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Naho could remember her mother's advice, but her body had trouble putting it to practice.
Something about walking like you weigh 500 pounds, about, 'When in doubt, drag your feet!'
She was about to do just that when Ceri came back in to join her, taking the pitchers from her hands. [i Good call].
[b "Sorry, and thanks a bunch. Even walking in a straight line is a disaster on my end."]
She said this, smiling, but still relaxed, thinking back to her parents and their workshop, missing the smell of fresh oil and worn rubber and the ancient music her father would play on his equally obsolete stereo. Hopefully there were things to fix here, things to drive, or places to take her bike- things other than what the majority of her peers wanted to do back home. She'd gone to public school in her primary school days, but after those few years, she had opted to be homeschooled up until this newest school year. She was plenty social and was friendly, inviting, and loving, but she'd deviated from the path of effeminate normalcy to pursue other interests, and as such, had somehow managed to put up blocks as per her female peers.

This was a fresh chance.

She could have [i girl]-friends to do things with. Naho was friends with all manner of men and boys for the simple fact that she didn't mind talking vehicular jargon and boasting about her handiwork and racing down the freshly muddied streets covered in oil and sweat for naught but the glory of the winning title. It had alienated her from her small hometown peers, the likes of which painted their nails and wore expensive clothes they refused to get dirty and singled out older boys to bat their lashes at.

Naho did not have time or patience for all that.
She was sure her father was only kidding about the marriage, too, surely people didn't set up their kids anymore? She shrugged it off, reigned back in by his questions. A prince, her parents had said.
Maybe this was all just a bunch of sillies? Maybe there was a punchline somewhere? Well, it was fun, so she didn't mind. Besides, Naho LOVED to talk 'rides'. She lit up again, pleased that he'd asked.

[b "I'm from Berkley! It's small, and just a few hours from here. My dad and I are mechanics, and we fix [i everything]. I made some adjustments to my Roadster, it's outside. I rode it here! I can drive anything with a steering wheel, just ask if you want a ride!"] she said proudly, though for good reason. Their livingroom was full of her BMX and cyclist trophies, amongst other more mechanically inclined rewards. Cars were no trouble, and bigger trucks were manageable, too, seeing as how she'd helped her father get his trucker pals out of tight spots for the last three years. Legal? Nope. But she was good at it.

[b "Plumbing, cars, bikes, appliances... My dad taught me everything he knows. I can do some electrical work, too, but that's a personal interest, dad's no good with household wiring, but mom is. My mother can do anything, she's the reason I cook and sew, too."] she mused, stepping out of the doorway for him to access the table without the worry of her tripping. One of her other talents, that. Grace was not her strong suit, but Naho did her best.

[b "I have other bikes at home, but my Roadster is special, and I could only bring one, of course. So what do you like to do? Is it nice, living here?"]
She picked up cups, preparing to pour the lemonade. Naho was determined to make ALL of them her friends, she wanted to do things right.
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Ceri watched as the girls seemed to put on their own dinnershow now, with the short, blonde girl as the warrior apparently. Miyah had asked about Winry's magic, and it seems that she was an enchantress who hand't awoken to her abilities yet. This was interiguing to him as it seemed that how people had access to magic in The Realm was very different from those in Ravensguard.

It was immensely interesting to find this out since in Ravensguard everyone had access to magic in one way or another, and in their own unique ways. To find someone without access to magic who was also born in Ravensguard was immensely rare, but they would not be left helpless.

So to hear that Winry couldn't access her magic couldn't help but make Ceri wonder in his mind about what could possibly be stopping her from using it. However, he decided to let it go for the time being. It was time for eating, not thinking.

Taking a sip of his water, Ceri found himself soon hugged by the short girl who introduced herself as Naho Nagai.

[b [+6b6b6b "It is a pleasure to have you as well Ms. ..."]]

Ceri was cut short by Naho shifting her attention to the manor's gardener. He was an older man, likely in his mid 100s. To Ceri, the fact that with the combination of magic and science in recent history, the lifespan of most of the nation was able to near almost two centuries, though the longest a person could live on average was about 170.

He watched as Naho interacted with the old man and slowly got up from his seat, walking up to the gardener himself slowly but waiting for Naho to finish her talk wtih him, discovering that she was a bit of a mechanic herself as she soon ran towards the kitchen.

Ceri addressed the man, [b [+6b6b6b "Thank you for your hard work all these years Oswald, I can't express how much I appreciate it. If not for you, the backyard would probably be a wasteland of weeds and overgrown grass and trees."]]

Oswald gave a light but hearty laugh along with a pleasant smile, [b [+47d164 "You flatter me too much your highness. I owe this relaxed lifestyle to your father and the leader of the Black Shield's guild. Through the both of them, I was able to return to working after hurting my back as badly as I did. Without their assistance, I'd be in a wheelchair right now."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "Will you be retiring soon Oswald?"]]

[b [+47d164 "Yes Prince Ceri. Today was my last day working officially for your highness. But I will come by every now and then to give the garden a bit of maintenance."]]

[b [+47d164 "Ah, it was good to have you and that garden is your pride and joy since you started it back when I began middle school."]]

Ceri and Oswald both gave light laughs. Ceri considered Oswald to be much like a grandfather to him. It was good news to hear that Oswald was going to be taking it easy for the rest of his days. The man had served and sacrificed a lot for the nation.

[b [+6b6b6b "Well, if there's anything you'd like to take with you back to your home, just call Cedric and he'll arrange it for you."]]

[b [+47d164 "I'll do just that Prince Ceri. Actually, there's a good amount of expensive wine I've been wanting to get my hands on that the husband and I have been wanting to get."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "I don't think it'll be a problem to get those for you,"]] Ceri heard the loud thud that was caused by Naho's first trip and paused for a moment to look but Naho seemed fine for a moment but then there was the second bang and it made Ceri worried that she might break something the third time, [b [+6b6b6b "I'll go help Ms. Naho. It was good to see you again Oswald, and tell Roger hello for me."]]

[b [+47d164 "Yes your highness, and good luck with your endeavor."]]

Ceri and Oswald split apart, Ceri towards the kitchen with a brisk walk and Oswald to get his coat and hat before leaving with some of the other servants as they all went home for the evening.

Ceri was in a bit of a panic, hoping that nothing had been broken, arriving just as Naho was getting out the Lemonade, though it seemed that things weren't looking very sturdy and quickly moved to help her out.

[b [+6b6b6b "Allow me to help with this,"]] Ceri took the pitches from Naho's hands slowly. He was worried for two reasons this time though, the first being that he hoped that her lemonade wouldn't end up spilled all over the floor. It looked and smelled very good and Ceri wanted to try out the pulp version fist. The second reason was to avoid her hurting herself from both of these heavy pitchers.

He walked back to the table with her, pitchers in hand, [b [+6b6b6b "Do you mind me asking where you're from Ms. Nagai, what kind of things you fix with your mechanical abilities, and about your helmet? Sorry if I'm asking too many questions all at once."]]

Ceri was very curious about this girl. She could cook very well, better than his mother surprisingly and the chefs employed by the crown. And she was also able to fix Oswald's very old lawnmower, a rather impressive feat since the machine was from a bygone era.
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Naho blinked, watching Winry and Miyah's exchange and trying to decipher things as best she could.
Were... Were they role-playing? She loved making costumes, maybe she could help them? Something about an enchantress? Idols? Magic? It seemed like a fun game, Naho could be a knight or something and protect all the pretty ladies! She saw fit to join in, hopping up with her helmet in her hands. [b "Can I play, too?! Are you guys role-playing? Do you need a warrior?"]
In her defense, blue hair could only be from dye and 'magic' was the sound her bike made when she broke the speed limit's teeth. Naho had not been told of Amaris or of her angelic blood, nor had they spoken of other worlds in her home. Instead, her head was full of warm, fuzzy things, and bikes, and recipes. To that end, Ceri's words redirected her attention, and she was beyond happy to introduce herself yet again. She set her helmet down in her seat and decided Ceri needed a hug, too, not at all dainty about it as she poured her cheery vibes and gratefulness into her embrace. [b " I'm Naho Nagai, it's nice to finally meet you! Thank you so much for letting me use your kitchen, eat as much as you want! I couldn't believe what was in this fridge, I could make twenty more tables worth-"] she marveled, a small knock on the doorframe diverting her attention. The man from before, having been at odds with his tractor, was giving her a wave from the doorway. As she was in no way shy, Naho waved him in and offered him a muffin. [b "Hi there! Does it work alright now, did you get to finish the yard?"]
He accepted the treat and nodded, giving her a humble bow as well. "I do apologize for any inconvenience, Miss, I just wanted to thank you for your help. I am not mechanically inclined, you see, I'm just a landscaper."
Naho patted his shoulder, still beaming, unsurprisingly, from well below him. [b "No worries, friend, I love fixing things! I haven't had to fix a lawnmower in a while but I'm glad I could help. Would you like to join us?"]

He seemed to note the prince and respectfully shook his head. "No thank you, Miss, but again, thank you! I must be going."
Naho waved, watching him go before surveying the table with hard green eyes. Ah! [b "I SQUEEZED LEMONADE AND NEVER BROUGHT IT OUT!"] she fretted, scurrying back into the kitchen. Unfortunately, her foot caught the corner of the doorframe and she [i rolled] into the kitchen instead, a cabinet catching her fall with a very loud [i thud-bang]. An empty pot tottered and fell over, but she caught this, sighing, relieved and sore both. [b "All good!"] she promised everyone in the other room from the floor, putting the pot back up on the counter and heading to the fridge for the pair of pitchers. Some people hated pulp, others preferred it... So she would serve both. The issue being...
Could she make the trip back, without [i tripping]?
Carefully, carefully...
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[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" When coming in here, Winry was hoping for a chance to slip into the shadows of all these beautiful girls, and quietly eat her meal before she went to pray. But it seemed like everyone wanted to say something to her today. First she was being rundown by the prince, and now a wonderful chef lady was hugging her and calling her cute.

[center [pic]]
[center [b [#01A9DB [size10 "Oh .. um, thank you .."]]]
She had spoken so quietly, it was very likely that the cheery girl didn't even hear her. Winry's gaze slide across the table, her nose twitching ever so slightly as she took in the scent of the meal. With one quiet gulp, she pulled her empty plate closer to her, trying to muster up the courage to reach out and take something.

Then came the idol.

She was a whirlwind of topics, taking Winry's hand she tore through introductions and praise for nearly [i 'blinding that dumb jerk'] Which Winry realized only a few moments later that she was talking about Prince Ceri. She opened her mouth to speak, but Miyah was faster. Winry soon gave up with a small sigh, something about the way this girl bit back her kind words was charming and it made her want to listen to what she was saying more closely.

She had many mean things to say about the prince, had she met him before? The way she called him slime ball and other insulting terms made her a bit nervous. What had he done to earn those titles?

Then she mentioned magic. This really made Winry tense up. Her heart was beating a little faster and she bit at her lower lip before working up the courage to speak. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "I'm from The Realm.. I'm an Enchantress."]]] She began slowly, tucking a few loose strands behind her left ear. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "A-As an Enchantress, There's only certain magics I'm allowed to learn. Mostly things to aid in prayer.. Or spells to bless sick royalty, or bless The Realm all together."]]] She glanced down at her lap, shaking her head slightly. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "I .. I haven't been able to conjure any magic to do them yet though, I'm sorry."]]]

[center [pic][pic][pic][pic]
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It was a surprise to Ceri, she had turned down his offer. He got back up on his feet and the smile slowly faded, but not all at once. He liked how she had lifted the burden from his shoulders, even if only for a moment.

[i [+6b6b6b Well, at least I know there's one interesting person so far. I'll have to come to my own conclusions about the rest at dinner or later.]]

Inhaling and then letting his breath go, Ceri returned his face to the relaxed frown he had paired with his cold eyes as he walked down the hall and steps to the dinning room. He could smell what had been cooked and it was different but not bad. Whatever it was that awaited him, he had to at least try once.

Upon entering the room, Ceri took a look around to see who was there aside from the servants as well as the food that had been made. At the table there was Winry, Miyah, and the fifth girl he hadn't encountered yet. Though, before he had even the chance to sit down at the table, Miyah was already on the attack, trying to protect against some threat he posed to the girls from her perspective.

[b [+6b6b6b "I assume we have you to thank for this feast, madam,"]] Ceri was looking straight at the short girl near both Winry and Miyah he hadn't met yet, [b [+6b6b6b "The chefs who are employed by my family haven't cooked a meal like this before, so I certainly look forward to eating what you've made."]]

Before taking his seat, he took off his sportscoat and tie, then unbuttoned a few of his dress shirt's buttons near the collar and around his wrists before cuffing the shirt sleeves to free up his hands.

While he did this, Ceri watched as the remaining girls entered the room. Airi with her camera followed by James who had finished his little photoshoot, and Braelyn the beauty accompanied by her fox-man. He observed them for the time being as James walked over to Ceri's side and made his way up into his own chair. Surprisingly, the chair that was at the head of the table was not Ceri's but James's and specifically tailored to be for James.

Ceri didn't want to interrupt the small moments going on until things had settled down a bit. watching as Braelyn and Castiel made their introduction.

[i [+6b6b6b So. A goddess. That would explain her beauty.]]

He also watched as Castiel seemed to stop his master from digging in, were they afriad of letting their guard down in front of Ravensguard's royalty? All this formality towards Ceri was getting on his nerves, especially how Braelyn was being kept from leaping into the food.

However, as Castiel started leaving the room, James hopped down from his chair and ran in front of him, stopping him from leaving. If Castiel tried to move one way, James would stop him. Additionally, James let out a very powerful aura and meowed once.

[b [+e900ff "MEOW."]]

Ceri let out a slight sigh for a moment, [b [+6b6b6b "My apologies Ms. Castiel, but it seems James doesn't exactly like you leaving in such a sad fashion. All are welcome at James's table so long as he approves of them, and seems he wants you to join us."]]

James grunted and nodded twice, [b [+e900ff "Meow meow."]]

[b [+6b6b6b "Also, allow me to say that there is no need to restrain yourselves at the table,"]] Ceri took one of the buns with his hands, [b [+6b6b6b "I don't know about the rest of you, but I plan to eat this meal with my hands and silverware."]]

He gladly started digging into the meal, eating it in a way that most would find unbecoming of a prince. If there was something he could eat with his hands, he'd do it that way rather than using a fork or chopsticks. He wasn't afraid to eat things messily either. James enjoyed the food and didn't care about his appearance.

[b [+6b6b6b "Sorry to ask this so late, but what is our chefs name? I'd like to at least know it so that I may look forward to your meals more in the future. They are delicious after all."]]

Ceri looked at shot girl with a slight grin, his small smile only coming out in excitement for what was to come for future meals. Though, his hands were shaking a bit, not out of anxiety but hunger. He wanted to eat more, but also wanted to be polite first and await the answer to his question before continuing to dig in.
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[font "Arial" Braelyn watched in amusement as the young witch back-pedaled as fast as she could. The vixen and the familiar exchanged side glances with each other. Both mirrored the other's sly expression. They would have fun with this one. It was cute how much she babbled as her words flooded from her mouth.

This was the first time the goddess had encountered an enchantress before. In the spirit world there were only gods, spirits, familiars, or demons. It was a wide variety, but the nonstop festivals and being on call to many shrines around the world where shintoism was practice became dull after awhile. The human male was so easy to manipulate and flirt with and the girls were so easily flustered that teasing them was no longer fun. But [i this girl] would definitely be fun for her. Stepping closer to the stunning sapphire witch, she grinned wildly. Just as she was about to close the distance on her prey, something caught her attention, an adorable blue bow that was nestled between the girls’ cleavage. The girl in a sudden movement shielded herself from Braelyn in a tornado of embarrassment. Braelyn could stop herself from letting out a laugh at her haste.

She could sense Castiel’s body tense. It was uncommon for a familiar to see any personal garments or flesh of anyone other than his contractor. [s wow that sounds like it could mean something spicy.] [Braelyn nudged him with her elbow to encourage him to lighten up. Before she could introduce herself, the girl had disappeared. Smirking, Braelyn decided that this would be an interesting household.

Turning her attention to the other female who had joined the commotion, she felt her smile grow. Airi Li was also a sight for sore eyes. Her fawn hair was so beautiful it took everything in Braelyn's power to keep herself from touching it. [i [#009999 'Wow, is everyone here this beautiful?']] Braelyn thought to herself and let out a silent snicker. She'd just have to step her game up. She liked challenges.
[b [#009999 "Well Miss Airi Li, I am Braelyn. Where I am from, I am know as Kazumi, meaning harmonious beauty. I am the Harmony God and this is Castiel, my familiar and best friend."]] She gestured to the alluring immortal. He bowed in greeting while trying to hide a blush at the last part of his master's sentence.
[b [#009999 "I am also starving. Let's head to the kitchen so " can eat my weight in delicious food."]]


Upon entering the kitchen, she was bombarded be the fragrance of steamy food. Large black ears sprouted from the top of her head standing at attention. She zeroed in on a plate of bean buns that were about to be completely devoured by the beast. Leaping forward, a large hand caught her by the collar of her dress lurching her body down mid pounce. Flattening her ears, an ebony tail bristled from her tailbone. Baring her teeth, the God's eyes burned gold instead of sea blue. She was now more beast than girl. Braelyn had a habit of eating like a monster when she was starving
[left [pic]] This outburst didn't faze the familiar. He frowned unamused. With his free hand, he flicked her forehead with his index finger and thumb. His long fingernails, [i er .. claws,] left a red mark.
[b [#626262 "[u Kazumi.] This is inappropriate."]] He growled using her true name. He meant business.

The girl settled, her eyes chilled and the animal appendages shrunk back into her body. Puffing out her cheeks, she crossed her arms and looked away. She looked hurt and was now 100% pouting. Braelyn hated being scolded.
[size11 "Cas, you are no fun ..."]]] the god whispered. She knew better and now her pride hurt. It was hard being in a mortal realm. Her manners weren't always [i the best.]

The familiar pulled her in and placed a soft kiss on her head where he had flicked her. Braelyn's entire body relaxed. Her shoulders shrugged like she was a ragdoll. A breeze shook her charcoal hair and it fluttered around her. Pulling away from Castiel, she covered her mouth to hide her smile. She hated when he used his magic on her. It made her feel like a child. Running her fingers through her mane, she twirled it into a messy bun. Searching the table, she snagged a set of chopsticks and poked them through the bun securing it. Taking a seat at the table, she went to invite her companion to sit but to her surprise he had changed back into a small fox. He hopped onto the table, stole a charred fish and stared at his master for a moment with a coy expression. Looking at everyone, he blinked, dipping his head before jumping down and exiting the room. Glancing around, Braelyn realized that they had made a scene. Grimacing, she rested her chin on her elbow.
[b [#009999 "S-Sorry about that!"]]]

[p So Cas and Braelyn have a very strong connection and relationship but it is [u not] romantic just so you guys know.]
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[center Airi's photo shoot with James the Cat was short lived but magnificent, as she snapped quite a few great pictures in record time. She was surprised at how well he posed for the camera, as most animals would only flaunt their stuff for a treat or two. This cat seemed odd, wise even. A smile crept across her face as the cat followed its master. [#DC143C [i 'Loyal to the bone. Wise too.' ] ]

Airi watched as a beautiful girl with raven locks came into sight, her eyes set on the white fox. [#DC143C [i 'Must be his owner- ] ]

Her eyes fluttered when a flash of light slightly blinded her, revealing a handsome man instead of a white fox. Airi stepped back, mesmerized by what had just happened. She only saw magic on TV, never in real life. Her stomach heaved with excitement one moment and fear the next, a tad bit confused by what happened. Was he her servant or something? Airi couldn't really tell. Their relationship seemed closer than the average bond between a servant and master. Then again, Airi never really hung around people who had servants so she only knew what she saw on TV.

[#DC143C "I, uh," ] She paused for a moment, collecting herself and flattening her skirt as a precaution. [#DC143C "I'm Airi Li." ] It was hard to look either of them in the eye, they were both so stunning. Her eyes kept darting between the two, unable to pick a target.[#DC143C "Do you guys model?" ] She put a fist to her mouth and coughed. [#DC143C "What I mean is, would you? Not right now, obviously, I'm famished and that smell is driving me crazy." ]

Airi started moving towards the door to the dining room but stopped, a slight tune creeping out from behind the doors. Someone was humming, and not just any song either, but her favorite artist's first hit. She followed the melody and the scent of food, crashing open the door.

A beautiful home-cooked meal sat in from of Airi, along with the Prince Ceri, the blue haired girl, a white haired girl and... Miyah Nakano. Airi rubbed her eyes vigorously, more confused than ever before. Was this really happening?

It was, apparently, and Airi had no idea what to do. One of her muses was there, right in front of her golden eyes. Her stomach churned. The one thing she never allowed people to know about was her secret love of pop idols, specifically Miyah. The one person she told made fun of her for it, saying it was for 'wussy little girls'. Airi never wanted anyone to see her as weak, not ever.

[#DC143C [i 'She can't know, they can't know-' ] ] Airi quickly decided to herself, moving to the back of the room. She didn't dare look up at Miyah. Instead she turned to the short white haired girl. [#DC143C "I'm Airi, pleasure to meet you." ] Her eyes darted to Miyah quickly before moving to the ground, [#DC143C "You as well." ]
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[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]

[center The petite twin tailed girl was starved. She was usually on a strict diet and between dance practice, voice lessons, and interviews she burnt a lot of energy. Her yellow colored eyes locked on Naho, as the tiny girl spoke. [i She's so..up beat. I didnt think anyone from this horrible place could be like this.] Miyah thought. Something about Naho, made Miyah feel more calm. She had almost a maternal vibe to her. Or maybe the fact that she seemed to care about everyone it so easily made Miyah think of her that way. It was so...different. No one from Nexus cared about anyone but themselves. Even Miyah's mother wasnt like this. Leaving for days without a word, only addressing Miyah about her idol job and nothing much else. She never got hugs or home made dinners. She never heard words of care or concern. In fact, other then from her fans, she never met anyone that was..particularly nice to her. But Naho didnt seem to be doing it because she was a fan. The tiny blonde didnt seem to even recognize her. Was it possible..she was actually genuinely this nice? No. No way. Thats what people from Ravensguard wanted you to think and Miyah wasnt stupid enough to fall for it. She didnt trust anyone. Still, she'd be civil since there was no reason not to and it benefited her if one of these other girls landed the prince anyway. So for now, she would stay neutral. At least with these girls. But in the back of her mind, she had no plans of trusting anyone fully.

After Naho's introduction, the short twin tailed girl blinked a bit and placed her hands in front of her cupping them and offered the girl a polite bow. [#fc599b "I'm Miyah Nakano, an idol from the world of Nexus. I-Its... nice to meet you too...I er guess."] The brat mumbled. It wasnt so easy to swallow her pride and be nice to one of them. Or at least what she thought was a person from Ravensguard. But she couldnt bring herself to be rude to the cute girl especially after all the food she made everyone. [i What a hassle..I guess I have no choice. But Im not letting the royal dimwit off the hook this easy.] Miyah thought with a huff. When Naho said she was welcome to have some food, her yellow eyes lit up with excitement. [#fc599b "Really?! T-Thank you..."] she grumbled lowly, hating herself that she had to say the words to the girl. But she meant them. No one had ever offered something so nice to her. Sharing and making food for strangers. It was just...nothing she ever experienced in Nexus. And everything looked and smelt so good, the idol couldn't help but beam with excitement. As she unintentionally began to hum the tune of her first hit single [i Freely Tomorrow], as she took her seat.]

[center [b ~Miyah's First Hit~]]

[center [youtube]]

[center Though her pretty humming was cut right off when [i he] walked in. Without another thought she rudely stuck her nose in the air closing her eyes and turning away from him so he wouldn't hear it. But anyone who listened to her music could recognize it from just the tiny bit that was hummed. [#fc599b "At least you could manage to show up to something on time. Though Im guessing it was by accident."] she grumbled and rolled her eyes. [#fc599b "Just sit as far away from me as possible"] Miyah waved the prince of Ravensguard off dismissively. Miyahs attention then moved to the blue haired girl who had just introduced herself to Naho. [#fc599b "Wait a sec..youre the one that almost blinded that dumb jerk! I've never seen something move so fast. And with such accuracy...!"] Miyah spoke in almost an excited tone. "Though not enough.." The idol muttered. Before the blue haired girl could even respond, Miyah took her hand. [#fc599b "I'm Miyah Nakano, the idol from Nexus. I'm so glad to see someone from another world here. I was afraid I'd be out numbered.."] Miyah stated worriedly she could tell Winry wasn't from Ravensguard just from her hair color and the feel of her magical energy. [#fc599b "If you need any protection from that slimeball, just tell me..okay? I won't let him get away with anything, prince or not!"] Miyah explained glaring right at the prince as she spoke. Poor Winry wasn't likely able to get a word in edgewise, but Miyah hoped the girl could see her intentions were pure. Miyah really did want to protect anyone from the deception and cruelty of the Ravensguardians. As a citizen of Nexus, she had only known them to be awful people and liars. Her heart was in the right place even if she came off a bit confrontational.

Soon, however, the brat quickly let go of her hand realizing she had been holding it for a moment too long causing a small blush to creep across her usually irritated face. [#fc599b "A-Anyway, what's your name? And..what world are you actually from?"] Miyah asked, Adverting eye contact from the other girl after that small embarrassing moment. [#fc599b "I sense a different kind of magical ability too. What sort of magic skills do you have?"] The idols tone got a bit excited again, her voice filling with curiosity and wonder like an innocent child. Though she quickly changed her tone to a more serious one when she felt someone's unwanted eyes on them. [#fc599b " don't have to tell me. It's not like I care or anything I was just curious that's all"] she said trying to regain her composure. Truthfully though, she was curious about everyone's magic because she herself had magic but it was locked away and hadn't yet been accessed. She gripped lightly onto her heart shaped necklace. People in Nexus were only as good as their magic. But she didn't even know what hers was yet.]

[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]
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She cradled her head, groaning as she reached out to her helmet to retrieve it from the floor where it had fallen. She did pause, though, as her vision cleared, as she noted the girl she'd bumped into. She was only a tad taller than herself, and her hair and face and clothes were [i absolutely fantastic]. Naho hurried to help her up, ecstatic as she took up the adorable redhead's hands.
Her tone and her words were lost on Naho, namely because nothing about this situation was unfortunate in her eyes whatsoever. Finally, she was meeting one of her new housemates! She couldn't contain her cheeriness, grinning brightly as she introduced herself. [b "Hi! I'm Naho, and it's super great to meet you!"] she began, her hands wandering. She gave her cherry red hair a quick feel, mesmerized for a moment before the sound of a hungry belly alerted her to the other girl's situation. She stepped aside with a merry bounce, gesturing toward the food. [b "Where are my manners? Yes, yes I did make it for everyone! Please, help yourself!"]

Wowie, this was getting more and more of a fun place by the minute! She rubbed an elbow on her helmet and inspected it for a second before resting it on her lap, seating herself along with the stunning redhead in the hopes that she'd like the food and want to be friends. Better still were the oncoming footsteps, yet another beauty entering the room and seating herself. Overjoyed, Naho got up again, midget though she was, and gathered the gorgeous blue enchantress up into a biiig warm cuddle. [b " You. Are. So. CUTE! Ah! I'm sorry, my name is Naho, please, eat as much as you want!"] she chirped, apologetically removing herself from the hug. She was very affectionate without really meaning to be physical about it, but she meant well?
She found the hair color strange, but maybe she dyed it? It was an amazing dye job, she could only dream of having her own look so natural. Her mother managed to make it look natural, too, albeit hers was a bit more dull due to age.
It was then that she noted a boy, as well, perhaps this Ceri fellow she'd been told so much about. His eyes were as lovely as this newest girl's hair, and he seemed friendly enough, as far as his posture put forth. She wasn't sure about marrying anyone... But certainly she ought to make friends with him? He was so kind to share his home with them all!
Naho was getting increasingly more excited as people trickled in, her lack of knowledge as per everyone's circumstances becoming more of an issue as her unrealistic fantasies of a warm, glowy, year long slumber party became more vivid. She didn't know anything about any other worlds or nations and about the only magic in the world she'd seen in her very sheltered 17 years were her father's paint jobs. She did tend to be a bit oblivious to the world's goingson, but was otherwise as normal as could be.

[b "It's so great to be here! A sleepover for a whole year with new friends, I'm so excited! I made all kinds of things in that super amazing kitchen, so please, everyone, enjoy!"]
[i Thud].
She grimaced, having caught her tiny shoe on... Really, nothing. She hauled herself upright and was right back to it, though, offering everyone a cup so they could pour themselves juice or soda.

Naho was notorious for having a great deal of energy and warmth, making her an excellent host. Sadly, as she was in no dire need of a husband to the best of HER knowledge, this living situation was, for the time being, just an extended vacation with new faces for her. Still, as she cradled her big helmet and waited for the last two to join them, it was evident how pleased she was. [b "If there's something else everyone wants, let me know, there are perfect ingredients in there for cake."]
Naho was always relaxed, always happy, and always at home. It was rare to find her without a smile, which usually brought the people around her a bit of calm. When there was no awkward elephant in the room, people could relax, and she made it a habit to be the most exuberant creature in the room, always, to make this a reality.
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[left [pic]]
[size12 [font "Minion Pro" He started laughing, and it only made Winry's heart beat faster. She felt even more embarrassed when he corrected her. Right, [i Ravensguard], that's why the other high witches always called them Crows.

Still, something about the way he laughed caused the butterflies in her stomach to flutter up inside her chest, tingling and dancing around in a way that made her feel very light. He was very kind, and could clearly see how anxious Winry was, because he was constantly reassuring her that she hadn't done anything wrong. Being the type to always have her face stuffed inside a manga, The idea of an assassin using buttons to take out his targests stuck her imagination hard. She could have smiled about it herself, or even laugh, but she simply stared at the prince in awe, fascinated by the things he was saying. Winry began to realize that here, in this situation, her and Ceri were not much different. Where Winry had been paired up with half the high warlocks in The Realm, Ceri was being stuck in a house with five potential brides at once, for the first time. She felt bad for being nervous, when he was clearly going through much more than she was.

As he stood there on one knee, a hand raised to recieve her, she found herself frowning down at him slightly. Winry, face flushed in the princes presence, placed her hand on his and took a quick breath.

[b [#01A9DB "When .. [size10 ahem], When I met the first boy the royalty wanted me to marry.. I was so happy because he seemed .. so nice and gentle towards me.."]] Winry paused, something in her soft expression seemed to harden, if only a little. [b [#01A9DB "Please take everything with a grain of salt. It's easy to accept what you see.. [size10 but I wish I looked harder..]]]

She slowly moved her hand off Ceri's, offering him a gentle curtsy. [b [#01A9DB "S-Sorry, I don't mean to um, I was just. . I .. I'll see you downstairs-"]] She lowered her head to him and hurried towards the staircase. The faintest smile gracing her lips as she turned back to glance at him, then she was on her way to the dining area, her shoes clopping against every marble step she decended down.

Winry entered the dining area to see a wonderful looking feast. The blonde and redhaired girls were already seated, and Winry could tell by the layout of the dishware that this wasn't done by any of the servants in the house. [b [#01A9DB "This looks very delicious . . Did you make it?"]] She asked the blonde, skipping over the redhead simply because she looked like she would demand someone to cook rather than do it herself. Winry took a seat as she asked this, but she would not touch the food until it was offered to her.

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Ceri was still in a panic, but when she spoke he went silent, trying to listen for every last thing she said and pick up on every detail she'd share with him. Her voice was quiet, but he made sure to strain his hearing to make sure he heard everything she said.

It was hard to hear her fully, but he heard everything she said, hearing every apology she gave to him, how she was nervous, that it was an accident...and that apparently he's from "Rivensguard."

Ceri was dumbfounded, his panic had all but gone as his face seemed to have frozen while his mind was processing everything.

[i [+6b6b6b That button...was shot from over the railing...from her clothing...]]

He had to catch himself because he had never heard something so unbelievable before, to the point where he started chuckling under his breath. He knew she was being truthful, but it was the thought of an assassin shooting a button at a prince to kill him that made him laugh.

Ceri put a hand to his mouth and then took a knee as he started laughing. Now not just because of the button, but because of the innocent way she had mispronounced Ravensguard.

[b [+6b6b6b "D-don't worry about it M-Ms. Weston. Y-you did nothing wrong."]]

He couldn't pull himself back together as he then let out a hardy laugh. There was no malicious intent behind it, only his own idiotic thought of an assassin now known as the Button Bandit. Making a killing with buttons as his weapons that he shoots at super sonic speed. More deadly than a bullet but cuter than a button.

[b [+6b6b6b "I-I'm sorry Ms. Weston. I-I haven't had a laugh in a long time and the thought of an assassin using buttons as a weapon is funny to me for some reason."]]

Ceri's laughter soon died down as he also wiped a tear from his eye, his sides hurting from how hard he'd laughed. He cleared his throat and tried to recompose himself, still letting out an chuckle here and there before it eventually left him.

[b [+6b6b6b "I hope I didn't offend you Ms. Weston. And you have nothing to apologize for nor are you in any trouble. It was just a mere wardrobe malfunction. Though you might end up confusing people saying Rivensguard instead of Ravensguard.

"Also, you're not the only one who's nervous here. I'm pretty damned anxious myself. I have to not only live with five girls I've never met until now but also must become King of my entire nation. That's a lot of pressure to put on a 17 year old boy who only became a prince a month ago, don't you think?"]]

His question and information was his own attempt to try and relate to her. While he couldn't fully empathize with Winry, he did at least try to tell her that she wasn't alone in her nervousness. He himself was under a lot of pressure from his nation and family.

A lot of his life had changed in a month. The people he had once considered friends in school had turned on him the moment they'd found out he was royalty. They treated him very differently than they ever had, desired more out of him, held him to impossibly high standards, and even tried to exploit him.

This girl, Winry, gave him a breath of fresh air. His life up to this point had been immensely suffocating. To find someone that treated him differently but didn't want anything out of him in the long term made him think time had turned back, even if only for a moment.

Ceri reached out his hand to Winry, not grabbing her put putting it palm up for her to take at her leisure.

[b [+6b6b6b "I should be thanking you Ms. Weston,"]] on Ceri's face was the biggest smile he'd had in over a month, [b [+6b6b6b "I haven't had a laugh like that in a good while. How about we go join the others for dinner, what do you say?"]]

Ceri had taken a knee to try and be able to see her blue eyes from below, unintentionally taking a princely pose without being aware to it. He patiently awaited her response, the smile not leaving his face as his eyes were closed in happiness.
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[left [pic]]
[size12 [font "Minion Pro" Winry shook her head, calling herself a thousand insulting names as she hurried down the hallway. [i Did he really call me.. the prettiest?] Winry didn't believe that for a second. She had only met one other girl so far and she was more beautiful than any girl she had ever seen in her life. [i What does he want from me . .] That had to be the reason, he was saying kind words because he wanted her for something. She had seen it before, in the Glass Tower. Whenever a High Warlock would offer himself to her, or she was offered to one of them, they would always say the sweetest things. Then, when she shied away they lashed out. It was only a matter of time before this boy did too.

[i That's why men are strong. To overpower you.]

[i Here it comes] She heard the thumping of his feet as he closed in on her. Winry found herself becoming tense, her hands gripping the ends of her dress. Bracing for impact. However, he didn't lash out or yell or grab her in any way. All he did was tower in front of her and ask what [i he did wrong.] Winry opened her eyes, liquid pooling ever so slightly at her lower eyelid. When she blinked again, the almost-tears covered her sky blue eyes, giving them a shivering twinkle. [b [#01A9DB "No!"]] It was the loudest Winry had spoken since arriving here, and it was barely even above a whisper. Winry had a very enchanting voice, the quiet and faint accent demanded the people around her to grow silent. To listen. Now she broke the eye contact, intent on never having it happen again. [b [#01A9DB "Oh .. sorry. I only meant that you did nothing wrong."]] Winry slid her hair behind both ears timidly, barely peeking up at the prince before her gaze fell back to his feet. [b [#01A9DB "I'm just . . a little nervous to be here. ."]] Here Winry was meant to be shown off to yet another boy, when she still hasn't even had a first kiss.

[b [#01A9DB [i "I'm sorry"]]] she whispered one more time, and nearly turned around to walk away. However Ceri was quick, and said exactly what he needed to in order to pull her back in.

The button.

Winry's cheeks were heating up, her hands were moving in strange directions, and her mouth opened and closed as if she was going to speak, but no noise came out. Until:

[font "Chiller" [#01A9DB " A - About that . . [size15 I-I didn't mean to attack you like that, I have read the, the laws of Rivensguard twice since I w-was made aware of coming here I would never try to do anything [size18 to harm you, I was just leaning over the [size20 railing and and -"]]]]]

Please stop this girl. Please stop this poor, fumbling girl.

[center [pic][pic][pic][pic]
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Ceri observed the girl very closely with his mind's eye, he couldn't help but find her shyness and stuttering cute in its own way. "Cute." He had found a way to describe her that seemed to be the most accurate. Winry was now the "cute" girl in his mind. While he didn't have much affection for her yet, he at least saw her as the most reasonable or easiest to get along with when compared to the rest. And as he thought of her more, he couldn't help but think of her as a shy, little, blue kitten. One that would be hard to coax into just touching it.

While she would probably be the hardest to interact with, she was the most interesting of the five girls thus far. She was cute and her shyness was a trait in girls he'd never experienced before now. No girl had ever been shy or nervous around Ceri. Perhaps was this one of the reasons his parents had chosen her? Or at the least why his mother had chosen this girl?

Whatever the reason, he at least felt an air of relaxation around Winry. She was nervous, even moreso than him and it was kind of nice for Ceri to know he's not the only anxious one here.

[b [+6b6b6b "You flatter me Ms. Weston."]]

Ceri felt his face loosen up a bit and actually crack a more genuine smile. Feeling more relaxed, he didn't feel the constant tension and gaze upon his back that was always on him near 24/7. Even her breaking eye contact was a first since every other girl would only break eye contact to then take multiple glances at him and then down and repeat. That was infuriating to him.

[b [+6b6b6b "Please, raise your head Ms. Weston, I'm not my father."]]

However as Ceri tried to convince Winry, she darted off, leaving Ceri to wonder if he'd said something wrong or if he'd offended her at all. He was near frozen in place. Every girl that had run from him before was giggling or mummbling to themself about how they got to touch Ceri, or got him to look at them.

But James decided to give Ceri a bit of assistance and headbutt Ceri's back, making him move forward.

[b [+6b6b6b "Uh, thank you. James."]]

[b [+e900ff "Mrow!"]]

Ceri started running off after Winry, catching up to her quickly, all the while making a mental note of how he'd have to give James a little something extra at dinner as a reward for breaking his frozen state.

[i [+6b6b6b Note to self, James is allowed to have a full swordfish for his next dinner.]]

It didn't take long for Ceri to catch up to Winry and then also get in front of her.

[b [+6b6b6b "Ms. Weston. Did I do something to upset you at all? You don't have to apologize at all for anything. It was my mistake to misunderstand who it was you were speaking to."]]

Ceri wasn't exactly sure as to how to act around girls. He'd be been brought up to be formal when necessary, but he was being formal by default because he didn't know if it was better to be how he acted before becoming a prince or to be formal now because he was a prince. He had a panicked look on his face as he tried to figure out what was wrong or if there was something he could try and use as leverage to get her to talk.

And then he remembered the button he'd picked up and put in her pocket. He hoped that it was hers since she came running up right after it nearly hit him. Also, Ceri hoped that the button was something she needed since it seemed like an odd thing to be shot at someone.

[b [+6b6b6b "Uh...Ms. Weston, did you get your button back? I tried to slip it in your pocket after it hit the door and landed on the floor. I wasn't sure if it was yours, but assumed so since you appeared almost immediately afterwards."]]
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[left [pic]]
[size12 [font "Minion Pro" Winry watched with little surprise as the familiar took its humanoid form. In The Realm, it wasn't uncommon for a powerful witch to have gained a familiar, though the definition of the word was much different there. Because when witches or warlocks gain familiars, those familiars were demons they had defeated in battle.

Judging by how pleased this one was to see his mistress return, there was a true and loving bond between them. Nothing like witches and their familiars, who are chained to them and forced to command their every word.

Oh, this one was a boy. Winry had just called this wolf fox humanoid boy handsome.

Now she was very red.
It didn't help that the mistress of this familiar had started staring. A very beautiful girl, if she truly was some type of goddess or shrine maiden it would definitely make sense. Winry's hair had always been a little long in the front, covering her features when she needed a shield to hide behind, but this woman made no attempts to hide her oceanic eyes, so vibrant and challenging. Her hair wasn't used as a messy shield, but as a frame for her beautiful face.
Not to mention the [b confidence], the way she carried herself suggested she was prepared to either devour you or please you beyond belief, whichever she decided.

And she was deciding.

[b [#01A9DB [i "Win . ."]]] She muttered breathlessly as she embarrassingly darted her gaze from the familiar to Braelyn's lips. [b [#01A9DB "Winry.. Um, Winry Weston."]] She swallowed the saliva that was flooding under her tongue, was she drooling? She was so very distracted, gazing upon one of the most beautiful girls she had ever met, that she didn't even notice the brush of contact from Ceri, or the button dropping into her skirts wide pocket.

Winry scooted a little bit, away from the familiar and closer to Braelyn. [b [#01A9DB "I'm a witch from The Realm.. um.. are you a goddess?"]] She asked with some amazement. However all this chatting up had made her forget about having lost the button in the first place. Winry glanced down with a timid smile, then gasped and gripped the place on her blouse that had come absolutely open. Revealing, much to her embarrassment, the little blue bow in the center of her bra. Blotches of red bloomed on her cheeks like a disease, to the point of her eyes nearly watering. [b [#01A9DB "I-I'm sorry, I. The button -"]] The rest of her sentence was a lot of Fumfering simply because she couldn't compose a proper sentence any longer. Winry began back down the hallway whence she came with her head down until she was back in the temporary safety of her new bedroom. Where she would repeat the embarrassing moment over and over again in her head while she changed into a different dress. The button rolled out of her pocket and onto the floor, startling her. She picked it up curiously and instantly knew it was hers. The very same one she had accidentally rocketed at the prince earlier. [i but how did it get into my pocket..?] She examined it closely, then carefully placed it on her nightstand.


[center [pic]]

With a pale summer dress now covering the girl, and no buttons to cause any more accidents, Winry was finally mentally recovered enough to leave her room. She peeked out the door and down the hall, then walked a few paces forward. Her footsteps careful and purposeful to make as little noise as possible. She was very hungry and was curious to know what the chef had cooked downstairs that smelled so wonderful. She closed her eyes slightly and tilted her nose up, was it egg? No, she could smell a bit of the ocean. Shrimp? Oh boy, she was drooling again.

[b "My apologies for not responding to you sooner,"]

[center [pic]]

Winry nearly jumped out of her skin, increasing the distance between her and the prince as quickly as possible by pressing herself against the opposite wall from him. When did he get there? How long had he been walking with her? Winry watched him cautiously, with a familiar voice ringing in her ears.

[i Winry, you are going to a strange and dangerous place. We may have avoided these wars but that doesn't mean you should trust any Raven. There are rumors about this prince, and that kingdom very terrible things. When the prince asks you a question you answer, when he makes a joke you laugh. Treat him the way he wants to be treated, and you could survive yet.]

Another thing The Realm was known for, was how vastly they misunderstood information given to them.

Winry mustered up some courage and stood up straighter, her back against the wall. The look in his eyes and the words he spoke made her chest squeeze within itself. She placed a hand over her heart and took a shaky breath.

[size16 [font "Chiller" [#01A9DB "C-Ceri Langman James my my name is Winry Weston of the Glass Tower of The Realm, E-Enchantress of The Realm It's a an honor to meet you in your presence !"]]] She stammered in an audibly quivering, robotic tone. She immediately lowered her head, blue lengths of hair tumbling over her blushing features. Was she bowing? Yeah, she was bowing apparently. [i Wait, what is he talking about? compliment?] She paused, trying to recall anything she had said earlier. Winry peeked up at the prince. She looked like she might have been about to cry, but the corners of her lips seemed to twitch upward as if to repress a smile.

[b [#01A9DB "About.. that comment."]] She touched her cheek, glancing sideways away from the boy. [b [#01A9DB "I'm sorry, but that wasn't actually directed at you -"]] When she had asked if he was lost, she was actually speaking to Braelyn's familiar, not Ceri.

[b [#01A9DB "S-Sorry,"]] She repeated, and began walking down the hall with her shoulders raised and her hands pinching at the ends of her dress.
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The moment he stepped in the door, Ceri got a feeling in his gut that something was going to happen. As to what was to happen next, all he was prepared for was the button shot as his face. He had just finished closing the door behind me with James following close behind. As he slowly closed the door behind him, the whizzing sound of the button made him alert as it hit the wooden door. Nearly hitting him in the face.

[i [+6b6b6b Can't say I've had a welcoming like that before. But where in the hell did that...]]

Before he could finish his thought, he saw one of the girls running towards where he was at the door. He hadn't noticed her until now due to just walking in but now that he could see her, it wasn't going to be hard to identify her.

Bending down and picking up the black button, he looked at it with an odd fascination at how something like a button was shot with such speed, [i [+6b6b6b Well, time to meet the assassin I guess.]]

Ceri held the button in his hand, getting back to his feet as he took a few steps towards the new resident to at least meet her somewhat.

[b [+6b6b6b "I'm not..."]]

Ceri was soon cut off from speaking as another girl approached him. Her hair was a rather bright red. Ceri would say pink, but looked more like the color of strawberries. And also she seemed to have some kind of dislike for him rather particularly, keeping the introduction almost at the end of her speech.

The entire time she went off on him, all Ceri just waited, not interrupting her until she was finished. Thinking to himself the entire time.

[i [+6b6b6b Well, she's not entirely wrong. Note to self: if I ever have to meet up with this girl, get there an hour in advance so she can't complain about it...and keep James around as she seems to like cats.]]

Then the awaited introduction came about.

[i [+6b6b6b So, she's from Nexus. I'll try my best to avoid starting a way between our nations.]]

Ceri was about to introduce himself in return, but then Miyah turned and walked away.

[i [+6b6b6b Wow. Never met someone who insulted you and your nation first, adores your cat, introduces who they are, and then walks away without hearing your own introduction until now.]]

Sighing and rubbing his templates, Ceri recomposed himself as he was about to talk to the blue-haired girl. And then came another of the five, hearing her first and being alerted to her presence first.

[i [+6b6b6b This one seems more normal in comparison to the others, and at least she didn't insult me before introducing her self. So, her name is Airi, and she's also rather obsessed with James.]]

Ceri looked for a short while as James intentionally strutted his stuff and posed for Airi's camera. The cat loving this new take on attention.

[i [+6b6b6b You little bastard. Always ruining the family pictures when we try to take them, but when this girl is taking them, you're going to pose like a fashion model.]]

Then came the fourth girl. She was definitely very attractive, but he'd already had his heart crushed to dust by one attractive girl already. Her appearances alone wouldn't sway him this time. But in addition to her there was also a white fox that seemed to hold her attention as well...that suddenly turned into a man.

[i [+6b6b6b Yep. This is going to be a very troublesome household. Hopefully nothing goes horribly wrong within the coming week. Though I'm going to hedge my bets and go within the next 72 hours. At least i can revel in the good news that I'm not going to be the only guy here.]]

It seemed that all the girls had somehow gotten more interested in each other than with him, something he could give a sigh of relief about for the time being. He was immensely glad that things didn't go as he feared in his mind. With him getting crowded by five girls and getting asked questions relentlessly along with immense amount of flirting. He dreaded having to deal with that. He already had to avoid the girls at school. Ceri didn't want to deal with it at home as well.

Ceri taking not of everything he could see, hear, and smell, it seemed that Miyah was busy in the kichen with someone; Ceri's guess being the fifth girl since he could smell a feast. If it had been by one of his servants or chefs, they would have asked him in advance as to what he'd want to eat. Next was Airi, the girl busy taking pictures of James. And lastly were these two girls who hadn't introduced themselves yet, but he'd let the introductions go, at least for now. There would be plenty of time for that later.

[b [+6b6b6b "It's an honor to meet you all. Thank you for accepting my family's invitation to come and stay in Ravensguard."]]

Ceri bowed in a formal manner, but in a slight panic as he was acting in a way he thought was appropriate but freaking out on the inside.

[i [+6b6b6b What the hell do I do now?! I've never had this many people over! Think. Think! Ah! The food!]]

Raising his head and putting on a smile that wasn't genuine, but was to hide his anxiety over what to do, [b [+6b6b6b "I must drop some things off in my room,"]] Ceri shuffled his right shoulder where he was holding his bag full of gear, [b [+6b6b6b "but how about we finish introductions in the dining room with the food prepared."]]

Ceri couldn't look more like he was trying to get out of the situation than a cat trying to get out of the arms of someone holding it too tightly. However, Ceri did quickly slip the black button into the blue-haired girl's pocket before walking up the steps and then making a dash for his room, the attic.

Only reason he figured it was the attic was because not only was it secluded, but it was also both the high point of the mansion and a one-way down room so that if the girls wanted to interact with him, he'd be forced to encounter them.

[i [+6b6b6b I swear I'll get you back for this father. Though that's assuming mother hasn't already punished you enough.]]

Ceri's mother was feared by almost everyone in the back of their minds, especially King Altair. Ceri wasn't sure as to how his mother tormented his father, but everytime afterwards, his father would come crawling out of the room near soulless.

Once in his room, Ceri dropped off his school gear and checked to see that everything was roughly where he assumed it would be. Thankfully it was. He didn't doubt the work of his family's servants, but he wanted to make sure for himself. And just as he expected, it was all as he liked.

Taking in a deep breath, Ceri tried to recompose himself as best he could to meet these girls again, this time over dinner.

[i [+6b6b6b I made this agreement so I must see it through...hopefully tonight won't give me a migraine...]]

Opening the door and climbing down the stairs to the main lobby, Ceri adjusted his tie and called for the servants to take the food to the dining room, thanking them for their assistance with taking care of this for both Ceri and the girls.

As he walked back to the dining room, he looked for the blue-haired girl. She had been the least imposing thus far as well as entertaining with the button she accidentally shot at him with her blouse. A memory he couldn't help but smirk recalling due to how the idea of how it is she did so was both baffling and funny.

Ceri waited for a moment when she wasn't being obsessed over by the attractive-one to walk beside her and address her himself, [b [+6b6b6b My apologies for not responding to you sooner, but no I'm not lost, and thank you for the compliment.]]

He gave an actual smile and let it fade, [b [+6b6b6b "Though you yourself are much more beautiful than me, I must say."]]

Ceri then scanned the room, looking for that attractive-one and the fox-man that accompanied her presence, making sure they weren't in hearing range before lowering himself and whispering slightly, [b [+6b6b6b "And the prettiest of the bunch from what I can tell."]]

Ceri then readjusted himself to standing straight, [b [+6b6b6b "Also, I don't think I caught your name, just the compliment. It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Ceri Langman James. And you are?"]]

Ceri's piercing, blue eyes kept constant eye contact with the blue-haired girl. She was short but refused to be rude and talk to her without looking her in the eyes. All the while thinking to himself, [i [+6b6b6b Aqua? Turquoise? No, light blue. Is it? Where's a guide to colors when you need it?]]
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