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As time passes, so do the heroes who have kept the darkness at bay. As they fall, new heroes and heroines must rise to take the place of the fallen. However, not all are accepting to being chosen as the ones to fight off the rising evil.

Among the few, a young maiden has been chosen to face the evil. She has little to no battle experience, choosing flight over fight whenever given the chance. This time, unfortunately, she had no choice but to fight. She tried to hide away, but when fate has decided, it will happen. A young dragonelle discovers the woman, telling the maiden of her purpose, and that destiny had brought the dragonelle to her.
Of course, the woman was skeptical. She replied to the beast, telling the dragonelle she was just not meant to fight. Despite her reasons, the white dragonelle believed in the woman. After much time, the dragonelle finally convinced the maiden to leave the safety of her home, and to travel with the dragonelle. Despite hardly any battle experience, the young dragonelle promised to try and keep the maiden safe, at the cost of her life.

As the pair started on their quest, they had run into some trouble. The dragonelle, being very young, and secretly also inexperienced when it came to fighting, did what she could to fight off the bandits, but she could only do so much. It was only by chance a second pair had appeared, a warrior and his own dragon came swooping downwards. The pair were experienced warriors, having plenty of battles under their belts. They quickly dealt with the bandits.

The man and his dragon both turned, inspecting the other pair. They both could tell the dragonelle and her partner were inexperienced, perhaps a little too wet behind the ears. The maiden and her dragonelle thanked the other pair. The male and his dragon asked where the other's were heading. As the dragonelle explained, the man nodded, looking towards his dragon, then back to the woman and dragonelle. Appeared they were heading in the same direction. The man and his dragon offered to join the pair, who both readily agreed to have the others accompany them.

Time has once again called upon its heroes to save the realm, only this time to the heart of it all. The Dragon Eye tower.


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Ediss looked over to the great white dragon that had taken it upon herself to sit at the camp fire. Her scales still upon her elven body, but a more human shape in appearance. [b "Canoria, what are you doing here?? And don't tell me The queen has sent you to find me"] Canoria, the great white dragon that was her name, She was one of the many among the Queen's brood. They had a similar marking among them all and that was the mark of the queen. The queen marked all her hatchlings by marking her symbol upon the eggs which branded onto the hatchlings themselves, as their scales grew from the egg's shell. This symbol was the symbol of a dragon that would wrap around their body in some sort of way. Canoria's went from her left wrist down to her hip. It symbolized that while she was apart of the queen's brood she was expendable as her dragon was a short one which meant she was of use, but not to the point of being important.

Canoria just nodded. [b "No, your Father is hunting down the children of the Queen. He wishes to see them all join his side against her in the war for the Crown."] Ediss just nodded. [b "So Father has decided to finally take his own brood and make them matter instead of the queen now."] Ediss just rubbed his neck. His symbol it seemed would always set him apart from all others as it covered his body like the queen was always watching him. Perhaps that is why he got away from this place, but to have to return here was more important. They needed the queen's help to get to the Dragon's tower, as she was the only one who knew where it was.

The elven companion Torinith just sat silently thinking who it was that he had befriended. Looking across the open embers of fire and to Sah and Eris.
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
[#c71585 "Oh..."]
Eris sounded a bit disappointed. She was rather clueless about the world further out from when she was back in her small village. Didn't help that she was mostly confined to the manor since Eris had been a Lord's daughter. However, that was then. Now was the present, but then there was the uncertainty of the future ahead.
Sahfiik watched, raising an eyebrow as she noticed Ediss shudder. Perhaps it was indeed the lack of sleep, or the fact that like Eris, Sahfiik had been confined to her 'world' so to speak. The female looked towards the ground.
The one question she managed to usually keep in the back, was slowly resurfacing again; [i 'Why did I leave my clan? I do not even remember what had drawn me away...perhaps it was something that old tome said...but those were simply legends and old prophecies...']
Sahfiik snapped back to reality, hearing the sound of wing beats. She was up in an instant, making her way to stand in front of Eris. Not wanting to appear completely hostile, Sahfiik kept to her human form. However, her form was tense.
As for Eris, she was more amazed. The woman watched as the white dragon approached. She was always fascinated with how so far, the few dragons she seen, their scales always seemed to glisten and shine like rare gems.
As the newcomer greeted them, Eris and Sahfiik exchanged confused glances. 'Crowned Prince Ediss', they were sure those were the exact words just said. Sahfiik simply shrugged, glancing back to the pale elven male. The pair seemed to have the same idea though, keep quiet till spoken to or addressed.
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Ediss looked up to the sky [b "Perhaps, that is if the queen has not hunted them all down herself, that or have her clansmen do so."] Perhaps it was the queen herself to Ediss that made the giant dragon shutter. The thought of seeing the one women he was hoping to never encounter again. [b "The Dragon's queen and her clansmen are marked specifically so all others can see it. Like a bond to one another the dragons themselves fear this clan as its said to have produced warriors far finer then any man can."] starting up a fire he just stared into it. [b "It is these creatures that have shaped the world, It is also these creatures that many have called the great wyrms of the old."]

Hearing wing beats above them Ediss looked up to see a great white dragon approaching them. [b "Speaking of a member of the queen's clan."] As the giant dragon approached it shifted into an elven form that looked almost like Ediss himself, only far more pale with a black dragon on his skin from ankle to neck. [#800cbb "Endo flaora Ediss."] The white pale elf looked at the party from across the open flames. [#800cbb "And Greetings to the Crowned Princes Ediss's Guests."]

The elven figure of Ediss held up his hand. [b "Endo Flaora Canoria."] The white elf bowed to Ediss and smiled. [#800cbb "Your mother awaits your arrival. She had heard news of you close by and had been told you had found a Frost Wyrm."] The giant dragon only shuttered more, perhaps that wasn't the best news for his mother to have heard when they first arrived. Ediss's eyes however turned from Canoria to the other members that had ventures to the mountains with him.

Torith seemed surprised, He had made a bound with the Royal prince of the dragons and had been going with the bound for almost seven centuries now and didn't even know it. Perhaps it was his own fault for not asking more questions during their private time, or while away from everyone else, but the giant dragon kept a peaceful life it seemed at least mostly. He had learned however of his creature's past and knew of his present, and had potential of the future.
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Eris had climbed aboard Sahfiik. The dragonelle hopped downwards, allowing the massive dragon to take his other form. She landed with a heavy thump, not her most graceful of landings. Perhaps the lack of sleep was actually catching up to her.
As her rider slipped off, Sah also took to a more humanoid form. The female sighed softly, using a hand to tuck a few loose strands of hair behind her ear. She didn't often take her human form, preferring her true form.
Eris only had noticed, commenting, [#c71585 "You also have a human form Sahfiik?"]
The woman glanced back to Ediss and Torith, [#c71585 "Understood. A small rest never hurt anyone."]
At Eris' voice, did Sahfiik answer, [#ffa500 "Yes, I don't use it often..."]
The female grew quiet. She took note of Torith's words. Sah felt it was directed more towards her. She sighed softly to herself. The female had hopped it wasn't that obvious.
Sahfiik averted her gaze towards the peaks once again, [#ffa500 "It is not often I am unable to sleep..."]
[#c71585 "Is something bothering you Sah,"] Eris asked her, tilting her head to the side in a curious fashion.
As for Sahfiik, she kept her eyes elsewhere as she spoke, [#ffa500 "I'll be fine my dear...just certain things have me thinking is all."]
The female finally looked Eris in the eyes. Sah tried to give a reassuring smile, [#ffa500 "Tis nothing to worry about I'm sure."]
Eris frowned slightly at the answer. The woman wasn't convinced about the other's welfare, but she wasn't one to pry. Instead, Eris looked towards Torith and Ediss.
[#c71585 "So, since we are drawing close to Queen, I am rather curious, will we see more dragons? Just, the only ones I've really seen is Sahfiik and yourself Ediss."]
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Ediss had understood what the smaller counterpart had sound. The giant dragon had looked out across the peaks with a frown upon his face. [b "It has been so long sense I had seen my ancestral home."] the giant dragon's frown went to a blank stone face. [b "The queen runs Ramped among these parts."] The giant dragon landed slowly at the base of one of the peaks inside a plane area. [b "We need to be careful how we approach this."]

Shifting into an elf the dragon looked over to Torith who grabbed everything as they fell off the giant dragon. Packing away everything Torith looked to Saf and Eris and nodded. [b "We should rest here for now. A few hours of rest will do us great."] looking over to Sahfiik specifically.
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Sahfiik grew completely silent as the rose even higher. She glanced towards the area the massive dragon had mentioned. A frown came to the dragonelle's muzzle, averting her gaze elsewhere.
Eris had slid down Sah's back. The woman came to stand in front of Sahfiik. She was rather taken aback by the view. Eris looked towards Ediss.
[#c71585 "I have never really met any dwarves, so I shall simply take your word."]
[#ffa500 "I have only head stories,"] Sahfiik suddenly spoke.
Her gaze remained staring off into the distance, [#ffa500 "The dragon clans that I come from had little to worry about from other races. The only race that the clans knew of was humans, and man was the reason there was tension between us."]
Sahfiik sighed softly, [#ffa500 "The clan I am apart preferred a peaceful existence with the humans...unfortunately, the other clan thought it would be better to rid the world of humans. Thankfully though, the Keeper has managed to keep peace between us, what with the tome he protects that both the clans find sacred....enough of that though, we are not dealing with the clans in this situation."]
The dragonelle quickly made herself silent again. She had said her piece, perhaps a bit more than she wanted. Sahfiik was tired, and felt at unease as the massive peak loomed in the distance.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 29d 9h 26m 10s
the wind took Ediss even higher then before. Past the clouds, past the believed breath of the world. The great dragon had taken them to the stars, where even the sun does not shine and the life of the night sky takes eternal hold. The giant mountain peaks yet lay ahead of them yet still.

[B "Welcome everyone to the home of my people. The humans call it the world pillars. The elves call it the night crown. This is where my kind call home. We call it the Cradle. as once past the peaks of these mountains the valley makes a bowl like shape. The only way to get in and out is on the backs of my kind or by the dwarven tunnels below the surface."]

With the word dwarven falling from his lips the giant dragon took on a more angry tone. [b "Dwarves are as Sahfiik states. Greedy creatures who are on a hunt for nothing more then gems in the earth and to mine out their own halls. All dragons have been at war with the greedy shout miners, over protecting the hordes of gold and gems we have and called our own. They capture our young and destroy our eggs, and so we are forced to flee or to fight back."]

With anger burning in his eyes Ediss looked up to the sky. [b "The great Sky gods have seen fit to give my kind a resting place. we destroy their homes, their cities, and raid their mines to free our children and take back our homes. Dwarves see us dragons as greedy monsters who want nothing more then to purge the world in fire. And for a time that is all we wanted to do, but we have been peaceful with many of the other races. Elves, Men, goblins, orc, even trolls. We all have a peace for a time, they do not hunt us we do not hunt them."]

Slowly dancing over the peaks in the crown the great dragon nodded to the largest peak. [b "That is known as the crown's jewel peak. It is where the Queen makes her home."]
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Despite the lack of sleep, Sahfiik seemed pretty aware. She allowed her instincts to guide her. The dragonelle darted quickly to the side as a rock was hurled in her direction. She retaliated, her form shimmering. An identical illusion of herself appeared, flitting down below.
As Sahfiik had taken control, Eris had huddled down. The woman clung tightly to the saddle, keeping her body close to Sah's. She turned her eyes towards the massive dragon, then back to her own dragon.
[#c71585 "Sah, perhaps we should move closer to them."]
Sahfiik was completely silent. She growled softly under her breath, but did as told. The dragonelle shot a glare down below, seeing her illusion continuing it's work as a decoy.
She flapped her wings, climbing upwards towards Ediss. Sahfiik used the gusts to her advantage, rising with the air. Soon she was overhead of the giant dragon, slowly coming in to land. Her scales continued to shimmer slightly. The dragonelle lowered herself, back feet then front.
[#ffa500 "Greedy creatures dwarves are if I remember,"] Sahfiik muttered under her breath, [#ffa500 "Worse than humans at times..."]
Eris remained on Sah's back. She looked towards Sahfiik's head, but didn't say a word.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 32d 3h 57m 56s
Ediss knew something was wrong, but what it was he couldn't tell. Torith quickly got on the giant dragon and as he took off rocks were started to come flying through the air. [b "Damn those giants."] The dragon hissed and flames came out of his mouth to shoot at the enemies on the ground. The flames gave them a brief distraction as some of the trolls ran around on fire.

Getting far above the line of fire Ediss called out. [b "Climb aborted my back like yesterday. We have a long way to go and we can not stop today. We must get to the other side of the Spine mountains, and hopefully do not run into any dwarves along the way."] Torith looked down at his companion as he seemed to be giving off more heat. [b "A history I take it."] The dragon didn't say a word only nodded. [b "There have been many fights between dragons and dwarves, if not many more between the two then between dragons and elves, or dragons and humans."]

Climbing higher in altitude the giant would have blocked out the sun if he could fly that close. His black scales reflected the sunlight and caused the world below to seem brighter. The dragon looked however up yet even farther. the mountains spanned even higher then the dragon had gone yet.
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Sahfiik was starting to doze off again. Her head started to fall when she felt Eris move away from her side. The dragonelle jerked awake, looking around. Her gaze soon fell upon the horde, waiting for them to move.
The dragonelle forced herself to stand. She opened her wings, flapping a bit. She looked around, soon finding the woman who was helping Ediss and Torith pack away their camp.
Eris moved to Sah's side. The woman put a few things in the bags which were attached to the dragonelle's saddle. She looked towards the beast's head, frowning slightly.
[#c71585 "...I everything alright Sahfiik? Are you feeling well?"]
Sahfiik didn't look towards Eris. She simply stared straight ahead. Her eyes were slightly dull from lack of sleep. Sah's voice was a mutter, [#ffa500 "I'll be fine...we need to move as Ediss suggested."]
Eris appeared ready to argue when she heard the other's voice. The woman glanced over to them, [#c71585 "Of course."]
She looked back to Sahfiik, [#c71585 "If something is wrong, please, tell me."]
The dragonelle was silent, then spoke, [#ffa500 "Come Eris, it is time we move..."]
Eris sighed softly, but did as asked. She climbed into the dragonelle's saddle. Without another word, Sahfiik seemingly pivoted, opening her wings. She leapt upwards, in several wing beats she was airborne.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 37d 9h 12m 26s
Torith was already awake and breaking down the camp as he went silent but with purpose. His ears twitching left and right picking up sounds it seems that not even Ediss's heightened ears picked up. [b "There are goblins in the area. They are hunting for us."] Torith's ears kept twitching as he packed camp much quicker. [b "They saw the light from the fire, and can smell magic, but they can not see, smell, or draw close with the magic in the circle we continued."]

The Dragon awoke with a start, grabbing the bow and arrow from the pack He also smiled. [b "Perhaps its time to get going, as the goblins draw near. Our magic is only strong enough to hold them back long enough for us to get going. Their numbers are swarming these hills already."]

Torith nodded and took the bow from Ediss he waited long enough for the giant dragon to return once again to his form. [b "It is time for us to go, the magic is failing."] The giant dragon took in a quick breath and blew it all already them to form a shield of ice. The elf quickly climbed up onto the dragon's back. [b "Not only are Goblins on the hunt for us, but Worgs, Orcs, And giant spiders."] The elf pointed to the forest edge where many of them were gathering waiting on the fire to fade.

[b "Lady Eris quickly we must be going."]
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
[#c71585 "Of course...thank you again Torith and Ediss,"] Eris said softly.
The woman curled up against the side of Sahfiik. In return, the dragonelle curled her tail around Eris, settling a wing over her in a protective manner.
Sahfiik turned her gaze towards the flames. The creature watched the few sparks. Yet Sah felt at unease. Despite the reassurance of Ediss and the magic she could feel, there was just around them. She rested her head on the ground, closing her eyes. However, sleep did not come.
The dragonelle would doze for an hour or so, then wake again, looking around, alert and on edge. She would fold her wing back to check on Eris, whom the dragonelle would find sleeping peacefully. Once she finished checking, Sah would rest her wing back over the woman, then try to sleep again.

Sahfiik sighed softly, the rays of light finally showing from the sun which was rising. The dragonelle rested her head back on the ground, having slept very little. However, Sah wouldn't mention anything about it.
She waited quietly for the others to fully awake. Sahfiik wasn't ready at all for the day, but knew she better get that way.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 48d 15h 24m 10s
Ediss nodded. [b "For now sleep, we should be safe with all the magic around us."] The giant dragon turned towards the fire belly exposed and his skin seemed to glow an odd color between black and gold. Torith placed an arrow close to the place he lay his head and slowly feel asleep. The giant dragon looked into the fire and watched as the flames danced across the wood. Figures seemed to spark to life. His eyes had the figures glowing to life. [b "The fire speaks to my kind, Life, stories, thoughts, just things our own mind thinks of is brought to life by the flickering lights and shadows casted by the flame."]

The dragon shut his eyes. [b "Goodnight ladies, we shall speak again in the morning."]
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[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Sahfiik seemingly huffed, releasing a puff of blue smoke. She shifted her paws, growling softly. She had different thoughts, but then where she was, the dragons were...different. However, the dragonelle kept these thoughts to herself.
As for Eris, she took the offered bowl. The woman stirred the dish slightly, taking a bite before speaking, [#c71585 "So, not exactly a nice being to deal with by the sounds of it."]
Sahfiik shrugged, [#ffa500 "Pretty much. These lands are much different from the ones I come from and the dragons there. However, all have heard of the 'Dragon Queen'."]
The young dragonelle rested her head on the ground. She rumbled softly, the spine on her back rose up slightly, showing she was still somewhat alert.
As for Eris, the woman leaned back against Sah's shoulder. She allowed the silence around her sink into her mind. The woman slowly closed her eyes, listening to the world around her. After several moments, Eris finally opened her eyes again.
She felt tired, more than usual. Perhaps it was just the flight, who knew. The woman remained leaning back against Sahfiik.
[#c71585 "I see...strange how this world works."]
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 56d 12h 9m 45s
Ediss shuttered at the idea which was very rare for even a dragon of his size and power to do so. [b "The queen of dragons is much different then most assume her to be. She is a small creature, but older then even I am and much more powerful. She has had three breeding mates and has killed each one upon them giving her children. She is known as the Dragon of blood for a reason. For after destroying her mates, she eats their bodies or has her children do so."]

Torith pulled out the pot and food from earlier and reheated the stuff, Passing around a bowl to everyone. [b "It is said in the elven History books that The queen of dragons has a mark that Matches Ediss's, only it is not white, but Gold, embed into her skin by her first mate when dragons horded treasures. The dragon symbol upon ones body meant they were dragonborn, considered an honored person among dragons and usually important of some sort."]

Torith took a few bites of his food, and before the last bit was gone he went on. [b "To be exact an honored person to a dragon is like a Pargon is to dwarfs, a hero to humans, and to us elves a member of the everglade."]

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