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  Sakura / 2y 51d 16h 2m 5s
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  Sakura / 2y 52d 17h 26m 14s
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[size10 Having lots of fun with Hinata and Ino lately, we about the tea. We're like the Destiny's child. With all the stress of the semester ending and getting crazy, I think I'm handling it pretty well.

Also.. the flowers Teme sent me are beautiful..
The sunflowers really stand out, of course she knows they are my favorites along with cherry blossoms..

No matter how many friends I make, Teme is my one true best friend..
  Sakura / 2y 61d 20h 9m 26s
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[size10 I remember why I was afraid of abandonment in the first place. This time is different, you know? Kirito or Kenneth really helped me out that night. I cried and poured my heart out to him. He's earned his place in my life, he's for sure a best friend of mine. He didn't mind my ugly crying and he even comforted me by telling me there was no pretty crying-- I knew that but.. he tried his best to make me laugh.

I've met so many new friends who I already cherish.. I also don't know how I would've handled it without Ino. She introduced me to so many people.. who are just having a positive impact-- well, aside from keeping me distracted from studying which is why tonight I'm drowning in study material.

But.. they help me numb the pain.
And I miss them already but after tomorrow I can go back to being stupid on chat, all the dank memes and good role play. Shika gave me a new nickname, he said I'm "Dankura". Seriously though..

This time is different..
Abandonment... is..
the worst..

Failure, Abandonment and replacement are my worst fears..
And the only way anyone can ever truly hurt me.
  Sakura / 2y 63d 20h 37m 29s
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[size10 Roxy died today.. to think she held on till Grandma got here. She stayed alive for that long so she could see her mom one last time. She suffered for so long but smiled until the very end. I don't care what anyone says 'it's just a dog' fuck you!!

Dogs are precious. Better than humans.
She lived long enough to see all of the grandchildren..
Interesting how it played out, today everyone came over and she died on this day.. as if she wanted to say bye to everyone before forever resting in peace..

That's love.
I hope you're in a good place, Roxy.
I know you are.
I'm sorry I couldn't see you one last time but it's nice to know I actually got to doggy sit you on your last days..

We loved you.
  Sakura / 2y 65d 33m 46s
[size10 I had tons of fun today.
I really can't wait for the semester to be over with..
Then I can just.. relax for a limited time.

Tomorrow Evelyn is coming over to bake a cake, hopefully.
Looking forward to that.

It's the little things.
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 66d 11h 50m 40s
[size10 I can't believe I'm almost done. I've dedicated my whole college 'career' to Nursing, I don't know anything else. I'm excited but so scared at the same time. One more year if everything goes according to plan. I shouldn't rush though, I should get things done correctly but I can't help but to feel rushed.

Anyways, I've been up too long. Tomorrow or rather-- today, is my beautiful mom's birthday. I wish I could do more for her, Teme got her a gift and I can't wait for her to get it.

I'm probably going to be a zombie tomorrow. I'm supposed to study tomorrow but.. ah, I'd hate to just leave my mom like that. Maybe I can time crunch? We'll see. It's bed time.]

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  / 2B / 2y 67d 12h 54m 0s
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[center Damn right.]
  Sakura / 2y 70d 15h 41m 13s
[size10 Well... I guess I can say we made some kind of progress with my aunt today. I feel like.. somewhere in the back of her mind she knows the truth but we gotta dig it out.

Aside from that topic because it stresses me out and I'm just done with it for today.

Today my make up was so pretty, I feel.
It felt good to just .. get all dolled up.
I felt very cute and I liked that it had such a big impact on Teme..
She's always all over me but today she's just been extra.
I feel so loved..
  / Sakura / 2y 72d 16h 27m 32s
[size10 I honestly respect Khaleesi so much.
Bless her.

Anyways, I went shopping today.
To Sephora and I went in!!!
I am SO happy with my purchases.

I got tons of fenty beauty goodies and Huda beauty goodies too.
I felt fully confident today, my make up was nice, fully beat.
I had taco bell, I mean-- it's been a good fucking day.

Blessing on blessings.
<3 so happy.
  ⋄⋅✿⋄⁖ ▰⋄ / Sakura / 2y 73d 22h 7m 50s
[size10 I made a really good new friend. She's my Ino on that website now. She's sooo cool. I also made other friends who I really like too. They're all so dope. I get to actually roleplay Sakura with others and they seem to really like my portrayal so far.

I think I'm good at making people feel comfortable around me.
It's honestly a lot easier for me on that site too like..

ES is literally not the only site I be on.
And thank goodness too.
This place hasn't been my favorite for awhile now but I have friends I care about on here that still make the place tolerable.

Also I love that I can trade and sell original names on there.
Like the usernames have so much value cause it's such a big site
lol I forgot how lit it could be.

I can't believe Ino trusted me with all this tea though.
I just gave her the best advice I could give her because I've been there before. I think a lot of girls have-- I'm sure of it-- unfortunately.

Anyways.. it's really late.
Time to join my love in bed.
  / Sakura / 2y 74d 13h 39m 10s
[size10 I just realized a lot of the characters I look up to are these types of people; healers and leaders.

What would Haruno Sakura say about my procrastination lmao

  / Sakura / 2y 75d 1h 30m 31s
[size10 Bitch that was hard but I finally did it.
I love procrastinating.

Queen of procrastination coming through.
Tis a talent, aw yesss.

Edit: I got fans.
  ʙᴩ / Sakura / 2y 75d 20h 29m 11s
[size10 I made another edit, this time for my love. Let's hope she is impressed tomorrow c:

I didn't realize how late it was.
Welp. Someone might miss their appointment tomorrow.
Not sure if I'll be able to get up but.. I'll try.
I guess. Ugh, why so early.

Can't I ever just.. sleep in?
  ․⁚⋄ ❄ ⋄ ∘⁚⋄ / Sakura / 2y 76d 13h 56m 40s
[size10 I'm getting better at editing, I'm not as good as Teme yet, probably won't ever happen LOL but I'm pretty proud of my improvement. It ain't perfect but since it's me.

I am proud of myself.

Now for lab homework :l
  ․⁚⋄ ❄ ⋄ ∘⁚⋄ / Sakura / 2y 77d 19h 51m 57s

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