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As time passes, so do the heroes who have kept the darkness at bay. As they fall, new heroes and heroines must rise to take the place of the fallen. However, not all are accepting to being chosen as the ones to fight off the rising evil.

Among the few, a young maiden has been chosen to face the evil. She has little to no battle experience, choosing flight over fight whenever given the chance. This time, unfortunately, she had no choice but to fight. She tried to hide away, but when fate has decided, it will happen. A young dragonelle discovers the woman, telling the maiden of her purpose, and that destiny had brought the dragonelle to her.
Of course, the woman was skeptical. She replied to the beast, telling the dragonelle she was just not meant to fight. Despite her reasons, the white dragonelle believed in the woman. After much time, the dragonelle finally convinced the maiden to leave the safety of her home, and to travel with the dragonelle. Despite hardly any battle experience, the young dragonelle promised to try and keep the maiden safe, at the cost of her life.

As the pair started on their quest, they had run into some trouble. The dragonelle, being very young, and secretly also inexperienced when it came to fighting, did what she could to fight off the bandits, but she could only do so much. It was only by chance a second pair had appeared, a warrior and his own dragon came swooping downwards. The pair were experienced warriors, having plenty of battles under their belts. They quickly dealt with the bandits.

The man and his dragon both turned, inspecting the other pair. They both could tell the dragonelle and her partner were inexperienced, perhaps a little too wet behind the ears. The maiden and her dragonelle thanked the other pair. The male and his dragon asked where the other's were heading. As the dragonelle explained, the man nodded, looking towards his dragon, then back to the woman and dragonelle. Appeared they were heading in the same direction. The man and his dragon offered to join the pair, who both readily agreed to have the others accompany them.

Time has once again called upon its heroes to save the realm, only this time to the heart of it all. The Dragon Eye tower.


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Ediss shuttered at the idea which was very rare for even a dragon of his size and power to do so. [b "The queen of dragons is much different then most assume her to be. She is a small creature, but older then even I am and much more powerful. She has had three breeding mates and has killed each one upon them giving her children. She is known as the Dragon of blood for a reason. For after destroying her mates, she eats their bodies or has her children do so."]

Torith pulled out the pot and food from earlier and reheated the stuff, Passing around a bowl to everyone. [b "It is said in the elven History books that The queen of dragons has a mark that Matches Ediss's, only it is not white, but Gold, embed into her skin by her first mate when dragons horded treasures. The dragon symbol upon ones body meant they were dragonborn, considered an honored person among dragons and usually important of some sort."]

Torith took a few bites of his food, and before the last bit was gone he went on. [b "To be exact an honored person to a dragon is like a Pargon is to dwarfs, a hero to humans, and to us elves a member of the everglade."]
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
As they had started to descend, Eris had climbed onto Sahfiik's back, who in turn carefully hopped off the massive dragon's back. The dragonelle landed on the ground perfectly. Sah laid down, allowing Eris to also touch the ground.
The woman used Sah's leg as a step, feet touching the ground. As Eris was on the ground, the dragonelle shook her body, rustling her wings. She then sat down, watching curiously as the campsite seemed to set itself up on its own.
Sahfiik turned her head towards Edriss, who now stood in an elven form. She, however, remained the way she was. Besides, she wasn't that big, one of the smaller dragons, even if she was still very young.
The dragonelle grimaced slightly, [#ffa500 "Such horrid creatures...knowing that they can still kill, even when life has left their body."]
As for Eris, she had sat down. The woman remained completely silent. Though, several moments she finally did talk, [#c71585 "The Dragon Queen? I thought that was but a myth."]
Sahfiik glanced towards Eris, raising an eyeridge, [#ffa500 "Really? Then again, the place I found you in, your family was rather...reclusive. I should've expected that you wouldn't know much about these things. I'm sorry my dear."]
Eris smiled at Sah, [#c71585 "Don't worry about it. I was able to read a few books, but you are right, my family was strict with who our contacts were and who we were allowed to speak to."]
The dragonelle continued to frown slightly. Sahfiik laid down, settling her head between her paws. Her tail curled around her side.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 1d 8h 13m 43s
The giant dragon had started descending right before reaching the peaks of the Gray mountains. Stopping dead before the first peak the giant dragon flew in a circle until the ground was close enough that he dropped himself in a small rush. [b "We shall rest here for the night as to go over these mountains is to push our luck with the lightning dragons of the area."]

Torith slid off Edriss's spine down to his wing and slid to the ground pulling the packs and saddle of the dragon [b "We need rest, and its well deserved by all of us."] waving his hand the camp seemed to set itself up with what seemed to be invisible hands. Torith had sat down at the camp fire, however Edriss slugged out into the forest a little way and it seemed disappear.

The giant dragon reappeared in the clearing in the form of a dark elf, however one could tell it was a dragon as the horns coming out of the skull and spine, along with the smaller elven ears. One thing anyone could notice however was that Edriss was even a giant among his own kind, and so his height was considered tall for an elf of 7'3. The one detail that gave him away besides the horns, besides the solid ice blue eyes was the marking upon his skin. While his skin was almost that of a natural being the while dragon from ankle to neck was more noticeable then anything else.

The dragon came into the light as he was finishing wrapping his lower parts in elven clothing. [b "The war cost on both sides was high. And even one such as myself could have died."] Motioning to the dragon mark upon his body he bluntly put. [b "It is not noticeable as my scales have sense been replaced, but the flesh under them still yet bare the mark of the war. You see even Dragons on High were drawn into the war, and many of us lost our lives or almost had done so. I had gotten into a fight with a frost wyrm on my withdrawl from the Gray mountains into the darkwoods, however a frost wyrm had followed me and trapped me by wrapping itself around my body."]

The dragon took in a sharp breath as he put his hand back in his lap. [b "The only reason I survived was that the Ice Wyrm was yet experienced fighting a dragon of my king, and so it did not know I can give heat off all over m body like ice wyrms can their cold, it also did not know that our breath could change, and so I took a deep breath before blasting all over a poison gas that would kill even the one who blasted it out of their body, however one must breath it in for it to work. The dragon died, and I burnt it to ash before its body even detached from mine. I would not have it inflict damage upon the creatures or the lands below our battle field upon its death."]

Torith had stepped away from the fire and started weaving magic runes into the air around the camp. Ediss continued however on his story after another deep breath. [b "You see Frost wyrms even upon death still release their chill until their body has completely decayed away and anything that strays to close will be fighting the cold, The blood is even toxic to anything living or warm blooded and even a drop will freeze a creature over."]

Lifting his head the now elven form dragon just gave off a small smile. [b "Tomorrow we will cross the Gray Mountains and in doing so will be returned to the old world, While there we will face more horrors then bandits and thieves and anything could try and kill us. The old world is full of more then just humans and elves and the like. Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, creatures of even greater darkness lurk in the shadows so be on guard always even when you think you are safe do not believe you are."]

Lifting a pot onto the fire with freshly cut vegetables and game caught earlier the dragon stirred up the pot. [b "The elves in the old world are creatures of habit, and will not likely be very open to guests, however we stop within their cities long enough to resupply for the final stretch of our journey to the Far north past the sea of Blades, past the lands of the vampire courts, the dwarves halls of old, the savaged lands of orcs. Past the human empires, past even the lands of the Norsca tribes to the Pillars Mountains. The land of the Dragon queen and her people. There we shall find her and another elven people who are thought to be Godly figures."]

[center Edriss's Elven form]
[center [pic]]
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
The pair had both felt the chill. Eris shivered, huddling down. The woman hugged her knees close to her chest. Sahfiik felt her rider's body quake from the sudden cold. The dragonelle settled a wing over Eris, then turned her gaze towards Ediss and Torith.
[#ffa500 "I remember hearing of such stories,"] Sahfiik replied in a quiet voice.
The spine along her back was flat. Even she felt a slight chill. Sah's head was up, having also heard the roar from below. She went on high alert, but seemed to calm as they rose higher into the clouds, hiding them from the world below.
[#ffa500 "I doubt I would do much against one. The most I could possibly do is confuse and annoy such a beast. I am but a simple illusion dragon."]
Eris patted the dragonelle's paw, [#c71585 "I know a few things about the wars, but not much."]
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 4d 4h 50m 22s
Ediss gave a rumbling sound as the air seemed to grow to a chill even upon his back. [b "Be careful little ones, I feel a great coldness in the air that steals even my breath from me."] The dragon shifted upwards into the clouds to the point where all that was below them was such and above them was clear sky of blue and yellows of the daylight. [b "A great Frost Wyrm is below I can smell the thing."]

Torith opened his ears up to hear a mighty roar come from below. [#491256 "Things of old have come this far north. The Gray Mountains I thought were impassible unless one knew how to dig under the ground or fly above them?"] the dragon once again gave a low rumbling sound. [b "Once long ago the great Frost Wyrms came from the north, terrorizing any who came to close to the lands they called home. Their stench giving away where they were before they even showed. As their bodies give off the smell of death, and while us dragons give off heat from our own body their is nothing but frost. My subzero breath would do little against them as that is what touching their skin would be like."]

The elf shuttered for a moment, but the dragon went on. [b "War raged on for many centuries between Dragons and the Wyrms, Eventually the dragons were forced into flight away from the Gray mountains and the lands north of it. We flew south only to have the creatures follow us into the lands. We eventually came upon people such as Torith, and the glades of Athel Loran. The forest of ages. We made a pack that any wyrm south of the Gray mountains would be hunted down and destroyed."] Torith nodded [b "The first Dragon war. It happened in the elven third age."]

The dragon took a deep breath and dipped below the clouds as the smell of death seemed to be washed away by the sight of mountain peaks breaking even the cloud line. [b "The wyrms also found a people to ride upon them. Trolls and giants of the north meant to combat elves upon ours and be the common enemy. What the Wyrms did not anticipate is elves being able to wield our magic as if it was their own."]
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Sahfiik barely had time to react. One moment her claws were grasping the image, but she also would have now had a sword driven into her heart. The dragonelle had completely froze, as if it had truly happened.
As for Eris, she was indeed much slower. She was soon facing right at the tip of the arrow aimed for her head. It was such a strange feeling, if it was just practice. There was that dread of oncoming death, but it never came. Who knew that simple practice could be so terrifying.
Both Eris and Sah trudged over to where he sat. Eris sat down, folding her hands in her lap. Sah sat down on her haunches, curling her tail around herself, staring down at the ground.
[#c71585 "I'll try to keep that in mind. Different races most certainly have different strengths and weaknesses."]
Sah was silent for several moments, then she too spoke up, [#ffa500 "I shall also try not to stray too far from Eris' side."]
Eris glanced toward the dragonelle, then looked back towards the elf, [#c71585 "That's rather...disheartening...knowing Sah will pass if I do."]
The woman grew quiet. The idea of the dragonelle passing away, because of her...
Eris shook her head, not wanting to think of it. Instead, she glanced towards Torith again. She tried to sound determined, [#c71585 "Thank you Torith. We'll try different tactics next time, and stick together."]
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 7d 4h 27m 53s
Torith had kept his drive going, The dragonelle Sah had landed on the image which had blade in hand the tip pointed up into her chest. The second an arrow drawn on the strings of his bow pointed at Eris's head. [b "My Lady you seem to have lost not only your dragonelle's life, but your own as well. You allowed me to get close with arrow and bow."] the elf released the nocked arrow and put both away. The image seemed to disappear.

[b "You see I am an elf, we have a rapid arrow release upon bow and access to arrow freely. And with this range while you may deflect one or two. Be lucky maybe to have an arrow or two miss you even, but one of my arrow would find its mark."] Sitting down and waving for Eris to take the seat next to him, and Sahfiik to her. [b "You had the advantage and yet you did not use it. You allowed me to separate the two of you knowing that I have more experience. Sahfiik you must remember that if Eris looses her life your's dwindles in but moments to hers. You must understand this as well Eris. To loose your life means Sahfiik will pass away as well."]
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Eris somehow managed to stop mid-lunge. She lifted her weapon, deflecting the arrow for the most part. The woman was tempted to pause as Torith spoke to Sah, but remembered that if she were to do such a thing, it would leave her open for an attack.
She returned to a more defensive approach. Yet Eris had to remember to that blocking took energy, just as attacking did. Either way, in the end it would leave one drained. Eris seemed to go for a defensive approach, though she was trying to be a tad more aggressive.
As for Sahfiik, the dragonelle released a puff of smoke from her nostrils. She flipped, darting backwards again. The dragonelle wasn't liking how fast the pair was approaching Eris. So, her initial response, swerve mid-air and dive-bomb with another blast of flames, trying to create a wall between Eris and the Elf.
Sahfiik continued her dive downwards. She outstretched her claws, aiming to grasp the second Torith. Maybe if she could pin that one down, incapacitate it at least, then give Eris only one enemy to focus her attention. Least that was the thoughts of Sah.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 9d 23h 38m 3s
Torith just turned his body into a twist forcing his blade in front of the flame before it reached the copy of himself. The arrow that was let loose was sent over his shoulder at Eris to keep her off her feet. The real torith shortly after charged keeping his feet light so he could change direction at any notice. The copy however seemed to roll away from the now dying flame as the giant dragon rumbled as if he had been tickled. [b "If you are going to use flame be sure it is hotter then that Sahfiik."] he called as he glanced over his shoulder for a moment.

The image ran up next to the real one keeping speed with him and as he did so the two were tossing bow and sword back and forth to each other.
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
[#c71585 "Of course sir,"] Eris responded, also giving a small bow in return.
Sahfiik had stood up once again. Her spine flared up along her back, the dragonelle's griff rattled as it unfolded, covering her sensitive earholes.
[#ffa500 "Well, this should be interesting, you ready Eris,"] Sahfiik asked looking towards the woman.
As for Eris, she had drawn the blade that was at her side. The woman glanced towards her dragonelle, [#c71585 "Ready when you are Sah, though do you think we should start with me on your back and try mounted combat?"]
The creature seemingly shrugged, [#ffa500 "Up to you my dear."]
Eris thought for several moments. She needed a lot of practice on both kinds of combat. However, Eris seemed to finally decide, [#c71585 "Both my ground and mounted combat need work, though I shall stick to ground for now, seeing as I a extremely poor there."]
Sahfiik simply nodded in return. The dragonelle opened her wings, leaping upwards to take flight. She circled low overhead, keeping watch of the ground below. Eris waited patiently, holding the hilt of her blade in both hands.
Remembering a few of her lessons of before, Eris observed the opponent for several moments, then lunged at the real Torith. As for Sahfiik, she'd preform the ranged support. The dragonelle suddenly tipped her nose downwards, diving. She opened her jaws, releasing a blast of blue flames at the copy Torith. Her plan was to perhaps create a distraction, have arrows focus on her, while Eris tried her hand at the one with the sword.
Sah was fairly confident she could dodge the arrows. Her smaller, lithe body could easily dart around, but even the dragonelle knew she had limits as well.
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 13d 13h 17m 53s
Torith seemed to laugh as the two landed in surprise. The dragon he rode on seemed to give off a personal heat that kept the chill of the night air off himself and a good few feet from his skin. [b "Ladies"] he said bowing. [b "Eris I would say we can continue your magic lesson, but alas the bags are on Ediss's underbelly side, and so inexcusable at the moment."] holding up a finger his smile faded.

[b "However your sword and mine are at our sides."] before saying another word Torith stepped sideways as he was chanting something in ancient elvish and a second Torith stood to the left of the aged elf. [b "The two of you were will work as a pair against myself, and well me."] The image only drew bow and arrow off his back while the actual Torith drew his blade. [b "You have the advantage of flight, however know while my sword is wrapped to not inflict wounds the arrows will not be the same."]

Wrapping his blade up quickly in cloth so that no sharp edges could cut through the fabric it was almost like he had a very intimidating looking stick/ [b "We will begin when you are ready."] The elf said as he dropped into his battle stance of having his blade in his left hand which was drawn in the back, the blade laid across the wrist guard of his right arm. His knees slightly bent as if he was or could jump.
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
She may have been quick, but a large dragon such as Ediss could easily gain with but a few sweeps of powerful wings. The dragonelle barely had noticed until she sensed a looming shadow. Sah turned her head, hearing a voice call.
Sahfiik flapped her wings, flying upwards towards the giant. Despite the occasional gust of wind, Sah used the wind to her advantage, climbing quickly into the air. The dragonelle soon was flying down the other dragon's back, eyes catching sight of the clearing that had been made. Sahfiik started to drop, making a beeline for the space.
She came to land perfectly, back legs followed by her front. Sahfiik's forked tongue flicked out again, testing the air. She was rather impressed having the ability to actually land and ride on another felt rather strange, perhaps not right.
However, the dragonelle shrugged the feeling away. She sat down on her haunches like a massive dog. Her tail moved, coming to curl around her front paws. Sahfiik glanced around for several moments, then turned to see Eris had slid off of her back.
[#ffa500 "How are you holding up Eris? Is the air up here too much? You're not cold are you?"]
Sahfiik sounded more like a concerned mother over her children when it came to the woman. The dragonelle did make a promise to protect the woman, even at the cost of her own life. So Sah was determined to keep that promise.
[#c71585 "I'm doing fine Sahfiik,"] Eris simply replied, smiling softly, [#c71585 "Question is though are [b you] alright?"]
The dragonelle seemed slightly taken aback at the question. She actually turned her gaze towards her paws, shuffling them a bit, [#ffa500 "O-of course I'm fine! Remember, I can take more of a beating than you."]
  Eris & Sahfiik / Dragoncita / 16d 11h 9m 32s
Seeing the other two take off Ediss Jumped up into the air giving one great quake knocking back and out of the way most of the enemies. Flapping his wings a few times and jumping once again Ediss was air born. Breathing hot molten fire on top of the goblins that were still within his face Ediss was above the clouds before long.

Torith had placed his bow and arrows back within their bags on the side. drawing a quick glyph in the air he nodded. [b "Ediss slow down you are right on top of them"] the giant dragon stopped shortly after to see a bright orangish yellow out of the corner of his eye. [b "Sahfiik."] called the great dragon. [b "Land on my back, I will keep flying for a few more hours while the two of you rest."]

Torith flattened down some of Ediss's spines and made a clearing around his shoulder blades about as large as the clearing they had just left before it was crowded by goblins and dead earth.
[center [h3 Eris & Sahfiik]]
Sahfiik was greatly intrigued by this new gas. However, the dragonelle only nodded. She turned, opening her wings. Sah crouched low, rocking her haunches, then leaping upwards. In several wing beats she was airborne and quickly rising.
Eris only had a few moments to stare watch, but quickly grasped the spines on Sahfiik's back. The woman huddled down, feeling the wind race past. She couldn't do much other than stay on top of the dragonelle's back.
As for Sahfiik, she did as told, raising up quickly into the clouds above. Her wings lifted her form upwards. The cold air didn't really bother her, however she had to remember Eris was on her back. The dragonelle turned her gaze to look downwards.
She circled a few times, watching the fight below her. Oh yes, Sah knew she was told to move, but her curiosity had a tendency to get the better of her. Perhaps it was due to her being young and not much experience. Either way, the dragonelle quickly started to move again. Being smaller, she was quick and could become quite a difficult target to hit when flying at full speed. Sahfiik preferred flight over fight if given a choice, so she had plenty of practice evading attacks when fleeing from combat if the opportune moment showed itself.
  Dragoncita / 17d 8h 50m 16s
Taking in yet another deep breath Ediss let out this time a sort of gas from his mouth. The coloration of it going from a green to a goldish color. [b “That should keep them busy for a while.”] Withdrawing his wings from around him Ediss stood up his eyes meeting Sahfiik’s own. [b “You need to get high above the clouds before I take off. Keep heading in the direction we need to go. We will be behind you shortly.”]
Firing off a few more arrows into the horde of goblins that seem to be running towards the new shinny thing in the sky Torith just nodded. [b “We will be behind you. We however don’t need you two to be blown out of the sky by Ediss.”] the great dragon let out a rumbling sound like an earthquake in his stomach. [b “Go and quickly.”] another breath of the goldish green gas was released into the air. Torith took in a deep breath before the gas surrounded him as the pair charged into the horde of goblin that seemed to now just pour out of the forest.

Ediss fighting claw and nail against the animals knew better than to allow the creatures near his venerable spots, his mouth, eyes, ears, even the small gem like spot on the underside of his neck which was the thinnest part of his entire hide. Taking in another breath and letting out the ice from his maw this time it blasted his own hide and made a set of armor around him that if any goblins got to close they would freeze whatever body part touched his own, that was also if their bodies could stand the cold it was giving off.

Anyone who knew about flying knew it was cold above the clouds, cold up in the sky period. To fly was meant to be use to the cold or heavily bundled up. Torith had the advantage of both; his elven people were that of the eternal moon glade, their home was that of the darkest part of the darkwoods to the far north and frozen over. Hunted constantly by frost worgs, Ice trolls, Goblins, even Dire bats seemed to hunt elves for sport. They were raised and trained in combat at a young age. They were also taught to survive in the harsh conditions.

Sun elves were a battle hardy people who were brought up to be warriors and their Nobility and Royal family were no different. Torith was prince and Templar to their goddess Za’zi. It was because of this that he was blessed with Ediss as his companion sense both were but young children. Torith had been taking care of the dragon eggs within the halls of the temple when one had cracked for him.

They have sense shared a bond. Dragon’s being an endless pool of energy to which magic was always drawn, however the dragon’s life would forever be linked to their mage, so the cost of this was that the dragon lost their immortality. At least that is what many thought, but Torith had been granted a boon from Za’zi the lifebringer herself, and that was for him to be granted immortality, however anyone who came to his temple was to be taught the ways of the dragon mage.

The Temple of the seven stars, the one temple within the elven lands that war would never touch as it was protected by all elven nobles and elven families. Its magical barrier took centuries to build and would take eons to break through by force.

Drawing his bow again Torith shot several more goblins into the ground from around Edriss, however their blood was acid, and so as their bodies sank to the ground it made a patch of black on the ground.

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