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"I'm not in the mood to eat." Jake said sighing..."just trying to ignore the burning but I'm not sure how much longer I can ignore it...and don't worry I already have been married and divorced so don't worry about the mating for life thing...I am not looking for a relationship."
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 58m 22s
"Hey need to go so deep...those apartments are awful..." Zach sat down on one of the chairs, backwards of course. "Forget everything you've seen or think you know. We may turn into giant beasts but we aren't automatically brothers. Alpha wolves are not real, though if we did have one it'd be Tim, but it's because he's always been one and this is his house. And mating for life...complete bull though there is a sway when the moment is right."

When he should have been more reassuring, Zach laughed instead. "You're okay right now. It's only the first few times you transform that you're more dangerous. The wolf is scared of you, you're scared of the's just some adjustments. Come on, let's get some food."
  Born / Faust / 1d 1h 20m 36s
"It's bigger than my room at my apartment and it's quiet....I think I'll be okay..." Jacob said sighing and looked to her brother..."I never had a brother...I'm Jacob...I mean we're both wolves right so technically brothers? Or pack mates of what? I don't know really I just don't want to hurt I'll stay here until I know that I won't....I might be alone forever but I don't have to hurt people."
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 1d 1h 29m 49s
The house was a nice place. It was two stories, had at least seven rooms, a large living room, dining room, two door garage. The backyard had a pool and Jacuzzi. Beyond that was acres of land that belonged to Tim and his family for generations. All generations of wolves.

Tim moved him into one the smaller rooms upstairs. Still it had size for a twin bed, dresser, and a desk. There were white walls, hardwood floors, and was over all fairly comfortable.

When Jake came down, there was Zara having a small argument with her brother, he looked much like her. The same darker skin and brown eyes, both being half latino, only he kept his hair longer.

"Hey man, welcome to the house. Zara wouldn't let me into the room, thought I might scare you away," Zach grinned. "I'm Zach, the fun twin. He's cute...I can see why you want him around."

Zara gave him an annoyed look, slapping his arm. "By fun he means annoying. How do you like the room?"
  Born / Faust / 2d 1h 36m 41s
Jake nodded. He opted to stay... at least until his first change... he was scared. What if he left and hurt someone else? He didn't want to be responsible for someone's death or another werewolf. He told Tim he was going to stay a little while.
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 3d 7h 50m 57s
"You've been through a rough time and now it just got worse. That's really tough, I'm sorry. Stay here or go back to your apartment and's up to you...I wouldn't go anywhere until the next full moon," Zara said before shaking her head. "The burning will go away, then come back closer to the full mood. There's also mood swings and the likes."

There ought to be a commercial for how she was talking to it. Rubbing her arm where she had been bit. "I have a feeling you'll do fine. Let Tim know what you want to do, okay?"
  Born / Faust / 4d 1h 47m 27s
"I just want to be okay again....I have missed feeling like I belong somewhere". He said sighing and getting up, the pain from his shoulder was intense.

"You sure there's nothing you can do about the pain?" He asked hopeful.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 6d 12h 1m 49s
Zara gave an empathetic nod before sitting on the bedside. "Everyone here understands this, even the ones that were born. Because of that bite doesn't define who you are, it's just an extra part. I'd suggest you go back to work and keep sorting out the chaos up there."

She gave a small sigh. "Zach, my twin, was by our parents house in Oregon. Dad works as a park ranger and I worked for a wild life magazine. My parents were meeting my fiancee and we were attacked. Josh didn't make it, I almost didn't. A year and a half here I am still. If you want to you'll thrive. "
  Born / Faust / 6d 12h 5m 58s
"Miss thank you kindly for your offer... but I will have to accept it... you see I've never really belonged anywhere... just went through a divorce.. yeah 26 and married for 8 years just to go through a divorce... I know tragic." He said sighing.

"I can't leave... I know myself too well, I will end up back on her doorstep and I don't want to hurt her."
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 7d 2h 33m 16s
Sometime later when the fever broke, the bite would start to heal itself but he was still cursed. She was still limping but now it was only scars that was healing quickly. Tim thought he was okay enough to leave the house if he wished.

Zara came back, in capris and a tee shirt, the bite showing through. "You're free to go if you want. Come back for the full moon, though. You could hurt a lot of people the first time you change. If you want to stay, go ahead. Just know the town people will not like you anymore."

She was content with whatever his decision was but she liked him.
  Born / Faust / 7d 2h 38m 46s
Jake nodded and when she kissed his forehead he looked up. No one had shown him any affection at all since Bella but he wasn't looking for a relationship but it had felt nice to know that someone cares even for a moment."
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 7d 23h 11m 52s
Zara and Sawyer exchanged looks. Sawyer, Tim's son, had been born what he was. There was only a few bitten that became what they were now. Zara and Zach being one of them.

Zara hopped off, landing on the good leg and moved by him. "No, you aren't. This is a random act from assholes, okay? Fight all this and you'll be recreated into something more. Get some rest."

Kissing his forehead she smiled following after Sawyer to get her leg taken care of.
  Born / Faust / 8d 2h 47m 2s
Jake nodded and thanked him. The pain was making everything hazy. He groaned in pain. "Is this my punishment?" He didn't know who he was asking but he always thought God would punish him for leaving Bella....not wanting children...not wanting the white picket fence perfect life bull shit.
  Jake Black 2.0 / Polkadotrocker / 8d 16h 30m 53s
"Nate should be okay. No bite just some vicious scars..." Zara said, though there was still worry in her voice. That would be interesting for Tim to clean up if he could. Playing with the hole in her pants she looked to him. "I'll get you ice, medicine won't work. You have what it takes to not have this beat you."

Not everyone survived the first transformation. That was a sore memory for her, but she pushed it aside. Standing up, no sooner there was Sawyer, a fairly tall male with blond hair, he had glasses and was smart looking. He was second biggest perv of the guys.

"I told you not to walk around on that Zara...why can't you listen?" Sawyer groaned.

"Because I don't? He needs some help with the burning. I could get it," Zara grinned.

"Sit there...I'm going to give you stitches afterwards," Sawyer warned before going to get some ice packs. Returning he looked to Jake. "I'm Sawyer, this might help."
  Born / Faust / 9d 1h 33m 42s
"So there's 8 in your pack and no one knows how many rogues there are...and yes I'm accepting it because well I saw what happened to Nate....that wasn't a bear." He said sighing and then winced from the burning in his shoulder. "Ice I need ice." I groaned. The pain had come on fast and strong....
  Jake Black 2.0 / polkadotrocker / 9d 8h 23m 19s

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