the back end of the house, with a large window viewing the vast backyard of the house. Despite the strange exterior, the inside of the house wasn't very different from places she had visited and lived in her own world. [b [#01A9DB "There's a lake.."]] Winry commented quietly. [b "A pool Enchantress, it's similar to a lake but it is made by man, specifically for people to swim in on hot days."] She pressed her hands against the window for a little longer, watching the still water glimmer in the sunlight.

[b "Shall I unpack your bags?"] Winry spun around and shook her head. For inside those bags were a lot of manga and a lot of movies from the Realm. Things she was strictly told not to bring with her when coming here. [b "Very well, I think it would be time for me to leave then."]
[b [#01A9DB "... Won't you stay?"]]
[b "I wish I could Enchazra.. but someone of my rank is not permitted to stay in foreign worlds. I've only come to see you here. My task is completed-"]

Before she could complete her sentence, Winry had closed the distance and swung her arms around the taller womans waist. Lower rank witches touching a high witch, or enchantress for that matter was punishable by death. But they were not in the Realm, there was nobody to tattle on her here. Meera wrapped her arms around Winry and let the hug last as long as she wanted. Finally, the two parted and Winry was alone. She sat on the bed next to her bags and kicked her feet slightly, watching them sway in the silence.

[b [#01A9DB "I don't think I like it here.."]] She whispered to the empty room.
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Ceri opened his locker and took his outdoor shoes out, placing the set he was to use for while inside of the school back into it. He dropped them with a second of clatter on the wood flooring. Shifting his feet into them, he felt both the constant gazes and both desire and hatred being shot at him by all those around him. Each one piercing him like a dagger to the back.

With his shoes changed, he shut the locker and carried his bag with him as he left schoolgrounds. The constant talk behind hands and whispers into ears of how to get [i the Prince] to talk to them, of how to get [i the Prince] to want them, of how to use [i the Prince] to get something through or out of him. He hated all of it. Everyone he saw in the school, including members of the staff tried to get on his good side or would badmouth him behind his back. Cliques of girls talking about ways of how to seduce and manipulate him like a coven of witches. Gangs of guys in the shadows thinking of how to take him down a peg for becoming the new star of the school and disrupting its established "order."

All that Ceri wanted was his life back, the life before he became the crown prince to the nation. When people didn't try to manipulate or use him and would just talk and joke around with him. Now he's stalked incessantly by paparazzi trying to get some kind of dirt on him or flatter him so as to win his favor.

Soon he was at the gate of the school, an expensive and foreign car awaiting him along with a servant his family had sent over. Something was going on involving the family again since this was the second time this had happened. The first time was to tell him about being a prince.

Ceri climbed into the car as the servant closed the door and got in on the other side as they then drove off toward the capital.

[b [+28d6cd "Master Ceri, I have been sent to..."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "My father and mother have summoned me for something involving either the throne or the family that's immensely important, correct?"]]

[b [+28d6cd "That is correct, Master Ceri. However, this involves your future greatly as well as the nation's."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "Am I now king or something? This is the same thing you said to me over a month ago when father told me that I'm the crown prince. What else could he spring on me that could impact my impending fate as King of Ravensguard?"]]

The servant remained silent for the rest of the trip as soon they arrived at the royal palace. The servant getting out and opening the door for Ceri as he got out. The sun glaring for a second before his sight corrected itself. He looked up at the palace, the entrance guarded by two massive, stone statues of knights from centuries past.

Ceri gave a sigh as he started walking towards the door as a servant on the inside opened the palace up to him, [b [+0a7ea8 "Welcome back young Master Ceri. Your father and mother are waiting for you in your father's study."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "Thank you Cedric, I'll head that way immediately."]]

Each step he takes echoes throughout the palace, though it's suddenly interrupted by the meow of his family's pet James. A white cat with thick, black spots of fur that make him look like he has giant eyebrows. James was the cat that Ceri had raised from being a kitten and even the king humored his son a bit by giving him the honary title of Kitty Commander.

[b [+6b6b6b "Good to see you to James. Did you come to walk me to the study?"]]

James gave his usual low and relaxed meow as the two walked to the study, though Ceri having to pick up James half-way as he pawed Ceri's leg. Turning the door's handle, it creaked open to the study as Ceri walked in.

[b [+6b6b6b "Hello father, mother. What have you called me for this time?"]]

[b [+ffc700 "Hello son! I hope your day at school went well. Sorry if this was sudden but we needed you here to discuss something important."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "I figured that you did considering the last time you had something important to tell me, you sent that car. So, what is it this time?"]]

King Altair and Queen Helva looked at each other for a moment, hesitating before looking back at Ceri, [b [+9402ce "Ceri. We have decided that you are to be wed one of five girls that we have found and evaluated by the time of your next birthday."]]

Ceri was stunned and nothing but silence and the creaking of the study's heavy door closing with a sharp creak until it closed followed by James' meow.

[b [+6b6b6b "YOU'RE DOING WHAT?!!!"]]

[b [+ffc700 "We're going to have you marry one of five..."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "I heard what you said! For the love of...why?! I'm already having a pain in the ass time as it is with being announced as the crown prince and now I have to get married to one of five girls that I don't know?!"]]

There's another awkward silence as James jumps to the floor with another meow.

[b [+9402ce "Ceri, I know you're upset and that things are changing suddenly, but we are thinking of your future here. Not only as king of our nation or crown prince, but as our little boy."]]

Ceri's mother always had a way with words and calming down others. Putting a hand to his head, Ceri sighed and decided to at least let this run its course, but on one condition,[b [+6b6b6b "I'll comply with your wishes father and mother, but only if you remove the time limit, or at least extend it past the initial amount of time. Make it so that I have to choose by the time I turn 21 so as actually know who these girls you've chosen are."]]

Altair and Helva looked at each other for a moment, [b [+ffc700 "Alright then, we'll accept your terms, but I'll add my own condition. You must pick one of them to wed by your 21st birthday to be not only your wife but the nation's queen. Do we have a deal, son?"]]

[b [+6b6b6b "Yes. We have a deal."]]

[b [+9402ce "Hooray! Now, I'll have Cedric show you to them. Cedric!"]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "Yes your majesty,"]] on call, Cedric appeared and opened the door with his usual greeting to the queen.

[b [+9402ce "Show him to the girls."]]

[b [+0a7ea8 "Will do."]]

Ceri began walking out the door as James jumped on King Altair's desk. Altair petting the fuzzball, [b [+ffc700 "I hope our son will be alright."]]

[b [+9402ce "He'll be fine. I'm more worried about if any of the girls will try to make a move on him."]]

[b [+ffc700 "Well, they'll all be living with him now."]]

With this remark, the queen took her husband by the collar, furious, [b [+9402ce "YOU DID WHAT?!!!"]]

The door to the study slowly shut as James closed it behind him, walking out to take a place in the sun.
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