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[center [size8 group - magical girls/boys- forces of evil - slice of life - romance (?) - high school]]
[left [pic]][Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad fate]]
[tab][size9 [b /fāt/ noun]]
[size9 [b The development of events beyond a person's control, regarded as determined by a supernatural power.]]
[tab][size9 [i "fate decided his course for him"]]
[size9 [b synonyms: destiny, providence, the stars, chance, luck, serendipity, fortune, kismet, karma]]
[tab][size9 [i "what has fate in store for me?"]]

[size11 [center There are many things one may attribute to fate; the person they fall in love with, a rousing moment in their life. To have a life fully dictated by a predetermined and unflinching fate though... It's a concept that undermines humanity's very own free will. In this world, there are legends and fairy tales, people destined by their fates to face down the evil that threatens all. One such tale tells of a darkness consuming the land, a devouring scourge to purge humanity from the earth... A nigh unbeatable foe, that would be brought low by fate. By fate, even this encroaching darkness would be contained by the sacrifices of ten young men & women... and by fate, this cycle would repeat time and again for hundreds of years down the line. The cycle begins once more, the wheel of fate spinning endlessly as the shadows grow. Fate has selected five young women and five young men, once again to thrust them into a battle in which they've been given no say... Their fates have been determined; As it was in the past and as it seems destined to be. Within this modern era, in the country of Japan, fate calls once more for sacrifice. [i Their fates are written.]]]
[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Setting]]]
[size11 [b This roleplay is set within a fictionalized version of the town of Ohira, Japan, roughly 40 minutes north of Sendai. Ohira is a fairly small town with an agricultural focus with few defining traits; However, the town does rest on buried secrets. This RP's setting is prone to change however and any setting shifts will be detailed in an announcement post.]]
[center [pic][pic]][center [pic][pic]]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Magical Girls]]]
[size10 These are the five girls, a group brought together by fate itself. Unknown to them, They were chosen even before their birth to be great heroes. The powers they wield can range greatly and are rather spectacular. The powers they wield were at one time thought to be mere fantasy, but now with the threat to Ohira, The girls will soon awaken their true potential and rise to the challenge to defend their town and the world! These girls are all part of a club called the Music Research Association. The girls were all drawn to this club about a month prior to the story's beginning.... Pulled in by a singing voice, when they got there no one was to be found save for a student council member who wasn't responsible for the voice they heard. Being mistaken for new members of this old and unused club, The girls were gifted with keys to the out of use classroom and left alone before they even had a chance to explain themselves. The mystery behind the voice has gone unsolved since that fateful day.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Knights]]]
[size10 Five boys, unique in their own ways, Have also been chosen by fate before their birth. Gifted with a magic of their own, along with the skill and capability to wield their weapons, These boys will rise to defend Ohira from any coming assault. Soon these boys will stand against the coming darkness, ready to fight to defend their town and their world. The Knights are grand warriors who will not falter and will not fall! The boys are members of the Earth Defense Club! ...Wait, does this club actually do anything? Don't laugh at the name! This club was formed by one of the boys to help save the world from all the evil out there... Supposedly. Really how he managed to force four other boys into joining him is unknown... But be it by luck or maybe just fate, these boys are all destined for something bigger. It's unlikely the owner saw this coming.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad General Powers]]]
[size10 Magical girls & Knights are able to access a general power called 'The Echo' which protects them from the emotional manipulations of the Avatars; as well as giving them an extra sense when the lesser monsters of the scourge are near. This is an optional power that does not count against the power limits.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Scourge]]]
[size10 Scourge is the name for the strange creatures that suddenly appeared to terrorize Ohira. Along with their appearance came the mysterious Avatars, humans who seem to be controlling them. What they are is unknown, Where they came from is unknown. There are many theories though, Some believing them to be alien in nature, coming from another world to attack humanity... Though some believe that they are perhaps more supernatural... Demons that are attacking humanity. Of course, no one knows exactly for sure what they are, but the fact of the matter is that they're here and they're trying to kill us. So far only two types of scourge have been seen, though it is speculated there are more out there, for whatever reason waiting before revealing themselves.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Shadow Men]]]
[size10 The lowest type of scourge so far, The shadow men are humanoid in shape, though thin and faceless. Capable of becoming as thin as a shadow to lurk along the ground, they may be rather weak, but they can still pose a threat easily. Adept at ambushing and evading attacks, Shadow Men are generally elusive fighters, sometimes preferring to avoid conflict all together until they can regroup and swarm their opponent. Some people speculate that the Slender Man urban legend may very well have been based on Shadow Men somehow, due to slightly similar appearances.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad Berserkers]]]
[size10 A step up from the Shadow Men is the Berserkers, While lacking the ability to become shadow like their lower counter parts, Berserkers present a greater threat nonetheless. Rather strange creatures, almost animal like in appearance, yet humanoid in shape, Berserkers are large beasts, normally found to be anywhere above 7 feet tall. What they lack in evasion, they make up for in brute strength and durability. It takes a lot to take a Berserker down, and the more damage they take, the more they live up to their name. Even if a Berserker is near death, it may very well be one of the greatest threats you could face. Wild and unpredictable, strong and durable, Berserkers are a large step up from Shadow Men.]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad The Avatars]]]
[size10 Selected from normal humans, just as the knights and magical girls were selected. These seven individuals have been granted great and terrifying powers, represented by powerful negative emotions. They've had powers for up to two years now and have been working to advance the goals of whatever dark force compels them. A voice called out to them in their dreams one night to inform them of what they'd become... Now They stand as one of the greatest threats to this world, Their powers capable of twisting minds or great destruction. They feed off negative emotion and grow more powerful from it. Their powers mainly revolve around the emotion they represent. The seven avatars are as follow...]
[tab]The Avatar of Anger
[tab]The Avatar of Fear
[tab]The Avatar of Despair
[tab]The Avatar of Hatred
[tab]The Avatar of Violence
[tab]The Avatar of Pride
[tab]The Avatar of Sloth
[size10 The seven Avatars are twisted humans, serving the scourge to eradicate mankind. They are among the greatest threats the ten could face... And it's very well possible they could wipe them out. The Avatars strive to see this world in ruin, and they will let NOTHING stand in their way!]

[Kurale [size19 [#9f70ad General Powers]]]
[size10 Most or all Avatars hold a general set of basic powers, the ability to empower themselves through and induce their respective negative emotion in others.]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Don't make a habit of "empty posting." Posts that do not give other role-players anything to respond to.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Illustrated pictures. Make sure the picture accurately portrays your character. No Sailor Moon pictures, please.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Romance is NOT the sole purpose of this role-play. You can ship characters together all you want, BUT DO NOT FORCE THAT SHIP ONTO OTHERS. Just cause you ship it, [u does not] mean that it is canon. Threatening to leave an RP because your ship isn't happening will automatically get you kicked out.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b If you are accepted make sure to make a character profile and send me the link. I will be linking them.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b The character limit will be 2000.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b This will have a mature rating. There will be vulgar language, violence, drug use (maybe), and intense situations at times. There may be character death as well.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Since this is a group role-play I will have to make sure that everyone knows the rules and follows them as such. Because people are people... When you message me your application please title the message 'fateless'.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b [u This is not 'first come, first serve'. I will tell you if you have been accepted or not.]]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b If you get skipped/fail to post 3 times, you will be taken out of the role-play. I understand that real life is way more important than this. That is why I will give you days to 10 get a post out.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Romance is completely fine however do not make it that entire point of your character.]]

[#9f70ad ●] ⋮ [size10 [b Just follow the [ [size8 ESR]]]

● ⋮ [font "Times New Roman" [#9f70ad [b If you have any questions, feel free to PM me or visit the [ [size11 OOC]]]]]

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[tab][tab][pic][#B1B0B2 [size10
[#9f70ad [size15 [u [Kurale Character]]]]
[size12 [tab]✩ ]their name
[size12 [tab]✩ ]nicknames
[size12 [tab]✩ ]their age
[size12 [tab]✩ ]grade year
[size12 [tab]✩ ]gender
[size12 [tab]✩ ]sexuality
[size12 [tab]✩ ]relationship status
[size12 [tab]✩ ]club aside from those stated above
[size12 [tab]✩ ]magical girl / knight
[#9f70ad [u Likes]]
[size12 [tab]☑]write here
[size12 [tab]☑]write here
[size12 [tab]☑]write here ; can have as much as you want
[#9f70ad [u Dislikes]]
[size12 [tab] ☒]write here
[size12 [tab] ☒]write here
[size12 [tab] ☒]write here ; can have as much as you want
[#9f70ad [u Secrets]]
[size12 [tab] ☐]write here
[size12 [tab] ☐]write here ; at least two
[#9f70ad [u Personality]]
[size12 [tab] □ ][b positive trait] [size12 [tab] □ ][b positive trait] 
[size12 [tab] □][b neutral trait] [size12 [tab] □][b negative trait]
describe their personality as much as you can in paragraph format or bullet points; if writing it in first person helps you can do that too.
[#9f70ad [u Biography]]
[size12 [tab] □]write here; at least two paragraphs or couple bullet points, up to you. First-person is allowed. I won't hold it against you if this is incomplete and allow you to finish this part when you want.

[#9f70ad [size15 [u [Kurale Magical Stuff]]]]
[size12 [tab]✩ ]their primary ability
[size12 [tab]✩ ]magical weapon/item
[#9f70ad [u Magical Power]]
[size12 [tab] □]write here ; explain the power your magical girl / knight possesses
[size12 [tab] □]you can also list moves they've come up with using the bullet point provided
[#9f70ad [u Magical Weapon/Item]]
[size12 [tab] □]write here; explain character's weapon that manifests from their soul
[size12 [tab] □]or if it's an item just describe what it does/how it works as best you can
[size12 [tab] □]any more information regarding weapon/item please use the bullet point provided

[#9f70ad [size15 [u [Kurale You ]]]]
[size12 [tab]✩ ] timezone and availability
[size12 [tab]✩ ]introduce yourself to me and mention anything important ]]]


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Roleplay Responses

[center [pic]] [size11

[b [#3399ff “Sure, you can join us.”]] He smiled easily, shoving his hands in his pockets while they waited an extra ten minutes for any of the other members to show up. A sigh soon rose and left his lips. It had been like this the first time they had gotten together as well. The only time he would remember everyone being together was at the meeting earlier today. Perhaps that was the only time everyone would be together. [b [#3399ff “Since half of everyone is missing-”]] Akihiko stopped speaking at the lightning user of his group came strolling up, taking the moment to call forth his weapon. Aki covered his hand to block out the light once the light had vanished, Akihiko’s hand dropped down to his side, forming into a fist.

[b [#3399ff “Are you serious right now, Sora?! SERIOUSLY?! We were supposed to sneak in! Aya and Nao are already in there and now you’ve told everything in there that they are-”]] Aki’s scolding was cut short as a loud explosion, the gate that he had been standing in front of smashed into his side, sending him along with Minagi and Sora a few feet back, knocking them all to the ground. The impact and fall left him breathless. Taking a deep breath in, Aki began to push the gate off the trio, however, before he could lift the metal bars a few inches above their bodies, a hungry snarl cried out just as a large dark slim covered body slammed itself on top of the gate. Sora was pinned on his right and Minagi was pinned on his left.

The breath was knocked out of his lungs once more as their new ‘friend’ leaned over the gate, slim dripping between the metal bars and onto their bodies while drool from its large mouth dripped down into their faces. [b [#3399ff “This..”]] Aki struggled to breathe while barely dodging a swipe from the monsters large claws. [b [#3399ff “Is why…”]] A drop of blood rolled down his cheek from a newly earned cut. [b [#3399ff “We have...”]] A drop of the monsters drool splashed onto his face, causing Akihiko to hiss out as some got into his cut. [b [#3399ff “group meetings.”]] Aki didn’t need to see it know that the flesh around it was turning a dark violet just like their monster friend, the stinging pain was enough to clue him in on it.

Akihiko swiftly turned his head to the side to avoid getting any further infections on his face. On the body, it wasn’t so hard to cover up the next day, but the face - that was his money maker. As his mother normally said. Those dark green eyes landed on the other two members that weren’t being crushed under the gate. It looked like while the gate had knocked the trio back, Sen and Namiko had taken a large chunk of the brick wall along with the two slime monsters that came charging through it to get them. Hundreds of bricks landed scattered around the two. [b [#3399ff “Back to back.”]] Akihiko barked out the command at Sen and Namiko while a third monster joined them and a second jumped into the gate. Sucking in air through ground teeth, Akihiko filtered everything happened around him out and within seconds a bright light engulfed his body. Slender arms suddenly gained a bulk of muscle. Runners' legs turned into pythons. The rest of him, well, Aya always described him as a young He-man, but with way more sparkles and a hell lot pinker.

With a groan, Akihiko pushed the gate up as much as he could. Even with the newly added muscle, it was a challenge to lift the hundreds of pounds of gross up, even just enough for the other two to wiggle out. [b [#3399ff “Spread out.”]] Aki ordered out at the two newly freed fighters. [b [#3399ff “Take these two out first, help the other two later. If there are five here now, there is more galloping towards us by the second.”]] The words were pushed out harshly as the second monster that had jumped on the gate now lunged off towards Minagi and Sora, claws bared and snarling. The first pressed its full weight onto Aki, pushing his body into the ground, to the point the young leader was sure that there would be a body outline when he finally got up. Mentally, Aki was going through the next ten steps as well as giving cleaning due to Sora for the next two weeks before destroying the school gate and fence, along with his face.
  Akihiko Shinsuke / Darcy / 2y 24d 13h 5m 57s
[center [pic]]

[center The boy honestly hated being in groups, but at least their excitement was more infectious and easier to deal with than the array of emotions that normally came with a larger group of people.

There were several things that dumbfounded Sen in that moment after he'd exchanged numbers with Namiko. The first being the vanishing of the pink haired girl. Gone so quickly that he had practically blinked and missed her. The next was after he'd sent a message to said girl when the boy beside him was speaking to him. It took Sen a good moment to process that someone was speaking to him, and even that they were calling him by name. Embarrassed, he pushed up the glasses that'd slid down the bridge of his nose and gazed over to Sora.

Minagi had a way of knowing things she shouldn't have known, and the simple fact that he was even sitting there- much less asking him if he wanted to hang out later- suggested that she'd had something to do with this. Though, he said nothing about his accusatory thoughts, and would deal with them later. He'd always been a rather objective person, and so it was probably why the thought of someone asking him out in such a way was such a foreign thought. More so than that, he wasn't used to feeling much of anything. So, it scared him somewhat to have his inner voice telling him just to say yes.

“[#2D5DA1 Sora, I will definitely think about it, but I probably wouldn't be there the whole time. Also, let's see how tonight goes before then. You should be able to find my number from our group chat if you want to talk about anything, though.]” It wasn't a yes or a no, but a really solid 'maybe'. He supposed he should take their job seriously- even though he'd never wanted this job- as this time it wasn't just their lives on the line like normal. The last thing they needed was for some innocent party to get hurt.

「 ❤ Time Skip 」

It'd been a relatively uneventful few hours as he passed the time doing homework and listening to his sister tell him about the events of her day. He closed the book and checked the time- noting that even though it was still a little bit before the time the were supposed to meet, he'd have to walk, and that would make him a bit late. Visiting hours were almost over, so there was no excuse that he had to make to tell her why he had to leave.

'[#2D5DA1 [i Hey, I have to walk there. I'll be just a few minutes late.]]' He scrolled through his minimal contacts until he found Namiko's name and sent her the message just to let her know that he was actually on his way. She was just his partner for this, but she was far more approachable than Ayame or Aki would be about his tardiness.

Sen felt the small group of people before he actually saw them. Everyone was incredibly serious- some to the point that there were hints of fear. He certainly didn't blame them for feeling the way that they did in the least. “[#2D5DA1 Sorry, I'm a bit late,]” He offered no explanation nor excuse about why, but he reached out with a gloved hand and rested it against Namiko's shoulder. One reason was to get her attention, and the other was to keep himself from reeling at the sensation of powerful mixed emotions. It was honestly like a slap in the face, but he merely grimaced and dealt with it- using Namiko as somewhat of a stabilizer. “[#2D5DA1 Where should we go?]” He asked curiously to Aki- giving Minagi a narrow eyed glare that she only responded to with a coquettish smile. ]]
  -Solaris- / 2y 179d 17h 51m 14s
[center [pic]]
[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 T]]he rest of the meeting was uneventful, at least for Namiko. It did not last long, and they quickly split up. She slipped out of the building quietly, preferring not to talk to anyone for the moment. Her mind was on their mission for the night, and what her role in said mission would be. Since her abilities were not very combat oriented, she knew that her role would be limited, unless someone was hurt. Which was not at all what she wanted, despite her rather callous personality. She found herself feeling worried, about what could possibly happen. It was a little odd for her, but she was less than confident in her abilities.

[+white xxxxx] Heading home, all Namiko could do was wait until the time came for the mission to start.

[center [pic]]

[+white xxxxx] [b [size12 T]]he hours had passed, and Namiko was waiting at the spot they were all told to meet at. She kept herself distanced from the others, feeling rather out of place. Her partner, Sen, was not there yet, and she was not close to any of the others. So, there was simply no one for her to speak to. At least, no one that she felt like bothering at the moment. She watched the others with grey eyes, noticing when Sora summoned his weapon. She could see the pride she felt, and resisted the urge to roll her eyes. [i Show off,] she thought to herself. [i Now isn't the time for that.] Not that it was her place to decide this.

[+white xxxxx] She bit her tongue, looking down at her phone. Any minute now, when everyone arrived, their mission would start. Namiko left her weapon unsummoned, unlike some of the others. It was essentially useless to her, at least for the moment. The avatars were not here, nor did they have an idea as to where they were. So, she chose to save her energy, for when she would actually need it. She had no idea what her role in this mission was to be as of yet, and did not want to expend more energy than she had to. Her abilities were not refined, like the others'. She was the only first year, and had recently come into her abilities and started practicing with her abilities. As such, in her mind, Namiko had decided to play a more passive role, unless ordered otherwise.

[+white xxxxx] The decision would be left on the leaders, and she would do as she was told, despite that going against the core of who she was. Despite being rather rude and rebellious , she accepted that she had little idea of what she was doing, and did not want to stumble around on the potential battlefield. She knew she needed guidance, and was not going to let her stubbornness and pride get in the way of that. Not when it could potentially cost lives.

[+white xxxxx] She was being unusually serious, but there was a slight feeling of dread that she could not bring herself to ignore. Whether it was for a reason or out of simple paranoia, well. That has yet to be seen.]
  [獺] / Chrysalis / 2y 181d 4h 44m 33s
[right [pic]]
[center [pic]]
[center [font "Arial" All frustration he had felt for his underclassmen subsided when Sora spotted Minagi's friendly face as her waving caught his attention. She motioned him to take the spot next to Sen: [i the boy he had been crushing on for at least a billion years.] A soft flush blossomed across the bridge of his nose as he thought about the idea of sitting so close to his infatuation. Hesitating for a moment, he didn't think he could do it. When he was nervous or flustered his electrical charge made his hair stand up from static. He wasn't very subtle with his feelings. It wasn't [i his fault] that electricity literally ran through his veins. The body was made of 70% of water. Water was a conductor. [i Sucks to suck Sora.] Despite his nerves and pounding heart, the knight crossed the floor and settled into the seat next to Sen. Shooting an apprehensive look to the pink haired girl, he plead for some sort of help in this situation.
Minagi was the only person he had told about his crush. Well he wasn't really planning on [u telling] her but it justs kind of slipped out. She was obviously not stupid so it definitely wasn't a shocker but it seemed like she was pulling the strings on Sen and his relationship.

Carefully planting his feet on the floor, he angled his knees towards ebony haired boy. He was very deliberate with his body position so he wouldn't shock his classmate. As much as he wanted to touch the other male, he knew he couldn't. He couldn't touch anyone. Never again.
Tucking a sterling strand of hair that had escaped his makeshift hairstyle behind his ear, he glanced at Sen. Batting his ridiculously thick eyelashes, he attempted to blink his feelings away.

Averting his attention from his heartbeat, he surveyed the leaders as they read off the names of their partners. He didn't really know anyone in either party. His relationship with Ayame was complicated. They weren't really friends. She liked his hair and that was her reason to spend time with him. He didn't mind it though, the company was rather nice. Sometimes he'd pretend that they were actual friends and imagine what life would be like if he had been born a normal person. Shaking his thoughts away, he looked at the bubbly girl with the cat ears he had been paired with. Grimacing he scratched his cheek while he contemplated their compatibility.
Sora had never had a conversation with the girl. She was like the sun, hard to look at and annoying in the morning when you are sleepy. Her nicknames were rather humorous but he wouldn't admit that either. Sighing, he let his hands fall to his lap.

After the team had exchanged information, people started to scatter indicating the meeting was over. Just as we was about to leave he was stopped by the abrupt exit of Minagi. He could have sworn he saw her send him a quick wink but before he could process, the girl was gone.
Clearing his throat, Sora began to speak although fearing his voice might fail him.
[b [#9f70ad "Sen,"]] he loved how the name sounded when he said it. He wanted to repeat it over and over again. Stopping himself he fidgeted with his hands while he continued. [b [#9f70ad "M-Maybe we could meet up at the festival?"]] His voice cracked when he reached the last word. Smooth. He needed to work on his people skills or else he was going to make an ass of himself one of these days.


The evening rolled around surprisingly quickly. Sora had made sure to properly secure his pearly locks before leaving. Patting his pocket, he made sure he had everything. Pulling another jacket on, he tiptoed over to the open window of his bedroom. He didn't want his to wake his roommates. Making his escape, he descended into the night.

Sora was surprised to only see a few of the members of the magic guard in the meeting spot. He knew his leaders would not be happy about this. Looking around to find his partner, he disappointed when he found out she was nowhere in sight.

However he did spot Minagi and Akihiko together. He thought he'd join them if it was okay. There was no point in standing around here when there was stuff to be done. Jogging over to them, he greeted them with a grunt.
[b [#9f70ad "Hey Mai isn't here. Can I join you guys?"]] He questioned with a slightly agitated look. He couldn't help but be frustrated in the fact that his partner didn't show up. Exhaling he nonchalantly checked the area around Minagi for Sen. He usually arrived with her. But he was also a no show. Trying to hide his disappointment, he straightened his shoulders and let out a cough. Sora's face lit up with determination when he realized he wasn't prepared for the fight.
Pulling a gold cylinder out of his pocket, a childish smile kissed his lips. Closing his fingers around it, he conjured electrical sparks around his fist. Two wings sprouted revealing the body of a bow. The cylinder had carved into a beautiful now handle. The weirded part of the weapon was its lack of bow string and arrows. Pressing the fingers of his opposite hand in the center of the empty space behind the bow, he exhaled. His amber eyes flashed azure blue. A bolt of lightning attacked itself to the tips of the bows. Smiling, he strumbed the string, the charge crackled in reply. He was actually quite proud of his weapon.]

  |goodbye| / muta / 2y 188d 5h 30m 49s
[center [pic]]


Minagi was slightly hurt and disgruntled at Naho's lack of response to her question as well as the choice of a partner that was forced upon her. Having been ignored in favor of Ayame hurt her pride. She knew that Naho was her so called second in command, and all, but this had not at all gone as she had planned it. Luckily, she wasn't one to admit defeat so readily. As for Botan, Minagi honestly didn't think he could fight his way out of a paper bag even if it was forced upon him. In fact, she didn't even remember the last time that she'd seen him use his abilities.

Before she had much time to sulk over both of her losses, however, a scheming grin pulled at the corners of her lips at the sight of Nao pathetically pining after Akihiko only for Ayame to seemingly cockblock him at every turn. From the outside observer looking in on the situation, it certainly didn't seem that Nao liked the Magical Girl's leader very much, but perhaps she was reading too much into it or putting his own thoughts off on him. Though it did bring somewhat o an idea to her mind. The problem would be separating him from his fangirls or even from the group to have a moment where she could talk with him. For now, she supposed she could always nudge Sen in the direction of ill-tempered thunderstorm of a boy named Sora. Despite the angry protest from both her growling stomach and a surprised Sen, she left almost immediately after the meeting was adjourned. She'd have to put up with them for the whole night; she needed some alone time between now and then. She hadn't been able to exchange contact information with Botan- though he honestly hadn't been all that interested in talking to her anyway. It definitely felt that way. Not that Minagi cared. She was more than capable of watching her own back when it came down to it- that that she figured that their leaders would allow it.

'[#2D5DA1 Where are you off to in a hurry, ghost girl?]' The message came from Sen.

'[#C9A0DC Away. And will you. stop. calling. me. that?]' She could feel his smirk behind the screen. He knew she absolutely hated being called ghost girl. '[#C9A0DC I wonder how bad he'd shock you if you felt him up. Something tells me you might like that though.]' She attached a wink emote to the message. If he was going to tease her by giving her stupid nicknames, then she was going to piss him off by playing on his all too obvious interest in their classmate.

「 ❤ Time Skip 」

By the time the designated meeting time had come, Minagi had just left the house. She made the excuse that she needed to help her friends with the upcoming festival. Her parents were somewhat wary of her interest in the occult, but knew that she used it as a way to connect with her grandmother, and so they didn't bat an eye when she left the house.

She arrived at their designated meeting place fashionably late by just a few moments, and noted that her partner still wasn't there. Minagi rolled her eyes. Being stuck with Akihiko wasn't much of an improvement from Botan, but at least Aki could hold his own when it came down to it.

“[#C9A0DC I don't think the others are coming. It's better if we just take who we have now than wait around in hopes that they'll come. You insisted on pairs, and it looks like our partners aren't going to show, so why don't we just go on without them?]” They were already late, and if they wanted to canvas the area, and still have enough time, this was for the best- whether Aki liked or agreed or not wasn't her concern. If he didn't want to go with her, then she would just go by herself and leave him here to wait in vain for the others.]]
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[center [google-font][Cairo [left [pic]][center The smile on Nao's face did not falter---he had prepared himself from any sort of reply from the magical girls' leader. Surprisingly, she wasn't going for any attacks... [i yet.] [#59b13e [b "That's a plan then!"]] his grin widened at the pale-haired girl, leaning forward, resting his chin on the intertwined fingers of the back of his hands. [#59b13e [b "Oh, but...,"]] he wore a mask of concern, [#59b13e [b "I'm not sure if I have the ability to help you choose a brush for painting."]] He paused, letting her enjoy a few moments of temporary victory, before he tilted his head to the side innocently, blinking at Ayame. [#59b13e [b "Different brushes are used for calligraphy and painting, I thought that's kind of basic?"]] He then made a cheerful smile, hiding bits of malice. [#59b13e [b "Ah, but you're honing the skill, right? You'll definitely get there!"]]

[#3399ff [b “I think that we should have the same thing within the Knights. I have all the Knights numbers, so I can get it started if everyone agrees to it.”]]

A sweet, small smile was immediately on Nao's lips as he turned to Akihiko. [#59b13e [b "You can go ahead and add mine in the group text, senpai, if it helps our group to coordinate better,"]] he said, though the idea of another group text filling his phone's thread list didn't exactly thrill him. [#59b13e [i At least Aki-senpai's there,]] he thought to himself as a form of very effective consolation, [#59b13e [i and I don't think those guys will be very responsive.]]

When Ayame slid her phone to his side, he gave her another polite smile as he added in his contact information on her phone. He was a little tempted to name his contact information as "The Awesome Kusanagi Nao-sama" just to spite her, or, if she had a decent amount of humor in that athletic body of hers, to get a few chuckles, but it was mostly the former. He had the words typed in after entering his digits, but decided against it and just entered "Kusanagi Nao-sama." He handed her phone back to her with a grin, just as Akihiko clapped his hands and stood up and announced the time when they should meet.

Just as he was pocketing his phone and making a move to stand up, Akihiko turned to him and Ayame, offering to come over to Akihiko's home for strategy and snacks. Nao's green eyes sparkled. As much as he lov---[i liked] spending time with his upperclassman, he also grew fond of staying at the only bakery in town, especially with the scent of freshly-baked bread. He could maybe bring home Castella slices, since they have his sister's family over. [#59b13e [b "Sure, senpai!"]]


Anxious energy flowed throughout Nao's system as he fiddled with his phone, replying with another batch of apologies to people asking him to accompany them to tomorrow's festival, customizing each message with the same content. It was always a variation of [#59b13e [i "Sorry, I already made plans with other people!"]] and [#59b13e [i "I'm already booked, sorry!"]] Just so that the first number of people he refused to go with before Akihiko invited him wouldn't get upset if they would see him tomorrow, he sent several versions of [#59b13e [i "Club business, I'm going after all! See you around?"]] He was prepared for a barrage of whines and disheartened texts.

Finishing off, he checked the time. They had already been waiting for roughly 40 minutes. Nao suppressed a sigh. He knew 'fashionably late' was a thing, but this was taking it too far---there's a time for that, and this certainly wasn't one of those. He knew how much their leader disliked tardiness when it came to things like this.

[#3399ff [b “Okkaay. So for every one that has their partner here, go ahead and go inside. Everyone that is waiting, well, we will give them another thirty minutes before we repair and go in.”]]

He stepped towards Akihiko and gave him pats on the back with a reassuring smile, ignoring Ayame who didn't even bother hiding her disappointment that she was stuck with him for the night. [#59b13e [b "They'll definitely come, I'm sure of it,"]] he said, even if he wasn't fully certain of it. The others were pretty cooperative during the meeting earlier in the day, so maybe he could count on it. [#59b13e [b "Maybe they encountered a few mishaps along the way. Or ended up encountering the weaker ones?"]]

Akihiko then went to unlock the school's gates, and, before he knew it, he was being dragged by Ayame as she took off towards the track field. Nao was able to keep up for a bit---his jogs and runs weren't useless, after all---but keeping up with a member of two clubs requiring a lot of speed and stamina was like having a straight man confess his undying feelings for Nao: completely impossible. As they were almost to the field, he snatched his hand away from Ayame's grasp and made an enthusiastic smile, even when he was panting his lungs out. [#59b13e [b "I'll catch up; I'll summon my brush first."]]

Catching his breath, he raised his pointing finger and drew twelve careful but sure strokes in the air, forming the character 筆, the character starting to glow by Nao's fourth stroke. The glowing character then shifted into the form of an actual calligraphy brush, before it fell to Nao's hands, its golden ferrule glinting in the moonlight. Holding it securely with both of his hands, he made his way to the field.
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The fair-haired young girl gave Nao a flat faced look at his mention of getting new brushes. Had he not bragged about getting new brushes a few weeks ago? Either way, two could play that game. [b [#ff8693 “No way! I have been trying to get better at painting, you are totally welcome to come along and show me all the ropes!”]] [i [#ff8693 ‘You little brat boy!”]] She thought loudly, however, her face was nothing but smiles. How Aki had not caught on to the fanboy flames coming off of Nao for him was beyond her, but she was not about to miss his very weird flirting just because Nao wanted to silently pine for him. She pursed her lips slightly at the thought. Maybe he wasn’t silent about it, but Aki was just dumb? Not that anyone else was paying much attention, as the hormones in this group was wild and out of control a good portion of the time. Even with the topic of fighting their first avatar, people were still setting up dates or trying to.

[#3399ff [b “Well the girls all have the group text.”]] Why was he avoiding her gaze? Ayame shrugged it off and looked out at the group members that were paying attention. If she were a different person, she would just send the ones that weren’t listening home and have the ones active go with them. The very thought was actually really appealing. However, Aki’s next statement pulled her out of her daydreams and back to the matters at hand. [#3399ff [b “I think that we should have the same thing within the Knights. I have all the Knights numbers, so I can get it started if everyone agrees to it.”]]

[b [#ff8693 “It is odd that you guys don’t have the set-up yet. If you two could put your numbers in, that would be great.”]] Pulling her cell phone out of her back pocket, she slid the shiny device over to Ryuo and then slid it over to Nao. She could always delete the latter number later or sell it on that weird fangirl site that he had. The phone had barely left Nao’s hand before Akihiko clapped his hands and stood up. Honestly, Ayame was happy that he had suggested everyone part before the big night. It would give her a chance before everything. Plus it meant that she didn’t have to answer any more questions. As she stood up, Aki threw another question her way along with Nao. A brow rose, but there was no way she was going to deny free snacks. Since Naho had forced her soup upon her. [b [#ff8693 “Sounds good to me, Aki. Let’s do it.”]]

[center [pic]]

Excitement ran through her veins as she waited for the rest of their groups to gather, but after thirty minutes and a few people were still running late, the excitement began to die down. Clearing her throat, she looked to Akihiko for help, though from the way his lips were pressed into a thin line, she knew better than to push. Being late was one of his buttons and it didn’t help that it wasn’t just one person. [#3399ff [b “Okkaay. So forever one that has their partner here, go ahead and go inside. Everyone that is waiting for their other person to arrive go on inside.”]] With a mental groan Ayame turned towards the only person that had turned up for their matchup. For the hundredth time, she questioned by she had volunteered to have the extra knight with her - oh right. Ryuo. Who wasn’t here yet, so her sacrifice was for nothing!

Ayame cleared her throat and put on her brave face. [b [#ff8693 “You ready? Nao?”]] She question, the excitement returning to her bloodstream as Aki unlocked the gates. [b [#ff8693 “Let's do this!”]] Her eyes were stars as she grabbed Nao’s hand and dragged the young man behind her as she took off for the track field. First the track, second tennis, third was baseball, fifth was the basketball court, and finally the swimming pool. After that, they were to go towards the roof unless they have heard from anyone else telling them that they found who they were looking for. The text was only to be sent if they found the avatar, the small fries were to be dealt with themselves. At least if they did run into some of the shadow men they would have a practice run before the main event.
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[center [pic]]
Nao was the first to speak up in the group. Making some very good points - some of which had been brought up at the last knights meeting when they had turned down the idea of having a group text like the girls had. The moment of ‘I told you so’ had come, but Akihiko kept that to himself. Instead, he cleared his throat and made the proposal once more. [#3399ff [b “Well the girls all have the group text.”]] He spoke up at Nao’s suggestion for someone to be the person of contact within each pairing. In that moment, Aki couldn’t bring himself to look at Aya, with her own group having troubles within itself she had at least kept the chaos down enough to organize everyone. [#3399ff [b “I think that we should have the same thing within the Knights. I have all the Knights numbers, so I can get it started if everyone agrees to it.”]] Akihiko took out his cell phone from his shirts front pocket and placed it in the middle of the table.

[#3399ff [b “If everyone could just put their digits in, that would be wonderful.”]] Aki smiled, his eyes travelling over the few members that were paying attention. He found it unsettling that they weren’t taking it seriously, considering that whenever they fought with the lesser evil that was sent their way, many of them came back with injuries. Nothing that their healers couldn’t deal with, but that was mainly them pulling all-nighters and skipping school to heal those that still had injuries. He could only pray that everything went smoothly tonight. [#3399ff [b “Alright everyone!”]] He clapped his hands together as he stood up, snatching his cell phone back from the middle of the table once everyone had put their number in. [#3399ff [b “Meet back at the school ground at 9.”]] He wanted to add not to be late, but most of the members had started to leave. Rubbing the back of his neck, he turned his attention to his right-hand man and the magical girl’s leader. [#3399ff [b “You two want to go back to my house for strategy and snacks?”]] His family did own the only bakery in town - which was normally Ayame’s mostly used reason for visiting was for sweets. Actually, that was the only reason she visited.

[center [pic]]

Puffing air into his cheeks, Akihiko tapped his foot impatiently as they waited for the rest of their group to show up. His eyes continued to dart from the bright screen on his phone to the road leading to the school. It was already 9:37 and they were still waiting on a few of them to get there. With a huff, Aki let the air out of his cheeks and stood up straighter. [#3399ff [b “Okkaay. So for every one that has their partner here, go ahead and go inside. Everyone that is waiting, well, we will give them another thirty minutes before we repair and go in.”]] After his statement, Ayame raised her hand like they were in class. With a dramatic eye roll, he looked to the other leader. [#3399ff [b “What is it, Aya?”]]

[b [#ff8693 “What if you are missing one person?”]] Oh right. She had two.
[#3399ff [b “Just go with Nao, I’ll tell Ryou when he gets here.”]] They all had different routes, Ayame's was the sports clubs and the swimming pool. It wouldn’t be that hard to point him in the right direction. However, from the look that crossed over her face said she would rather wait until the other man showed up. [#3399ff [b “Shhhoo. Go. All of you. I’ve got all the routes in my head so go.”]] For a brief moment, he uncrossed his arm and unlocked the school gates. Since he was a captain on the track team, he had a key to the gate. For practice, not for banishing evil. Either way, it had come in handy tonight.
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[center [pic]]
[size10 [+white xxxxx] [b [size12 N]]amiko was stuffing her face when she heard one of the group leaders start talking. [#69cbe8 "Eh?"] -- She spoke with a mouthful of food, no manners at all. She hadn't been paying attention , as there was a lot of chit chat going on. Being the newest member of the group, she hadn't really gotten to know any of the other members, even Ayame. She was on the swim team with Ayame, but never really tried to speak to her. It took a few more moments to realize that it was Ayame who had been speaking to her.

[+white xxxxx] She swallowed her food too quickly, let out a few coughs, and [i finally] managed to respond. [#69cbe8 "H-hello! I'm --"] she trailed off, realizing Ayame's attention was already elsewhere. She let out the slightest of huffs and returned back to her food. [i The life of being the new kid. Might as well be invisible.] Her grumbling was internal, and she spoke no other words to the rest of the group. She could already tell that there were already formed friendships, and she felt that she was merely wandering into a place she didn't belong.

[+white xxxxx] To her, however, it was unimportant. She was never one to care about whether she fit in or belong, especially not within the magic club. [i I never asked for this,] she thought to herself while taking a break from eating her food. She heard the group quieting down, and quickly realized that the mood had taken a bit more serious of a turn, if that was even possible for the group.

[+white xxxxx] Namiko listened intently, more than she typically would. As much as she hated being a magical girl, she wasn't about to let innocent people be hurt. So, she payed attention , listening to the plan. [i It seems unlikely we can take out the Avatars ...] As much as she wanted to believe in the group, she had her doubts. They were all powerful beings after all, powered by whatever was causing the scourge. Despite her doubts, she would never express them. She didn't want to risk bringing the others' down, and didn't want to doubt her teammates. She didn't know just how powerful they were, after all.

[+white xxxxx] Returning back from her thoughts, Namiko listened to the rest of what the two leaders had to say. [#69cbe8 "Aww. Maybe I wanted to be paired with you, senpai."] She spoke quietly under her breath, hoping no one could hear her. She was kidding , either way. She still didn't know anyone well enough to have a preference as to who she was paired with. She looked over at Mori. She'd never once spoken to him, and felt a bit uncomfortable about suddenly having to, but she wasn't going to argue about it [i this time.]

[+white xxxxx] [b [#79a064 "-ame on speed-dial, maybe. And Namiko, too, for her healing,"]] Namiko was just about to speak to Mori, when she suddenly heard her name. She looked over at who spoke her name. It was Mao, yet another person she'd never really spoken too. [b [#79a064 "If that's okay with you?"]] She registered the questioning look on her face and let out a soft sigh before responding, [#69cbe8 "Sure, that's ok with me. I'll exchange my contact information with everyone in a moment."]

[+white xxxxx] [i Now that that is out of the way...] She looked back over at Mori, now that her attention wasn't split. [#69cbe8 "I don't mind exchanging contact information. What sort of information would you like?"] Namiko only had a few different ways of contact. She had a few social media accounts that she only somewhat used, along with email and her cellphone. She was already planning on giving the entire group her cellphone number. She was just unsure if any other information should be given out or if her cellular number was good enough for the group.]
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[center [pic]]

[center Minagi waved Sora over and motioned for him to sit next to the dark haired boy. Sen wore an incredulous expression on his face at how Minagi acted. She wore a grin that he recognized as plotting, and he didn’t like it. Whatever she was planning, he wanted no part. It was to get him to be more open, and he knew this, but he didn’t need her to push him right now. That was the exact opposite of what he needed. She ignored him though and went into girl talk mode when Naho flaunted in with her sweets. The male knew that between the excitement that came from everyone’s mouths that they couldn’t hear their conversation, but that didn’t mean he wanted the two gossips of their group to start their daily routine of girl talk and gossip here and now. Though, he had to admit, as much as he didn’t want to be apart of their girl talk, he’d rather be apart of that than this awkward ‘let’s rally the troops’ meeting that Ayame and Aki had planned.

Despite his internal feelings, he wore a deadpan external expression and adjusted the black framed glasses up the bridge of his nose. The festival being tomorrow, he doubted very strongly that they’d be able to walk about school grounds without being noticed. A group of eleven teenagers would raise enough suspicions even if they were split up into pairs. It wasn’t like they were all friends, and people rarely saw them together save for the occasions when they designated meetings.

‘[i [#2D5DA1 This could be potentially problematic.]]’ He thought to himself. ‘[i [#2D5DA1 I’m sure the school would just let us walk around at eight pm at night,]]' Sen almost snorted at his own thought, but he kept it to himself- not wanting to share his thoughts with the rest of the class as it were.

He shared a sideways glance of discontent with Minagi at the mention of their own partners. Though, if he had to admit, Minagi had drawn a shorter stick than he had. Neither of them knew much about Botan- or had even attempted to for that matter. Sen had never spoken to the freshman girl before- despite their attitudes on the rules being somewhat… similar. Sen was the epitome of the quiet smart kid with no friends- by design. He cared little in the way of what people felt- largely due to the fact that he felt their feelings much more strongly than they did. She would be almost useless if they were to fall under attack. He was sure her healing abilities were fine, but her offensive capabilities were quite lacking. It was under his assumption that the Avatars would wait until there were more people to attack rather than do so tonight, but if it kept their leaders off of their backs for a while, he would walk around the school grounds for a bit to make sure there was nothing there.

“Can we assign a contact person for each pair?”

The advice was a sound decision, and he was almost glad the pressure fell on Namiko rather than himself. In a situation like that, her healing and enhancement abilities would be rather useful. He had no objections to the thought, and instead thought it was a rather good idea on Nao’s part. It kept them all in touch with one another as well so they didn’t get picked off one by one.

His gaze moved back to the freshman and her bowl of noodles. Just how well would they work together, he had no idea, but he would rather be stuck with her than Ayame, so he didn’t dare complain.

“[#2D5DA1 Maybe we should exchange contact information. Just to be practical,]” Sen suggested to Namiko as he didn’t have her phone number or information elsewhere, and he was quite sure she didn’t have his either as it wasn’t something he gave out unless necessary. He didn’t like social media, and preferred to stay off of such things, but he could communicate with her through text messages. ]]
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[center [google-font][Cairo [left [pic]][center Nao chuckled at Ayame's interjection, before he gave Akihiko gentle pats on the back. [b [#79a064 "There, there, senpai..."]] He wasn't really sure what he was comforting him for---was it his childhood friend's antics or his lack of a lover? Nao did his best not to frown at the thought of the latter.

[b [#3399FF “Actually Nao, do you want to go the festival together? Unless you have a date for that..or er..dates?”]]

Nao blinked in confusion. Didn't the festival take place last night? He had no intentions of going to begin with, actually, so now he wasn't so sure. While it was best to keep up the extroverted act, he still craved days of just staying at home, recharging his social battery, only going out when it was completely necessary. Subtly, he checked the date on his watch. [i Ah.] Tomorrow's night of relaxation was easily, immediately cancelled. [b [#79a064 "I was somehow able to keep my night open, so I'm completely yours tomorrow~"]] He made alternating finger guns, winking jokingly, with a smile that was involuntarily wider than he would have wanted. [b [#79a064 "Should I wear a yukata...?]] he mused to himself.

Out came the girl with the usual (newer?) cat ears. He stared at the said accessory, wincing a little at the price, before a wave of empathy washed over him. If he was to be able to get his hands on a rare book about the ayakashi, however, he probably would just throw that much money away. [i Still.] He narrowed his eyes. Until when will the girl remain in her eighth-grade syndrome? To his surprise, the supposed cat girl turned her attention towards him. [b [#ddc142 "Festival hangover? Like hanging out at a festival? If we're not kicking butt everyday let's all have fun at the festival, nyah!!~"]] [i ...So she heard that.] His shoulders deflated slightly in disappointment. It wasn't going to be just the two of them, after all.

[b [#79a064 "Um. Yeah, sure, Mai...[i -nyan],"]] he said in response, gesturing to the leaders and the other members of the groups, trying not to cringe at the honorific. [b [#79a064 "Might want to convince them first, though."]] He used his usual smile.

The others settling into conversation with members of the group they had closer bonds with, Nao checked for notifications in his Twitter account on his phone under the table, using the account he used as a cell phone novelist. His attention returned to one of the conversations on the table at the mention of Akihiko's name and at the sudden coughing fit of the said upperclassman beside him, prompting him to rub Akihiko's back in an effort to help. [b [#79a064 "You're going to the city?"]] he chimed in, turning to Ayame, despite himself. [b [#79a064 "Let me tag along, too! The more, the merrier, right, Aki-senpai?"]] He flashed his thousand-kilowatt smile. Ayame was obviously playing wingwoman and here he was, ruining her game plan, most possibly making her dislike him more. [b [#79a064 "I wanted to buy new brushes anyway; there aren't many choices here."]]

At the arrival of Ryouichiro and Naho and the box of sweets and treats, Nao cheered with a teasing smile and the tone his 2D girl fanboy classmates used, [b [#79a064 "Oh! Naho-senpai best girl~!"]] He took one of the cookies, singsonging [b [#79a064 "Thank you for the food~"]] He finished it in two bites and tried not to glare to Ryouichiro's way when the latter suggested dating Naho to Akihiko. [i This is exhausting.] He barely held back a sigh, forcing himself to just focus on the sweetness of the cookie.

The meeting somehow got to its intended track when Botan arrived. The leaders started explaining what was needed to be done for tonight and the pairs their group would be divided into, in preparation for tomorrow night's festival. He sent smiles to Ayame's---he was quite surprised that she actually agreed to be in a group with him---and Ryouichiro's respective directions, the smiles meaning to convey a polite [i 'please take care of me~.']

[b [#3399FF “Nao, Naho, is there anything that you want to bring to the table?"]]

Nao hummed in thought. He still wasn't confident with his abilities as a Knight and the [s [Cairo lack of]] athleticism he had been trying to hone recently, so for now, the solid help he would be only be able to offer was his support as the second-in-command. [b [#79a064 "Can we assign a contact person for each pair?"]] he said, the typical smile on his face vanishing. [b [#79a064 "Just in case we need reinforcements or...,"]] he trailed off, not wanting to jinx what he'd rather leave unsaid, [b [#79a064 "But I do hope there'd be not much need for that, unless when we're gathering up as a whole."]] His thumb slid back and forth on the side of his phone. [b [#79a064 "Keep Aki-senpai and Ayame on speed-dial, maybe. And Namiko, too, for her healing,"]] Nao's gaze flitted to her, and he made a questioning smile, [b [#79a064 "If that's okay with you?"]]
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[center [pic]][size12

[b [#3399ff “Good morning Nao, How is that little niece of yours?”]]
[b [#3399ff “You really don’t want to know.”]] He answered curtly, giving a pointed stare at the Magical Girl leader, though she seemed to distracted to get the message.
[b [#ff8693 “We were talking about Aki’s lack of lover life.”]]
[b [#3399ff “Thank you Aya.”]] He groaned.
[b [#ff8693 “No problem.”]]
Akihiko sighed shutting his eyes and rubbing his temple while ignoring his leader counterparts existence. [b [#3399ff “Actually Nao, do you want to go the festival together?”]] The Knights leader had meant to send him a text about the matter, but face to face worked better. [b [#3399ff “Unless you have a date for that..or er..dates?”]] He didn’t even want to go into Nao’s popularity. Though it wouldn’t be much of a surprise if the boy rented out his time by the hour for these kinds of events. Akihiko just thanked the gods that he didn’t have a younger sister that could fall into Nao’s crazy fan crowd.

There then was sunshine - err - Mai. Akihiko could feel the heat rising in his cheeks as he watched her seemingly glided across the floor towards the group. The young man was almost too busy gawking at her to realize that she had even spoken towards him. [b [#3399ff “G-Good morning Mai!”]] His voice hit an odd high pitch in the beginning of the word good. Mentally, he cringed at himself. Why did she have to be so freaking cute [i all the time]? It didn’t help that her hair was always perfect and the color of custard. He loved custard. Not that he loved Mai! Just the color of her hair! Or so he continued to tell himself. Mentally exhausted, Akihiko took a drink of his ice water.
[b [#ff8693 “Actually Miss Maio, if you want, Aki and I are going next weekend. It would be waaaay better if you came with us.”]]
Out came the ice water. Or it would have if it hadn’t of gotten stuck in his throat leaving him to cough and cackle like some evil witch. The Knights leader didn’t have to feel the heat in his cheeks to know that his face had turned beat red. Between the choking and the thought of going to the city with Mai, his emotions were on overload. Instead of speaking, Akihiko sent a death glare towards Ayame. Though giving his still coughing fit, he doubted that it came across as menacing as he wanted it to be.

[b "What's the plan for today? Anything interesting or the same-old?"]]
[b [#3399ff Thanks for getting us back on track, Ohta-kun.”]] Akihiko cleared his throat once more, just to make sure the return of the high pitch voice wasn’t on its way. [b [#3399ff “Right. So our plan for today is to get everyone on board for our plan for tonight. Since the festival is [i tomorrow],]] he stressed the word, since some of the members kept saying that it was happening today. [b [#3399ff “We have to get to get rid of the Avatars presence by tonight. The whole town will be there tomorrow and they shoot off the fireworks at the school. That will be the perfect time for them to strike.”]]
[b [#ff8693 “So we need to get rid of it tonight before we lose our chance. Since the school will be filled with people all day tomorrow as well.”]] Ayame jumped in, finished off why it had to be tonight. Aki never realized just how stressful it was having so many eyes on you at once. He was [i slightly] glad to have Ayame there to break off part of it. Only slightly. Since the Knight leader was sure the little devil was out to give him a heart attack most of the time.
[b [#3399ff “We will be going in pairs of two. One knight to a MG. There will be a pair of three since we have Ryou.”]]
[b [#ff8693 “Here are the pairs that we came up with the night before.”]] Akihiko paused and he reached for the piece of people in his back pocket. While he did so, Ayame went ahead and gave a few of the pairings, buying him time to get the paper out instead of everyone waiting around on him. Rattling off the rest of the pairings after Ayame, Akihiko and the Magical girl's leader continued on with everything that they had practiced the night before. In this very spot. It was odd to hold the meeting here instead of at school, however, he wasn’t against it. It would be out of the ordinary if a group their size broke into the school grounds just to hang out on the roof.

[b [#3399ff “Nao, Naho, is there anything that you want to bring to the table? Since you are second in command to us. I know we talked strategy and formations the last time we had a meeting with just us. Did you want to bring those into play tonight? Or do you have any concerns about tonight that you want to voice?”]] Akihiko had almost invited them to the meeting the night before, but had put the brakes on it. As cute and pocket-sized that Naho was, he didn’t quite fully trust her. Mainly since she had a bad habit of putting her, uh, hormones before business. Nao, Akihiko honestly wasn’t too sure that inviting him to most things were a good idea. Since there was always a large following around him. [i [#3399ff ‘If we ever needed a distraction...we could just toss him at some middle schoolers.’]] The gears in Akihiko's brain began to turn. This would be their first battle as a team. They had had some small ones here and there against much lesser foes. The knight leader would be lying if he said that he wasn’t nervous about tonight. His stomach was filled with tiny little butterflies trying to escape, but he could show that. Not in front of the ones he needed to have his brave face on for.
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There was a flicker of darkness and in came the wild-haired prince. Ayame pursed her lips and crossed her legs as she watched the long haired male stomp his way over to the table. Nevermind, he was acting like a princess today. The Magical Girl’s leader barely paid attention to the male and had her eyes glued into his hairs. Fingers itched to play with it, to braid it and put flowers all through it. [b [#ff8693 “I didn’t steal them.”]] She corrected him, much preferring his bitch fit to his sudden coyness. [b [#ff8693 “You left them at the store [i after] I bought you all new ones. Because [i someone] can’t take care of their hair ties properly.”]] She shuddered thinking about the state that his hair accessories were in before they had met. Hairstylists would have wanted him arrested on sight.

[#FEE67F [b "Ahh, you look so pretty today Aya-sama!! Do you notice anything different about me, nyah?"]] Aya’s frown turned upside down at an accelerated speed upon hearing Mai’s voice. The leader found it far easier to be around her than anyone else in her team. Mai was just so...She was Mai.
[b [#ff8693 “Thank you, Miss Miao. You look very cute today, but you look cute everyday.”]] Her smile a little brighter while her eyes gave the girl a quick once-over. [b [#ff8693 “Well, I’ve seen the tail before so I am going with ears.”]] She guessed, tapping her index finger against her bottom lip playfully. As if she had been deep in thought about the question. [b [#ff8693 “You went to the city recently? You should have texted me! I would have gone with you. I need new shoes.”]] Aya went on, wiggling her feet under the table for good measure. While Mai’s limited attention went elsewhere, namely that of the Knights leader. Once a bright smile turned into a deadly grin.

[b [#ff8693 “Actually Miss Maio, if you want, Aki and I are going next weekend. It would be waaaay better if you came with us.”]] Ayame extended the invite as Mai sat down. Truth be told, the two leaders had no plans and if Mai said yes, Ayame had full intentions of flaking at the last minute. Or just waiting until the train doors were about to close and running off. Akihiko didn’t say anything, though his face had gone from a normal human color to full tomato in less than two seconds. [i [#ff8693 ‘Mission complete.’]] She couldn’t tell if he was giving her the death stare or if he was dying. Knowing him, it was probably both.

[b [#ff8693 “Hello, Namiko-chan. How are you today?”]] Ayame greeted the newest member of her team as she joined the table. They were on the swim team together, though Ayame never really spoke to her there or in their magic club. Though she didn’t hear if the girl had replied or not since Naho and Ryou. Which meant, everything in Ayame's world went dark aside from Ryou. Well. Maybe just a part of Ryou really. Those brown eyes locked onto their target and didn’t let go. Until their target sat down next to her and broke her stare.

[i [#ff8693 ‘Hurry! Say something awesome so he won’t catch on!’]] Her mind cried out. [b [#ff8693 “Uhh, what?”]] Smooth. Real smooth. Ayame did not even try to recover from that crash and burn. Instead, she set her sights on the table full of treats and then to the canister that sat in front of her. Narrowing her eyes, Ayame peered towards her tiny second in command. [i [#ff8693 ‘How dare she throw all these cookies around and just give me this-this...what is this?’]] Ayame unscrewed the lid and sniffed at the contents with extreme distrust. [b [#ff8693 “If this is that weird kale and seaweed thing again…I’ll be one hundred percent sure she is trying to kill me.”]] She mumbled under her breath just as Akihiko loudly cleared his throat and sitting up a little straighter. Right, it was time to talk strats.

[b [#3399ff “Right. So our plan for today is to get everyone on board for our plan for tonight. Since the festival is [i tomorrow], we have to get to get rid of the Avatars presence by tonight. The whole town will be there tomorrow and they shoot off the fireworks at the school. That will be the perfect time for them to strike.”]]
[b [#ff8693 “So we need to get rid of it tonight before we lose our chance. Since the school will be filled with people all day tomorrow as well.”]] The light haired girl continued, giving Akihiko a moment out of the spotlight. It felt like they held a business meeting rather than discussing their next steps into crushing the forces of evil.
[b [#ff8693 “We will be going in pairs of two. One knight to a MG. There will be a pair of three since we have Ryou.”]]
[b [#3399ff “Here are the pairs that we came up with the night before.”]] The Magical girl’s leader saw his hand start to move.
[b [#ff8693 “ Mai and Sora. Mori and Kitagawa.”]] Ayame stepped in, for the sake of all that was good. Akihiko took forever to get ready to read in front of a group. Even when it was as small as this one. They had made the list with the pure purpose of shutting down anyone that jumped in to say they had made it up on the spot.
[b [#3399ff “Botan and Tosho. Naho and myself. Last is Nao, Ryouichiro, and Ayame.”]] Aya had to hold in a groan. The pairing with Nao had been a two-hour long discussion that she had lost. Ryou was fine, but Nao was...The boy reminded her of a pumpkin and she couldn’t for the life of her understand why. The two had never talked before, but that was also a big part of why they had gone in pairs they picked rather than turning everyone to pair up themselves. If they didn’t start to reaching out and trying to get a better grasp on everyone, they were going to crash and burn quickly.
[b [#ff8693 “So,”]] Ayame clapped her hands together. [b [#ff8693 “If anyone has any questions or objections, speak up now. Because…”]] She wiggled her phone out of her front pocket. Her shorts were a little tight today, maybe she really [i did] need that soup. Ayame was going to have to speak to Naho about secretly weighing her later. [b [#ff8693 “...We will start at eight tonight. So time to get all your concerns out now because we only have four more hours before show time.”]] She held back the urge to do jazz hands, that was a later when no one else but Aki or Naho was around

[right [size9 She called her Miss Maio on purpose.]]
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[left [pic]] [center [i "Iᴛ's ʏᴏᴜʀ ᴛᴜʀɴ, I'ᴍ ɴᴏᴛ ʜᴀɴɢɪɴɢ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ʏᴏᴜʀ ꜰʀɪᴇɴᴅs." ]

[#9b773e [b "It's my body, it's always my turn." ]]

[i "Iᴛ's ɴᴏᴛ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʙᴏᴅʏ, ʏᴏᴜ sʜᴀʀᴇ ɪᴛ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ. Wᴇ'ʀᴇ ᴛʜᴇ sᴀᴍᴇ ᴘᴇʀsᴏɴ ᴀꜰᴛᴇʀ ᴀʟʟ."]

[b [#9b773e "Not really." ]]

[i "I'ᴍ ᴊᴜsᴛ ᴀ ᴅᴇɴᴏᴍɪɴᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴏꜰ ʏᴏᴜ, ʟɪᴋᴇ Cʜʀɪsᴛɪᴀɴɪᴛʏ ᴛᴏ Cᴀᴛʜᴏʟɪᴄɪsᴍ." ]

[b [#9b773e "That's stupid." ]]


Staring blankly outside his room window that so happened to be placed above the entrance of the ramen shop below him, his arms mindlessly pulled a shirt onto his body as he watched familiar faces pass by. Smiling and laughing as they all walked in pairs together, his eyes trailed away from them and to a mirror where he would observe himself. He looked like Ohta, a black t-shirt and comfortable pants. That was him. But behind him in his closet push back his hair and pin it with a bobby pin like he did every day, at least everyday that he was in control.

[i "Pᴜsʜɪɴɢ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ʏᴏᴜʀ ʜᴀɪʀ ᴅᴏᴇsɴ'ᴛ ᴍᴀᴋᴇ ᴜs ᴅɪꜰꜰᴇʀᴇɴᴛ." ]

[b [#9b773e "But it makes this hair less annoying." ]] he replied aloud with a huff. Although he was "in control," he could still hear Taho's voice in the back of his head as he did things, like a constant thought that judged him no matter what.

Slowly approaching his rooms door, he hesitated as his hand wrapped around the handle. He knew he was suppose to be downstairs working, but he always slept in instead. Deciding he'd have to face the consequences either way, he slipped outside, trying not to make a sound to alarm his uncle he was awake. Tip toeing his way through the small apartment, he managed to get out the front door and down the stairs silently. Giving himself a mental high five, he confidentially opened the back door only to be met with a tall, old(er) man smoking a cigarette.

[b "Why do I pay you if only one of ya' actually work for me, huh?" ] a raspy voice spoke from behind a cloud of smoke that was blown into the teenagers face. Wrinkling his nose, Ohta gave a nervous laugh has his uncles eyes bleed through the smoke, shotting daggers into his soul. [b [#9b773e "Sorry." ]]

[b "Just 'cause you're a lil different doesn't make you handicap. I'm not going to treat you like you can't function." ]The older mans hand reached with his cigarette, handing it to the teenage boy for him to take a puff. His uncle knew about Taho, he'd been living with him for the summer and was practically dumped there by his mother to "become normal," through working a job. Even if he hadn't told him, he'd find out because a normal person doesn't switch personalities everyday. With a small nod, Ohta pressed the cigarette between his lips, inhaling deeply before exhaling slowly. Raising the cigarette up for another drag, he felt a quick hand snatch it from his fingers, tossing it to the floor before a heavy foot smothered it. [b "What would Mai say if she knew you were smoking? ] the old man exclaimed before giving Ohta a wink and shoving him back through the doorway.

[b [#9b773e "Good morning, Mai."]] he recited a small prayer in his head as he greeted her, hoping she wouldn't smell the smoke on his clothes. Watching as she washed dishes, he nodded mindlessly as she scolded him and then switched back to happy go-lucky in a split second. He was weird, but she might even be weirder.

Following her out the door, he trailed behind her as she approached the table with such ferocity. Flinching a bit as she slammed her hands, his head bowed at the only person he knew at least a little, Akihiro. Although he knew the other guys from the Knight group, he wasn't sure if any of them liked him or wanted to keep their distance.

[b [#9b773e "What's the plan for today? Anything interesting or the same-old?"]] Gesturing towards Akihiro and Ayame, he welcomed anyone else to speak up and answer him if they also knew.


Sorry it took me 10 years to post, I'm living in Florida so school paired with Irma is real wild.
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[center [pic]]

[center Fingers brushed idly through pink locks that fell almost to her waist. She’d already been pretty late, and so wearing it down took less time than styling it. She gave her appearance a scrutinizing look through the screen of her phone and decided that she actually looked pretty good.

‘[#C9A0DC [i Don’t forget to wear something cute, Naho-Chin ^~^]]’ She sent the reply to Naho as her own fashion reminded her that the blonde was a bit fashion impaired- hoping that the girl wouldn’t need the fashion police to dress herself for once. She was so cute and yet chose to wear such atrocious attire. It made Minagi feel a bit salty, but she did enjoy helping Naho out.

She had left the group message on read- choosing not to reply- when they’d arrived on her mobile device, but she honestly hadn’t paid them much attention. Minagi sometimes was purposefully late in hopes that Ayame would take the stick out of her ass just once, but so far, it had never happened. It amused her slightly, but she wouldn’t admit that aloud to anyone but Sen just in case that it somehow got back to Ayame that she enjoyed pissing her off sometimes. The girl knew that there was one member of their group that shared her sentiments. She’d previously been one of those that had stayed away from Sen as he wasn’t very approachable, but after actually talking to him, she realized that she’d misjudged him for all the wrong reasons. It had made her feel a bit ashamed of herself as she too had been judged harshly by most of the student population, but he didn’t seem to mind.

Minagi settled in her seat as the others arrived as well- her giggle faded as she took a long sip of the almost scalding tea. She almost wished she had a bigger cup- or at least another one- to get through this meeting. The silence became almost awkward as the two parties had all but ignored each other before the others announced their arrival.

Pale sea glass colored eyes gazed up at the flickering electricity. “[#C9A0DC [i Sora,]]” she mouthed in Sen’s direction. To which he shot her an accusing glare that went along nicely with a red flush that filled his face as the wheat-haired male looked in Sen’s direction. “[#C9A0DC Speaking of butt stuff. Who has a thing for who now?]” She rebutted softly in response to his earlier teasing of her pining for Naho to him where only he could hear as Sora made a commotion about Ayame stealing his hair ties. She laughed at how red his face grew, and knew she’d pay for it later, but not in the presence of the others for sure.

She gave a warm smile upon being addressed by Mai. Though, she pouted internally. The girl wore her cat ears with pride, and didn’t seem to care what everyone said about it. It made her a bit jealous that she felt as though she couldn’t wear costumes outside of her home without being glared at by the majority of the population. Even Naho didn’t know how extensive her love over cosplay and nerd attire was. She did like Mai- despite finding her childish at times. “[#C9A0DC Good morning, Mai~ I love your ears~]”

The freshman girl seemed to eat her noodles as if she hadn’t eaten in a while. It reminded her that she, herself, hadn’t eaten either yet. Before she could open her mouth to respond to Namiko, the door swung open and Ryou and Naho barged in through the doors of the shop. He was more or less carrying the small girl, and Minagi held back a small laugh at her friend’s rather flustered behavior at being treated like a child. Though, giving her the once over, she still lacked fashion, and that much was clear. They’d have to go through her closet again soon and she would show the blonde how to dress less like a member of a religious cult and more like a fashionable school girl.

“Don’t worry, Naho’s definitely still looking.”

It was the pink haired girl’s turn to hide her embarrassment. How did everyone seem to know? Was she that obvious?

“Yo, Aki, you still single? There’s an angry lawn gnome over there, totally untaken. You’re wastin’ precious time, my man.”

Oh hell no. She glared at Ryou who she knew was not attempting to set Aki up with Naho. Hopefully, the dark haired man would just be ignored rather than listened to. She knew that she wasn’t very well liked by most of the people in their rag-tag party, but she was hoping she didn’t have to compete over Naho’s affections. Not that Minagi would admit to being a semi-jealous person, but she certainly felt that way now as she planned on actually making her interest in the girl known to her fairly soon. She turned her attention away from him, and back to the shorter girl.

“[#C9A0DC No, I understand. You don’t need to apologize. I drug Sen out since you couldn’t come with me. He's also not very sociable,]” She responded to the apology- waving the words away nonchalantly. “[#C9A0DC By the way, if we don’t have much to do today, would you like to spend time at the festival with me?]” She was hopeful that she could drag the blonde away from the others for at least ten minutes or more if they were so lucky. ]]
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