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[size10 Sometimes duty is the death of love.. right?]
  Queen / 209d 16h 38m 47s
[size10 Everynight he calls me his queen, whispers sweet nothings to me and showers me with kisses. He buys me shirts and dresses he thinks I'd look cute in. I won't leave out how he is clingy to me either. He cares so much, my problems are his problems.

He fell so hard for me, quickly and deeply, never once wavering.

I never once had to fight for his love.
I never will fight for it.
I didn't run to him for his love.
He chose me.

But keep trying becky.
See if you ever get a reply.

You aren't the first and you won't be the last to fall for Teme.

I'm mostly surprised for the amount of snakes I was surrounded by. To think while we were separated that many "friends" tried it. Amusing.
  Queen / 220d 1h 43m 2s
[size10 One woman's beauty and confidence doesn't erase yours. All women should know that. All women are queens. I blame society that sometimes, a lot of the times some women feel this way.

Don't hate on other women.
Be a queen.]
  Sakura / 225d 19h 52m 0s
[center [pic]]
[center [size13 To the money in my bank account.
Also to [i like, realizing stuff].]]
  Queen / 230d 16h 18m 4s
[size10 Making reservations for that one restaurant I always wanted to eat at Disneyland with teme! I'm soooo excited. It is so pretty, dim lighting and such a nice environment! NDKVNDdkkc, I can't contain my excitement!! However, I also really wanna go to Universal Studios, ughhh.

What to do? Teme really wants to explore Disney though.
Maybe I really will have us go to both, shit.
Teme really acts so cool and tough but really wants to see the castle and the firework show, hah. I'm also looking forward to the food festival-- and the beach!!!! I've been saving this 1942 Don Julio bottle for awhile now!
All the plans I have~

I've been low key preparing for the visit.
I'm no longer blonde, I went back to dark.
I cut my hair super short and god-- it felt so good.
My hair was to my ass for the longest time lol.
I'll probably rock my pink hair though! I'm gonna get my nails done because it has been a long minute! I'm gonna get my lashes done!
I'm gonna look so cute! I have so many fashion nova and prettylittlething outfits I can wear but I should also consider comfort since we'll be out a whole lot.

I can't sleep, watching Code Geass again and thinking about the trip, so freaking happy nnvkfvnfkvnfkvnfk
  Sakura / 238d 12h 41m 14s
[size10 Finished my finals, I am one happy gal.
Now I can focus on my work outs and I get to see my love soon.

Thank goodness.

I'm thinking of taking mi amor to Disneyland this time..
Or Universal.. maybe both??

We'll see.]
  Queen / 245d 14h 38m 28s
[size10 GOT had the worst ending possible. Daenerys will always be our queen. I cried so much, it was the absolute worst but Emilia's acting was excellent, she did a beautiful job as always.

As nerdy as it sounds, I will have a fucking picture of Daenerys hanging on my wall in my future office, she is so fucking iconic, she is my number one fictional female character. Fuck that, I'm getting a tattoo having to do something with Daenerys. That = 3 tiny tattoos I have planned out.

I feel like I'm reliving Naruto's ending, that was horrible too. Why do such brilliant stories end so shitty?]
  Queen / 247d 22h 41m 14s
[size10 I'm actually tempted to take this statistics tutoring job, only because it is on campus and the pay ain't too bad for an easy job I don't gotta travel for. This is amusing, high school me would never believe her if you told her she tutors for stats LOL.

I guess I'll get that letter of recommendation just in case I really do take the job cause bitch, I really am leaning towards it. I got the grade for it, just need the letter. I already tutor my friends for free, might as well do it for the pay. ]
  Sakura / 252d 15h 41m 22s
[size10 I won a nursing scholarship and I'm pretty damn happy about it. God, thank you. I needed this money really bad. I'm going to keep working hard so I can win some more in the future.

Hopefully I can finish up this semester with A's too.
I need that GPA all the way up, it's pretty good now but it can be better.
I love making mi amor proud too ♡]
  Sakura / 253d 15h 43m 48s
[center [pic]]
[size10 This scene broke my heart.
This is not really Daenerys, what the writers did this episode?
Disgusting, this is worse than the Naruto ending.

This was the absolute worst thing that could've ever happened.

I will always love my queen Daenerys, always.
I will never see her as the monster they turned into this episode--
Like Emilia said, she doesn't deserve to be called a mad queen.

This is grief-- in other words, we know it is bad writing.
What a shit way to end such an iconic show.

I will always love this character, forever--- Team Daenerys.

That episode-- fuck that.
My queen did not deserve that.
  Sakura / 254d 15h 1m 32s
[size10 I wonder if this is all for nothing.
I guess I can't say for nothing.

More like I wonder.. is it just so it'll end up being a lesson and nothing more after that.

My mom is worried, from time to time she'll ask me.
I can't predict the future.. but knowing her sister..
And if it isn't her sister.. just the situation in general.

I don't know.
I don't like to think about it.

But it's like [i i know].. that gut wrenching feeling.
It's all timed. ]
  Sakura / 258d 15h 43m 55s
[size10 My account is 9 years old. Wow.
Letting that sink in, eliteskills has been around for a long time.
I think it is safe to say that the site is pretty much dead though.

Tumblr is also dying.
Chat is dying too.

All the websites I have been a part of during my pre-teens and teenage days are dead, basically. Wow. My birthday is soon too, gemini season coming around, spring baby~

I wonder if these sites are dying because the generation that kept them alive are growing up too? we're too busy for it, i guess. I know for sure I am, I literally just come on here to say hello to a very few-- there isn't much roleplay happening on here anymore. It was fun while it lasted, I'm glad I got to satisfy my creative/imaginary cravings, you know? It really was fun, the Naruto days, the Hetalia days, the Marvel days, the whatever shit I was into-- should say I still am into these things but.. I'm not free enough to roleplay it anymore, not free enough to really engage in the fandoms anymore.

I will always be a fucking nerd though.
As for gaming, I will never stop gaming.
  Sakura / 258d 22h 40m 58s
[size10 I deleted instagram a few weeks ago, I think.

I've seen so many comments on youtube and everywhere else that the qualify of life improves once you've deleted instagram because it has become harmful to the self-esteem as of lately.. which is true to a certain degree, I think. I can say instagram did mess with me a little but at the same time, I knew what I was looking at wasn't real.

Instagram impacted me in the way where.. I would take a stupid amount of selfies to get the "right" one and then still not like it because in the back of my mind, I was comparing myself to an illusion. I love make-up, I love fashion, I love being the prettiest I can be, that is no secret. What girl doesn't, right?

I have nothing against plastic surgery/fillers or whatever. If that is what makes someone happy, so be it, none of your business. I think it's just wild that these instagram models still facetune their pictures when they already have had work done, I don't mean blurring out a pimple. I mean when they resize their bodies or reshapes their body/face. Celebs do it too, we knew that-- but now it is becoming a norm. People who are too young-- young girls and boys are going to fall for this and compare themselves to something they shouldn't. Self-esteems everywhere are hurting and it's sad. On top of that, all the younger gen will care about is looking "perfect" and "clout" on instagram. They already do.

Gonna get to the point and say there is an instagram disease where the beauty standard has gotten out of hand and ppl are obsessed.

Don't get me wrong, living off instagram is fine, shit-- it sounds great. Getting paid for being pretty? damn. However.... the damage has been done.

I guess if instagram models and celebs were more honest, we wouldn't have a generation of young people who struggle with loving themselves. I've fallen victim to it too, shit. I admit, one of my biggest struggles is being satisfied with my physical appearance-- stupid, basically. Nobody perfect though. Some days I really am feeling myself, most days I'm like "eh". Working on it though.

Well, all I gotta say is, we are all queens and we gotta just realize it.
We fine as hell~

I'll get back on instagram when I'm more comfortable, taking a break from it-- who knows, I might not even want one anymore.
  Sakura / 259d 14h 41m 3s
[size10 [i Only love could kill me, God bless.]

But really.. how could I stay silent?
How could I not react?

I care too much.
I'd do anything for my soul mate.]
  Queen / 274d 23h 32m 2s
[size10 When I'm down, it is only temporary [size8 ♡].
I always get right back up.

I'm [i that] bitch.

[b Heavy is the crown, never for a [i queen].
  Queen / 279d 13h 56m 22s

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