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[size10 I love this time of the year, so much to look forward to. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New years, what a time. Meanwhile I gotta survive a little longer.. sigh. I probably shouldn't have been so lazy but man, it felt so damn good.

I spent all day with my love annnnnd...


I'm gonna get in bed now.
There's one more happy thing to do..

As, D.VA says, [i winky face]!
  ʙᴏᴏ ♥ / Sakura / 2y 311d 9h 28m 15s
[size10 When all you do is steal play of the game lol
  / Sakura / 2y 311d 16h 53m 43s
[size10 [i I hope that..

[center you become filled with so much happiness that it heals every part of you.
  「 シー・ツー 」 / Sakura / 2y 313d 10h 3m 5s
[size10 Life is not kind.
But I am.
And that makes life.
So much more complicated.
  「 シー・ツー 」 / Sakura / 2y 313d 10h 7m 43s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 Some of my favs, side by side *heart eyes emoji*]]
  Sakura / 2y 313d 20h 45m 54s
[size10 I've taken notice that I don't like romance-- when it comes to films mostly. I am painfully picky when it comes to romance, I don't know but I guess if it's in a book or something, it's a lot more tolerable and I give romance more of a chance in that form.

I suppose that's why I rather write it myself.
I enjoy writing it tons..
I make them angsty a lot too, hah.
Bad habit... I can't help it.
I don't like a normal love story, I can't do the whole..

We both just met, hit it off kinda thing.
Story writing should never be that boring..

I love over the top romances.
  「 シー・ツー 」 / Sakura / 2y 315d 11h 49m 56s
[size10 I survived the day though I was technically a walking zombie. Man, it was rough. I'm just super happy to know I don't got exams for a very short time. It was just hard today but I'm proud of myself for making it. I'm close to feeling like myself again, so that's good.

What a bad day.

But tomorrow is another day.
  「 シー・ツー 」 / Sakura / 2y 315d 14h 56m 16s
[size10 Another scary exam day. Man.. I made some mistakes again. Going out this past Saturday was the biggest mistake ever. I would've been just fine if I had that one day.. sigh. Lesson learned.]

[size10 Start ahead or don't waste away a single day.]

[size10 Let's pray for a high C or B- ... cause idk, it's not looking too pretty. Time to rest.. so I can wake up at like 5am and continue there, finishing up with these tissues.

Let's hope the coffee later helps..]
  「 シー・ツー 」 / Sakura / 2y 317d 9h 10m 9s
[center [pic]]
[size10 I just want to be someone in life.
I just want to be that somebody I've always thought, just maybe, I can be.

I remember my mom seeing hope in me..
She used to smile and tell me, "be somebody in life, Mija"
"Be independent", "So nobody can treat you the way they've treated me"
I remember that spark of hope in her eyes..

And overtime.. it's deteriorated..
I'm sorry, ma ma...
Sometimes I see that spark-- but lately it has a habit of disappearing.
I know I'm taking awhile...
I know... but I promise you, It's because I'm going for something big, okay? I'm sorry if you and dad lose everything now.
[i [b I'm sorry.]]

[i [b I'm sorry i'm too helpless and useless to stop it.]]
But one day.

I'll-- I'll make it up to you-- maybe not all of it but I want to give you the one thing I know you both want.

I can't help but to cry because it's the worst-- [i it's the absolute worst.]
[i I'm sorry.]
  Sakura / 2y 318d 10h 52m 47s
[size10 Bae is the greatest tutor ♡
Thank goodness I have her.
  / Sakura / 2y 318d 19h 10m 37s
Why are you in here .....
[i why

Huge question mark
[size30 ?
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 319d 18h 23m 5s
[size10 You know... I'm not bothering staying up this late playing with these toxic fucks anymore..

I played OW for fun and yeah I'm on competitive because I find it more rewarding, hello? Golden weapons!!! I'm close to diamond too..

But you guys ruin it for me, really.
I don't care if you were grand master whatever season ago.
Learn how to fucking lose from time to time, shit happens.
I'm glad OW has a new way to deal with toxic fucks like you.
Ya'll ruin the game for people. One loss and it's the end of the world.

[i I know I'm fucking good, you fuckers can't deny it since you picked me up but when you get that mad, screw you. Legit contemplating deleting your ass...

Honestly, I do better when it's people I have fun with versus when I pull any of you fuckers in here, ya'll are nice till you lose a match then you gotta find someone to lash out at.

I should've avoided you.
You have a bad rep for a fucking reason.

I even told you, I'm not playing with you if you're gonna be a dick.
Then you say shit like "I'm not mean to you, I'm not ever mean"
We lose ONE match, you're a lying bitch.

Toxic Mccree much..
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 321d 6h 17m 4s
[size10 I don't like Dva's micro missiles, kinda sucks.
Mercy's ultimate is fine but I'm still indifferent about it...

Still carrying people, will I ever reach diamond? nah, mostly because of science.. sigh...

Kirito is slowly becoming one of my xbox bestie's lol
So is dirty lil figeter.. lol.. what a GT.
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 323d 8h 22m 45s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 Me VERSUS my lab exam this tuesday :l]]
  Sakura / 2y 323d 14h 43m 59s
[center [size10 That's one exam down, I did pretty good.]]
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 323d 14h 48m 6s

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