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[I [center It was time to wake. And she was reluctant to...]]

[center ✳✴✳]

Okiyodyu was awakened when her chauffeur had knocked on the glass separating the two of them from conversation. She looked unto the man, and as he knocked, all she could do was awaken completely to fully understand what he was saying. [b "We're here, ma'am "] was what the chauffeur had said, and with a simple nod, she opened the door and he popped the trunk.

She grabbed her duffle bag and her travel pack and thanked the man before he departed. She turned to the opened gates that was the mansion, and was temporarily intrigued. Nature was not scarce there, and there was enough plain to stretched her legs, unlike the jet and the car ride. Her people never really used cars unless to get somewhere safe, or far to another neighboring dwelling. For her, if there was someone that personally requested her to be here... She wondered if it was for a purpose, or if it was some sort of contest. Either way, she was always interested in the world she was in. It could pose to be quite educational.

She walked into the door to a foyer... And the smell of something burning? Okiyodyu scrunched her face up a moment, a bit taken aback from the smell. She looked around until she saw light smoke from the kitchen. Of course... Why not the kitchen? Okiyo advanced to the room, and when she got there, there was a young girl running about in a panic, and in the midst of it, she had burning toast in the toaster. Without thinking, she calmly walks across the room to open the window, letting he smoke out. Afterwhich, she unplugged the toaster and doused it with a cup of water.

The fire was dead, and the smoke gradually escaped the confines of the kitchen. Okiyo sighed, relieved she stopped the fire in time. She turned over to check on the kid, but she was still running in, this time with a towel in hopes of putting it out and slipped on the water that dripped onto the floor. Before the kid could collide with tile flooring, Okiyo grabbed the neckline of her shirt, and pulled. She sighed to herself and set her down, and snatched the towels from her and dropped them on the floor. [I "Pay attention next time... You could've hurt yourself"]

She looked at the kid, glad she wasn't harmed. But, she definitely wouldn't leave her to tend to herself... The house really would burn down this time! She pulled out a chair and went to set her bags at the bottom of the stairs. Once she returned, she looked to the kid. [I "Is there anything you want? I'll cook it if it means the house stay intact... "]

The smoke was nearly gone as she went through the cabinets. [I "Spill it, kid... What is your preference? "]
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Ceri tried to keep as much information on Braelyn's family in his head as possible, having a feeling that he'd probably be interacting with at least one of these divine beings within the next year. Ashitaka, the nine tailed fox god who's ten feet tall when in god form. Harmony Spirit, ruler of music. Haru, doesn't have magic but is a music spirit. Asami, in a forbidden love with her familiar and prettier?

There were some bits and pieces of information that Braelyn seemed to try and keep...below the radar, and Ceri tried to not pay attention even though he could hear the comments rather clearly.

Next was the information on the Spirit World, an entirely different realm that sounded like it operated within it's own dimension rather than in just another world. Ceri didn't know what Yokai were, but they sounded similar to some of the magical creatures they had here like fairies, pixies, and other small creatures. Though Ravensguard was known for it's legends about centuars, dragons, and owlbears.

Taking a couple of the sandwiches out for himself and pouring a glass of Ambrosia, he had at least a rough idea about where Braelyn was from, [b [+6b6b6b"The Spirit World definitely sound like a rather unique place with how you can get lost in both place and time. I'll likely be visiting the world out of both curiosity and royal duties."]]

Ceri paused for a moment, thinking about Braelyn's questions before answering, giving thought to his answer, [b [+6b6b6b "Ravensguard is a rather simple place from my own experiences with it. Though perhaps the most unusual thing here, aside from our magic, is that the highest ranked member of our world is James, the cat that you've probably seen."]]

It was a rather difficult thing to understand for most outsiders, but James was effectively placed atop the royal family and seen as the highest ranked person in Ravensguard. [b [+6b6b6b "This is due to how James is believed to have been around since Ravensguard's creation millenniums ago. We even have him documented in very old pictures, though only up to 1000 years ago. He's also the most powerful mage in all of Ravensguard. So those that know who he is, including my family, bow to him when he demands an audience.

But other than that, as a nation Ravensguard eliminated the need for money by establishing a system where a person's level of wealth is measured rather than their individual coin on a scale of one to five so as to keep a majority of our people focused on general progress rather than individual growth. Most people in Ravensguard are around a two in wealth levels, celebrities and most guild members are usually at level three, well-performing members of our three guilds are often at level four, and only the leaders of the guilds and the royal family rank at five.

To serve Ravensguard with science, shield, or silver is to help our people move forward. Though that's probably more than enough about the nation. Of my family, there's King Altair, Queen Helva, and James. My father, Altair, is rather happy-go-lucky, simplistic, and relaxed. Though knows when to compose himself as a King when it's appropriate.

My mother, Helva, is a mysterious and scary mother . You've likely seen her in a magazine or two and how they praise her beauty and knowledge. And she is amongst the most intelligent of scholars and business associates in the nation while King Altair only did well in the military. She has a way of seeing right through you and isn't afraid to get physical when necessary."]]

Ceri couldn't bring himself to mention how Queen Helva tends to dress in black and keep a riding crop at her side when not in the public eye. He'd rather let the girls find out about this on their own.

[b [+6b6b6b "I don't have any siblings nor cousins. It's a weird trait of the James family where there's ever only one child of two parents that can be born. Not due to any kind of actual law, but it's just been proven to be true in the past as well as now.

And only about a month ago was I informed that I was the crown prince..."]]

Remembering how he was made a prince made him pause for a moment and gaze into the glass as his reflection stared back at him. His life had been happy, though the keyword being "had."

His eyes grew into a more ocean-like blue, darker but not colder. He was uncertain of what to make of the times before everything changed combined with what had happened recently.
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[left [pic]] [center [pic]][center [font "Arial"
The fox goddess stared at the basket the prince had placed on the table. Her eyes fixated on the open lid. It took every ounce of self control to not leave on the table like the animal she pretended not to be. She wasn't actually sure what the customs were here but she didn't think it would be much different than the human world. Reaching for a napkin, she placed it in her lap before snagging a sandwich. Sniffing at the thermos, she recognised the smell. It was very popular in some of the districts back home. Just as she was about to [i help herself,] Ceri's question stole her attention.

[i 'Where do you come from?']

Braelyn lit up like a spark at the question. A wild grin crawled across her lips. Widening her ocean eyes, she let out a pur. The Spirit World she called her home was definitely something she liked to brag about. Pausing for a moment, a flash of sadness stung her. But as quickly as it came, it disappeared. She hadn't realized how much she missed her family.
[b [#009999 "I come from the Spirit World ..."]] she stated. The goddess wasn't actually sure [i where] to start. There was so much to tell. Cocking her head, she rested her chin on her palm ignoring her food for the first time in her entire life. Her smile changed from playful to warm and sentimental. Pressing her tongue to the roof of her mouth, she contemplated her timeline. Maybe it would be best to start with the family?

Inhaling, she sat up straight again and tapped her chin with her index finger. [b [#009999 "Okay ... so I should first give you a little background on my family"]] she started.
[b [#009999 "First there is my papa. His name is Ashitaka."]] Braelyn beamed just saying his name.] [right [ [pic]]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "Alright so imagine a really big guy with snowy white hair that drags the ground ... But when I say big I mean [i big.] He is around ten feet tall when he is in his regular god form. He is kind of scary looking and he has nine tails and [b really] big ears. [size9 'I only have seven right now ...']]] She mumbled to herself sourly. [b [#009999 "Don't let his looks scare you. He is a soft marshmallow that likes his tummy rubbed."]] Her eyes softened as she went on. Playing with the end of her braid, she had completely forgotten about her rumbling stomach. She missed him terribly.
[b [#009999 "He is the Fox God. In my realm there are ten gods that rule the spirits. He is controls the fire and light. My magic is blue unlike his boring [i white.]"]] Braelyn boasted proudly. She puffed out her chest jokingly.
[b [#009999 "I will take his place in the next century or so. [size11 No one is really happy about it] [size10 because I am a girl] [size9 but my dad thinks it is badass...]"]] She trailed on mostly in a babble.
Stopping to take a breath, she locked eyes with the prince and went rigid. Her scarlet cheeks indicated she had realized she was talking too fast. Scratching the back of her head, she laughed awkwardly.
[b [#009999 "Well anyway that's my dad."]]

[b [#009999 "OH I want you to know my real name. I am Kazumi of [i Shiroi Hi To Hikari] Shrine, which literally means white fire and light. It isn't very creative ..."]] the Vixen added.

Next she decided to talk about her mom.][left [ [pic]]] [center [font "Arial"Braelyn loved that woman.
[b [#009999 "My mother is the Harmony Spirit. She is the ruler of music and she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in the whole entire world. Her voice is soft like honey and she always smells of oranges. [i She is [ [font "Arial" [b [#009999 almost idyllic]]]] if a person could be a definition."]]] She couldn't help but dwell on the memories of her mother. When she was a baby she would only sleep if her mother sang to her. The random thought of a piano residing somewhere in the house excited her, She would definitely have to ask. Speaking of music, her brother was next on the bragging list.[right [pic]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "I have a big brother named Haru. He is really handsome too but he gets his looks from our mom. Well he actually gets most of his genes from momma. He is a music spirit like her. Although he can have ears like me, he doesn't have any of his magic. [i I think that made papa sad at first."]]] She thought to herself. Pushing it from her mind, she continued. [b [#009999 "He's also dating the [ [font "Arial" [b [#009999 Ice God]]]] who is one of the ten rulers. But my dad doesn't know they are boyfriends. So that's a secret."]] She flashed her sapphire eyes at the prince as if to threaten him. But it could only come off as playful.

[b [#009999 "Lastly, I have a little sister named Asami. She is so much prettier than me. [size9 but my boobs are bigger."]]] Braelyn snickered the last part to herself. It made her feel somewhat better about herself.][left [pic]] [center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "She is dating her familiar Raika. Which is kind of taboo but it's okay because they are in love. I wouldn't mind having her as a sister-in-law."]] The fox added absent-mindedly. [i Wow her famly was kind of gay.] She thought maybe the prince didn't really care but she always wanted an excuse to talk about her family. Now that she had some background information [i not important really but she didn't care,] she moved on to her home world. Trying to describe the Spirit World was like trying to describe the taste of water or color to someone blind. It was an experience not a place.


[b [#009999 "My world is kind of hard to explain? It is really huge and has a million different timelines. It is really easy to get lost because one wrong step and you end up in a different city or forest."]] She grimaced at the cold hard truth from personal adventures.]
[left [pic]][center [font "Arial" [b [#009999 "I live on a shrine in a place based off of the human world's Shinto religion. I love it because tons of low level spirits like to make their homes under our deck and in the attic. I am never lonely."]][right [pic]][font "Arial" [b [#009999 "Sometimes they come and eat the dust bunnies under our dinner table."]] Braelyn added with a giggle. She wished they would come visit too. Although they might cause a bit of a ruckus because they are a little unruly. They weren't bad, they just knew how to have a good time. [i Well that is what Braelyn argued to her mother when the broke her favourite China dish set.] Most of the spirits and gods her age didn't like her because of her fate. They were jealous of her abilities which confused her when she was a child. She didn't understand why no one wanted to play with her. Frowning, Braelyn pulled herself from thought.

[b [#009999 "I have been told that there isn't a place in existence like the Spirit World."]] the fox mused. [b [#009999 "It is life in colors you can't even imagine."]] She spoke with a steady voice. Everything seemed dull in comparison. [b [#009999 "And the sky goes on for lifetimes."]] Braelyn added at the end.
[b [#009999 "Spirits and Yokai kind of just live everywhere. Boats, treehouses, mundane apartments, [i shoes,] cans, you name it. They are very creative"]] She chirped in bliss. [b [#009999 [i "And resourceful.]]]
[b [#009999 "We are constantly having festivals all over the place. There is never a quiet moment in the cities. The food is amazing. Shops and restaurants line the streets. If you go out in the country to the villages there are fresh markets. I think you'd enjoy it."]] chattering easily, she hadn't realized that she was comfortable talking to Ceri. [b [#009999 "You should visit sometime. We don't let mortals in usually but I think I could sneak you in."]]

[center [pic]]

[b [#009999 "So [i your highness,] what is it like being a popular prince with beautiful eyes and a nice smi-"]] She stopped herself and blushed lightly. Clearing her throat she didn't understand why she put it like that. [b [#009999 "I mean, what is it like here?"]] She gestured to the land behind her. It was a beautiful place. She hoped to explore with her familiar later one of these nights.

She really didn't know a thing about the prince. It was more of a [i 'my little sakura blossom you are going to romance this prince since you don't have to be a boss for a century,'] and then promptly kicking her out. But he probably felt the same way. This might actually be kind of stressful for him. Not once did she consider his feelings.
[b [#009999 "Ceri, are you happy?"]] Braelyn questioned gingerly. There was a compassion that she didn't even try to hide.]]

[p It isn't as long as it looks because of dialog and coding]
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[b [+6b6b6b "Y-yes. My apologes, Brae."]]

Ceri wasn't comfortable addressing a girl by her first name, rather a bit embarassing for him since he believed that anyone who he was not very well acquainted with should be referred to in a formal way. This caused him to have a light blush on his cheeks and clear his throat for a moment.

Joining Braelyn on the deck, he sat opposite of her and opened up both the thermus and basket, allowing for access to the contents inside.

[b [+6b6b6b "Help yourself, Brae."]]

It was going to be a little while before Ceri was used to calling Braelyn, let alone almost anyone, by her first name.

[b [+6b6b6b "I hope that your time in Ravensguard, while it's been not the most eventful yet, has been pleasant."]]

Ceri wasn't sure as to what to talk about. This was very first time he'd had any kind of meal alone with a girl who wasn't either a servant or a member of his family. The situation fell heavy on his shoulders as he tried to keep a conversation and enjoy lunch.

[b [+6b6b6b "Ms. B-..."]]

Ceri caught himself.

[b [+6b6b6b "Brae. Where do you come from exactly. I know of several realms, but their innerworkings and populace aren't the best in my mind. Academics aren't one of my strongsuits."]]

Neither Ceri's parents nor Cedric had given Ceri any information on Brae, let alone Winry, Miyah, or Akira. While Miyah had revealed that she was from Nexus, everyone else was a mystery to him.

Ceri had been a part of the military academy section of his school, showing promise as a high ranking officer prior to being announced as a prince and was amongst the strongest in his division when it came to combat ability even though his magic was very simple. And because of this, he was more of a mediocre student when it came to the more academic fields like mathematics, history, and science.

Because of this, the realm that Brae originated from eluded his mind. Her animal traits were certainly intriguing as there were few like her in Ravensguard. Most who did have them either had access to a type of magic that gave them such traits or were from another realm. But because of the numerous realms that Ravensguard was connected to, any one of them could be Braelyn's home world.
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[right [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" Braelyn pricked up her ears at the invitation. Her tail sprouted from her back and swished back and forth. She hadn't been invited to a meal with someone since she was in the spirit world. It was a nice change. Blinking slowly she tilted her head and stretched her long pale legs and slid off of the stool. Her bare feet sent shivers up her spine causing her hair to fluff up as she stepped down. Reaching her arms up she arched her back to stretch. She looked like a cat. Her tank top lifted up revealing her stomach. Eyeing the basket in his hand she felt her tummy growl.

[b [#009999 "I'd love to Ceri. I am starving,"]] she exclaimed.

Tangling her fingers in her raven locks, the fox twined it together into a messy braid. Tossing it over her shoulder, she bounded up to the prince. Bowing to him slightly, she danced through the open door. Grabbing his hand, she laced their fingers together. Leading Ceri to the patio, she glanced over her shoulder flashing a warm smile.
[b [#009999 "Also you can call me Brae, the formality isn't my thing,"]] she grinned.
This was one of her favourite spots. It had the best view. She loved how the sun bounded off of the water on the pond. Braelyn really wanted to swim but food was more important and she wasn't really dressed appropriately.
Sliding into the chair she gave him his and back. Her ears flickered as she waited for the boy to sit down. She was excited to have his company but she was [i more] excited to eat. Meeting Ceri's gaze, she blushed when they locked eyes. She had never noticed how bright they were.

Humans were still so interesting to Braelyn. Her family didn't have a shrine they visited often in the human world so she didn't have much experience with them. A lot of their customs were foreign to her like the way no one ever said how they felt or how you could buy dried ramen in bulk. She wanted to know everything. Pursing her lips, Braelyn leaned in as they were going to share secrets.

[center [pic]]
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Ceri had just withdrawn food from the refrigerator, which might as well be more well known as a dimensional storage box. It was a thing made of magic and science, where a pocket dimension is used for the storage of items while also preserving them perfectly. Though they do have their drawbacks, such as limited space, expensive to purchase, would explode if another DSB was put in it, and very large. This was one of the prototypes that the Blue Forge had given to the royal family of Ravensguard as a gift after they were successful. To use it, all one had to do was think of the object that you wanted to take out , reach in, and take it out.

As Braelyn addressed him, he jumped a bit, caught off-guard by how he didn't expect to find her so quickly and in the kitchen as well. Turning around a bit cautiously, due to this morning's events, he found her at the counter this time and let out a sigh of relief.

[b [+6b6b6b "Good afternoon Ms. Braelyn."]]

He had the basket in hand and a thermus filled with a mysterious liquid known as Ambrosia. This drink was named so in reference to the Greek mythological liquid of the gods on the world known as Earth. It was an incredible drink but also somewhat expensive. While it was not the great drink from legend, it was a pleasant one. Able to change its flavor from one kind to the next with each sip, only consistency it had was each flavor was a different kind of fruit would be tasted each time as if one were eating it; only the most liked fruits were included in Ambrosia.

[b [+6b6b6b "I was about to have lunch and wanted to ask if you'd be interested in some. I have one of Ravensguard's most famous exports and some sandwiches if you'd like to join me out on the deck."]]

Ceri began to walk over to the backdoor to the house, holding it open to Braelyn if he'd like to follow him.

[center - - - - - MEANWHILE - - - - -]

James was out in the garden and encountered both Akira and her little rabbit. It was a curious little thing to James and he bowed curiously to it, as fitting of the oldest and most regal creature in all of Ravensguard. Some of the manor's ground keepers also came by and bowed respectfully to James and even offered the cat up some berries that they had found in the garden. James took them gratefully and dismissed the workers as they left with another bow.

Something interesting happened next though, the berries that had been given to James were levitating an inch or so off the ground. He then walked over to Coco and offered a portion of his berries to the rabbit, splitting them off with an unusual power as the floated there.

James smiled to Coco and even ate of the berries himself, getting his white mustache a bit stained with berry juice though.
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[left [pic]][center [#ffffff ___________________________]] [center [size16 [font "Gabriola" Brae? More like [i bae.]]]][center [pic]] [center [font "Arial" Braelyn nodded with a soft expression. She felt at ease once the other girl suggested a friendship. The idea of making a friend here made her smile. She hadn't really made any friendships yet and the house was honestly starting to feel too big.
[b [#009999 "It isn't a problem. I am glad I could help. How about we hang out after lunch?"]] Braelyn suggested with a smile. Turning away she padded down the steps back to her room. She had some explaining to do for her familiar. He had to endure her whiplash.

After a long hot shower, the kitsune flopped onto her bed with a sigh. Her towel was the only thing covering her petite body and it was damp soaking the comforter slightly. In a tangle of raven curls, Braelyn rolled onto her side letting her wet hair fall around her cheeks.]][right [pic]][center [font "Arial" Castiel rose to his paws and crawled over to his master. Leaping onto the foot of the bed, he nudged her with his muzzle.
[b [#626262 "Mistress ... you will catch a cold like that."]] He barked.
Braelyn grabbed the fox by the scruff and pulled him into her chest. The massive animal crushed her ribs but she didn't care. Pressing her face into Castiel's snowy fur she inhaled his sweet scent. Blushing slightly, Cas blinked slowly before adjusting his weight. Letting out a low growl of pleasure, he snuggled into the girl. Within moments the two were fast asleep.
[center [pic]]
When Braelyn woke from her slumber, her eyelids were heavy. Shivering she realized she had napped in her wet towel. Her fox familiar was still curled up close to her. He opened his eyes to gaze at her. Sometimes they didn't need words to comfort each other.
Rolling out of the bed, the fox pulled off her towel and threw it at Cas. Barking in protest he jumped to his feet. In a flash of light the animal had transformed into a handsome male. Tossing the towel back at his master, he stormed out of the room in a pretend frustration. Braelyn couldn't help but giggle.
Picking a sleeveless shirt and pair of denim shorts, she decided it was time to get ready for the day, [i even if it was already 1 o'clock in the afternoon.] Skipping a bra, she pulled the shirt over her bare body. Shimying into her favourite pink underwear, she buttoned her shorts overtop of them. Running her fingers through her thick hair, she brushed through it with her hands not bothering with a brush. Glancing once in the mirror, she skipped out of the bedroom. She half expected Castiel to be waiting for her but the boy was nowhere to be found. Shaking the fox from her brain, she made a beeline for the kitchen. Braelyn was absolutely starving.
[center [pic]]
Stalking into the kitchen, Braelyn's stomach let out a loud rumble demanding substance. She could definitely eat the entire kitchen empty. To her surprise the goddess spotted the prince by the refridgerator. She couldn't help but notice how attractive Ceri was. There was something about him standing in the warm light flooding through the open window that made him stunning. Realizing she was standing silently in the doorway staring at the male she flushed a soft rose. Running her fingers through her mane again, she scurried over to the kitchen table. Perching on a stool, she pulled her thin legs into a criss cross position on the seat. Leaning on her elbows, she glanced at the prince again. He was in the way of the food and she was impatient.

[b [#009999 "Hello Ceri."]] The vixen purred the greeting. A radiant smile kissed her lips. Tilting her head she batted her thick eyelashes. She couldn't stop thinking about food.]]

[p [ This] is Braelyn's character interaction chart if you are curious. I will update it throughout the story.]
[center Also Castiel is just wandering the house if anyone wants to interact with [ him.]]
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[center [pic]]

[center [pic]]

[center Miyah didn't really hear anything the prince was yammering on about since she didn't care what a horrible Ravensguardian had to say anyway, though she did hear the groans of the stalking paparazzi she thought to be killed moments before. [i They..aren't dead?] The idols bright yellow eyes blinked in surprise. Still he had been so ruthless to them. There's no way he did it out of worry for Miyah. He knew she was from Nexus, maybe he was trying to show off his magical ability or still just wanted someone to take his anger out on. She didn't believe he was good. People from Ravensguard were liars and they framed things in a light to make themselves look good to trick their enemies. That's all there was too it.

When the prince left, Miyah took a sharp breath looking at Akira before glancing quickly away. [i I promised I'd protect someone again..and I don't even have access to my magic yet...] she gripped lightly at the edge of her skirt in thought. [i But he can't know that. He can't think anyone from Nexus is weak. I'll..just have to do whatever I can if it ever comes down to it] Miyah told herself as if she really stood a chance without magic. But she had only ever known the people of Ravensguard to be terrible, and she had to do something to keep people safe from those monsters, right?

The short idol was heading to the kitchen when she stopped only to notice Akira's bunny hopping along after the taller girl as she headed for the backyard doors. As if gravity was pulling the twin tailed girl, Miyah followed along, keeping her distance while admiring the rabbit. Miyah may have been a brat on the outside but she was a sweet girl at her core that loved adorable animals. She just didn't like to show that side of her around her enemy. [i's so fluffy and cute..] The small idol thought as she watched it hop along. As Akira made her way out side Miyah, she followed but then stopped when she realized her presence was obvious. Blinking the small girl crossed her arms glaring away in slight embarrassment. [#fc599b "I-Is that bunny yours? What's it's name? It's fur looks really healthy. Not..that I noticed or anything"] she tried her best to dampen how obvious it was that she like cute things and was gushing over Akira's bunny. She was from Nexus after all. Looking cute was fine but acting weak for something, even animals was frawned on even though every bone in her wanted to pet her rabbit. [#fc599b " is a garden up the hill, that way"] The short girl pointed off to the far distance. Little did they know there was also a set up for archery practice out there near the garden, and right near the gym the prince did his own training in often. [#fc599b "I thought I saw some carrots their too"] the idol mentioned. [#fc599b "It is lunchtime you know"]

Miyah glanced at Akira looking her up and down. She was dressed a bit...odd. The idol, of course, was very into fashion but Akira looked like she wore the bare minimum. Just some cloth here and there. But beautiful flowers on her head. Maybe that was the fashion of Akira's world. But in Ravensguard, people did tend to have decent clothes and they were prospects to be a prince's wife, after all. Miyah thought for a moment. Akira might have felt uncomfortable dressing this way in this new world, the idol would have lent her some cute clothes but it would have looked rediculous on the taller girl. [i She seems quiet but sort of nice. If the prince isn't such a jerk. It might not be so bad if she ended up with him. Anyone's better with that idiot, so long as it's not me] The idol stuck out her tongue. Coughing slightly, the idol spoke again. [#fc599b "You know, you should ask that dimwit to get you some proper clothes sometime. Not...that yours aren't nice..o-or anything. Just, maybe not suited for this environment. And your feet must be in pain"] she commented with a bit of a concerned look. Miyah imagined Akira looking really gorgeous in some modern looking attire. Akira was tall and thin from what Miyah could see. She looked kind of like a model. Being short and petite, the idol admired those qualities. [#fc599b "I bet you'd look really pretty in Ravensguard fashion"] Miyah added with a small giggle. But not wanting to show too much of that part of herself she quickly turned away blushing. [#fc599b "I'm going to look for some food. Tell me if she likes those carrots"] she stated softly about her rabbit before heading back inside to the kitchen.

[center [pic]]

Entering the kitchen the short idol sighed in annoyance as she dug through the cabinets. [i What the heck is this stuff. These dumb birds eat the weirdest things] The twin haired girl thought in frustration about the Ravensguardians, as she began making a mess of the cabinets to try and find something edible that didn't require cooking. [i Jeez it would be way easier if there was someone around here that could cook] The idol groaned in thought as she found some bread and popped it in the toaster. Though it didn't take long for it to start to burn, the smell not yet filling the house but the smoke scaring the idol anyway. [#fc599b "W-WHATS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID THING?!!"] The short brat shouted and hopped on the counter fighting the toaster until it popped out her charred toast. [#fc599b "I...I'm going to starve to death"] Miyah whined sliding down the counter leaving the unplugged toaster and bread defeated in a mess as she moved along finding some hot chocolate mix. [i Speaking of coco] The brat thought of the rabbit and blushed slightly gushing over it once again as she went about attempting to make hot chocolate next.]

[center [pic]]
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[font "Century Gothic" Akira was so busy looking up and around that she wasn’t paying enough attention to what was in front of her. Fortunately, despite her guard being somewhat down, her senses were still sharp enough to spot something, actually, some[i one], pink heading in her direction. The other girl was faster, however, for she spoke up before they could actually collide. Due to how quickly Akira stopped, she had to take a step back in order to catch her balance. The surprise seemed mutual between the two of them, but each having their own reasons. Akira was initially surprised by the sight of the girl since she looked quite young to be at the house.

[b “Oh… you must be one of the other unfortunate girls that’s stuck here with that idiot.”]

Only an eyebrow arched in response to that statement. Whether this could be an unfortunate situation or not probably depended on the person. Akira, in a way, was forced to be there by her parents. However, if she [i truly] wanted to not be there, she certainly could have taken drastic actions in order to do so. That wasn’t the case, however. The “idiot” part Akira could only assume applied to prince, yet she has yet to see why the young man might have been deserving of that insult.

The pink-haired girl continued on, introducing herself as Miyah Nakano. For a moment, Akira wondered if she had ever heard the world of Nexus. Of course she knew of other worlds thanks to the education she received at a young age . There was only one time that Akira attended a sort of concert or music festival, she couldn’t remember which, that had featured musicians and singers from other worlds. Someone from Nexus could have been there, and Miyah might have been that person, but it was a year ago and Akira wasn’t the best at remembering people’s faces.

[b [#ce2500 “My name is Akira Whitefang, daughter of the chieftains of the Earth Tribe in Neahal.”]]

She didn’t know how many other worlds were aware of Neahal. She wouldn’t be all that surprised if people did not know of the place. They tended to focus on their world and didn’t get too heavily involved in the politics of the other worlds, but they weren’t completely isolated. It wasn’t uncommon to hear of someone traveling outside of Neahal to visit another world and gain some outside knowledge.

Miyah continued to say how she would protect Akira from the supposed “jerk”. If based on physical appearance, with Akira being quite a few inches taller than Miyah and having more muscles on her body, it would probably be assumed that Akira would be the one to protect the idol, not the other way around. However, Akira knew better than to assume someone’s strength based on physical appearance alone so she did not argue the girl’s statement.

[b “Speak of the devil…”]

Akira looked in the same direction as Miyah and spotted a young man entering the mansion not too far away from them. After a few parting words, the idol gave her a small smile and disappeared. Akira found her curious, the way she could be very harsh with her words yet smile in such a kind, genuine way. How much of her words were just barks and how much of them were actual bites? Though she wasn’t afraid of the smaller girl, she wasn’t going to blindly trust her either. It took Akira a while to decide whether or not a person was worthy of her trust.

The prince was no exception to this. Sure, he might have an attractive appearance and speak politely, but that was not nearly enough to allow the young woman to get a good read on him. Still, Akira wasn’t completely lacking of empathy. The prince, or Ceri, looked to be stressed or tired about something. He might have a lot on his mind and lots to do, which was why their introduction had to be cut short. She only nodded in response to him, letting him know that she had no qualms with him leaving, and let him go in peace. Better to be brief than to drag on a useless conversation. Even if she thought she would never need help from Ceri, she at least kept a mental note of what he said.

Something soft tickled her ankle and crimsons shot downwards, only to be greeted by the wide, innocent eyes of Coco. [b [#ce2500 “You decided to follow me, hmm?”]] Akira asked. [b [#ce2500 “Not that I am surprised, but this is a very large place. Be careful not to get lost.”]]

The tribeswoman somehow found her way outside, curious about the bright blue water that shimmered brightly outside. Before she could reach the edge, a curious cat caught her attention. She looked between the cat and the rabbit. Looking back at the cat, she said, [b [#ce2500 “She is not food.”]] She was not being harsh or threatening, rather laying down the ground rule. Whether this cat would have any interest in making Coco a future meal was something she could only guess at, but hopefully there would be no issues between the two animals.

Akira finally sat by the pool, staring at it curiously while also taking in its strange scent. Coco, meanwhile, hopped over to the cat curiously. She was always eager to make new friends, although that sometimes got the rabbit in trouble and Akira was always the one that had to rescue her from her own mistakes.]
  Akira / nomey1 / 3y 87d 14m 50s

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[size13 [font "PMingLiU-ExtB" The scenario seemed to flash before her eyes, dipping and executing in every which way without her able to exist within it. For a moment, Winry felt like a molded statue observing the living people before her, but one after another, everyone left and she was alone with Ceri.

It was brief, he was distracted and that was more than okay. She didn't want to spend time alone with him like this. He offered her some of his clothes and hurried out of the room. She could almost feel the stone cracking from her skin, chipping away as she was able to move and breathe once again. Though red as a cherry, Winry was collecting her wits as she looked down at the shirt Ceri had offered her. A silky purple button-up that would fit her better as a dress than it would a shirt. She slowly removed the towel, sliding her arms through the sleeves without undoing the buttons of the shirt. Her head popped up through the neck of the button-up and she brought her hands up to her face, pressing the silky fabric against her cheeks. It.. smells like him.. That was when Braelyn re-appeared. She only caught eye contact with the goddess for a moment, when both girls darted their gazes to the floor. Winry went to stumble out some kind of a sentence, but Braelyn was faster. She decided to go get Winry some proper clothes and darted out of the room as quickly as she had come in. Winry watched the door, then chuckled a bit, if not a little awkwardly.

She waited patiently for Braelyn to return, gratefully accepting the clothes. As much as she.. secretly enjoyed wearing Ceri's shirt, it would probably send a strange message if any of the house keepers or the other girls saw her darting out of his room wearing his clothes. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "Thank you s-so much!"]]] Winry fumbled to catch and pick up the clothes tossed at her, quickly changing into them and out of Ceri's shirt, which she folded neatly and placed at the end of his bed. On the shirt offered to her was one stitched flower centered on the chest, Winry let her finger glide over it for a moment. [#01A9DB [size12 "I had always believed.. flowers were natures only magic"]] she almost whispered. Realizing she had spoken that out loud, she quickly pulled the shirt over her body after the bottoms and grinned a bit wearily. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "Sorry.. It's just a little theory of mine."]]] Winry trotted over to Braelyn, her fingers touching the flower design. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "Thank you again, I-I didn't mean to come here.. I lost my clothes earlier this.. morning so.."]]] She was mumbling again, she didn't want any of the girls to misunderstand and hate her because of it. Winry took a deep breath, looking up to Braelyn with a smile. Likely, one of the first genuine smile she had offered anyone since coming here. [b [#01A9DB [size12 "You really saved me! I hope.. I can repay you somehow or.. [size11 we could be friends..] [size10 if-if that was okay.."]]]]
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Ceri sent the armor he wore and the blade back to their respective dimensions as they disolved into a purple particles of light. It seemed that there was little to nothing that this girl would ever actually say "thank you" to when it came from him. And apparently he was a murderer in her eyes now. Great...

James wasn't exactly excited when she picked him up, nor really happy. He wasn't the one who protected her nor the one who deserved the credit. It was also very apparent to James when Miyah was just being a jerk for no credible reason. In the case of this brawl, there was not a drop of blood, and all the men still had pulses. When he was back on the ground, he put his paw to the forehead and James shaked his head. There was a lot of work to just get this girl to see things in a normal way.

There were tensions between Ravensguard and Nexus, but in recent years the RG had done nothing to antagonize their enemy, even writing about their accomplishments in the textbooks and giving credit to Nexus scientists for making breakthroughs. Ceri was trying to figure out just what in the hell Nexians were teaching their children. RG had definitely seen some dark times in the past, they weren't a sparkling image of perfection, they'd owned slaves, killed indigenous people, been warmongers, sacrificed people in the name of religion, and many other dark things. But why was it that Nexus hated Ravensguard so much?

They were universally seen as the bully amongst all realms and all because someone was strong enough to oppose them, they feel threatened? If that was the case, Nexians weren't on par with those from Ravensguard at all. They were much weaker. Even in the textbooks of other worlds were there written texts of how Ravensguard rarely ever attacked another nation, preferring trade and diplomatic talks to violence and often being on the receiving end of an assault.

Letting out a heavy sigh, Ceri got out his phone and called up the police. It wasn't long at all before the cops arrived and entered the house to get to the garden out back and arrest all three and prepare them for exile. Their moaning and unconscious bodies being hauled through the house for the sake of convenience, Ceri following behind them with James in tow.

[b [+6b6b6b "You'd think that Miyah would have at least said thank you."]]

James let out his own sigh. While Miyah was a celebrity, she was far from proper to James. It would take a lot of reforming and ignorance removal to get her to see things as they actually are.

As they walked back to the house to see the criminals off and to give the police the official stamp from the royal house for their exile, Ceri thought to himself about the girls with him and who he'd interacted with thus far. Winry and Miyah the most it seemed, though the two couldn't be polar opposites if they tried. Where Winry was shy, she was courteous and kind. Whereas Miyah was...abrassive and aggressive. She could be cute, but would flip on a dime it seemed.

But then there was Braelyn. She was certainly attractive, as much if not moreso than the other two, but had a different air about her. She was aggressive, but in a comparatively nicer way than Miyah. Braelyn was kind to, but she seemed to also have a hint of some kind of deception or manipulation to her words when Ceri would hear her to talk to him.

Ceri thought, though, that he should at least try and talk with Braelyn. She seemed the easiest to interact with in the calmest of manners, hopefully. Perhaps over a cup of tea.

As Ceri thought this, he was soon at the door as a new girl appeared, and already being taught the incorrect things by Miyah. In his own mind, he rolled his eyes very far back into his own skull.

[b [+6b6b6b "Ms. Miyah, the men are being transported by the police to be prepared for exile. They'll need your part of the story as well."]] However, she seemed to already have left.

An officer came up to the door with a clipboard and a space for a signature, the title of the paper reading "EXILE" across the top. Tracing his finger in the air above the paper, Ceri's signature and family seal appeared with a violet glow of light.

[b [+6b6b6b "Thank you officer, and I hope just my signature will do."]]

The officer tipped his hat and with the culprits in tow, they all left. Ceri let out a sigh to try and relax, letting his shoulders slump a bit. And then he noticed the new addition to the manor, straightening himself back up and dusting off his clothes a bit. A slight bit of embarassment on his face.

[b [+6b6b6b "M-my apologies madam. You must be one of the new members of the household. I'm Ceri and I welcome you to Ravensguard. I'm sorry to say that I do have to address something at the moment, but I'll be around the house or in my room in the attic should you need something."]]

Ceri gave a bow and headed off looking for Braelyn. He was hoping to try and find her and talk over a simple lunch of sandwiches and tea, away from the others so that there wouldn't be any kind of interruption. Quickly getting to the kitchen and reaching inside, pulling out a ready-to-go pot of tea that was of the perfect temperature, and a basket with sandwiches inside.
  Ceri Lanman James / Crow37 / 3y 88d 11h 31m 31s
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[center [pic]]

[center When Ceri appeared, Miyah panicked a bit mentally. The people from her world, Nexus, were very strong when they actually had access to their magical ability. But there was no magical energy in sight. Even that idiot prince would probably have noticed, no magic was being used when he arrived. At least not by the pop idol. Gritting her teeth, Miyah grew more frustrated as the prince began arguing with the paparazzi. [i If he sees I can't even hold off these blood suckers, then he'll think I'm weak for sure. I can't have that..I can't let anyone from Ravensguard think someone from Nexus can't hold their own!] The small brat thought in desperation. Ravensguard was Nexus's rival world after all, and it was a matter of pride that she didn't look so pathetic in front of him.

Almost as if his presence fired her up more, the small girl used her new found energy to fight even harder against these camera wielding thugs, squirming and wiggling more to break free from the mans grasp. [#fc599b "You really must be stupid. You should know better then to mess with anyone from Nexus. You featherheads couldn't even dream of taking on one of us"] she mocked the Ravensguard paparazzi. He snarled at her getting a bit ticked off by her attitude as The prince was arguing with the other cameraman. [b "Oh yeah, if you're so powerful why haven't I seen a damn thing yet, little girl? You're the one whose pathetically pinned] he mocked her back as the small girl shook with anger. James the cat wandering over and sitting on her chest calmly causing the Bratty girl to blink. [#fc599b "kitty?"] She muttered before the paparazzi stopped to look over at Ceri taking out their companion. [i Nows my chance] The idol thought as she called out to him. [#fc599b "Hey idiot"] when he looked back at her in anger she spit in his eye causing him to release her and whipe it. [b "Why you little..."]but as he went to finish his sentence, she reared her leg up and kicked him hard in the face before slipping away and dodging the other mans grip all while protectively holding the cat.

[#fc599b "Jeez you birdbrains really are dumb."] The short idol mocked them as she stood her ground a few feet away. [b "Don't just stand there. Grab that brat!"] The male growled holding his bruced face. Miyah rolled her eyes grabbing a couple of rocks off the ground and jumping up into a tree and staring down at them. [#fc599b "You idiots are going to have to catch me first. Don't worry I'll make it easy and stay in one place"] the idol said in a cocky tone as she ready a rock to be tossed right into the paparazzi's face. Though just as they went to chase after her they stopped seemingly distracted with what was happening between the prince and their third companion. [#fc599b "H-Hey! Don't ignore me!"] Miyah spouted, with irrational confidence that she really could take on these guys without magic. But they seemed to only grow more ticked off as they let her be and went to go attack the now armored Ceri. [i So..that's what Ravensguard magic looks like.] The pop idol stood in awh, though she wouldn't let her face read that she was impressed by it.

It didn't take long for the prince to savagely wreck the paparazzi. At least that's how Miyah viewed it. In reality he was saving her from a dangerous situation but she only saw the worst in him and every other Ravensguardian. Of course, the pop idol had her reasons for hating his kind, but it wouldn't be easy to convince her any of them were very good people. As she watched the battle, the small brat was still shaking. Underneath her tough exterior, she was a scared little girl who had no magic ability, yet, to save her life but like hell she'd ever admit that. Holding the cat to her chest tightly, the furry James seemed to bring some comfort to the girl before Ceri had finally taken care of the paparazzi all together. Though when the prince approach Miyah, she just looked as annoyed as usual if not more so. The brat sat up in the tree branch turning her face rudely away and sticking her nose in the air [#fc599b. "I didn't need your help dimwit. I had it under control. I..I...just didn't get around to using my magic yet!"] She huffed trying to sound as convincing as she could. [#fc599b "Some of us don't use it until it's a last resort"] she spoke in a rude tone not even thanking him for helping her.

Deep down, she was greatful. And knew there was no way the small girl could have held them off without any access to her magic. But she couldn't tell her enemy that, he needed to believe she didn't need him. Or that he couldn't suddenly take advantage of her because she couldn't protect herself. That and no way was she thanking some jerk from Ravensguard. With her last statement hanging in the air the small girl leaped down from the tree right towards Ceri with the expectation of knocking him to the ground and using him as a cushion for her safe landing. Though the way she landed caused the brat to turn a bit red with embarrassment. Her heart was already speeding up in her chest, but that was just because of how scared she had secretly been throughout the whole situation, but she was a bit nervous he'd notice. [#fc599b "G-Get away from me dumb jerk!"] The brat spouted scrambling to her feet, even though the landing was her fault. When she finally saw the unconscious men she glared up angrily at Ceri [#fc599b "Jeez you really don't have any self control do you?! Figures a Ravensguardian would mercilessly kill whatever was in their path. My father was right about you people"] she stated in a furious tone as she lightly reached up grabbing her heart shaped necklace. Surely the men deserved a good beating and exile for there disgusting criminal intentions, but Miyah assumed Ceri was just looking for something to kill and these men gave him a good excuse. No matter what happened she only read him to be terrible.

The idol gently placed the cat down on the ground muttering to him in a sweet soft tone [#fc599b 'Thank you...for protecting me"] before standing back up and clenched her small fists like before rudely shoving passed Ceri marching off with a small "hmph", not knowing the men were actually only unconscious.]

[center [pic]]

[center Marching back into the mansion, the pop idol nearly ran right into Akira. [#fc599b "Watch it!"] The short girl stated rudely up at the new person that stood before her, before she blinked in confusion. The brat was anything but threatening, due to her small frame and twin-tails. She probably looked like a middle schooler with an attitude problem more then anything else. [i Huh? Who the heck is she] Miyah thought for a moment before coming to the realization that is was probably one of the other girls that hadn't arrived yet. [#fc599b " must be one of the other unfortunate girls that's stuck here with that idiot"] The idol crossed her arms, making it quite clear she was not a fan of the prince and if anything felt bad for anyone in the same position as her that might actually have to marry him. Though her reasoning for hating the prince would probably become clear in her next statement [#fc599b "My name is Miyah Nakano, I'm the famous pop idol from Nexus"] The small brat introduced herself to the other girl. Though it was possible Akira New who she was as many people outside of the world Nexus knew about the famous Nexonian celebrities. Their celebrities were so popular they often traveled to other worlds just to hold concerts and preform. Miyah even had a large fallowing in Ravensguard!

But that wasn't the thing that made it clear why she hated the prince, it was the fact she was from the world of Nexus. Nexus was known as a powerful bully world that conqured many small defenceless worlds easily and used up all their resources, and left them with a broken world. All that had since stopped though since Ravensguard proved to be the big peace keeping world with a military power that managed to match Nexus and stop them right in their tracks. It was fair to say that Nexus and Ravensguard were huge world powers and also rivals. least Nexus hated Ravensguard.

But ever since Nexus was forced to stop its conquering, its new generation of citizen were fed different reasons to hate Ravensguardians, saying their peace keeping efforts were just a facade to gain more allies to eventually take Nexus down and that Ravensguard were liars that appeared nice to deceive you and then stab you in the back. Miyah's family was one of these people that believed such things, feeding it into the idol at a very young age. It was safe to say though that, the people of Nexus didn't really dislike any other world. JUST Ravensguard. Miyah soon grew a very serious look on her face as she glared up at Akira. [#fc599b "Don't worry, ill protect you from the jerk if he tries anything"] she huffed slightly before turning to see the prince coming their direction probably to stop and introduce himself, causing her to roll eyes. [#fc599b "Speak of the devil.."] she muttered very lowly. [#fc599b "I'm not sticking around if he's here!"] She pointed rudely in his face before turning her back. [#fc599b "If you need any help..just call out to me. We can exchange numbers later if you have a phone"] the small brat gave Akira a very small smile, though it was sweet and genuine. Before she glared hatefully at Ceri and took her leave once more. Though this time for the kitchen since it was already around lunch time. [i I forgot, I didn't even touch my plate last wonder why my stomach hurts. What a pain] the short twin-haired girl thought as she went to go find something to munch on. Though she couldn't cook so she was at least hoping there would be something ready made so she didn't burn down the place.]

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[font "Century Gothic" Crimson eyes grew wide at the sight in front of the young woman. People walked past her quickly, some bumping into her otherwise stock-still frame. Metal buildings towered higher than even the tallest of rainforest trees Akira had ever seen back in Neahal, people were dressed in such strange clothing, and the loud city noises overwhelmed all of her senses.

Something soft nuzzled against the dazed-girl’s neck, returning her to reality. She glanced down to remember that her companion, a brown rabbit by the name of Coco, was still being held in her hands. Pressing her cheek against the top of Coco’s head, she took deep, calming breaths. Her parents had reasons for sending her here. There was no ill intent when they sent her off to Ravensguard. She had to believe that there was purpose to everything. This was just another challenge she had to tackle if she was to grow as a person and possible future chieftain of her tribe.

Digging a map out of the small traveling bag, Akira glanced at it then up at the view ahead of her. Unfortunately, she had trouble understanding the markings on the map and how she was supposed to find the house. The immense crowd of people did not help that matter, either. With a deep breath, she peeled off the cloth shoes that had been covering her small feet. One hand continued to hold onto the rabbit as her bare feet and free hand helped maneuver her body up the streetlight that stood at the side of the sidewalk. Once she made it to the top, she looked at the map again. Having a more birds eye-like view greatly increased her understanding of the map and now at least had some sort of idea where she was supposed to go.

[b [#ce2500 “Good thing most of my stuff was already sent to the house,”]] she muttered to herself as she packed the map away. She didn’t understand how all the moving process worked, but she thought better than to think too hard about it. Her mother was a bright woman and knew that, left in her hands, things were done in a quick and efficient matter.

Akira had a firm grip of Coco as she hopped from streetlight to streetlight. Some people watched the girl as if she were some sort of spectacle while others remained blind to the world around them as they pressed ahead in their busy lives. Long, orangish-brown hair trailed behind her as she jumped through the air as if weighing no more than a baby bird. The red flowers that decorated her hair and dress somehow remained relatively intact, and the shorts she wore underneath the dress protected her from wandering eyes.

The house came into view and the tension in her shoulders finally relaxed. They made it. Not wanting to bother with the front gate, she simply leaped across the sidewalk, landing on the top of the wall before jumping straight down to the front yard. Looking up at the house , she couldn’t help but be awed at the sight. She hadn’t seen any place quite like this back in her world. Everything was causing quite the culture-shock for her, but she would have to get over that as soon as possible if she wanted to survive her stay. How long had they said? A year? It seemed so far away, yet she hoped to make it through.

The front door was unlocked so she let herself in. The temperature inside was noticeably different from the outside, so Akira’s body let out a light shiver. Once more, she couldn’t help but admire the interior of the residence. It seemed that, no matter what world you went to, people in power always had to prove their station by having physical evidence. Though her tribe is not modern, even the tent of the chieftain is larger and more beautifully decorated than the rest of the tribe members’. Their clothes were more distinct from those of the regular people, while also maintaining some sense of practicality since they traveled, hunted, and farmed to live.

A maid appeared seemingly out of nowhere and Akira put up her guard right away. The woman smiled, albeit awkwardly, in response to the girl’s tense, yet strong aura. [b “You must be Ms. Whitefang.”]

[b [#ce2500 “Akira,”]] she corrected, not understanding the use of ‘Ms’.

The maid either didn’t understand the confusion or didn’t mind, and continued on. [b “This way.”]

She was led up the staircase, the tiling feeling smooth against her bare feet. After some traveling down the hallways, she was led to a bedroom that was already made up and put together. She could see touches of her mother in some of the organization, which made her just a little bit homesick. It was hard to read much expressions off of her, however, due to the neutral expression she wore practically all the time on her face.

[b [#ce2500 “Thank you,”]] she said quickly to the maid, not entirely forgetting her manners.

[b “Of course. I’ll let the prince know of your arrival.”]

Shit, that’s right. She had almost completely forgotten the true purpose of living in this house. She had to supposedly compete with four other girls to win the affections of one man; the prince and future king. She huffed through her nose. Did Akira even have a chance? Did she [i want] to succeed? What was the prince or any of the other girls like? She always preferred the company of nature and the animal residence compared to humans, but it seemed she would now be tested.

[b [#ce2500 “You can stay here if you want, Coco,”]] she said as she placed the rabbit on the floor. [b [#ce2500 “I want to explore a bit before resting.”]] As if she could relax right now even if she wanted to. Her nerves were all over the place.

With that, Akira stepped out of the bedroom. Coco trailed not that far behind, exploring in her own way while also making sure that her human friend always remained within her eyesight.]
  Akira / nomey1 / 3y 89d 20h 17m 30s
[right [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" The flirtatious fox thought she had seen it all through the years of her life. In the spirit world the gods never wore clothes. [i ever.] The bathhouse was basically a brothel. She could handle nudity like a champ. But for some reason a cute girl in a towel flushing bright like a sakura tree melted Braelyn's confidence in milliseconds. An equally rosy blush flooded her cheeks mirroring Winry's complexion as she bristled frozen in embarrassment.

Braelyn surveyed the azure haired girl. She couldn't help but stare. In the state of her vulnerability she seemed so small and fragile. In that moment the Kitsune decided she must protect this child at [i all] costs.

Flickering her ears back and forth, Braelyn was push out of the room by the prince. Standing rigid she paused for a second as she watched Ceri and his feline descend. Suddenly things were very tense. Quickly running her fingers through her raven locks she batted her long eyelashes before entering the room again. Standing in the doorway she glances at Winry. Averting her attention from the pretty female to the hardwood floor she had no idea why she went back in. Spinning on her heels and rushing out the door she shut it too quickly for the latch to catch.
[b [#009999 "Uhh I-I'll go get you some of my clothes"]] She stumbled over the words almost as much as she stumbled down the stairs. Her heart threatened to break through her chest.

[#FF7059 ◢] ¨˜ˆ”°¹~•-.„¸╳╱╲¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸ [#ffffff _]

Once the fox was safely in her room she let out a ragged breath. She hadn't realized she had been holding it for the entire run down. Castiel was curled up on their mattress sleeping. He raised his head slightly letting out a sleep yawn. [left [pic]] He blinked slowly as he eyed his master. She was breathless and anxious. Sitting up he cocked his head
[b [#626262 "Mistress what is the problem?"]] He barked in confusion. She didn't look at him as she shuffled over to her dresser. Rummaging through it she picked out her favourite tee shirt and a pair of fleece shorts.
[b [#009999 "Nothing is wrong ... [size10 im not gay]"]] She muttered to herself before exiting the room.

Leaping up the stairs she took them two at a time. She hadn't noticed that her ears and tails had disappeared. Catching her breath at the door, she knocked gently before opening it. She didn't meet Winry's eyes as she tossed the clothes at her.
[b [#009999 "These should fit better"]] Braelyn stated. Shifting on her weight she couldn't figure out why she was nervous. She secretly wished Ceri was here or Miyah. Or [i anyone.]]
  |vixen| / muta / 3y 86d 16h 54m 56s
Ceri had tried to explain things as best he could to Miyah, but it seemed that she had decided to close herself off to the truth of the matter. But he couldn't blame her, she wasn't there when things went down. How he had acted in self-defense and gave the attackers ample time to surrender but they refused to. Ceri didn't like being merciless towards those that he knew would end up harmed well beyond normal recovery if he used force, but in that situation he had to. He had to show that he wasn't someone to be pushed around or manipulated. And as a result, the three who attacked were hospitalized and still are to this day.

As she stormed off, Ceri looked at James who lay at his feet, meowing and trying to give Ceri some comfort. James knew that Ceri tried to give his best explanation. The old cat couldn't blame Ceri nor Miyah since they came from different worlds. He'd seen how people would close themselves off to the truth without evidence and even then it wouldn't be a guarantee.

Ceri began to walk back to the manor with James beside him when the yellow butterfly began fluttering about in front of him, moving in circles. Ceri stopped but James jumped for a second. In Ravensguard, this yellow butterfly wasn't an insect but rather a fairy. It was small and mainly appeared to look like a bright, yellow light with wings. They weren't easy to spot or even see in general, only those that the fairies didn't see as threats were allowed to even touch them.

James recognized what the fairy was trying to do and quickly moved in front of Ceri and began conversing with the fairy in a weird silent manner. James was getting more and more frantic and panicked, crying out louder and in shocked ways. It wasn't long before James knew what was going on. Miyah was in danger. The old cat gave the fairy a kind of signal to lead on and James started following, only turning back to give Ceri a signal to follow with his paw and head.

Ceri wasn't sure of what was going on but trusted in James command to follow. As he followed, he started hearing a rustling in the foliage and then a struggle. There were a few voices, moving closer he heard a girl's voice and the voices of some men. She seemed to be struggling while the men sounded aggressive, and also wanting something. He'd heard the tone of voice they used all too often when he had just turned into a prince.

Ceri's fury began to build as he knew that these were people he instinctively despised. As he got closer, the fairy moved into the brush Ceri spotted the men pinning down Miyah. With a glare, he spoke with a furious and cold tone, [b [+6b6b6b "What are you doing here? This is private property under ownership of the royal family and to assault a girl is a crime, especially when your motive is obvious."]]

The men were caught off-guard, and froze up as they saw the prince emerge behind them. These men knew they were in a bad position. The crown prince had seen them, knew their motive, the Miyah would be able to testify against them, and being on royal property without invitation would immediately result in being thrown in prison without even a trial.

[b "Damn. We were careless."]

[b "What are you talking about? He's just one kid. He may be the prince, but he's likey some pampered pansy."]

[b "Heh. You're right. If we knock him out then we're golden. So long as he doesn't remember our faces, we're golden."]

One of the men stood directly in front of Ceri and used his own magic to summon forth a flame, [b "Prince Ceri. Hopefully you can overlook this matter and just walk away. We don't want to have to dirty your lovely clothing."] This man knew that people liked to be praised and that enough brown nosing would get him anywhere. And in this situation, even if it didn't, he'd just unleash his flames upon a young boy.

The other men, feeling that they were in the clear focused on Miyah, trying to pull and tear her clothes away. However, the situation behind them was going far from in their favor. Ceri remained in silence to the man's request, refusing to budge but trying to keep his anger contained. He wanted to give these men at least one more chance to just back down and leave with minimal crimes. But the man in front of him towered over Ceri by roughly a foot, give or take a few inches, and much bulkier in terms of build. If this were anywhere else, Ceri would be in trouble as a normal boy.

But this is Ravensguard, where everyone uses magic.

The older man wound his arm back and prepared his arm for a full-force punch to knock Ceri out in one hit. All the while, James hopped over to Miyah and sat on her chest, between the men holding her down. He wasn't in any kind of panic any more and actually yawned while on top of her before fully relaxing and laying down.

[b "The hell's with this cat?"]

[b "Just throw it...over...there..."]

The man had looked up to see their larger friend frozen in place, his flaming fist now sizzling out as in the place of the prince was now a man in full plate armor, gripping the larger man's hand as it was stopped upon contact with the metal.

Ceri was incredibly pissed off and summoned forth his fully magical power to deal with these criminals. They sullied the name "Ravensguardian" and he found them unworthy of even being citizens. They were now enemies of the nation now and forever. And as enemies, he would deal with them harshly.

[b [+6b6b6b "For your crimes against Ms. Miyah and the Royal Family, as well as for willingly violating the law, you shall hereby be exiled out of Ravensguard and all of its allied nations. Forever branded an exile and criminal by our nation and crown. Prepare for my wrath."]]

Ceri's tone was wrathful but noble, what he said he meant. The man tried to pull his fist out of the grip Ceri kept him in but couldn't budge an inch. Ceri took him by the throat and threw him out into the open grass, well in the sunlight where the cameras on the property had full sight of what was going on. In a swift motion, Ceri did the same to the other two men, easily picking them up and throwing them out into the vast backyard.

[b "Dammit! We really fucked up this time!"]

[b "I refuse to be done in by a spoiled brat!"]

Ceri walked out of the foliage and back into the light with the assaulters as one of them took a running charge at him, summoning forth monsters resembling wolves but made of water. The three attacked Ceri but in that time, Ceri summoned forth his shield and shoved them all back.

[b "What the hell?! Isn't he supposed to just be a child!"]

[b "Shit! Attack him all together, one on one combat won't get us anywhere."]

In the time they prepared to attack, Ceri summoned forth a blade with just the call of its name, [b [+6b6b6b "Phantomblade."]] The blade came out of a void-like portal. It emerged vertically, as if born from the earth. It looked like a normal blade for the most part, but the blade seemed to phase in and out of reality and also had a faint purple glow.

[b "He has a blade! If he kills us, we can use that as unnecessary force used against us and turn the tables!"]

The men were on a suicidal mission now, but Ceri had other plans. The first one came in with a heavy swing with a lance that Ceri blocked and then deflected down into the ground. With the weapon out of the way, Ceri stepped on the first man's foot to keep him in place while giving a beheading swing with the sword. However, something was odd. The man collapsed and all consciousness was lost, but the head didn't fall off, it remained fully intact.

[b "Dammit! He's out to kill us! Incapicitate him and claim self-defense!"]

The second and third men showed up and attacked from different directions, going for a pinser movement to try and limit Ceri's movements. He was in plate armor, so it obviously had to slow him down, right? Knights were always portrayed as this heavy tank in media, so why would that be different now?

Just as their attacks closed in on Ceri, he jumped up into the air, above both of the men, making their attacks hit each other and then fall on top of each other. In a pile, Ceri came down like a spear on both of their hearts at the same time. The flame user noticed this in time and got out of the way by turning his body to flames but his arm hand was clipped as Ceri stabbed the third attacker straight through the heart. The man fell into unconsciousness like the first, but again there was no blood and Ceri also didn't even pull his blade out of the body, rather it slipped out.

[b "Just what the hell are you?! You're just a child but even you shouldn't be this damned strong!"]

The man had his left arm hanging down, limp and he was unable to use it. As if the control he had in it had been lost. No matter how much he tried to use it, he could neither summon magic from his left side nor even move it.

[b "You! You're no prince nor ruler of mine!"]

He charged at Ceri, using his leg to attack this time as he covered it in flames, hoping the blade would do nothing to him. But to his dismay, Ceri's sword affected people in a non-physical way. Ceri blocked the kick with his shield but then struck at the man's leg with his blade in a cutting motion and the man fell to the ground.

[b [+6b6b6b "I am to be the next King of Ravensguardian, and as the future ruler, you are hearby exiled and labeled a criminal by my hand."]]

[b "Damn you! You're not a royal! You're just a child!"]

Ceri silenced the man at the end of his sentence with a stab through the heart, forcing him into unconsciousness. With the matter settled, Ceri sent his armor back to the astral plane where it resided along with his blade and ran back over to Miyah to make sure she was alright. Though James was guarding her to be on the safe side.

[b [+6b6b6b "Are you alright Ms. Miyah?"]]
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