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[size10 When you talk about marriage jokingly... you do it on purpose to make me blush, don't you? Well, it works.. when did I say I was going to ever marry you? jeez. ~

I do love and cherish my cherry blossom ring you got me..
Simplicity is nice.. I like looking at it and being reminded of you.
Though.. I'm always thinking of you.
The cherry blossom symbolizes a lot to me so it's even more special..

I know you'd love to see me in a vietnamese wedding dress..
I've mentioned this before though; I plan on two dresses.
Because I'm extra ~

I'm not saying I'd marry you, if you see this, don't get cocky, jerk.
I'm just entertaining the thought, okay?

[center ・゚✿
  Sakura / 2y 95d 16h 43m 54s
[size10 Again though, I love my friends so much?? my friends on here, my friends from lab, my friends on xbox, other sites I be lurking on, my fucking friends!! I love them all!!

Ah, I feel so good.
I was especially feeling myself yesterday cause I did a full face of make up, I was all over snapchat, yas.

Tomorrow is back to the study grind.

Gonna end the night with saying that my new baby cousin is soooo cute and I almost cried when I saw her-- so cute, I get overwhelmed with cuteness too easy. I mostly wanted to cry because my uncle and his wife deserves this cute little miracle.

Vivi <3

Alright well, time to go make my own baby, winky face!!
[size7 Tis a joke.. maybe. Def making something, double winky face!]
  Sakura / 2y 99d 14h 33m 17s
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[center [size10 [i All we do is get stronger together, all we do is grow together, all we do is love each other to all of our heart's content. We have each other and that's all that matters.

I'm sorry you got dragged into that mess the other night, it was completely random and uncalled for. Normally, I don't care for what [i they] have to say, typically it's a bunch of nonsense and it's rare that I even see it or notice it because we both know that, well, I'm doing better things and not caring.

But because they chose to exploit your pain like that and use it as a means to hurt you, I could not tolerate it. I know you're much more mature, you realize that those types of people are a waste of time and they shouldn't be given the time of day. You're aware of what they really are and stand for. However, I was you could say, triggered. Because it was you who I love-- and it was just.. the most pathetic thing I've seen on ES. I could've said worse, I was going to be [i much] worse-- but because I spoke to you before hand, I was able to think it through before I almost stooped to that level of pathetic.

You weren't hurt and you for one weren't even fazed by it but like I said before-- because it was you, I couldn't let it go too easy but once I said what I said, it was over with for me. You're right, always have been.

People who do nothing but hate.. they'll search for anything to use against you. [b Unhappy people don't want to see the happy.. --happy. They surround themselves with those just like them. Misery loves company.] That's all there is to it. There is no puzzle. Only those kinds of people behave that way.

I wasn't fazed by it either, just angry because I knew the end goal..

In the end, all it did was make us stronger and we even laughed about it. We aren't a perfect couple, there is no such thing but we aren't anywhere near bad. We understand each other for the most part, we are supportive of each other in every way.

Just because we get upset every once in awhile doesn't make us not worth it. It's about how we deal with things. People on here only see what we vent out and it's all just feelings because it's nice to have an outlet to pour out those feelings, ya know? especially the bad.. if anything-- I'd like to think it's especially useful for more than just venting..

It's something similar to marriage therapy-- in a sense. We have our places to vent.. we are both aware that we'll see each other's entries because we care. We use it as a source and way to understand each other better. If I did something wrong, it's possible I can find out what I did wrong when you can't tell me up front though.. I'll say it again; you're more mature than me. You rather talk about it straight away than having to rely on an entry but you know me... sometimes I run and you have no choice but to then look at my entries because sometimes I need to vent before I can talk about it with you.

I'm trying to say, only we understand each other and only we know how we truly are and feel..

Dump you when it's convenient? I don't know about that. Like I said, like you said, it's all nonsense... what can someone from the outside know? especially someone like THAT.

Another thing that is very true, if your haters are hating, you're doing something right. Envy is an ugly disease.

So as I say always..

[size25 [font "mistral" Blessings on blessings.]]
Let's leave this buried in the past now, where it belongs.
  Sakura / 2y 99d 14h 49m 32s
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[center [size10 I love my fucking friends, they are the best.]]
  Sakura / 2y 100d 17h 56m 31s
People on here are fucking disgusting.

Want to talk all that talk and don't know what the fuck is going on.

Stick to your fucking life, keep your head buried up your ass where it belongs. Leave people fucking alone.

I'm annoyed that she can't even fucking vent without you coming for her or me, you're pathetic af.

Thats the only reason I'm mad cause I could give less a fuck about what that bitch has to say.
  अजगर / Sakura / 2y 100d 19h 11m 29s
[size10 Me: *casually studying at late hours*
Also me: *gets a full blown panic attack*

Lol... wow, how long has it been?
I've had one before so I was very quick to recognize it and act..

Thankfully my love was there to help me gain control..
It surprised me so it had me for a tiny brief moment..
Even now, I can feel it kinda.. looming? idk..

Maybe I should call it a day because.. idk..
I could feel like it just like 'waiting' to hit me again.

So random, that's panic attacks for you.
Fuck outta here.
  अजगर / Sakura / 2y 104d 15h 3m 23s
[size10 My photoshop is always filled with images I want to edit, my love edited me a picture to cheer me up and cause all I do is study constantly these days.

I love her, honestly.
I mean.. she's just the best?
I can't wait till after my exam so we can actually play the event together.

I love me some Sym, especially on defense.
She's a tank, lol.

I think it's a no brainer for whose skin I'm getting first.
Sym's skin is too dope to pass up on.
Fuck dat, lol.

Back to studying I go.
  अजगर / Sakura / 2y 104d 17h 37m 26s
[size10 YO bitch is going in this week with that study mess!!!
I just got one exam done with and now I'm studying for another lmaoooo!!! When does my suffering end?!

Am I confident with this next exam? NOPE.
Will I study anyways and pray for a decent ass C? YEP.

Pumpkin spice got me like
  Yaoyorozu / 2y 105d 23h 35m 8s
[center [size40 [font "times new roman" I cannot fix on the hour, or the spot, or the look or the words, which laid the foundation. It is too long ago. I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.]]]
[center ♥ ♥ ♥]
  Yaoyorozu / 2y 106d 12h 7m 33s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 As needy as I get, you always come through and-- you put me back together and hold me together. You're so good to me.. I love you.]]
  Yaoyorozu / 2y 106d 16h 3m 30s
[size10 I have never been so stressed before.
I have never felt like such a bother until now.

Lately, I've been getting so angry.
I've been getting these headaches, these urges to cry.

I have been not myself..
And it's because I'm scared.

I'm scared and I feel like I'm alone on this terrible ride.
I feel so alone. I don't have to be, I choose to be.

I can't speak up.
I feel like I already ask far too much of you.
  / Yaoyorozu / 2y 106d 19h 15m 27s
[size10 Something I like about myself, I don't turn people against each other. I don't go around talking ill of someone I don't like to random people or my friends to pit them against those I don't like.

I'm not that level of petty and I am grateful for that.

I leave everything to Karma.
  ᴀ ᴍ ᴀ ʀ ɪ / Sakura / 2y 106d 21h 36m 45s
[center [pic
  Sakura / 2y 108d 23h 38m 58s
[center [pic]]
[center [size10 I love you.]]
  ・゚✿ / Sakura / 2y 109d 2h 3m 12s
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[center [size10 Just come back to me.]]
  Sakura / 2y 109d 2h 39m 34s

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