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[center The idol stiffened as he sat down near her. He wasn't close enough for them to be touching. But the prince of the birdbrains was still way too close for comfort. Inching away from him a bit she let out a small rude huff before he started talking. The first thing Ceri said came as a bit of a shock. [i Secret? He didn't know he was a prince?! How the heck can royalty hide something like that? Why would they? That doesn't make sense! Unless...they were trying to hide him from something] Miyah thought in her head, not sure if she even believed him. But it wouldn't surprise her if the rulers of Ravensguard wanted to do something sneaky like hide their heir from some enemy. That would explain why she didn't even hear of Ceri until recently. Of course she only thought the worst. Not even considering that his parents might be doing it so that he could better understand and think like the people he'd one day rule.

Miyah ignored him for the most part until his tone changed andher yellow eyes gazed in his direction, though she didn't bother turning her head until a yellow butterfly appeared from his hand. [#fc599b "Where the heck did that come from..."] she muttered outloud blinking curiously. [i Must be his magic] she rolled her eyes and turned her face away rudely. [#fc599b "Show off"] she muttered lowly though not loud enough for him to hear. She wouldn't want him to know, that she wasn't capable of performing such small magic herself.

However, when he continued speaking, it sounded a bit more like he might just have been telling the truth. People used his status to get advantages? That sounded like Miyah's parents when her career first took off. Them, and the record companies, the labels, everyone that worked with her wanted a cut of what she was doing. None of them put in half the work she did but they wanted a peice of whatever she got. Whether it was using her name to get into exclusive places, or wanting a cut. Everyone wanted something and none of those people really cared about Miyah or her music. They'd wave the dream of her doing what she loved in front of her face, but change things up, restrict her and edit her to sound completely different from time to time because that's what they thought would sell. It was all about gains.
They didn't listen to her, they just used her.

Were they...really that similar?

The twin-tailed girl said nothing as he mentioned the girl that tried to get back into his life. [i Is he...telling the truth? Did all this really happen? Or is he just making it up becaus he knows about's not like my life is a secret or anything.] she thought to herself feeling the annoyance in her grow. Was this just another way for someone from Ravensguard to get in your head to weaken you and break you?! This was the kind of thing her parents had warned her about. This was the kind of thing all of Nexus warned about! People from Ravensguard were truly awful and there's no way she was going to fall for his lies. These people he was talking about were probably just his fans, not people that tried to use him. To Miyah, fans were the only people that actually cared. Though soon she wouldn't have to because he admitted just how awful he was. [#fc599b "Make an example...of them?!"] The small brat shot up from her seat clenching her fists glaring right up at him hatefully. [#fc599b "Wait a second...there was a story that went around Nexus a few weeks ago about some famous Ravensguardian brutally attacking his fans. That...That was you?! How can you be so awful to the people that idolize you! It's your job to look after them, to protect them! Not to attack them, you really are a wild beast! Maybe don't care about anyone else"] she spouted up at him angrily. [#fc599b "You people really are the lowest of the low"] the petite girl spat and then turned her back to him marching off.]

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[center She walked only a little distance away when she heard the sound of a flash and snickering. [b This is going to be great news, the prince of Ravensguard and the pop idol princess of Nexus hate each other. It'll sell 1000s of copies!] a males voice could be heard from behind the bushes. Somehow they had managed to escape the camotion while the police were distracted with the other paparazzi. The small idol frozen. [i parents...if they hear that...they'll...I have to get that camera!] The brat thought and swallowed her fear breaking apart the bushes to reveal the men. [#fc599b "What do you idiots think you're doing! This isn't your home, you don't have the right to take anyone's picture. me that camera!"] The small girl demanded clenching her fists. Truthfully she was shaking, terrified to confront these vultures with zero magical ability. But she had to! She had no choice. [b Aw isn't she cute.] one of the men stood up. [b Ms. Miyah Nakano in the flesh and blood. You're even more adorable in person.] He grinned as the other man stood up. [#fc599b "Shut up! Are you deaf or something, give me that camera if my parents see it...they'll...n-nevermind just give me it!"] The brat demanded. [b Or what sweet cheeks? We all know you can't do anything but sing. You going to sing us a nice little song until we fall asleep?] the other man laughed. That one hurt, they stabbed her over the very thing her parents abandoned her for, her lack of magic.

Feeling her blood boil she lundged towards them [#fc599b "Errr...I..I said shut up! You don't know anything about me!"] Miyah shouted but then was grabbed easily by the other male pulling her more into the brush and pinned roughly against a tree causing her to yelp in pain. [b What a feisty little idol. Why don't we play with her for a bit while the cops are busy. No one well even know. Wouldn't mind getting a taste of those sweet glossy lips] the man licked his lips. Miyah's eyes widened as she struggled against him blushing with embarrassment at his comment as his hand drew closer to her skirt. [#fc599b "Nngh...g-get off me you disgusting perverts!"] She barked up at him. And the other man grinned [b Looks like it'd be her first time look how sensitive her body is, she's wiggling like crazy. Heh I'd like to see where this can go too] the man laughed as he dropped the camera approaching the small struggling girl. [b Yeah, then write a whole article on the cute noises she makes when she's with a man] the man cackled as she glared at them hatefully, her body fighting in resistance against his hold. [#fc599b "Don't..even think about it stupid perv! Or I'll I'll..."] they ignored the brat as she barked up at them. [i What am I going to do...I can't even access my magic...] she thought gritting her teeth. [i Everyone from Nexus is..really on their own...] she thought as her hair fell in front of her irritated flustered face, trying to think of anything or anyway she could escape.]

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  Miyah Nakano / pinkra01 / 2y 281d 8h 1m 44s
Ceri wasn't exactly sure of how to respond to her sudden shyness and Miyah also seemed embarassed. The entire time that they'd been within hearing range of each other, she'd done nothing but insult him and now she was acting...different. He himself blushed slightly as she took hold of him by the sleeve and held on for a while.

Miyah seemed somewhat distracted as she let go, but Ceri stayed there with her as she soon went on to describe what her life had ben like in Nexus. The paparazzi stalked her as a child and would do anything just to write even the slightest amount of dirt on someone just to make a quick buck. It was how they operated, and it didn't matter if it was true or not, someone was going to believe it.

Ceri had dealt with the paparazzi for over a month now, and found their existence suffocating. They would almost never know when to back-off or when to know that they weren't welcome. Using even the slightest amount of force against them as "violence". While he hadn't dealt with them nearly as long, he knew very well how they operated.

Crouching down and then sitting beside Miyah, though keeping a slight distance since he wasn't comfortable with touching her shoulder to shoulder, he looked out in to the open sky. White, whispy clouds floated on by in the bright, blue abyss.

[b [+6b6b6b "I have not been a prince for long, only a month. My parents kept my existence a secret from both the public and me. Up until a month ago, I had lived as just a normal student within my nation. No one, not even myself, was aware of my royal lineage and I had friends that I could talk to. It was...pleasant and satsifactory."]]

Ceri reached out a hand to the sky in a kind of yearning motion, reaching for something far off and into the distance before clenching his fist and bringing it back as if he'd caught something. Opening his hand, and butterfly comprised of yellow light fluttered out.

[b [+6b6b6b "When I was announced as the crown prince, things changed."]]

Ceri's sight trailed down to the ground slowly, his eyes and face giving off a pained expression as he recalled what happened not too long ago.

[b [+6b6b6b "I don't know if it is worse than what happened to you, but the people I called 'friend' didn't turn on me. Rather, they used my connection to them to manipulate others and gain power over others through their association to me. And people believed them because of my connection to them."]]

Ceri grit his teeth as he remembered more and more of the things that transpired.

[b [+6b6b6b "People no longer saw me as a person, rather a source of power, wealth, and popularity that they all thought was within reach. And how they saw it was that if they got on my good side, then it meant an easy life for them. Some turned their backs on me while others groveled before me in hopes that their praise would yield something.

"Even worse is that a girl that I had a crushed on and confessed to before but turned me down attempted to manipulate me. Apologizing and using sweetly scented words just to try and lure me to her."]]

Ceri got up and back on his feet.

[b [+6b6b6b "Knowing all of this, I separated myself from everyone else, forcibly if I had to and it turned out to be necessary. The 'friends' I'd known didn't want to lose their grasp on power and as such they tried to push back. However, the word best to describe them is 'fools.'

I had to make a public example of them using my own power, but no words would reach them. Their egos had become far too large to listen."]]

It had happened roughly two weeks ago and since he did it in public, there were records of when the Crown Prince took down three male high school students. All of which were put into the hospital. However, tabloids put their own suggestive words into the mix of information, giving some people the idea that Ceri was a prince unfit to lead because he forcibly put down citizens for opposing him. Leaving out how they all used their full magical power and putting an emphasis on how Ceri crushed them with unimaginable power that took them down in the blink of an eye.

[b [+6b6b6b "Well, I think that's all I have to say. Since you shared what happened to you, I thought that I should do the same."]]

James was a bit proud of how Ceri told at least one of the girls, and the one who was the most abrassive, about what had happened in the past.
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[center Miyah seemed to be lost in thought, not noticing that Ceri actually had bothered to come after her, until a few moments before he spoke. When she finally snapped out of it, her yellow eyes narrowed as she glared at the prince letting out a small huff. [#fc599b "What do you want? Did you get lost or something"] the brat rolled her eyes in annoyance at his presence. [#fc599b "Or maybe you wanted to scold me some more. Don't worry, I won't be coming to you again."] She repeated and waved him off dismissively. [#fc599b "It's not like I need help from a stupid Ravenshead anyway."] The idol crossed her arms turning her face away from him defiantly.]

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[center Though when he finally did speak it nearly through the firey girl off completely. Her yellow eyes widened causing her to glare back at him once again. [i Did he just...just apologize...] Miyah couldn't believe what she was hearing. No way did she think the proud ruler of Ravensguard would ever apologize for his actions especially not to someone from Nexus of all people. No...this couldn't be right. It was some kind of trick, some ploy to cover up how terrible he was. She wouldn't fall for it. Some forced him to come talk to her, or maybe he just did it to seem less cruel after what the other girls had just witnessed. Either way. It wasn't because he meant it. [#fc599b "Do you think I'm stupid or something? I won't fall for that nonsense so just get lost already"] she spat at him before she heard the sound of something rustling from a distance.

It was probably just an animal, but if the paparazzi did snap a photo of them not getting a long, it would push her parents even further away from her. Gritting her teeth, the small girl opened her lips to say something to stop Ceri, but couldn't get the words out at first. [i I...can't believe I'm doing this. But I..I have to...just in case..] The idol took a breath and reached out to Ceri and very, very, lightly grabbed on to his sleeve pulling on him a little. [#fc599b "W-Wait, idiot-Nngh...I..I...mean!"] She groaned a little as a tiny blush appeared on her irritated face. Unable to look at him as she spoke she grumbled in the lowest hearable voice, her eyes fluctuating in color. [#fc599b "S-Sit..until they're all cleared out...I..I mean. Not because I want you to or..a-anything!"] She flushed a little more. [#fc599b " case.."] Miyah struggled shyly to get every little embarrassing word of her request for him to stay near her out getting lower and lower with each word. God, she hated this. It was so embarrassing. She hated him and his kind, and there she was asking him to stay near her even if it was for just a brief moment.]

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[center Realizing that the petite brat had held on to his sleeve a little too long for her liking, she pulled away in embarrassment trying to hide her sweetness once again. Looking away defiantly and hiding her slightly pinkish face she huffed once again. [#fc599b "Or don't...I don't need you around or anything mutt, Its just easier for you to report to the police what you see if you're In a place you can see the whole mansion. It's common sense you know."] Miyah rolled her eyes once more but her voice cracked very slightly in denial. The truth was, she was scared. Scared of the paparazzi, and what they could do and have done in the past. She didn't want to show it though especially not in front of the jerk. There's no way that she would admit it to herself either that having him around would at least ease her mind a little. Instead she chopped it up to not wanting the paparazzi getting a picture of them fighting, and a using the excuse of him needing a better view of the other entrances of the house to keep him around. No way he'd see through that, right?]

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[center Glaring up at the cherry blossom peddles that fell around them, the idol closed her eyes for a brief moment as if she was lost in thought about something. Her bratty facial features softened very slightly as a breeze flowed through her long twin-tails. [#fc599b "Ever since I was young, they've always been around"] She opened her eyes glaring angrily in the direction of the camotion from beyond the house. [#fc599b "They followed me to school. Outside my home. To my practices..everything."] Miyah continued to look out into the distance. [#fc599b "They twisted every normal thing I get some kind of stupid story out of it. got so bad I.."] she paused clenching her knees to her chest. [#fc599b "I lost..all of my friends over it"] Miyah spoke in a more serious tone. [#fc599b "I thought school was the only place, I could have a normal life, but..they took that away too. My friends read some lie the tabloids made up about me secretly dating one of the guys they liked and believed it. The next day, they asked me not to..hang out with them anymore. They never asked me, my side..after that everyone avoided me.."] Her hair fell into her face. Of course Miyah's parents couldn't have cared less about the stress and pressure of these people following her. They did nothing about it. They would rather her have no one close to her anyway. Nexonians relied on no one. And of course it was easy for her friends to give up on her when the idol became to much of an inconvenience to be around.

The small girl finally realized she was speaking her thoughts out loud in front of him and quickly tried to seem unfazed, although it was probably obvious just a few moments ago. [#fc599b "W-Whatever, it's not like it bothered me that they left anyway. People from Nexus aren't like you featherheads. We don't need anyone"] she huffed in denial. Everyone needed someone to be close to. Everyone needed to feel care and to care for others but Miyah had that nearly beaten out of her from a very young age, and reaching or getting close to the brat seemed next to impossible. Still there was some part of her that didn't seem completely opposed to it. [#fc599b "A-Anyway, forget what I said, got it! I was just yammering on anyway. None of that stuff matters. We cannot all grow up sheltered from everything, unlike some people"] the brat grumbled rudely resting her hands on the ground on either side of her leaning back slightly. The twin-tailed girl had no idea Ceri wasn't a prince all his life or that he wasn't always protected from people. She only thought he was nothing but a spoiled brat that was kept away from any real problems of the world.]

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Ceri watched as Miyah covered her face in a shy-like manner, cocking an eyebrow in confusion as this girl had done nothing but berate him with insults. And now she was seemingly innocent just from seeing him in his underwear. Ceri wasn't comfortable with how three girls had now seen him half-naked, but this sight distracted him slightly.

[i [+6b6b6b I guess she has a cu...]]

And in the middle of Ceri's thought, she started insulting him, and making Ceri retract his thought and replace it with a blank. She wasn't wrong about how he should wear clothes in a house with nothing but girls in it, but there's still the fact that she barged into his room. When it was locked.

But he would have to do something about the paparazzi. It was a part of his life now and he hated them and their prying ways. Additionally, they were tresspassing on private property as well as intruding on an individuals privacy.

While covered in his blanket, Ceri shuffles about the room and shoves Braelyn out of the room first and then closes the door. Then waddling back over to his dresser he pulled out a shirt and pants before putting them before Winry.

[b [+6b6b6b "Sorry for that Ms. Winry, but use these for the time being. At least until you get back to your room so that you won't be in just a towel."]]

He didn't expect Winry to use the clothes, but he felt that he should at least give her something so she isn't just in a towel for the entire morning. Afterwards, he went back over to his dresser and got a full attire for himself and got dressed beneath his blanket and then dropping his previously worn boxers into his dirty clothes bin.

[b [+6b6b6b "Take your time Ms. Winry, I'll also step out so you can dress alone. Come James, we have matters to attend to."]]

James yawned and stretched his back before walking out, Ceri holding the door open for him as they both leave. Once outside, he gives a sigh, and sends a message to the police station regarding the situation and it isn't long before the police arrive, a sizable amount of officers to guide the mob outside away and out of the community without hassle while also locating the paparazzi, arressting them, and confescating anything they used to record information on from them.

With that matter taken care of, Ceri did feel a bit guilty after what had happened. He'd yelled at a girl who was concerned over an invasion of privacy and is also in a land not her own that she herself was likely told to hate since Ravensguard and Nexus haven't been on the friendliest of terms to begin with. Scratching his head and sighing a bit, Ceri began walking around the manor in search of Miyah, looking everywhere someone could be and eventually finding her out in the backyard under the cherry tree.

He walked over with his hands in his pockets, James behind him to make sure he doesn't try to run away. After getting up to where she was, Ceri paused and looked at her, trying to speak but unable to find the words for it, stammering and then pulled out a hand and rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

[b [+6b6b6b "I...I'm sorry for yelling at you Ms. Miyah."]]

There was a pause again as the wind twirled around with the falling petals. James gave Ceri a nudge at the back of his leg to keep him going with the apology.

[b [+6b6b6b "And also, I'm sorry for not taking the issue of the paparazzi seriously. You're not from here and don't know how things work here. I called the police and they're handling the situation."]]

Ceri couldn't bring himself to look at Miyah directly as he blushed very lightly out of how he felt embarrassed and guilty.
  Ceri Lanman James / Crow37 / 2y 283d 12h 12m 59s
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[center The idol's rude shaking of the prince came to a momentary stop when Braelyn entered the room. Despite the small brats tough attitude, she was quite innocent when it came to more "adult" things. She did live a very controlled life after all. Her yellow eyes blinked a couple of times as the fox goddess climbed into bed with them and began to snuggle herself up against the prince. Miyah perked up as a tiny blush crept across the girl's irritated face before she scrambled away from Ceri. [#fc599b "I-It's...not some kind of party! D-Don't go getting the wrong idea. I...just came to wake the jerk up, t-that's it!"] The Bratty girl stumbled flustered as she tried to explain her actions to the fox woman.

As Ceri made his way up to a standing position, the small girl rolled her eyes at his scolding. She got enough of that from her parents, she didn't need anymore of it. Though her annoyance of him came to a quick halt when she finally bothered to look in his direction. Though the second she did, she immediately regretted it as she saw a male in his underwear for the first time, and of course, he was from an enemy world. Miyah's eyes fluctuated in color and grew wide as the brats face turned a deep shade of crimson.]

[#fc599b "Nngh...y-you''re.."] The embarrassed girl drew her hands shyly up to her chest unknowing what to do revealing a bit of her sweetness and innocence before he grabbed his blanket.

[center [pic]]

[center It took her a few moments to process what she had just witnessed and snap back in reality. [#fc599b "a...a..gross pervert!"] She spouted before turning away and folding her arms so she didn't have to see him. [#fc599b "What kind of idiot doesn't wear clothes in a house full of girls?!"] The brat's wall came right back up. [#fc599b "And if you knew anything about those bloodsuckers you'd know, you can't give them any time because they always find away to get some horrible shot. But what do you know? All you have to do is snap a finger and they're out of your face just like that."] Miyah huffed before the door was opened once again and Winry stood their in her towel.

Gritting her teeth the petite girl grabbed a pillow and tossed it at Ceri's head. [#fc599b "Don't even think about it dumb perv!!"] The small girl spouted in an effort to protect the other girls. Feeling the irritation in her grow the brat clenched her fists and shoved passed him rudely. [#fc599b "You're to you about anything was stupid. I should have just dealt with them on my own."] Miyah spoke hatefully implying he probably wouldn't have helped protect someone from Nexus anyway.

Storming down the stairs the idol clenched her fists, looking for a place she could get away from all of the camotion. Ceri didn't care about helping her. Why would he. Ravensguardians were all the same. It's not like the girl was surprised. She was used to being shrugged off and ignored. In away he reminded her of her parents. Just like them, he didn't bother to get to know her, and didn't care. Whatever. It's not like she cared anyway, he was one of those vile people after all. The small girl grumbled in thought as she made her way outside into the garden. She had this odd feeling she was being watched, though tried to ignore it. She doubted Ceri would really even take care of the vulture paparazzi issue.

The idol walked a good distance away from the house taking a seat under a large beautiful cherry blossom tree. Something about this tree triggered memories for the girl. Though she had never seen it before in her life..just a very similar one. Slowly she reached for her neckless gripping it once again. [i It was under a tree like this..I made that promise] the idol thought her eyes shifting to a deeper color once again. Shoving down her memories she slowly pulled her knees up to her chest in a sitting position hugging them tightly to her. Miyah knew the prince of the jerks wouldn't bother to come talk to her, he didn't care about anyone but himself. She was sure he was happy basking in a pile of attractive women instead. [#fc599b "..baka"] The brat grumbled lowly to herself.]

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[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" [b [#01A9DB [size12 [i Y a a a w w n ~]]]]

Winry woke up rather early, though certainly not as early as the other girls. She was feeling very run down and strange about sleeping anywhere other than her own bedroom, so she decided to see if she could sneak in a quick shower. Maybe she would go for a walk today, it would do her some good to leave the house for a little bit. Winry pulled the same black button out from under her pillow, placing it carefully in little jewellery box she brought from The Realm that she had put on her night stand. If she was going to stay here for a whole year, maybe she could go shopping for some cuter curtains and bedding. There's not point in feeling like a stranger in here.

The bathroom was huge, way bigger than any bathroom she had seen before. With a wide shower area like what you'd see in a public bath house. Were the girls supposed to shower together? Winry wasn't sure she would like that very much, it almost made her shy away from the shower entirely. Still, nobody was there so she continued and let the water wash over her. She didn't quite realize how tense she had been, how tight her muscles had held while she stayed in this unknown world. The warmth of the water untangled her muscles and gave her a genuine chance to relax. She stayed in there, mind wandering for nearly 30 minutes, then turned the water off and took a deep breath. Winry watched the water drip from the ends of her hair and slide down her legs silently.

[b [#01A9DB [size12 "I should.. properly thank him."]]] After all, he was very understanding about her situation and even returned the button to her. Yet all she did was fumble and avoid him. He was a nice boy, as far as Winry could tell. Maybe it wouldn't be too awful if..

Winry shook her head, slapping her peachy cheeks. That wasn't something she wanted to think about right now! Her damp feel papped across the floor as she grabbed the towel and went to find her clothes.

There was only one issue, her clothes were no longer here. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "wuh-"]]] Winry stammered a few times, looking around and under trying to find her pajamas. Did .. Did a maid mistakenly take them when she had the shower off? Did she think nobody was in here? Winry paced around, fretting over herself. It wasn't too long of a walk back to her room, but she was not at all okay with having anyone see her this exposed! Winry wrapped the towel around her and took a heavy breath. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "It's not far.. I can do this!"]]] She poked her head out the door, glancing both ways down the hall for any sign of human life. Nothing, good. Winry took a few careful steps, droplets of water hitting the floor as she picked up her pace. She gasped, whipping her wet hair around. Someone walked around the corner, so Winry darted into the opened door a few paces ahead of her, closing it quickly behind her. She glanced at the staircase, was this to the attic? Maybe there was something, like an old jacket or anything she could slip on to get to her room without issue. Nodding, Winry quickly went up the staircase, only pausing once she reached the top.

This was no ordinary attic. Computer, closet, dresser and bed. This was a room..

And this room was not empty.

[center [pic]]

Braelyn, Miyah, Ceri. Winry was still, absolutely frozen in place as the water slid down her skin or dripped off her hair. It wasn't entirely known if Winry was even breathing at this point, her ghostly pale face was beginning to bloom with blotches of red all over her face, neck, and chest. To be completely honest, Winry was just seconds away from passing out and falling right back down that staircase she had walked up. This was entirely too much for her.

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  / Glows / 2y 286d 2h 30m 39s
Only one day in and it seemed that Ceri was already in for a less than pleasant experience from what he had dealt with last night. Before he passed out last night, he spent his Friday evening well into the night grinding away at several elements within the game, The World.

Going on raids with guild mates, entering instances alone to take his anger out on non-existent creatures by slaughtering them all, dueling other players and taking them down ruthlessly, all just to gain a semblance of control over something that was part of his life.

Soon he became tired after he exhausted all of his energy, turning off the computer and retiring to his bed at about 3:00 AM. Ceri's eyes shut as the moonlight still shined into the room via a window, and the navy blue room faded into a solid black. There wasn't any dream that came to him, it was just a black void.

In this void, he thought to himself about what had transpired. Ceri had met five new people, Winry, Airi, Braelyn, Miyah, and Naho. All of them certainly had their own..."defining" traits. But for the most part the situation he was in was tolerable at the very least and hopefully it'd improve with time.

As Ceri was amongst his thoughts, he soon felt something speaking to him and forcifully moving him. The voice got louder, shriller, and agressive. Amongst this chaos, he felt something moving closer to him and putting its weight on him as well. His eyes slowly opened as he found himself being shaken awake by Miyah and encroached upon by Braelyn.

His vision was blurry but as the image sharpened itself, Ceri blinked quite a few times and he slowly came to know what was going on around him. His mind was still fuzzy but then realizing that Braelyn was flirting with him while he was in bed made him fully awake.

He was about to force them off of him when he lost his own balance from trying to crawl away slightly from Braelyn before falling out of bed, [b [+6b6b6b "Oww..."]]

Ceri rubbed his forehead after it hit the floor first with a thud, his head now dazed slightly as he tried to make sense of what was going on around him.

[b [+6b6b6b "What in the...Why are you two here in my room?"]]

Ceri was shirtless and in just his boxers, his head beating with a headache as the sunlight shown into his room and blinded his eyes for a bit while they adjusted.

[b [+6b6b6b "And as for the paparazzi, they'll be dealt with,"]] Ceri had begun to wake up around when Miyah called him a birdbrain but heard about the paparazzi situation somewhat clearly, [b [+6b6b6b "But first of all, why did you barge into my room to begin with? And why is Braelyn here as well?!"]]

Ceri didn't hate Braelyn, but something about her made him on edge whenever she was around, and her flirting this morning made him immediately on guard. But then he paused and remembered that he only wears his boxers to bed every night since he prefers to keep it cold in his room as it helps him sleep, but he forgot that he's in a house with five other girls around his age.

With this realization, Ceri quickly takes the bed off the blanket, his face red out of embarassment, and covers himself with it.

[b [+6b6b6b "Couldn't you have waited for me to wake up and not bust down a locked door?! Get the hell out of my room!"]]

In the midst of all this, James just stretches himself out and gives out a yawn before laying back down on Ceri's gaming chair and watching the situation unfold.
  Ceri Lanman James / Crow37 / 2y 286d 12h 42m 53s
[left [pic]][center [font "Arial" The ebony haired goddess perched on her bed with her skinny legs crossed. They were bare for her pajamas consisted of a tee shirt and fuzzy socks. Her long locks were gently tucked behind her ears making her beautiful portrait easier to look at.
It was only around 5:30 am. The sun was beginning to come up making the sky only a soft glow of blue on the horizon. With little natural light the room was still foggy with darkness.

Letting out a heavy sigh, the girl broke the silence. Puffing her cheeks out, her bottom lip pursed in a major pout. She still wasn't used to the new sleep schedule and everything was [i boring.]

[b [#626262 "Miss Braelyn what is eating at you?"]] A soft voice questioned.
Braelyn gazed at the snowy fox that was curled up at the foot of her bed. He had raised his head to look at her.

[b [#009999 "I am so bored Cas ..."]] whined the deity like a child. [b [#009999 "Ceri went to bed without saying a word,"]] she continued. Resting her chin on her palm, she shifted her weight. The vulpine had to sit up as the bed began to move. He let out an irritated growl.

[b [#626262 "You could go check on him you know?"]]

Braelyn perked up instantly. Her sea glass eyes glimmered with mischief. Flailing about, she tumbled from her mattress and flopped on the floor. Sprawling out she stretched her arms above her revealing her pale tummy. Rolling over she kicked her feet in excitement.
[b [#009999 "Castiel you are brilliant! I will go join him in bed. Cuddles make everything better!"]] she squealed with delight.
The familiar's ears pricked up in sudden concern. That was [i not] what he meant. Panicking he tried to fix the situation. [right [pic]]
[b [#626262 "M-Mistress .. I don't know how appropriate that is."]] he stuttered. He had leapt to his feet and leaned on his haunches.

[b [#009999 "Nonsense I will go to him now."]] Braelyn shut him down without a thought. Before Castiel could reply the raven haired vixen had left the room.

[s yikes.]


It didn't take the fox girl to scurry up the stairs to the attic. She was a little bit scary when she was fixated on something. Crouched over she took the steps with her hands and feet. Her fluffy socks slipped a bit on the hardwood but the thrill only excited her more.

Once she made it to the top her grin faltered only for a moment of confusion as she noticed the door was already slightly open. But as soon as she heard the sweet voice of the redhead idol, Braelyn couldn't contain herself any longer. Bursting through the door she launched herself onto the bed with the two. The over stimulation caused her ears and tail to pop out. How embarrassing.

Braelyn was careful not to disturb Miyah. Crawling over him she snuggled in on the other side of him. Propping herself on her elbows she pressed her chest against him and leaned in close. Her breath was hot against his neck as she let out a giggle. [b [#009999 "Miyah-chan you can't have a party without me!"]] Her tail swished back and forth in playfulness.


[p flirt or be a whore? [i why not both]]
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[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center As his "majesty" stormed out like a child Miyah rolled her eyes. [#fc599b "One person won't put up with his behavior and he throws a fit, typical."] She huffed and crossed her arms turning her face away, She didn't think he was actually hurt. Not for even a second. He was from Ravensguard. He was an animal. No, actually that would be offensive to animals. Because his people were soulless creatures that put up a front that they cared or were nice, but once given the opportunity would murder in cold blood. Miyah would know. She'd know better then anyone else. At least animals were genuine. The short twin-haired girl only took notice to James reaction causing her firey yellow eyes to briefly soften into the pinkish-red color. Didn't he know, Miyah was just being protective of the girls? Surely he knew how terrible those from Ravensguard really were, and that his owner was one of these people. There wasn't anyway Miyah was going to feel bad for anyone from here. That's what they wanted. That's how they fooled you. She wouldn't fall for it. Not after what her and her family went through. Her arms fell to her sides and her fists clenched tightly. [#fc599b "I won't..ever let it happen again! Not to me, or anyone else!"] The short girl spouted in the direction of the cat and then stormed off out of the room stepping over James to head to her own room.

Reaching the room the idol gritted her teeth as she held on to her necklace tightly. [#fc599b "Mamoru..."] Miyah stated out loud. [#fc599b "I'll never forgive them for what they did.."] The short girl dug through her suit cases full of close throwing things every which way until she found a blade like object she always carried with her. It was supposed to be for protection since Miyah couldn't access her magic yet. Her parents wanted to make sure she had some way of defending herself against creeps that stalked after the idol. [#fc599b "I couldn't protect you...I can't even protect me..."] Miyah's eyes wavered slightly as she glared at the blade. She could feel hopelessness surround her causing her to get angry and throw the knife against the wall leaving a scratch. How could such a pathetic thing protect her from a royal Ravensguardian if he had ever attacked. She needed magic!

Panting the small girl looked at the messy a room and huffed. [i I need to get out of here. The second that idiot finds out how powerless I am..who knows what hell do.] scrambling the brat went to grab her things and start shoving them back in the suitcase. Just as the small idol sat up on her large bag to try and close it. The sound of a muffled [i Freely Tomorrow] filled the air. It was Miyahs cell phone. Digging under the mess sheets of her bed, the brat found her adorable pink cell phone with a handful of cute girlie key chains dangling from it. Quickly she answered it after seeing it was Hojo. [#fc599b "Get a car ready, Hojo, I'm leaving. I won't stay another moment around that wild dog!"] Miyah spoke without letting the male even say hello.

[b I can't do that Ms. Nakano. In fact I'm calling you to say goodbye. This maybe the last time we speak ever again.] He spoke in a very serious tone. [#fc599b "W-What...What are you talking about, Hojo. This isn't funny. Quit being stupid...what's going on"] Miyah responded a bit worriedly. [b The reason why your parents offered you was so that you'd have a chance to unlock your magic. They wanted to take you out of the limelight so you can focus on what's really important. Magic. They refuse to claim a doughter with no access to her magical abilities...] he paused and his voice grew sad. [b "I'm sorry Ms. Nakano.."] He added as the girls yellow eyes changed in color. [#fc599b That...can't be career all they ever cared about! It's what they worked me night and day for! Just to say it doesn't matter?!?!] she shouted into the phone, her eyes trying to fight back any bit of emotion despite being abandoned. In Nexus, crying was considered weak. And strength was everything in her world. Which she supposed must have been why her parents did this. [b You'rer wrong Ms. Nakano. They knew you probably lost any access to your abilities after Mamoru...after it happened. You weren't the same Ms. Nakano. You need to tap into an emotion like love or care to access magic. The only thing you cared about was music. That is why your parents pushed it, so that maybe your heart and mind could use that passion to find its magic within. didn't work. Your parents ran out of options. They hoped you could find that feeling there. They can no longer take you back into their home until you've accessed it. I'm sorry Ms. Nakano I need to cut this conversation short. Please be safe. Good luck.] and with that he hung up the phone leaving the idol magicless, and now familyless.

The small brat rose from her bag and stopped trying to close it. [i So...that's what this is about. I'm worthless to them now, as I am..] she grit her teeth. [i F-FINE!! If it's magic they want, then I'll get it. I'll get it as soon as I can and then I'm out of here!! But I'll do it my own way, and it'll have nothing to do with that beast!] The twin-tailed girl huffed and crawled into bed. She glared hatefully up at the ceiling. She was trapped. Everyone was trying to push her into doing something she couldn't and she wasn't going to go down without a fight. Turning on her side she saw the reflection of a picture hanging out of her bag causing her to close her eyes tight as if to shove down memories before she finally fell asleep.


The next morning the brat woke up earlier then anyone else, hearing the sound of her name...being chanted. [i Miyah! Miyah! Miyah!!!!!] The small girl rubbed her tired yellow eyes before she sat up in the bed and gazed out the window. All the way back at the front of the mansion gate stood maybe 100 of Miyah's fans. Excitedly she sprung up from bed. The only people that ever really truely cared about her were right outside on their front lawn. Probably most of them were from Ravensguard but It didn't matter. If they were her fan. They couldn't possibly be bad people, right? The idol thought a faint smile forming on her face. Her fans were the only people who got to see that tiny smile. Though most of the time it was forced from being warn out from all the labor her parents put her through. Stepping away from the window she stripped down to her light pink and white striped panties and cute matching bra. Her soft pale skin was exposed along with her...less then large chest. This was a sore spot for Miyah but theirs no way she'd ever admit it.


Pulling up a pair of black thigh highs and slipping on a cute school girl uniform meant for middle schoolers, since it's what fit her the best, she began to forget about her horrible situation for just a brief moment as the crowd began singing another hit of hers in unison, [i Galaxias.] Forgetting where she was and what she was doing the adorable brat grabbed a brush and held it to her lips and began sing a long with them. Dancing all of the choreography she had learned just for this song.


[ Play this in the background while watching the upove gif and enjoooy]

After the song came to a close she heard a sound she didn't quite like as much, annoyance growing in her expression. [i That window of there, get that one! If you get a shot of Miyah Nakano changing it'll be worth a bunch!] she heard shouting and then the sound of cameras flashing. Clenching her small fists, Miyah frowned. Paparazzi. Those people were nothing more then invasive vultures that just wanted to make money off her and catch her doing something to defame her in anyway they could to make a quick buck. "No way am I putting up with those leaches. It's bad enough I have to deal with the Royal mongrel" she huffed and then marched right out of her room straight upstairs to the attic to demand the jerk do something about it.

At this point it was still rather earlier so it was no surprise he was still in bed as was everyone else, that she knew of. Barging right in she approached the sleeping lump of a prince and placed her hands on her hips. [#fc599b "Hey, you, mongrel. Wake up. We have a problem.."] she glared at him not seeing his body move causing the irritation to grow in the small girl. [#fc599b "I said wake up, birdbrain!"] Miyah spouted at him, switching between calling him bird insults and dog insults. Was he sleeping or just ignoring her? Getting more and more annoyed the small twin-tailed brat climbed up on top of the bed straddling the blanketed body. Pushing her hands down on the figure she began to rock back and forth to try and shake him away. [#fc599b "Get up you lazy stupid bum and take care of these paparazzi!!!"] The small brat shouted not realizing what kind of effects rubbing repeatedly against a sleeping male while wearing a skirt could have.]

[center [pic]]
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[center Airi watched Ceri closely when he re-entered the room, obviously frazzled about something. He must have overheard Miyah, when she called the boy an animal, because James swatted at her before following Ceri to exit the room. He didn't even announce that he was leaving, which caused a small stabbing feeling in the pit of Airi's stomach, her eyes staying on the door that the Prince had just exited. She was curious to why Miyah had been so cold towards the boy, however, she did see it as a tad bit entertaining [#DC143C [i 'What does she know about him that we don't? Is it because he is a part of Ravensgaurd? Because if so, then why isn't she mean to me?' ] ]

When Winry spoke Airi's eyes quickly darted to the girl. Another person leaving, but she at least had the decency to excuse herself, even if it was so quiet that there was a possibility no one else heard. Airi felt bad for the girl, but she also felt... Angry? The way the girl held herself, the fact that she was so timid, irked Airi a bit. Airi wouldn't have survived if she had an attitude like that.

[#DC143C "I think it's time that I also go upstairs and hit the hay!" ] Airi stretched her arms above her, giving out a fake yawn. [#DC143C "I hope you guys all have a wonderful night-" ] Her eyes darted to Miyah, still a bit embarrassed to look directly in her eyes. Cheeks flushed, she finally finished her sentence, [#DC143C "Don't let the bedbugs bite, and all that." ]


Airi stepped into her room and gave out a large sigh, closing the door slowly behind her. She didn't know if Winry's room was near hers, and didn't want to disturb anyone with loud, obnoxious noises. She moved across the room slowly, ripping off pieces of clothing as she walked. Airi reached her suitcase and pulled out a pair of cute, blue pajama shorts and a white crop top. She slipped these clothes on and grinned, checking herself out in the mirror. The shorts were too small for her, revealing a little too much of her posterior. Airi gave a small shrug, not really caring. It wasn't like anyone was going to come in the room.

Airi sat in the middle of her room, slouched over on her laptop. Across the screen sat a game, one of her favorites, called [i The World, ] an MMORPG that she had been obsessed with for a long time. The character she was currently playing looked almost exactly like her, despite the fact that the character had horns and was adorned in light armor fit for a rogue. She spent hours upon hours on the game, doing a small raid with fellow guild members, Silver_Knight and Cougar64. Airi's name was Hayim, which was Miyah spelled backward. Again, she was a huge fan.

Finally, after a few hours of gaming, she decided to head to bed. She typed in the chat, dismissing herself to the group. Her eyelids grew heavy as closed her laptop and sprung herself across her new bed.[#DC143C [i 'Sooooo commmfyy,' ] ] Airi quickly dosed off, dreaming of being in another world that was not her own.
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[center [pic][pic][pic][pic]

[left [pic]]
[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" Winry nodded, a small smile gracing her lips. How nice, despite her rough attitude, Miyah was trying to make Winry feel better. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "Thank you.. I'm.. I'm sure you're right."]]] She was blushing, but this wasn't from fear or anxiety. It was the warm feeling in her chest blooming on her cheeks, an expression of happiness. Though, it only lasted for a few moments. Once Miyah moved on to talk to the others, Winry worked up the courage to pick out some of the food and eat. Though her head was in a different place. Winry wasn't very worried about feeling unsafe, she didn't consider her magic as a means of protecting herself. For an enchantress, magic was used almost exclusively to bless others, not herself, and to pray and recieve word from the goddess Saidar. She was a prophet, though she couldn't see much of anything prophetic without her magic.

It wasn't a matter of protecting herself, but Winry wanted to protect her people. She couldn't do that without her magic. [i Maybe that's why they sent me here] she wondered, the chopsticks touching at her lips. [i maybe I've failed as an enchantress.. now they want to sell me off to a young . . very handsome prince . .] The thoughts made her lose her appetite. She didn't want to sit around while her people lost hope in her. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "E-Excuse me .. I'm not feeling very good.."]]] She near whispered, then hurried back up to her room.

[center [pic]]

[b [#01A9DB [size12 "I am Vestiyah.. I am born of magic.."]]] Winry opened the window, letting the cold nights air sweep into her room. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "This is my destiny."]]] Winry had changed out of her dinner clothes, and now only wore a silk night gown that reached down to her knees, the straps thin with her neck, arms, and collar bones exposed. Her blue hair tumbled over her bare skin, not long enough to reach the part of her dress covering her breasts. The cold wind made her hair and the ends of her dress dance every so often. She stood in front of the window, taking the cold air into her lungs. [i I can do this. I was born to do this.] She attempted to assure herself.

Winry brought her hands to her chest, as all Vestiyan magic comes from the heart, and slowly pulled her hands away. She peeked, stretching her fingers to look for any magic between or behind them. Nothing. She repeated this action, hoping to pull anything out from within her. She opened her eyes again: Nothing. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "This is my destiny.."]]] This world wasn't as rich in magic as The Realm was, that's what she told herself. She decided she would pray first.

Winry leaned out the window and placed her hands together, bringing them up until her index fingers touched her nose. She chanted in her native tongue, a chorus of words that were meant to connect her to the goddess Saidar.

At this point, little lines and strokes of light would gather around her hands and face. Dancing to the ancient chant. This wasn't her magic, this wasn't something she controlled. When the connection was made, Winry smiled, though the expression looked pitiful on her face. She was feeling rather pitiful.]]]

[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" [i Saidar bless The Realm, the people are good and the magic is fruitful.
Saidar, bless the tower, may it grow taller with every royal birth.
Saidar, bless the protectors, may their magic burn and blight
Saidar, bless my sisters blue, my sisters pink and green.
Saidar, bless the common folk, its not their fault they don't shine]

[center and for once in her life, Winry felt desperate. And with desperation always comes a little greed.]

[i Saidar . . . [#01A9DB where is my magic?]]

[center A sudden zap shocked her temple, breaking the connection and surprising Winry. She gasped and stepped back from the window, an eye squeezed shut as she rubbed the stinging space. Winry teared up a little and pulled the window shut, moving over to her bed. There, she noticed the black button sitting pretty on her nightstand. Winry picked it up, examining it again as a small blush crept onto her face, along with an even smaller smile.

[center [pic][pic][pic][pic]
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As the Prince returned to the table, he was in a rather unsettled mood now. He now remembered just how much the paparazzi loved to stalk him just to get the littlest piece of dirt on him to spread to the masses. As much as he wanted to crush the little pricks, he knew that if he did it would just create the sparks that would lead to a much larger fire.

Letting out a sigh, he returned to his seat with a heavy sigh, but then heard Miyah's comment and put a hand to his head. Ceri put a hand to his head and massaged his temples. He took his plate up off the table and brought it to the kitchen and put it in the sink, the counter taking care of the dishes automatically, and left for his room without a word.

Silencing his footsteps as he walked away and disappeared to his room. All the while, James forced Castiel to dine with them all, even bringing a chair for the kitsune to sit in and would not eat until Castial joined him. Though James hadn't been paying attention to the surrounding conversation until Ceri and Naho were returning to the table. Hearing Miyah call Ceri an animal irritated James.

Ceri was one of the royals that James saw much good and potential, and James always became a mentor who guided the royals in the right direction. But he also made sure to get to know them and observe them in some of their personal lives. The same was with King Altair and Gregory of the past centuries. He was a very wise cat and cared for each royal like his own son. More often than not James would stay out of their business and lives, but this moment ticked him off.

James walked up to Miyah and frowned very visibly. The white eyebrows formed an angered face on the cat and he glared at Miyah before giving her a swat with his paw and leaving the room to follow Ceri.

To be call Ceri an animal was something James would not tolerate. Even before Ceri had become a prince, it was an insult many had thrown at him since childhood due to his above average height and strength. Even when Ceri tried to defend someone who was being bullied, both the victim and attackers just saw Ceri as an animal for how he fought: brutal and mercilessly. Often to the point of sending his opponents to the hospital because he could not control his strength.

The only place he hadn't been ostracized for his abilities was both high school and his club, but now neither felt fully available to him anymore.

As James followed Ceri to the attic, he called out to Ceri, trying to comfort him, [b [+e900ff "Meow! Meow!"]]

But it didn't work and the two continued on in silence.

Ceri's eyes were glazed over and had dulled in color, as if to close himself off to the world for a little while. After getting in the attic, he closed the door behind James and locked it before getting to his computer, putting on his headset, and spending the rest of his night on the game he booted up and eventually heading to bed.
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[center Airi was in awe when Braelyn introduced herself. It all made sense to her now. The girl's beauty was like no one else, of course, she was a God.

Airi couldn't help but feel out of place. She was a mutt surrounded by pure breeds, in her own mind. She thought everything about her screamed average, while the other females in the room were bright eyed and beautiful. That was the problem with Airi, she could never see the beauty in herself or her work. It was a constant battle. You could blame her parents for that.

Biting down on her lip, Airi let out a small exasperated sigh, memories flooding in like a tidal wave.


[#DC143C "Ma, look at this! I found these pretty flowers and I took pictures, look look!" ] An 11-year-old Airi sat in front of the tattered couch, her hands wrapped around her Mother's leg, shaking it to grab her attention. [#DC143C "Aren't they pretty?" ] Her voice was so light, happy.

Her Mother groaned, picking up the photograph Airi dropped in front of her. She cocked her eyebrow as she stared at it for a few seconds, before throwing it towards Airi. It floated downwards and onto the ground in front of the wide-eyed girl.

[#8B008B "Oh wow, flowers, haven't seen that before. Find something new then show me,"] Her Mother's words were like venom, causing the girl to retract and scramble towards the photo. Airi's eyes welded with tears, but she pushed them back.

Airi picked up the photo and ran away to her bedroom, slamming the door harshly. She threw the photo down onto the ground and jumped on her bed, burying her face into the pillow.

[pic ]


Airi snapped out of her daze when Miyah spoke, only getting the last part of her introduction. A grin spread across her face when the girl called her a dummy and demanded her to eat the food. She couldn't help but let out a giggle, before sitting down and allowing herself to take part in the feast. Every bite she took was like ecstasy, she did not know that food could be that tasty. [#DC143C "Dudes, this is like, the best food I ever had."]
  Airi Li / morbidchild / 2y 301d 15h 17m 1s
[center [pic]]
[center [pic]]

[center Miyah's yellow eyes softened ever so slightly when Winry explained her inability to conjure her own magic. They...were the same in that way. Miyah hadn't yet accessed her own magic. In Nexus many people were using alternate ways of doing it, harmful to their mind and body instead of letting themselves care for others. But the idol was always told she wasn't permitted to try these other methods, since the effects would likely destroy her music career and maybe her ability to sing in general. The brat's lips parted as if she wanted to say something. Like she could relate, or that she could understand. That she was abnormal for not being able to access her magic in Nexus. That if her fans knew that, she might be disowned by them completely. But remembering the presence of the prince at the table she bit back her words. He..couldn't know. There's no way, he could learn that someone from the Great World of Nexus, pathetically couldn't access their magic. Miyah thought as she continued to grip onto her heart necklace. Before she attempted to cover up her concern. [#fc599b "What a pain..You don't have to be worried you know, you'll get it eventually. And most of us have plenty of magic to keep you safe in the meantime.."] she bit her lip. But that wasn't exactly true, was it? Miyah couldn't even access her own but at the same time she wanted more then anything to protect others from his kind. [#fc599b "And seems like even those who don't have much will try to, too"] the brat sighed abit nodding to the adorable Naho who claimed to be a warrior for all. In any case, it was the idols way of trying to make Winry feel a little more safe while being forced to live in this horrible place.

While the idiot was chatting up Naho and the gardener, a gorgeous girl with ash-blonde colored hair walked into the dinning room. She was definitely from Ravensguard, Miyah could smell it all over her. That and she seemed to be lacking any real magic ability. [i Great, another one.] The short brat thought in annoyance. There wasn't any escaping these people. Despite Miyah's harsh thoughts, her opinion probably would have changed quite a bit of the girl if she had known she was one of her fans. As Miyah always treated her fans with the most care, no matter where they were from, since they supported her music and passion. But, of course, the idol had no idea this girl cared about her music. Glaring at her as she walked in, Miyah observed her closely. She dodged eye contact. Why? Did she sense Miyah was from Nexus? Like a typical Ravensguardian, her attention only seemed to go to Naho. Miyah rolled her eyes. [i I guess these two are going to be best friends. Birds of a feather..] the brat thought grumbling slightly. Though finally Airi did introduce herself to Miyah. Sighing softly, the petite girl folded her arms. [#fc599b "Yeah, yeah. My names Miyah Nakano. I'm an idol from Nexus."] The idol said in a short tone. She only ever knew Ravensguardians to be bad people so she wasn't particularly interested in getting to know them. She was only really civil to Naho and Airi because she figured working with them to land the prince instead of her would get her out of this torture chamber faster. Her yellow eyes glared at the girl for a few moments. Airi was a bit awkward wasn't she? Well, at least around Miyah. Something about that was kind of..endearing. [#fc599b "Jeez..are you going to stand there all day, or you going to eat something, dummy"] Miyah's harsh tone cracked with consern for Airi, as she essentially asked Airi to eat with them in her own Bratty little way, instead of shooing her off like she did the prince.

While Miyah was distracted with Airi, she didn't hear the conversation between the prince and Naho. She had no idea that, she and himself, had something very deeply in common, their hatred for the paparazzi and people that constantly wanted to use her in her life for the fame end status instead of just caring about them or the work she did. Instead, she heard the sound of the glass break and she glared at him hatefully. [#fc599b "Figures the prince of Ravensguard would be so rough around a sweet girl. You really are the lowest of the low."] She spouted in almost a protective tone over Naho and utter resentment towards him.

[center [pic]]

[center Soon, though, Miyah's attention was torn away from Airi and the idiot as a sexy looking dark haired girl and white haired male, all but barged into the kitchen. [#fc599b "Who the heck are they?"] Miyah blinked bracing herself. These people were definitely from a different world. Their clothes, demeanor, and magic screamed it. The short girl blinked twice as the attractive female dug into her food like an animal. Which made the idol glare at the prince [#fc599b "Guess you aren't the only animal here"] she stated rudely before her eyes returned back to the attractive girl. [i Wait a second, are those...ears?!] The short girl thought and hopped out of her seat having barely touched her food, and stared at Braelyn and then her, pet? She wasn't quite sure what the white fox boy was to her. People in Nexus didn't have familiars. Shortly after spotting their ears, a faint blush crept across the brats irritated face. Miyah's weakness for all things animals was sneaking up on her again and she couldn't help but be drawn to the foxes. Making her way over to that side of the table her eyes locked on the brunettes ears and tail. [#fc599b "T-Their...kind of cute..I wonder if they're soft"] she spoke quietly as she gazed up at the taller beings. Though her comment was to herself more then anyone else. It was certainly too low for the prince to ear, her embarrassing hang up. When Braelyn did finally notice her, Miyah went to regain her composure once again to seem as if she wasn't gushing as much as she really was. Glaring away she quickly bowed. [#fc599b " probably heard me say I'm the idol from Nexus, Miyah Nakano a few moments ago. I was just curious how you get your hair to look so shiny"] she fronted still glaring away as the blush slowly faded. What was she going to say? Your ears are adorable, and fascinate me? Not on her life, would she say something so humiliating and stupid in front of the Royal jerk. So she thought of the next best thing, and something normal, since Braelyn hair was pretty anyway.

Though the Bratty idol almost broke her composure once again when she saw the fox male turn into...well, an adorable fox. [#fc599b "Nnnh... y-you're a fox?! How..?!"] Her hands ached with the desire to pick Castiel up and cradle him until no end but the firey girl would never be able to live it down if the birdbrain witnessed that and on top of that...he was..a human-like male just a few moments ago! The idol adverted her eye contact as to not be lured into the temptation of giving into her weakness. [#fc599b "What are your names anyway? And Where are you even from?"] The petite girl spoke suddenly her curiosity building around the two, even though she tried her best to seem as uninterested as possible. [#fc599b "I..It's not that I'm interested or anything..Just it's uncommon to see people like you both in Nexus so it's better to be informed."] She mumbled repeating her notion of uncare from before hoping that if she stated it enough, everyone would believe she really didn't care. Especially the prince. So that her weaknesses were never brought to light. But to anyone with a keen sense, the blushing curious brat did seem to care about certain things, quite a lot. And could probably break easily with enough pressure. Though she was a defiant one for sure.

[center [pic]

[b [u [#fc599b ****NOTE****:]]] There was one true tell of when people from Nexus fluctuated in emotions, and that was their eye color. Although, Miyah's eye color was yellow normally it turned a much deeper Pink-reddish color that almost matched her hair color when she was feeling a particular emotion strongly, such as embarrassment, passion about something, or showing a little bit of care. This is why she normally looked away from people when she grew nervous, so no one would see the true color of her emotions through her eyes. Most people from other worlds don't know about this trait though. It was kept a large secret to prevent opposing worlds from seeing their weakness. Likely other world fans of Miyah thought she just wore different color contacts on the rare occasions they saw it happen.]

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Seemed to Ceri that he made the correct choice in taking the pitchers from her hands, [b [+6b6b6b "You're very welcome Ms. Nagai. And considering the falls you had earlier, I can see how."]]

Ceri had never encountered a girl as clumsy as her before. She seemed to be able to handle some very complex and complicated tasks but something very simple apparently was much harder to take care of. An odd balance, but great cooking and mechanical skill did need something to equalize things in the universe for some reason.

He listened to Naho speak, thinking to himself about the topics she brought up, [i [+6b6b6b Berkley. I've heard that location's name before. I think father and Cedric talk about it whenever one of the older car models needed repair.]]

Ceri listened to her with intrigue similar to Winry when he was at the dinner table. To begin with, she didn't bring up the marriage at all. Was she not told about it or did she think the arrangements were merely a means to gather them all together. Next was her fascination with the motorcycle she had brought with her, she valued it highly and also drove it to the manor from Berkley. A feat that isn't without challenge considering that the capital, Knight's Point, was guarded on the West by the ocean and to the North and East by tall mountains. And Berkley was located on a peninsula in the West. A massive forest between the two cities.

[b [+6b6b6b "Hmm...I was a former member of the martial arts club in my school and tend to play games quite often. Though as for living here..."]]

He let out a sigh and his eyes closed before opening and being focused on the floor for a moment, his walking stopped before continuing, [b [+6b6b6b "To most, Knight's Point is the crown jewel of the nation, as befitting of the capital. However, to those of us that garner great amounts of attention like celebrities, it's a matter of if you don't people trying to ask you questions, shoving a camera in your face, or stalking you constantly from dawn 'til dusk."]]

Ceri grit his teeth as an absolute hatred for the press, the paparazzi, and even his fellow students from the high school he attended all acted like this.

[b [+6b6b6b "I despise people who are willing to change right in your face from being your friend one day to only having you around to get something either from or through you just because of the position you hold."]]

He hadn't noticed that his face and eyes had frozen over, his eyes now a much darker blue and as cold as the arctic. He'd seen friends turn on him or use how they were once friends to get what they wanted, people giving him attention because he was now the prince, girls and women throwing themselves onto him just because if they ended up with him they'd have everything taken care of for the rest of their days. It all made his stomache chrun and turn the smile he had a month ago into a scowl.

Even the place that was once his haven at school was getting overrun with attention by anyone that wanted to get close to him, and he saw it start to tax the only people he could respect there. The club leader and advisor tried to keep everyone they could out, but in the end he decided that it would be better if he left and thus he did so. And the attention that once tried to flood the martial arts club dissipated and followed Ceri.

Before he noticed it, Ceri was also squeezing the handles of the pitchers too tightly and then he heard a crack. Hearing this, he paused and blinked, coming back to attention to what was going on, [b [+6b6b6b "Ah! My apologies Ms. Nagai. I seemed to have lost myself there.]]

Ceri placed the pitchers onto the table, though now they had newly formed hand grips.
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